Post-Game: Jets set, Flames flicker

(Bruce Fedyck / USA Today Sports)

Heading into tonight’s game between the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets, the hope was that the visitors – heading into a key game against a team missing their most explosive player – would be able to play with emotion and get two key points in the playoff race.

Instead, the Flames played 60 minutes of wholly uninspired hockey en route to a 2-0 loss to the Jets. If this was intended to be a statement game for Calgary then the statement coming out of it surely is “What the heck was that?!


The Flames were disjointed in the first, frequently missing passes and making really sub-par decisions with the puck. The Jets opened the scoring midway through the period, as Dustin Byfuglien walked right around Mark Giordano and beat Chad Johnson with a really nice top-corner shot to make it 1-0. The Flames couldn’t generate much of anything in the first. Shots were 9-6 Calgary.

Neither team scored in the second period. Considering the Flames were down a goal, there was no real push from them to even up the game. The Jets out-shot them 12-6.

Calgary came out early in the third period with a bit of desperation, which was nice to see. However, their execution still wasn’t great and that ended up costing them a few minutes in. An errant pass from T.J. Brodie to Dennis Wideman never found its mark, as Blake Wheeler snatched the puck away and beat Johnson to make it 2-0. The Flames had some chances late but couldn’t make any of them count. Shots were 13-9 Flames.


For the vast majority of the game the Flames weren’t awful, but they really weren’t all that good. Their decision-making seemed to take a holiday and what we saw tonight was a series of miscues, gaffes, errant passes, missed shots and an overall lack of execution for the majority of the proceedings.

The Jets played a solid defensive game, but the Flames really didn’t make life tough for them.


The Flames were fortunate to be down just one goal after two sub-par periods. However, they began the third with some energy. Wheeler’s goal, taking advantage of some sloppy puck movement by Brodie, was a killer.


Johnson was the better of the two goaltenders tonight, making several big stops and giving the Flames a shot.

Gaudreau was energetic but frequently seemed to over-handle the puck, perhaps attempting to make up for the lack of energy from his teammates. The fourth line collectively were also pretty decent in spurts.


(Percentage stats are even strength. Game score is overall. Data from Natural Stat Trick.)

Player Corsi
Stajan 90.0 20.0 0.420
Bouma 88.9 25.0 0.475
Hathaway 75.0 25.0 0.350
Chiasson 70.0 70.0 0.475
Gaudreau 68.8 63.6 0.675
Monahan 66.7 70.0 0.420
Brodie 64.5 66.7 0.450
Wideman 64.3 60.0 0.400
Hamilton 58.6 33.3 0.300
Versteeg 53.3 88.9 0.390
Frolik 51.6 28.6 0.050
Giordano 52.5 40.0 -0.175
Backlund 48.5 28.6 -0.275
Tkachuk 46.9 28.6 -0.175
Bennett 43.5 62.5 -0.105
Engelland 35.7 42.9 -0.100
Ferland 35.0 62.5 -0.350
Jokipakka 29.4 42.9 -0.275
Johnson 1.000


Matthew Tkachuk’s points streak ended after nine games.


The Flames (22-19-2) are off tomorrow, then are back in action on Wednesday night in a crucial Pacific Division battle with the San Jose Sharks.


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    • BlueMoonNigel

      I think you could say the same thing about the entire team. You might see its split personality this week. It’s not hard at all to imagine them thrashing the Sharks and then laying an egg against the Devils.

      As I have been saying since before the season began, this year’s edition of the Flames is simply not consistent enough to be a legitimate playoff contender.

      From this night on, count how many wins Johnson and Elliott steal for the club and use that stat as one of the factors in deciding to re-sign either.

      Jets need to go back to the uniforms they wore tonight. That lame new uniform and crest has had its run, and its now time to go back to the future. I saw a guy wearing a current Jets cap at Superstore last Saturday and couldn’t get over how bad the crest and colours were. Reminded me of those terrible Blue Bomber uniforms and crests the team wore for years before they went back to their former duds and logo.

  • Newbietwo

    Not one line was able to dominate play and it seemed as though we were in our own zone for most this game.. Our defense was horrific I mean really bad..

    I don’t know what’s up with 23 but it’s getting to the point of enough.. the guy is no where to be seen during offence he’s behind the play and when it’s defense he’s behind his man..

    Brodie might as well be trump on skates.. again he’s all over the place and not composed and making very bad decisions. It is very clear we only have 3 defenders!

    I honestly am at the point of asking myself if it was a different coach and system would more be gotten out of this team?! on and off teams that cannot hold a winning mentality is not ready for self leadership and ownership and this extra days off and not skating on game days are not holding them accountable for what is delivered on the ice!

    Another thing I want to know is what the hell happened to our first power play unit this year?! They are second best to the 3M line.

    Stop being complacent players!! Hold yourself accountable and actually showcs better record than one win in four games. I don’t care if we lose but if it is because of stupidity or laziness I lose it

  • Newbietwo

    This is what happens when there is too much money involved.. how do you keep anyone who at age 25 has made $20 plus million balanced and us suckers are the ones that pays for it with $200 ticket prices and then when a team needs a new arena it becomes a joint partnership with the region!

    What is wrong with capping a players earnings at $5 million max a year? All that changes would be our ticket prices and frankly I am fine with that

      • Newbietwo

        Frankly it is not up to the players union or the NHL.. it is up to us as fans to say enough is enough with big money and sports.. i used to be a season ticket holder and several games entertained a box with clients and I have stopped completely.. the only voice you have as a fan is letting your wallet speak by not attending games, by not purchasing flames gear and by taking a stand with this crap..

