FGD 14: Duck hunt (7:30pm MT, SN1)

(Jayne Kamin-Oncea / USA Today Sports)

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After a moderate debacle last evening in Los Angeles, the Calgary Flames drive slightly south for the second part of their back-to-back games tonight. They visit the Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center, and they’re going for history.

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Can the Flames avoid setting an NHL record for utter futility in a single building? Find out at 7:30 p.m MT on Sportsnet One and Sportsnet 960 The Fan!


Lines via Daily Faceoff:

Johnny GaudreauSam BennettTroy Brouwer
Hunter ShinkarukSean MonahanAlex Chiasson
Matthew TkachukMikael BacklundMichael Frolik
Micheal FerlandMatt StajanFreddie Hamilton

Mark GiordanoT.J. Brodie
Brett KulakDeryk Engelland
Jyrki JokipakkaDougie Hamilton

This will be mostly guesswork, as the Flames aren’t skating prior to tonight’s game – as is the usual mode of operation when they’re on back-to-back games.

Brian Elliott was expected to start tonight, but he faced a ton of shots (and gave up five goals) against the Kings. Does last night’s clown show change the plan and get Chad Johnson a start? Or does the fact that the Flames don’t play again until Thursday night get Elliott back into the crease?

Kris Versteeg has officially joined Ladislav Smid on the injured reserve and the Flames have brought up Hunter Shinkaruk. Lance Bouma left last night’s game in the early part of the second period and didn’t return. The presumption is that he’s also hurt. Barring any other moves, I would assume that Shinkaruk slots in for Bouma and then lines get shuffled a bit (as displayed above) and that Jokipakka slots back in for Grossmann. But that’s mostly guesswork. Aside from the salary cap implications, I sincerely doubt that anybody else gets recalled from Stockton because they played Friday and Saturday, so I can’t see them putting anybody in for the third game in as many nights.

The Flames were bad last night. They’ll need to be a lot better if they hope to leave Anaheim with their dignity intact. Or better yet, perhaps even some points.

UPDATE: Johnson starts, Shinkaruk in for Bouma, defensive changes not yet finalized per Roger Millions on Twitter.


Lines via Daily Faceoff:

Michael SgarbossaRickard RakellCorey Perry
Andrew CoglianoRyan KeslerJakob Silfverberg
Joseph CramarossaAntoine VermetteOndrej Kase
Ryan GarbuttChris WagnerJared Boll

Cam FowlerJosh Manson
Clayton StonerSami Vatanen
Shea TheodoreKevin Bieksa

After picking up the win on Friday, it sounds like John Gibson gets the start again tonight. He’s been good this season on a Ducks team that’s been a tad uneven to start the year.

The Ducks are a bit injured-riddled, to say the least; they’re currently without Simon Despres, Nate Thompson, Nick Ritchie and Ryan Getzlaf. Hampus Lindholm is also currently in the process of getting a visa, so he’s also unavailable for the time being. (The Orange County Register’s Eric Stephens is reporting that one of Ritchie or Getzlaf could be available for tonight, though.) That being said, the Ducks that have been playing have been decent. The big challenge for Anaheim is that they don’t have as much of their vaunted depth, and they’ve had a few growing pains getting used to Randy Carlyle being behind the bench again.

Their special teams have been pretty good so far and it would behoove the Flames to avoid taking penalties tonight.


Wins 5 5
Points 11 12
Power Play 8.7% 24.4%
Penalty Kill 74.5% 83.0%
Score-Adjusted Corsi 48.3% 50.4%


Tonight is the 97th regular season game between Anaheim and Calgary. The Flames have a 37-44-15 record all-time. They lost all five meetings with Anaheim last season (by scores of 5-3, 1-0, 6-4, 5-2 and 8-3). This is the first of five games with the Ducks this season.


Some Ducks follows for tonight’s contest:


After last night’s “performance,” the absolute least that should be hoped for from the Flames is a better effort and more consistency. Anything else would probably be a bonus.

  • T&A4Flames

    I hope the Flames win tonight but not for the breaking of the curse, the need for something positive or even the 2 points. I just want the bandwagon fans, the jeckyl and hide fans in this forum to shut the hell up. What a bunch of fickle ‘tards so many of you are. Read the comments after the SJS game and then from last nights game. It’s pathetic and sad.

    It’s going to take more time. New systems new players and changing habits take time and there will be very large highs and lows for another bunch of games. A lot of you need to ask yourself if it’s maybe worth it to just stop watching and commenting for another 40 games or until the Flames start finding more consistency.

    I’ll get trashed but I know the types that will trash and quite honestly I do not care. Johnny and Mony will turn it around. Brodie will find his consistent game. The star goalies will improve to norms, the coaches will get the team game they are fighting to instill and so many of you will look like complete tools when you start talking like you new all along.

    Can’t wait to see the post game comments after tonight’s game. Pfft.

        • TheoForever

          Ohh, and one more thing, you started the rant at other fans, yet you think you are open minded, despite liking to hear from people that think like you, apparently exclusively. That’s very funny, pot calling the kettle black.

    • TheoForever

      You have a tendency to call people retards but your comments are never moderated. Funny how it works.

      If people want to critic Flames and their management it is their right. This crappy team would not exist if nobody gave crap.

      I think Flames will win tonight, God knows why.

