The Flames should claim Ty Rattie off waivers

The Calgary Flames have 22 healthy bodies on their roster right now, following the injury to winger Troy Brouwer last week. They’ve shown a reluctance to recall a player from the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat, likely in part because the Heat are doing so well that it would be a shame to pluck a youngster from that environment.

However, it seems that the waiver wire could be a fantastic place for the Flames to obtain some short-term depth. The St. Louis Blues have placed forward Ty Rattie on waivers and the Flames would be very wise to put in a claim.

Rattie could be a fantastic fit for the Flames for a few reasons.

He’s young. He turns 24 next month.

He’s local. He was born in Airdrie and only ever left Alberta to play hockey to join the Western Hockey League’s powerhouse Portland Winterhawks.

He’s a right shot. The Flames have habitually added a bunch of right-shooting forwards since last spring, if only to provide some depth to the position (and ideally to strike it rich when one of them actually clicks).

He’s inexpensive. He’s on a one-way deal this season that pays him just $650,000. The Flames can easily fit that under their LTIR-infused salary cap. The Flames also have only 45 contracts running right now, well under the league’s 50-deal limit. Adding Rattie wouldn’t handcuff them at all.

He’s been very good at other levels (and is untested at the NHL level). He was a huge part of the powerhouse Portland clubs that routinely went to the WHL championship series, putting up 348 points in 269 games. He’s been a superb AHL player with the Chicago Wolves, putting up 137 points in 196 games. He’s only played 30 NHL games, though, and has scored eight points while playing 10 minutes or fewer in a bottom six role. He’s only played four games this season (the last time on Nov. 28) and has been a frequent healthy scratch.

Right now, the Flames are 12th in the NHL’s waiver priority order (ranked by points percentage). The teams ahead of them are Colorado, Arizona, Buffalo, Winnipeg, New Jersey, Vancouver, Detroit, the Islanders, Dallas, Florida and Nashville. Most of those teams could use Rattie, too. Claiming him wouldn’t be a guarantee to actually obtaining him. But the Flames have the added benefit of Troy Brouwer’s vacated roster spot and time to throw Rattie into the lineup to really evaluate him. If he’s not a fit, they can throw him back into the waiver pool and not bat an eye if he gets claimed.

Right now, with some under-performing forwards on their roster and a seeming desire not to want to muck with Stockton’s mojo too much, claiming Rattie could give the Flames roster a nice kick in the butt with an extremely minimal risk to the team. He’d be an extremely savvy pickup.

  • flamesburn89

    Lol, CanucksArmy just put a similar piece up on why the Canucks should claim Rattie about an hour ago.

    Kid will be highly sought after if the acquisition cost is free.

  • everton fc

    Every one of these waiver “possibilities” the Flames have passed on. Rattie will be no different.

    I’m not even sure Yakupov would get picked up off the wavier wire. He’s really blown a big (last?) opportunity with the Blues.

  • Prototype369

    Quick question, I could be wrong, but don’t you move to the bottom of the waiver order after picking a player? So shouldn’t Arizona be last because they picked up burmistrov?

    P.s. that organization is a s***show

    • supra steve

      Yeah, it’s almost as if we (FN faithful) really don’t know what we’re doing, any more than the Flames management staff does. Perhaps even less? But, that can’t be, can it? So, what’s with that? 🙂

  • MontanaMan

    In other news, I recall many on FN challenging my position on Shea Weber that he was a legitimate first pairing defence man. Comments like “he wouldn’t be a first pairing d-man on any NHL club”; “he’s too slow and his best days are behind him.” Weber is having a great year and will have many more ahead of him. Shows how little some people know in assessing talent.

  • Just.Visiting

    I don’t see where he’s a material uplift relative to the options we already have in hand at Stockton.

    I have a concern about cluttering up the roster with depth players that take away potential ice time from others who are developing.

  • MontanaMan

    I know of at least three people that were clearly wrong in their assessment of the trade. Better luck next time Stu Cazz, cunning linguist and Brent G.

    • Stu Cazz

      All in good fun Monty…I like Shea Webber as well but like Gio age will become a major factor well before the contract term ends…that’s where Nashville with Subban has an advantage, if any….

      • MontanaMan

        All good Stu. Time will tell but I think Weber’s got more in the tank than most people think. For now, the Habs are the clear winners but we’ll see what it looks like in three years.

    • Stu Cazz

      You are absolutely correct! Then Chiasson makes the 4th line better. Like most views I doubt Rattie will be available by the time the Flames can claim. As well prior to the Blues placing him on waivers I’m sure the Flames and others were notified but not interested in giving up any kind of draft choice for him…perhaps he is rated lower than current prospects….

  • Arminius

    This will never happen. Why do people get their hopes for the waiver wire. When has Calgary even plucked someone off it that’s been of any excitement value. I can’t recall any?

  • jakethesnail

    Yeah Carolina was one of 13 teams in the NHL below the Flames in the standings. No chance of Flames picking up ANY decent players on waivers.

    Interesting to note for ‘Nuck fans that Vancouver (tied with Carolina at 39 points but ranked lower than Carolina) passed on Rattie.

    • piscera.infada

      Interesting to note for ‘Nuck fans that Vancouver (tied with Carolina at 39 points but ranked lower than Carolina) passed on Rattie.

      They made the interesting–and kind of strange–decision to pick up Boucher instead. Considering their track-record as NHLer’s and both being the same age, Boucher may have been the better pick up here. That said, they could have pick him off waivers about 25 other times this season.