Canucks 4, Flames 2 post-game embers: A better fate deserved


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No, that wasn’t score effects

Even when you factor score effects into this one, the chart still looks pretty much the same. The Flames out-corsied the Canucks 61-18 at 5v5. In all situations, it was 84-22. That’s a beating. That’s a game you win nine times out of 10.

They didn’t this time, and there’s that one time: that time the opposing goalie completely bails his team out, and then they owe him… I don’t know. Something very expensive. At the very least, a hug; Esso Minor Hockey Week kicked off last night and all of the goalies in both opening games made some wild saves, but my favourite part was when, after the puck was frozen after particularly heart-stopping ones, every teammate on the ice would go over and tap their goalie in appreciation. They’d all take their turns doing it. And if it was a shift change, then the new kids would follow suit, too. I love minor hockey. 

I’m getting side tracked, but Ryan Miller definitely deserved a hell of a lot of taps from his teammates.

And the corsi went wild

Who cares about corsi, you may ask, when it does not lead to goals in the game? Well, it still is basically the same as the Flames vastly outshooting the Canucks (46-13), a stat absolutely nobody has any trouble questioning. 

And again: because most of the time, you win those games. Sometimes you’re the 2014-15 Flames and you win games you shouldn’t, so congrats to the Canucks for Flamesing the Flames, I suppose.

Regardless, this post is generally for fun observations, statistical or not, in a single game, and so, let’s have at it: every single Flame was a positive corsi player. Let’s stick to 5v5 to keep things simple; the worst guy was Tyler Wotherspoon, at 56.25%. (Although, perhaps it’s still notable on its own that the worst guy was Wotherspoon. And by a fair margin, too; everyone else was over 60%, and everyone but for four players was above 70%.)

Six Flames were above 80%. A grand total of three shot attempts went against some of them (Dennis Wideman, Sean Monahan, Michael Frolik, Freddie Hamilton). Dougie Hamilton drew the short straw by having the most attempts go against him: a grand total of eight. He was also on the ice for 25 attempts for. 

So, you know, generally good stuff. The kind of stuff that tends to lead to your players outscoring the other team’s.

Brodie looks good again; the numbers support this conclusion. If there’s anything to rejoice in, it’s that. 

At least the point streaks continued

A hollow, meaningless victory, yes; however, if you’re a fan of individual counting stats (and I am!) then a victory nonetheless.

Mikael Backlund, with two assists, is now the Flames’ scoring leader with 27 points in 41 games (grain of salt; Johnny Gaudreau is second with 26 in 31. He still leads the Flames with .84 points per game, it’s just Backlund is second at .66 now). His point streak has extended to six games, over which he’s picked up 11 points. That’s 41% of his season’s production to date: a little high, but the point is, he’s doing well.

Matthew Tkachuk is third on the Flames in scoring, both in traditional counting stats (24 points in 37 games) and points per game (.65). His point streak extended to eight games, with nine points over that time: 37.5% of his season’s production thus far. He has continued to be a revelation, and is on pace for 51 points this season. Does he get that, especially since his ice time average remains at the relatively low 14:15? 

Michael Frolik’s would-be point streak was snapped against the Avalanche the game previous. He was on a four-game streak prior; in this one, he picked right back up where he left on. Frolik has had eight points in the past six games, including three goals; his last goal before that came all the way back on Nov. 16. His 23 points over 41 games has him fourth in team scoring, and fifth in points per game at .56 (Kris Versteeg beats him out at .62).

I guess the point I’m making here is this line is really, really good.

And while Hamilton still leads defencemen scoring, Mark Giordano is now up to 18 points in 41 games. He’s currently on a three-game point streak, with four assists over that time.



A quick chance for vengeance

If the Flames play tonight the way they did last night, they probably win. Hell, the Flames probably win last night’s game, too. Sometimes you just lose.

Frolik’s second goal was a bit of a blessing: the Flames had been dominating throughout the night, but they seemed to get an extra bit of jump after he cut the deficit to two. It’s easy to see that carrying over to the next game. Both teams are travelling, both teams are playing on the second of a back-to-back; one was clearly better than the other to a laughable extent, and the process has a greater chance of repeating itself than the result.