  • Ole YELLEr

    I think it’s time to reunite Tkackuk and Bennett. The flames need more offense 5 on 5. While the 3M line has been our best this season Backlund is the highest scorer on that line and he’s on pace for about 54 points. That isn’t enough to warrant keeping that line together at all costs if they are our #1 line. Maybe put Versteeg back with Johnny and Monny, Chiasson with Bennett and Tkackuk and have Ferland take Tkackuk’s spot with Backlund and Frolik. Leave the 4th line the same they’ve been solid.

    Speaking of the 4th line Stajan cf% 90, Buoma cf%88.9, Hathaway cf% 75 = “pretty decent in spurts”when they all had the least ozone starts on the team?

    • Lucky 13

      Have to agree with you there. 5 on 5 is needing some spark.
      Makes sense to move a guy with play making abilities up with Johnny. Versteeg for sure.

      Tkachuk has the high hockey iq to help drive play with Bennett.
      Ferland will do great as supporting cast with Frolik and Backlund.

      Can we Fedex this to Gully?

      I really believe the Flames were ragged from the back to back against Vancouver. How else could you explain this one?
      At least Johnson still looked good, only player to show up for this game.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    ***UNGH*** REALLY~! F-F-S Flames! The Jets? The Lainie~less Jets… REALLY! Way to play down to your weak competitions level! Losing theses games is what will Earn you a 9th or 10th finish! W-T-F-G! This Sucks Donkey Balls! Maybe just sitting the team in front of a mirror after a game like this is better than saying anything! Brutal!

    • Kevin R

      Reading your post is hilariously awesome. Love it. Only thing is losing these games will get them 12 or 13th. I think they should all be forced to watch the replay of this whole game over & over & over, don’t let them out to the bathroom, let them soil themselves after watching this 5 straight times so they can see what it’s like for us to watch this crap.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Excellent goaltending and timely specialty teams have masked our lack of team harmony. GG keeps going to the well with Johnny and Monny but it is not working this year.

    I hate to say it but Monny is dragging down the line not Chiasson. He has to be able to beat at least one defender when he enters the zone. Johnny is always looking for his linemates when he should be taking the shot. I am not sure if he comfortable taking shots yet. Perhaps the shield on his glove is impacting his feel. Last year he would have buried the break away.

    GG keeps putting out the same lines hoping they will gel which is rediculous. Of course, I keep watching the same line ups hoping to be entertained and that hasn’t happened very often this year. I remember having brutal Corsi numbers with Hartley and still liking the product on the ice.

    I like the Toronto model of sinking and swimming with your rookies at least it is entertaining. I can’t see our AHL defenders playing any worse than what we have witnessed in the last couple games.

  • Jakethesnail

    Just got home to see the highlights and Giordano is really slow. Buff absolutely flew past Gio like he was standing still to create a goal. We need that contract gone if we want to progress.

  • Misterbator

    This team has some major problems which may not go away until the season is through.

    Johnny is fine. But that’s it.
    Mony looks like he has a terminal illness out there.
    Sam Bennett is eerily reminding me of Chuck Kobasew.

    This does not bode well.

    Brody unlearned hockey
    Gio is still pretty good but not as good as he is being paid for(See above)

    Why does Lance Bouma play in the NHL?

    Treliving…jury’s out on you pizza eater.

  • RedMan

    is it time to say, “They are who we thought they were”, or will they surprise us and all of a sudden start ‘clicking’ again, and go on another run?

    its definitely waaaaaaaayyyyy to early to give up on Monahan or Bennett. sure these guys are struggling, but development is not a perfect science and does not go in a straight line for most players.

    i am sure that the master plan was for this team to take a step forward this year, then dumping some of the larger salaries like wideman’s at the end of the year. i’m guessing that the team is actually probably on pace with expected development and growth from a rebuild standpoint, but we fans have a higher expectation than ‘taking a step forward’.

    i think what frustrates us fans most is that, even though the team is clearly making strides forward in the rebuild, there are a umber of players (Bennett, Monahan, Brodie) that appear to be seriously under-performing, leaving us frustrated in where the team could be if these individuals at least matched their career average.

  • Bob Cobb

    The best part of the game was the knee on knee hit in an attempt to injure Ehlers by Hathaway. Before you trash this comment, go watch the replay, Hathaway sticks his leg out and that was why Ehlers went down and was having difficulty getting up and why the Jets went after Hathaway. Typical cheap shot Flames, we’ll see the outcry when a similar play happens to Little Johnny!

  • Toofun

    Too much bad out there last night to not change some things up.

    1. Move Brodie to the right side. It’s been half of a season already. It’s like watching the fencing dual in the Princess Bride. I keep waiting for Brodie to switch hands…

    2. I don’t want to break up 3m so swap Bennett and Monahan again.

    3. We need to grind out points in games like last night. Keep Hathaway in the lineup.

    • MontanaMan

      Quit making excuses for Brodie. Most of his gaffes have nothing to do with playing a different side of the rink or his playing partner. Brodie needs to look in the mirror and get his game going. Ditto Monahan. Ditto Gio. Ditto Gaudreau. Ditto…..

  • snotss

    last nights effort is why this team will not see any playoffs this year…..jets without there super star…a jets team with worse record than flames etc etc…they show up with that stinker last night.way to many passengers last night..Brodie where is your game man!!!!!…gio where is your game man!!!!!.Bennett a is bust so far!!!!.chiasson is a joke really and so is wideman…here is how the rest of this year will go…flames will play around 500 hockey or worse flounder down the stretch and just miss playoffs thus resulting in a high useless draft pick if they don’t trade it.then got to start rebuilding again after all the bad contracts come off the books!!!this is how the flames roll lately