Johnny Gaudreau named to NHL All-Star Game

Ah, the All-Star Game: a weekend in which most of the NHL gets a chance to take a break, but for a few (mandated at least one per team) to be hauled up to whatever location has been designated for the year and shill for the league while showing off how talented they are at hockey, or something.

The Flames are a meh team this year without any real standouts, but since every team has to be represented, Johnny Gaudreau is once again an All-Star for the third year in a row. He’s three for three now; do you think he may want a break at some point?

There were a couple of options for the Flames, including three more interesting ones who have never gone before, but with an overall inconsistent season, nobody on the team has really stood out – at least not to the extent that the Flames deserve to have more than one representative.

That includes Gaudreau, who has a disappointing – for him – 27 points in 33 games this season. He missed 10 games with a broken finger, but he’s still tied for the lead in Flames scoring. He’s also the most recognizable name the Flames have, and this is essentially just a marketing event, so.

Mark Giordano accompanied Gaudreau the previous two All-Star games, but will be absent from this one. Here’s what the Pacific Team will look like:

  • Forwards: Jeff Carter (LAK), Johnny Gaudreau (CGY), Bo Horvat (VAN), Ryan Kesler (ANA), Connor McDavid (EDM), Joe Pavelski (SJS)
  • Defence: Brent Burns (SJS), Drew Doughty (LAK), Cam Fowler (ANA)
  • Goalies: Martin Jones (SJS), Mike Smith (ARI)

The California teams are the only ones in the division to get multi-player representation, which sounds about right. San Jose leads the way with three, one at every position, while the Kings and Ducks are both sending a forward and a defenceman each.

And… that’s about that, I suppose.

I dunno. This is a marketing event whose primary audience really should be kids. I’d imagine it’s a cool experience to get to watch the mainstream interpretation of who’s the very best – but with at least one player from every team, so as to not leave any fans out – compete against each other in a relaxed environment. And good for them! As long as the people for whom this event is tailored towards have a good time, then it’s a success.

But man, the NHL has done just about everything it can think of to strip away the fun for the rest of us. The three-on-three tournament was an interesting idea, and led to some surprisingly competitive hockey last year; at the same time, I was only really invested in watching it because I wanted to see how John Scott would do. The NHL went directly out of its way to avoid repeating that situation again.

The only other thing I really enjoyed watching before that was watching NHLers get drunk off their asses while waiting to get drafted. Remember Giordano’s non-stop giggling (he was SLOSHED) as Alex Ovechkin hijacked his interview begging for a car? Or Phil Kessel getting traded for Tyler Seguin? But with a divisional tournament, that’s gone, too.

Ah well. As long as Gaudreau has fun and doesn’t get hurt, then it should be a fine weekend.

  • Greatsave

    I’ve heard the “meaningless ASG” and “uncompetitive ASG” lines before, not to mention endless outcries over ASG snubs in the name of universal representation, but this article is a new level of cynicism. To say that drunk-drafting and John Scott were the only ASG elements you enjoyed watching… maybe just take the weekend off like 90% of the players?

  • Newbietwo

    Another stupid NHL move! Another NHL money move! I am sorry but Johnny does not deserve to be at the All Star game this year because he has not done enough in my mind to consider him in that level

  • Valar Morghulis

    Wow, 10 goals and -12. Total all-star!

    Mod EDIT: We can do without the personal attacks. Thanks.
    (unless you meant carp of course, but I don’t think you did.)

  • Stan

    The 3 on 3 format, (drunk) player draft and all star voting that allowed for unexpected players (Girgensons, Scott) to play were literally the ONLY good parts of the all star game. Of course the NHL had to get rid of them… smh. Bettman must be taking tips from the No Fun League (NFL).

    Also, I always find it funny about how pissed people get by who gets invited to these things. When are people gonna realize its all about marketing and therefore the biggest names are gonna get chosen, regardless of performance… You seriously think Backlund was gonna get chosen over Gaudreau? I bet half the MSM in the East havn’t even heard of Backlund. The Blackhawks are another perfect example. Toews was chosen over Panarin, which literally makes NO sense if your looking just at performance.

    Its all just a money grab, which is one (of many) reasons I will not be watching.

    • Greatsave

      The ASG isn’t for everyone. I get it. Some people don’t like it. Some even try to look principled in their dislike. But why are you dragging the MSM into this? Pretty sure the league picked the rosters.

      Oh, and don’t look now, but I’m pretty sure the entire damn league, Stanley Cup playoffs and all, is a “money grab”. Most pro sports are, in fact? So maybe you’re swearing off pro sports altogether?

      • Stan

        Dragging the MSM into this? I mentioned them once to make a point that a player that is not populae or is widely “unknown” to the MSM would never be selected to participate. Do you disagree? Name one player that was selected that isn’t widely popular…

        • Greatsave

          The fact that you mentioned them at all seemed to indicate you thought they had anything at all to do with the rosters selection. I don’t know. Maybe you didn’t mean it like that. Maybe you just meant “half the fans in the East”.

          I won’t pretend to know who is or isn’t “widely popular” in other markets or in “the East”. But um… Bo Horvat? Cam Fowler? Mike Smith? Even Vincent Trocheck seems a bit of a lesser-known guy compared to Jagr (I know Barkov and Huberdeau are injured). Or Nielsen vs. Zetterberg or Vanek. Or Simmonds vs. Giroux or Voracek. But what do I know about who’s popular and who’s not?

  • Longshot1977

    Can’t believe people are actually negative on the Johnny All-Star thing.

    I mean, sure he’s a little off last year’s pace, but JOHNNY + 3on3 = AMAZEBALLS