Chad Johnson should be in net by virtue of the back-to-back alone, though those bizarre goals don’t seem to be going against him quite as much.

And one last reminder: Don’t go by points. Go by points percentage.

  • cunning_linguist

    I know we lost, but I really hope the team isn’t discouraged by the result. They dominated that game and if they played like that every night (a couple of the sloppy turnovers aside), I would be a very proud fan.

  • WildfireOne

    Based on his numbers with the Blues, I want to like Elliott, I honestly do. But the man appears cursed right now. It may not be his fault, but at some point ya gotta toss Jonah overboard.

    The problem I have is that absent the Flames in the playoffs, I’ve been cheering for the Blues for a few years. And even behind Hitch’s structured defense, I found it hard to like Elliot. I didn’t get the feeling he could bail his team out or outduel the masked man on the other side of the ice (even when the Blues won, he would be outplayed by the opposing goalie). The few great saves he made were less than the goals he should have had. Elliott didn’t win me over then, and he doesn’t now.

    Given the choice of Allen or Elliott, I understood the Blues’ decision. And although I may be proven wrong, I’d replicate that to take Johnson over Elliott.

  • flames2015

    Hope to see the boys come out with fire and come out mad tonight. I sure was seeing all the articles on how the canucks clawed back to a wild card despite playing mediocre during their “streak”. A win tonight and they will surpass us. Don’t let it happen boys.


  • Jakethesnail

    We are 40 games into the season and I think it’s time we realize that Elliot is not what we thought he was going to be . He was supported by a great Blues defense and we just don’t have the same type of D they do.
    We have no choice right now than to run with what we have. The D is really going to have to tighten up.
    I’m not basing this on one game . I’m basing it on the entire season so far.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Nevertheless, Johnson has been far from lights out in his last four games.

      More importantly, any stat head will tell you that the Blues under Hitch as a defense-first team is a myth. Yes, the Blues have a better defensive corps than the Flames and forwards who are more defensively responsible, but the drop-off in Elliott’s game as a Flame is far more than the team around him. He looks a lot more like the goalie he was when he started his career and couldn’t find a permanent home.

      • calgaryfan

        Johnson’s last four games Ducks, Sharks, Blue Jackets and Lightning. All better teams than Calgary!
        Elliott’s last five games Canucks twice, Avalanche twice and Arizona all below Flames in the standings!
        It is obvious the management are trying to make Elliott the number 1, but he has never proven himself to be a top goalie.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    Lost weekend? Yes. Lost season? No, but the Flames are going to have to win 2 games they are not supposed to win to make up for last night’s setback. Lose again tonight in regulation and do the same against the Jets, then it might be time to talk about the Flames being sellers at the deadline.

    Should we care that Granlund’s got more points in the NHL this season than Shinkaruk has in the AHL? Big difference in the number of games played, but Shinkaruk is no where near being an everyday NHLer yet.

  • Thatz Nuckin Futz

    Neutral zone turnovers and untimely blue line pinches gave the sad sack Knucks unnecessary chances that they cashed in. Stop that madness tonite.

    Elliott still not #1 in this guy’s book. We need to get serious about drafting and developing & then playing said goalie. When was the last time we did that – Mike Vernon??

    I’m not bilingual but I think the French word for boat anchor is “Chiasson”. If you’re that big but have minimal skills, crash the net!!! You ain’t much good for anything else. Make Miller’s life miserable.


  • freethe flames

    Need what should be our top two lines to produce at even strength. We should expect and need a goal a game even strength from one of the Monahan/Bennett lines. Until this happens we remain a bubble team. Backs appears to be in line for a personal best season, Frolik will have his normal numbers, Tkachuk may have the best numbers of our most recent first rounders. Chaisson, Stajan,and Ferland are all trending to having bounce back years in regards to stats. Even Wideman is trending towards having a better season than last year. Johnny will likely be a point a game but both Monahan and Bennett are not trending towards significant improvements from last year. Enough of my whining.

