WWYD Wednesday: How long does Glen Gulutzan have?

This isn’t the start to the season anyone expected. 

Even if you assumed the Flames would get off to a rocky start for whatever reason, no one would have guessed it would be the Flames’ established stars and young core players that would fail the team so completely. 

Calgary’s big guns faceplanting out of the gate adds an element of doubt and anxiety that would otherwise be absent from the conversation, even with a similar record through 14 games. A team can struggle to win for many reasons, but seeing the best players on the Flames’ roster struggle throws the entire organization into question.

Add in league-worst special teams and you have a near inescapable conclusion: coaching might be a problem here.

Glen Gulutzan and crew are only two months into their Calgary Flames tenure, so it’s very early and there’s a lot of time left to turn this thing around. 

However, the question has to be asked: how long can Brad Treliving allow the team to falter in this manner? He built his roster around a core of players who are suddenly all detriments. If this continues for any real length of time, he’ll have to choose his roster or his new coach. 

So how long would you give Glen Gulutzan to turn things around, folks? What is the drop dead date for him to get Johnny Gaudreau, Sean Monahan, T.J. Brodie and Mark Giordano going again? Is it 30 games? Forty? The full season?

Draw your line in the sand in the comments. 

  • Albertabeef

    Oh BTW if we were not expecting playoffs why did we get two new goalies and bring in Brouwer? Why are we making moves that Tre says we need to be more competitive? We don’t need to follow the Leafs or Oilers template for a rebuild Burke publicly said when he fired Feaster that the rebuild was taking too long(after only one season of rebuilding). Why are making those kind of moves if we are still rebuilding?

  • But who do you replace him with?

    I say give till The New Year and if we are still in the same position then you fire GG and just roll with the current staff/Huska (as long as the system is changed) until next year. Might make things worse standings wise while they again need to learn a new system or it could give them a much needed boost. Both are fine. What isn’t fine is another finish where we pick in the 15th pick range.

    Who is coming available next year coaching wise?

    • Albertabeef

      That’s the point, why burn another season next year learning a new system? Do it now and it at least gives us a fighting chance next season. There has to be a decent coach out the somewhere. Shit Pepper or Lanny would be better lol. There has to be someone with extensive NHL experience. What about Marty Gilenias? Get rid of GG and Cameron and put Marty in charge. Marty knows the team too. Best to clean house now and get it over with. GG should never have been hired to begin with.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    What kind of horsebleep article is that, Wilson?

    Is your readership falling so drastically that you have to pander to the vultures and the creeps on this site to get the love you are clearly seeking with that steaming pile?

    Any real Flames’ fan would not be nervous in the service about whether the team had the right coach at this still very early juncture of the season.

    Moreover, what were your expectations for the team at the outset of the season? If you said playoffs without the miracle of two seasons ago, I would tell you to knock off the meth.

    Bottom line for me is a bottom 5 finish this season and that is fine if the team finishes lowly but trends the right way, so that the season ends with realistic optimism, not desperate hope, that next season will be better.

  • NHL93

    A relatively new GM gets probably 1 fire and 1 hire in the first 5 years as a GM. Way too soon to fire GG. He’ll get a year. GG’s not a dummy. He’ll make adjustments and probably already has.

    You have much of the core experiencing their first professional coaching change, 2/3 of your top line missing pre-season, and add this with Dougie Hamilton’s 3rd coach in 3 years you’re are going to have a rough start. It’s not an excuse.. it’s just the way it is.

    However, the team looks lost out there. The kids Kulak and Tkachuk are the exceptions (probably because they’re trying to stay up on the big club and are very receptive to what the coach is doing).

    I hate how the team is playing but we’re probably stuck watching Edmonton tear it up while we take a step back or two this season. It blows.

  • freethe flames

    You can’t fire 22 players. There seems to be a disconnect between the stars and the coaches system. The 3/4th line seem to have bought in and have been solid most nights.

    I can’t see them firing GG right away but I could see Cameron being the scapegoat. Also it appears that the system is not broken as the Heat are using it effectively in the AHL.

  • thumz

    I’m off the opinion that we are 1 more year away from being truly competitive. With almost 13 million in bad money coming off the books this off season (Wideman, Smid, Bollig, England) we will have options this off-season.

    So, one more year of growing pains and poor results with another high draft pick would set us up nicely!

  • RKD

    Some players and some teams respond well to a new coach. However, during the player exit interviews a lot of players told Treliving they did not like Hartley or his style. Hartley was hired by Feaster and given the lack of success last season and player feedback Treliving fired Hartley so he could bring in his own man Gulutzan. New coach or same coach guys like Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau not only need to lift a finger they need to be the stars we are paying them to be not floating while collecting their fat paycheques. Until Monahan and Gaudreau wake up it’s going to be an uphill climb. Monahan looks totally lost out there.