Johnny Gaudreau to miss six weeks after surgery

In the aftermath of both the Calgary Flames’ 2-1 overtime win over the Arizona Coyotes and the successful surgery on Johnny Gaudreau’s finger yesterday, Flames general manager Brad Treliving held court with local media earlier today. He had an update on the timeline for Gaudreau’s eventual return.

Counting six weeks from Gaudreau’s surgery date on the handy FlamesNation calendar page, a ballpark for Gaudreau’s return to action would be just after the Christmas break.

In terms of prospective recalls, it seems unlikely that the Flames call up another body from the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat. They’ve already summoned Linden Vey, Hunter Shinkaruk and Garnet Hathaway from Stockton, and Treliving noted a pending injury return while talking to the media.

The Flames are currently carrying 13 healthy forwards (Shinkaruk was a scratch last night) and fundamentally speaking, Versteeg likely replaces Gaudreau on the active roster. While he’s a right-handed shot, Versteeg has played on the left side during his time with the Flames (and throughout his career).

  • The Last Big Bear

    As far as I see it, this is yet another direct failure of the Flames’ coaching staff.

    We all saw Johnny getting worked. And I’m sure we all had opinions as to what should have been done about it.

    Respond with clean physicality?

    Respond with dirty stickwork in kind?

    Target the other teams’ star players?

    Target the other team’s goalie?

    Have our tough guys fight the guilty parties the next shift?

    Put some muscle on Gaudreau’s line and fight the guilty party immediately?

    Tell Monahan to fight the next guy to foul JH?

    Well… if your answer was “Do absolutely nothing, and watch Gaudreau struggle badly for 16 games until being injured”, well then you’re probably happier than I am about how Gulutzan addressed this problem.

  • RKD

    That sucks, hope the others guys can step it up in Johnny’s absence. The stars need to be protected or it’s just free reign out there. If you slash and guy and he’s injured and doesn’t return there should be more consequences like automatic misconduct or a suspension.

  • beloch

    The Wild gave Gaudreau 21 slashes to the hands and wrists in 2 periods and change. None were called. Gulutzan complained to the refs that Gaudreau was being targeted. They continued to ignore things until Gaudreau’s finger was broken. Gord Dwyer and Evgeny Romasko should be done working NHL games.

    • jupiter

      You’d like to think the League has a QC program in place, insuring the quality and safety of there product. I find it hard to believe that the executive board was not aware of the the slashing. They are ignoring it.They are only interested in covering there own asses after things like this happen. There safety program is a smoke and mirrors show

      It’s been a week and the safety dept for the NHL hasn’t even commented about this incident, hoping it all goes away. Well NHL WERE THE REFS RIGHT OR WRONG IN THERE DECIDING TO IGNORE THE SLASHING??

  • brodiegio4life

    absolutely embarassing from the refs. I really hope engallend goes after suter staal or even parise next time we face these guys. Send a message that’s the only way this garbage will stop cause it’s clear the refs aren’t going to do their job and call anything.

  • DeadRedRedemption

    Too bad Grossman didn’t stick around to play one more shift. He could have pulled a Jamie McLennan before exiting.

    It would be the only reason to play Grossman another 18 seconds.

    Edit: Ooh… I know. Wideman gets one more shift to pull a Marty McSorley! J/K, I don’t want anyone getting seriously hurt… Sort of.

  • Craig

    The biggest issue was nothing was called, which is ridiculous, but I’m not of the mindset that we need to run guys to make up for it.

    The biggest deterrent for an opposing team is a strong powerplay. If the Flames weren’t so inept, the opposition on any given night would not be risking taking penalties. However they can push the envelope, because the Flames won’t make them pay.

  • Arminius

    Where’s Bollig when you need him.. Needed a Bobby Clarke/Kharlamov moment after that. If the refs aren’t going to do anything..the biggest plug on the team should have set it off. 2 hander to Parises ankle would have probably gotten the leagues attention

  • BlueMoonNigel

    At the end of the day, Johnny can’t expect the refs or his teammates to protect him. He has to take care of business on the ice himself. If he is the victim of excessive stick work, then by all means he should bitch, whine and moan to the refs, but when they repeatedly tell him to “play on” and call no penalties, that is when the victim needs to become the predator.

    Fleury and Killer were two Flames who took excessive crap on the ice because they were small and highly skilled. Both learned to take care of themselves on the ice by cleverly using their sticks, elbows and knees.

    Rather than letting Suter and Stall whack him repeatedly, Johnny should have started whacking back. Might have got a penalty for it but it would have sent a message to both that he wasn’t a soft target.

    Flames should enrol Gaudreau in Tie Domi’s “Little Big Man Hockey Camp” which is for smaller players to learn how to deftly defend themselves on the ice without having to scrap or take too many retaliation penalties.

  • jakethesnail

    Time for Brouwer to execute some friendly taps on Panarin?? You can bet that if the Flames tap someone on the wrist it will be double minor or a five minute major.

    Seriously, Go Flames Go and extend the winning sreak and catch the oilers!