      However, win or lose the coach is making bizarre decisions. Considering he doesn’t have a street cred, he will continue to get criticized, deal with it.

      • T&A4Flames

        I don’t often slight people by name calling but sometimes the description is appropriate. You don’t like it, too bad….deal with it. Because as long as “fans” like you keep coming here with 2-face high and low opinions, I will call things as I see them. You think that is your right and all other fans to do, to show “they care” then why shouldn’t I be allowed the same freedoms? They had a great showing against SJS, not so much against the Kings. All teams have this happen through the course of a season. If you can’t deal with it, then why do you watch it?

        • TheoForever

          Come up with something original, ‘deal with it’ was taken. You think you are a true fan, but you are just delusional and a complete whiner.

          I’m stating what’s obvious, bad coach, even worst assistant, and Treliving making blunders.
          Half the team playing way below potential.

          My opinions are consistent, and I will express them the way I see it fit. In the past I have defended Feaster, Hartley, Wideman, Stajan, Backlund and who have you. And never said anything bad about other whipping boys. How about you?

          Grossman that’s another story, there was no need to give him a contract.

          • T&A4Flames

            “(Your) opinions are consistent.” Well sir, gold star for you. And ah, maybe go back and read your comments from last nights post game and maybe rethink who you’re calling a whiner. You epitomize what whining has been dished out on here on FN.

            Obvious? Bad coach is your opinion. I don’t agree with all his decisions either but I’m not even a peewee coach let alone and NHL coach. Are you?

            Is all perfect in Flames land? Obviously not. But crying for the coach to be fired after every loss is ridiculous. Do you even try to see some of the good? Doubt it.

            But uh, main thing, I didn’t mention any names in my original comment so I will remind you, you decided to directly respond to me. What does that make you?

            Game started, I hope you have your crying towel near by.

          • TheoForever

            You called half the fan base names. Of course with your type of logic, that never happened either.

            It’s like talking to a wall. Don’t get too hysterical.

          • T&A4Flames

            So you recognize and agree that so many people on here are being quite wishy-washy about the team right now. Great. So what the hell is your problem? Apparently you feel the right to an opinion is limited to you.

            I think I hurt your feelings. Sensitive.

          • TheoForever

            I never tell anyone to cheer or to rip into them.
            Whatever, others want to do is fine, but getting on a high horse and telling others what they should do or not do, is preaching and I’m going to guess you are not a preacher as much as you are not a coach.

            That’s the difference.

            End I’m predicting Flames win.

          • T&A4Flames

            Where did I tell anyone else what they should do? I just made a comment bud, that’s all. You like to play pscho analyst with me, but maybe look at yourself. You never tell anyone what to do? What are you doing now? You’re certainly making a lot of assumptions about me. You are the only one talking like a superior. If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read my comments. If the truth hurts, don’t read my comments. If you take any of what I said in my original post personally, then take a look at yourself.

    • calgaryfan

      The Flames won a Stanley cup in 1989, maybe the fans are tired of the garbage teams the ownership has iced for the last 26 years. Are you the tard for buying into the Flames ownership and inferior product they are putting on the ice? These are professional players who are paid very well and it should not take 40 games to learn the coaches system. The players have probably seen systems similar in their careers already.

      • T&A4Flames

        A few of the guys people are complaining about are Monahan and Gaudreau…..1 NHL coach …1 System. Same with Sam Bennett. Funny, guys that are in the (struggling) top 6 and PP.

        And no, I’m not the ‘tard’ buying into ownerships past products. I was a big advocate of the rebuild a couple of years prior to it finally being executed. But I would rather stick with what’s been put in place and support it and try to find some of the positives that have been happening. Besides, why does everyone believe this is a year we should make the playoffs? I agree we should challenge for them but we aren’t the Blackhawks, not yet.

        For the record, I didn’t care for the Cameron hiring and certainly not the Grossmann signing, either.

  • Derzie

    Dear Hockey Gods: Please let us be entertained tonight by a decently played game with fair reffing and sane coaching. A win is too much to ask but another tire fire game would be cruel. Thanks.

    p.s. The Oil continuing to win is a cruel punishment for everyone outside of Shelbyville. Please make it stop. Thanks.

    • jakethesnail

      A 5-0 loss to the Kings is not nearly as bad a 10-0 thumping by columbus.

      I agree we need an entertaining close game tonight, a win in the last minute on a goal by ….

  • Juan Valdez

    Does anyone see the logic in letting Nakladal walk? My biggest beef is the fact that he was consistently getting pucks on net. Gio’s been missing the net more often than not and it’s led to scoring chances the other way.

  • MontanaMan

    Gio really struggling out there, almost forcing the play. Gaudreau playing like he wants to be traded, which after his reaction to sighing a contract, may not be far off.

  • MWflames

    Wow, if this is the ducks team we play tonight it is by far the most winnable game we’ve played at the Honda centre on this losing streak… Now or not for a while longer probably haha

  • Newbietwo

    It’s like Trump vs Hillary in here haha.. hope we win but mostly just compete and show presence and fight because last night our youngest player was the only one trying to really win out there

  • cgyokgn

    So they just showed a clip from last night when Johnny turned the puck over and LA went the other way and scored… well there were at least 6 LA, possibly 7 LA skaters on the ice at the time! Wow!