    The Good news is the Heat broke their losing streak winning 3-2 in OT. Janko with the winner.

  • Lance was a 73% CF in 5×5 situations. Patrice Bergeron would be proud of such numbers.

    It was a weird game to watch and the chart does a fine job illustrating.

    FWIW the Canes versus Hawks game was not as dramatically one sided but the team that dominated the puck possession did not win the game.

    Couple posts, couple wiffs, couple 5 bell saves and you go home having played a good game but with a lump of coal in your sock, sadly.

    Late game on HNIC tonight…. Hrudey will have his Flames jammies on.. guaranteed win night.

  • Lucky 13

    Tonight’s game will no doubt feature Johnson vs Markstrom.
    After peppering Miller last night with 46 shots I’m doubtful he gets the nod.

    This game will look/feel different.
    That tends to happen after a disappointing loss and a one sided shooting gallery.

    Both teams will tighten up defensively and it will be a close, hard nosed affair.

    Our scoring lines need to put it into high gear. I lost count last night of scoring chances but safe to say we tripled the Canucks but couldn’t finish.

    I don’t understand all the Chiasson references. He hit the crossbar with a wicked shot yet some think he’s a plug. ??

    He’s not going to be the best sniper,(or even a sniper) but he fills a role adequately on the team.
    He’s not grossly overpaid and perhaps he gets more ice time than we would like but that isn’t a reason not to like him.

    Tonight will be a tale of 2 cities. Calgary vs Vancouver round 2
    Who wants it more?

    • freethe flames

      The hate for Chaisson seems to because he should not be playing on the first PP unit or on the first line. Yet based upon our squad other than Tkachuk who would people suggest? He is having a significant bounce back year. Also would like to remind people of the great pass he made to Johnny in the first that Johnny did not bury; the play did not die on Chaissons stick. He may not be a real legimate first line RW but he is not as bad as many on this site say. He plays reasonably well 5on5, plays the PK and is having a significant bounce back year and is being paid by NHL standards peanuts.

      • snotss

        chaisson is at best a fourth line grinder which puts him with everybody else in the nhl.the nhl is full of these type of players they are a dime a dozen!!!!there are players in stockton that can fill his role and gain valuble nhl playing time!!!!!are the flames not in a rebuild still!!!!! get rid of him

    • urbzy

      Plug is an ugly word, but Chiasson is definitely easily replaceable and he is definitely not filling the role he’s being shoehorned into. Hitting the crossbar once doesn’t make him anything special. But the hate on that a lot of fans have for him is that he’s been miscast as a 1st line player. If he was playing the way he is on the 3rd or 4th line I think fewer people would have a problem. None of this is his fault though. The GM hasn’t found us a 1st line RW and Gully seems obsessed with giving him miles of rope. Unfortunately, the vitriol often falls on the playear in these situations.

      • snotss

        none of this is his fault?????? it’s not his fault he has limited skills???????….play better and fans will notice!! he has below average skills he should be way up the flames in points playing with those talented players but he is not!! enough said

  • snotss

    blame that loss directly at Elliott…he should have stopped at least 2 of the 4 goals..that puts the game in a tie who knows how the game would have ended, he lets a couple of ugly goals in every game he plays!!! does chiasson have some nude photos of coach gg because that would maybe explain why he gets the ice time he does…what a disappointment !!!!!!!bad pick up..bring up some young players to do he does…. which is very little

  • deantheraven

    I hate to whine about the reffing, but that slashing call on Tkachuk with time ticking down on the comeback really frosted me. I had to watch the replay about 6 times. I mean, yeah he got his stick in on the guy but the ref waited 3 seconds before he even raised his arm. Meanwhile Johnny gets mauled and another canuck is running interference in the crease. You could see how much it sucked the life out of the Flames. Tkachuk didn’t even complain. Made it worse than it the score or the corsi or the puck luck.
    Tonight will hopefully be different.