Report: Johnny Gaudreau out with broken finger

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re hearing reports from various media sources regarding the status of Calgary Flames star winger Johnny Gaudreau… and they’re not good.

For what it’s worth, the online source of all human knowledge (Google) estimates the healing time from a broken finger to be roughly 4-6 weeks. That would place Gaudreau’s return to the lineup from such a malady as somewhere around the end of December or early January.

The Flames have confirmed Gaudreau’s status, but have not yet provided a timeline for his return.

The injury was suffered sometime during last night’s 1-0 Flames win over Minnesota (a game where Gaudreau scored the only goal). The winger was slashed by Ryan Suter in the second period and left the game. Then he returned to the game, only to suffer another slash from Eric Staal and leave the game all together midway through the third period.

Gaudreau is no stranger to these types of injuries. He missed two games late last season with wrist issues after being slashed by Chicago’s Duncan Keith during a game against the Blackhawks.

TSN’s Aaron Ward was the first to publicly indicate that Gaudreau’s injury was this serious.

We’ll have more updates as they become available. The Flames play tonight at home against Arizona.

  • snotss

    it was only a matter of time before johnny got hurt…he has taken a lot of crap this year,not only johnny the whole team…. and I think you can say it all goes back to the wideman’s hit on the reff last year,it is pretty obvious they are still holding a grudge!!!! I calls’m as I seem’m

  • Ricky

    My 2 cents worth. This just reinforces to me that Gulutzan has to go ASAP. The coach has control of the team and to have his best player repeatedly slashed with obvious intent to injure on the part of Suter, Staal and Parise and literally do nothing is unbelieveable. The fact of the matter is that whether we end up shorthanded or not we have to respond in a very significant way when these things happen. I admire the fact that Gulutzan desires to come across as a calm, cool, level headed guy but come on! It’s hockey, the eye for an eye at times MUST be done. By not doing so then other skill players on this team will be targeted moving forward. Whatever it takes the Flames better stop putting up with the crap from the Boudreaus and his players of the world. Boudreau coached Anaheim last year when they literally brutalized Johnny with no players jumping to his defense. Can you imagine how Ruff, Tortorella, Hitchcock, and Babcock would be reacting to this? This Flames organization is so badly in need of fixing. Where is Brian Burke?

    • piscera.infada

      The coach has control of the team and to have his best player repeatedly slashed with obvious intent to injure on the part of Suter, Staal and Parise and literally do nothing is unbelieveable. The fact of the matter is that whether we end up shorthanded or not we have to respond in a very significant way when these things happen.

      This is where people lose me. If, say, Hathaway had gone out and smashed Suter (for instance) and taken the old “eye for an eye” 5 and a game, and the Wild capitalise on the major and end up winning last night, what is the narrative today? Likely the same old refrain I’ve been seeing–either “Gulutzan has no control over his team, they’re too undisciplined”, or “the team has tuned-out Gulutzan, they don’t respect him”.

      You said it yourself: “Boudreau coached Anaheim last year when they literally brutalized Johnny with no players jumping to his defense“. So it appears not to be a Gulutzan problem after all.

      • Ricky

        It means that we keep on hiring the wrong coaches. Short term pain for long term gain. So what if we take some extra penalties right now but the other teams learn that they cannot mess with our star players? Long term it will pay off because the other teams will not take liberties with our players. and if it indeed is that our players won’t stick up for their teammates then change the players. I though am convinced that it is the coaches.

    • calgaryfan

      Totally agree, the flames have too many soft players. Where is the captain, supposed great leader. Where is the anger, why is there no retaliation against their best players.
      This has been going on since Johnny joined the league and no response from anyone on the team. They are not a team just a bunch of hockey players collecting a cheque.

  • Thatz Nuckin Futz

    It turned into a chippy game last nite, the Flames should circle Dec. 2 on their calendar and prepare to send a message.

    Unfortunately though, injuries are part of this game. Nobody and no team is exempt. If a team folds up like a laptop when one player is injured then you really don’t have much of a team. I love JG’s play and wish him a speedy recovery. But its time for this team to grow a pair and find a way to soldier on.

    Maybe we’ll realize that no one person makes a team and we’ll find other pathways to success.


    • dontcryWOLF88

      Well, aside from a few games, and some shift here and there we have basically played without the top line anyways. Maybe they will pull it off though, luckily it’s the coyotes tonight.

  • JohnyR

    So because ours players or coach didn’t want to take a fcking penalty the best skater is out until January. fcking right on. Shit like that needs to be dealt with, on the ice, the bench and the dressing room. Pathetic.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    I told you boys several times over the summer that the Flames needed more ruffians to watch Johnny’s back, but you all poo-pooed me saying that today’s NHL is nothing like the NHL of even a few years ago where the goon was a legitimate position.

