The Return Of The FlamesNation Podcast


Hello friends, readers, listeners, individuals with murderous intent in their hearts, and the masochist fan base surrounding the Calgary Flames. Over the summer – and especially since the start of the season – we’ve been trying to align our personal lives and schedules around doing the podcast regularly and in a digestible format.

And last night we attempted and succeeded (despite some technical issues from Ryan) to do so. We know there is an urge to digest more and more content in this day and age. We also know there is a limited supply of actual discussion on the Flames in the podcast world.

It has its hiccups – with the obvious aforementioned one – and some general fatigue for us since we wrapped up our coverage of the game, recording, and editing. Regardless! We’re excited to let you all know we’ll be doing a podcast at least once a week, recorded on Wednesdays, and released to the public on Thursdays.

We’re in the process of getting the podcast setup on iTunes moving forward as well. For the moment however, it’ll be downloadable on SoundCloud. Hopefully you like it and if you don’t we’ll do our best not to disappoint you in the future. 

Community Update On New Content

Behind the scenes we’ve been working tirelessly with Nation Network management and ownership to have new merchandise created. I worked on a number of different designs this summer – some of which I shared on Twitter – for feedback from the community. In the next few weeks those shirts should be available for purchase (barring any sort of zany circumstances like Edmonton being destroyed by a meteor).

The other side of that is an effort at trying some newer, alternative content approaches. That being an effort at trying to provide some sort of hot stove/radio round-table during intermissions of select games, running our own intermission broadcasts complete with stats and breakdowns.

The latter one is a lot harder to do and we’re still working on an appropriate medium to do so. The opportunity to cut into the Sportsnet broadcast world would be an interesting forefront to take on; as well as that, provide fans with more types of analysis.