Should the Flames claim PA Parenteau?

Word is P.A. Parenteau is hitting the waiver wire today and the Flames should seriously consider picking up his $1.25M contract.

The 33-year-old RWer is no spring chicken and he doesn’t seem to get a lot of respect around the league, but his results are always above board and he fills a very real need on the Flames roster. 

Parenteau is a guy that has had to beg for contracts over the last few summers, but he was always put up respectable numbers. Last year on a lousy Leafs team he scored 20 goals and 41 points in 77 games, good for second best behind Nazem Kadri. 

What’s interesting about Parenteau is his underlying numbers are also sterling. Here’s how his scoring and possession rates looked last season:

Story 1-19

He’s an effective scorer and effective at both shot generation and suppression. According to WOWY results, his linemates are better with him than without him.

Which makes him a natural one-year stop gap option for the Flames’ top line. Right now, Calgary has absolutely no answer for who will skate with Johnny Gaudreau (assuming he gets signed) and Sean Monahan. 

Right now the options are Alex Chiasson, Linden Vey and Micheal Ferland. Those three players combined didn’t score as much as Parenteau did last season. 

The challenge is Calgary’s cap situation. According to Ryan Pike’s calculations, they have just $6.6M in available cap space currently. In order to fit Parenteau and still have room to sign Gaudreau, they’d likely need to do a creative waiver wire dance to make things work. 

For example: sending down Brett Kulak, Linden Vey and Brandon Bollig (UPDATE – this one might actually happen!) and adding Parenteau would put them at $7.7M. Of course, the landscape changes a bit once the season starts, because the team can officially place Smid on LTIR. 


I don’t know what about Parenteau NHL GMs don’t like (playing style? foot speed? jerk in the locker room?), but there are many worse players sitting on club rosters and not the waiver wire this morning. 

The Flames have a gaping hole on the right side in their top six that Parenteau could capably plug for the season, so unless he’s got a major problem behind the scenes, Treliving should seriously consider putting in a claim. 

UPDATE – The Red Wings have also waived 24-year-old RWer Teemu Pulkkinen. He has only played 36 NHL games, but was a 34-goal, 61-point player (in 46 games) in the AHL last season and a 30-goal scorer the season prior. He would be more of a long-term claim for the team if they could grab him. 

  • Scary Gary

    I’ve always like Parenteau; this seems like good value for a RWer that had more points than Brouwer (1/4 the cost and in less games) last year.

    We’ve missed out on Nakladal and his $600,000 value contract with Carolina as well.

    • Stan

      He sounds like a VERY good add. Young skilled, RH RW who put up crazy good points in the AHL and decent points in first stint in the NHL?

      Yes please. We still need someone to play with Johnny and Mony.


      • Baalzamon

        Therein lies the downside to the Detroit model of “languish in the minors even if you’re NHL ready. Unless you’re Dylan Larkin, for some reason.” They just lost Martin Frk off waivers, and are about to lose Pulkkinen.

        All because they signed a bunch of nobodies to exorbitant deals this offseason. Seriously, the Red Wings haven’t made a good move since Jim Nill left.

  • Glenn

    Praise the day Flames fans. Bollig is finally on waivers! Only thing better that can happen today is signing Johnny.

    I think Pulkinnen and/or Parenteau would really help shore up the right side. Make the moves Tre!

  • Baalzamon

    I don’t think it’s possible to claim both, actually. When you submit a claim you move to the back of the waiver order. The Flames might get one, but they won’t get both.

    So, who do they prioritize? My vote is Pulkkinen, though I honestly wouldn’t mind Parenteau.

  • MWflames

    I suspect billig being waived is to allow for a paper transaction to take place and be cap compliant tomorrow. Recalled when said sent to LTIR…

    As much as I wish it was permanent, I doubt it.

    • Hard to say. Stylistically, Parenteau isn’t a great skater and doesn’t crash and bang, so can be considered one-dimensional. Can’t speak to any off-ice stuff, though reports from TOR last year said he was a positive influence.

      • KACaribou

        I guess the thing these days is that 33 is the new 39 or 40. Parenteau to me would be no more useful than resigning Curtis Glencross (no offense intended, the guy was once a vg player). But not the direction we want to be going.

        I would like to challenge the stats people on FN though, to find out what the average age of the NHL player is now compared to a mean average in say the mid 90s or 00s. That might be a good base for judging the probability of decline according to age presently.

        • 33 is definitely in the midst of steep decline for most players. Thing with Glencross is his decline was clear and obvious before he retired for a couple of years. Parenteau put up really solid results last year, so there’s no real sign he is poised to fall off a cliff yet.

          Parenteau’s deal is just over $1M and it’s only for 1 year. If he comes in and sucks, you waive him and let the clock run out. It’s a very low risk proposition.

          • KACaribou

            I understand what you are suggesting Kent, however it is difficult to predict where Parenteau lands after a year with the Flames while on the downward slide, compared to a guy like Ferland (or dare I say Chaisson) on the upward slide.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      I read that on Another site, could be nothing but having teenagers I learned that posts usually happen iwhen something hits close to home. Johnny knows that his Twitter account is under the microscope so anything negative could be mis-construed. My guess is the re-tweet is removed today.

    • WildfireOne

      Kanye is a megalomaniacal preener with delusions of godhood. Retweeting that insufferable narcissist (and it’s still up on Johnny’s feed) does not reflect well on Johnny. Is that what he wants to be associated with? Sheesh.

      Hopefully, Gaudreau is just retweeting a famous name. But I’m uncomfortable with that tweet on his (public) account, as the only things on there have to do with hockey,so one has to assume that it’s hockey-related…

      • KACaribou

        Typical passive-aggressive remark from Johnny Hockey. For the love of gawd Tree, put this uppity kid on ice till the New Year.

        I take it all back… We love you JH!

  • RKD

    I almost threw up when TSN’s projected lineup had Alex Chiasson as the first line RW ahead of Troy Brouwer on the right side. I kid you not, they probably just had to put a name there and with Jooris gone and Brouwer on the second line with Bennett they put Chiasson beside Monahan. No lie, here’s the link Hey, Parenteau comes cheap he would not be a bad option depending on when we get Johnny signed but please sign Johnny.

  • freethe flames

    The question is he better than either Vey or Chiasson; if you believe he is better then the answer should be yes. The same ? should asked about the rw that Detroit just waived.