Flames recall Mark Jankowski from Stockton

Way, way back in the 2012 National Hockey League Entry Draft, the Calgary Flames went off the board and selected forward Mark Jankowski from a Quebec prep school. The selection has long been a point of contention among the fanbase – some preferred Olli Maatta or a number of other players that have since played and made an NHL impact.

Now, four and a half years after being selected by the Flames at 21st overall, Jankowski is getting his first taste of NHL action. He was recalled by the Flames earlier this morning from the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat as a replacement for the injured Kris Versteeg.

Jankowski, 22, has had a very strong pro career to this point. In 21 American Hockey League games he’s amassed 18 points, and his playing style has drawn praise from many AHL onlookers. In particular, he’s said to have figured out how to play an effective game “below the dots” – the area between the net and the faceoff circles. He won an NCAA Championship in 2015 and was named to the tournament all-star team.

He’ll be the second member of the Flames’ 2012 NHL Draft class to debut with the club, following in the footsteps of 2012 fourth round pick Brett Kulak. If Jankowski does play tonight there could potentially be five Flames first round picks dressed (Backlund, Jankowski, Monahan, Bennett, Tkachuk), which may be a record for this club in recent years. For those of you curious, he wore #77 in training camp.

The Flames play Boston tonight with a 5:30 p.m. puck drop.

UPDATE: Reports from Boston are that Jankowski likely won’t play tonight.

  • Arminius

    Nice! Looking forward to seeing him make his debut after how many years. There were many that didn’t think he’d ever see a game.

    Welcome to the Show!

  • JohnnyRecHockey

    I really hope Feaster jumps on twitter now that his boy has made the show. He’s been entertaining when he does. (I secretly hope against all odds he pulls a Matthews in his debut)

    • jakethesnail

      He was recalled this morning from Stockton and the Flames are in Boston tonight…and with losing 2 hours flying east…and you expect him to play tonight?

        • Stan

          You’re an idiot. Playing him tonight would be asinine.

          You don’t just throw the kid to the wolves, you give give him some time to practice with and adjust to his new team. It’s called setting a prospect up for success…

          I don’t know why I even bother anymore. Half the commenters on here are literally clueless.

  • McRib

    Is Ryan Lambert going to be at the game eating crow? Kidding aside, I was always surprised people were surprised that he went in the first round, as both Red Line Report and McKeens had him as a first rounder that year and at the time those were the only two private publications that I had any time for (McKeens not so much anymore). It’s not how fast you arrive to the NHL (see Curtis Lazar, etc) it’s how you develop after being drafted. Jankowksi still has more muscle to add this upcoming offseason with even more growth as a result down the road the next couple years. Do I think that we should have drafted him at the time when our prospect cupboard was bare? No, but anyone with foresight knew he had great long term upside (youngest player in draft, just grew almost a full foot in less than a year, 30-40 pounds underdeveloped, etc). If anyone is looking for an upside guy this year don’t sleep on Cody Glass in Portland who was 5’7″ in Bantam and is now 6’3″.

  • Shoestring

    “The selection has long been a point of contention among the fanbase – some preferred Olli Maatta or a number of other players that have since played and made an NHL impact.”

    Who are these impact players?? Happy to see they guy play!

  • everton fc

    Tkachuk – Backlund – Frolik

    Bennett – Monahan – Brouwer

    Stajan – Jankowski – Versteeg

    Ferland – Hamilton – Hathaway

    Run with these lines for a bit.

    • everton fc

      Better yet;





      Freddie and Chiasson aren’t scoring. Neither is Shinkaruk, but he can slot into the LW.

      I am also wondering… Will Monahan be put on the IR??

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        I was thinking of putting Ferland with him would be a good idea as well for some grit. I like these lines much better. Shink is running out of chances but Freddie and Chaisson don’t bring a lot of value. I think Janko has been a cornerstone of the PP and PK in Stockton…God knows we could use the help.

        • everton fc

          Ferland’s success has come from maturity, grit, determination, skill… And the fact he’s playing LW, not RW. So, agree!

          Versteeg seems to have less trouble shifting from left side to right side. I think Jankowski will actually slot in between Ferland and Hathaway and get 4th line minutes. Third line w/be Bennett-Stajan-Versteeg, which ain’t too bad.

          Of course, if Monahan’s truly injured… I wonder if this is the actual reason for call up? We’ll know, soon enough, as the last thing we need up here, regardless of performance in Stockton, is a centre.

    • Just a Fan

      “He was recalled by the Flames earlier this morning from the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat as a replacement for the injured Kris Versteeg.”

      But … But … But ….

      He was called up to replace Versteeg.

      • everton fc

        Missed that. Skimmed things, toggling between two screens…

        Still makes no sense – we lose a LW/RW and recall a centre. Makes no sense…??


        Shinkaruk-Monahan-Brouwer (?)



        Not tonight. But once Janko’s settled in. But I think GG will be loyal to Chiasson.

  • RKD

    Cool, Jankowski has been improving every year and along with Morgan Klimchuk has been one of Stockon’s top forwards this season. Gulutzan didn’t just call Mark a “good kid” he called him a “great kid.” Even though Janko is not expected to play tonight I heard the kid still has a big smile on his face.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    If Versteeg is out..? and assuming the possibly of sitting out or an injured Monahan…?
    and If Jankowski Does get a chance tonight?
    This is what I’m seeing as a possibility.
    Tkachuk – Backlund – Frolik (just leave this line alone)
    Ferland – Bennett – Brouwer…
    Shinkaruk – Jankowski – Hathaway (Theses guys all played in Stockton together this year and Shinkaruk & Jankowski already had Great Chemistry!)
    Stajan – Hamilton – Chaisson
    The biggest risk with a Shinkaruk – Jankowski – Hathaway Live would be their possible lack of D-playing experience???
    Other than that… as a Whole.. I’m good with it 🙂
    99% sure it won’t happen… but I just wanted to throw it out here.
    Cheers! And Go Get them Flames

  • I’m operating under the assumption that Stajan plays on the left side when Jankowski slots in. He’s been used in that role while playing with Vey and Freddie Hamilton, so he’s accustomed to it.