    I can’t even say his latest injury is a fluke because look at the liberties so many opponents took with him last year without any consequences. It was just a matter of time when he was injured by a brute.

    Here’s the kicker, unless Johnny gets that protection I talked about, this injury resulting from an unprovoked attack will be far from the last.

    The Iraqi army was not booted out of Kuwait in Desert Storm by saints brandishing pillows and tossing marshmallows.

    • dontcryWOLF88

      So what are you suggesting? …bring back Bolling types?

      Having useless players floating around for the occasional times this sort of thing happens is not the solution.

      I think speaking with the league is a much better idea (as mentioned above). Guys like Ferland and Engellend and the team in general can a find ways to address the issue if they put their mind to it, I would think.

      • Parallex

        Worse. They don’t even do anything when this sort of thing happens… all they do is fight some fourth line plug who usually wasn’t even involved.

        If an Oiler (hypothetically) injured Guadreau some crappy ECHL quality player fighting Kassian wouldn’t be a deterrent… it’d be taking out McDavid’s knee. Or Toews elbow if a Hawk did it, or Crosby’s ankle if a Pen did it… Some 4th line plug eating a fist? Not gonna make someone think twice about the hacks.

        • Greg

          Not a fan of eye-for-eye deterrence. How about the injured player gets to select one player from the offending team and that has to sit out for their injury too? How many players would take shots at other teams stars if they know it’ll cost them one of their best players too?

  • WildfireOne

    If you look over Gully’s interview in the Sun today, he said “we addressed it” by talking to the officials. How many of you here think a polite conversation with on-ice officiating is sufficient?

    It’s not.

    Other teams now have a road map to neutralize the Flames’ best weapon. It’s the NHL equivalent of Hack-a-Shaq in that the consequences of an illegal behavior brings little or no adverse consequences. If there’s no cost to illegally achieving an objective, then it will continue to happen. Sure, do everything legally. Go up the NHL chain. But the league doesn’t have the will to enforce their own rules.

    Therefore, a price has to be exacted. And one with enough savagery to ensure that the rest of the NHL notices and has second thoughts. Yes, I’m in favor of establishing a nucle… uh, unconventional, deterrent. You screw with our star player, and we will take out yours. And his linemates with him.

    You don’t stop robbers by slapping them on the wrists. Unless, of course, it’s with a chainsaw.

  • Rudy27

    This is classic bully techniques, and the Flames keep letting teams get away with this…so it won’t go away soon. And their reaction (or lack of) may be the biggest reason we are struggling. With the exception of a couple of players, this team is too soft. Most games look like the Flames are Cy Young candidates – pitching no hitters!

    We don’t need goons in the line up. We just need everyone to stand up for themselves and each other. Can’t imagine Ty Domi letter the Wild get away with that. Just look at what he did to Kesler over a body check. We need to send a message to the bullies. Gaudreau himself should have responded with a two-hander between the glove and elbow pad of the perps. Both the opposition and the refs will get the message. Perhaps Bennett should be playing with Johnny – Monahan certainly isn’t going to muck it up with anyone or come to Johnnies defence.

  • freethe flames

    What a bunch of whiners we have become; our toy is injured so lets whine a little more. Yes the refs’ should call some of those slashes but star players have been slashed since the start of hockey. Get over it. If Bennett gets to play with Monny time for him to step up.

    • Captain Ron

      Whining my a$$.

      So slashing with intent to injure star players is an OK tactic in hockey?

      Your logic is: “Well it’s been going on for a long time so it’s acceptable”. I have a better idea. Lets properly enforce the rules that are already in place to protect the players we want to watch. Last night’s blatant display of hacking that went unpunished was a disgrace to watch happen to any player. We are not talking about a couple of taps on the glove here.

      Idiotic comment of the day.

      • madjam

        Slashing and misuse of the stick has become common place (the weapon of choice) now because of the fighting and instigator rule . Use to be only the Europeans did a lot of stickwork rather than fighting . Slashing calls very seldom more than two minutes , as blood is not usually drawn unless at head area . Equipment also makes it harder to discern if it is penalty worthy .

  • madjam

    Some players bring it upon themselves by over embellishing some contacts , and trying to embarrass the officials . Not that Johnny would do so ? Got a kick how he got the opposition a penalty by holding opponents stick under his arm while he dove to get the penalty . Lots do it , but officials take notes on the divers .

  • dontcryWOLF88

    Been digging into the issue a bit tonight. Apparently there is a distinction drawn in the NHL rulebook between “tapping”, and “slashing” of the hands. Its a fine line in officiating and is going on all around the league. Brouwer actually even admitted to doing it himself against other teams star players in the post game.

    Consensus around the league, from what ive read, is that what happened to Johnny was not tapping, it was full on slashing, and so should have been called. The officals were not calling it because they felt it was just tapping, the presumption goes.

    To anybody who thought Johnny was faking though…well, broken fingers dont lie.