Oilers 2, Flames 1 (SO): Close, but no cigar

It isn’t this loss that stings – it’s the other ones.

The Flames played well enough to win. They were the better team overall, even when they were the ones not rested. They responded from the pathetic failure that had been their game against the Devils, just as they responded against the Sharks after the Jets disaster.

And they got a point out of it. Which, fine, whatever; that’s all well and good. Though they’re ninth in the West in points percentage, which is just out of a playoff spot, and as things stand they may be the most likely ones in the conference to just miss the dance.

Which is why you show up for every game. And why those two losses earlier in the week sting more. Because if the Flames had played this well against them, they probably would have won.

Can’t score

In the seven games the Flames have played in the first half of January, they have scored 14 times. Take away that first game against the Avalanche – who are, like, Oilers of yesteryear levels of bad – and that’s 10 goals in six games.

That’s really not good at all. That’s not enough to win you games, as we’ve been seeing lately. Go for even more recency, and this past week they scored five goals in four games – with three of them coming in the one win they got.

It’s over halfway through the season, and the Flames still do not have anyone on their roster who has scored 30 points. Fifty-nine players in the league have hit that marker by now. Calgary is one of six teams that does not have a 30-point scorer this far into the season, joining the Arizona Coyotes, Buffalo Sabres, Colorado Avalanche, Florida Panthers, and New Jersey Devils. Any guesses where those teams are in the standings?

It’s not as if all hope is lost, though – they have scored 2.56 goals per game this season, which is 19th in the league. But they’re going through a major dry spell right now, and it’s killing them.

Both goalies were fantastic

That said, Cam Talbot had a good game. And how many posts did the Flames hit last night?

Then again, Brian Elliott was really good, too.

There can be some debate as to who to start, particularly when Chad Johnson is Chad Johnsoning again. But in the case of a back-to-back, it’s better to play it safe, and Glen Gulutzan played it safe. 

Elliott rewarded him for it, big time. He stopped 26 of 27 shots for a .963 save percentage. The one that got past him was a powerplay goal that was as much Dennis Wideman’s fault as anyone’s. Elliott definitely deserved a better fate – and before anyone complains about the shootout, let’s recall that that the Oilers outshot the Flames 6-0 in overtime, so they don’t even get that chance without Elliott.

There’s only so much he can work with when his team won’t score for him. That goes for Johnson, too. The Flames, at their current feeble level of offensive production, are asking their goaltenders to be perfect for them, and that’s not going to win you many games.

Talbot stole a win, but towards the end, Elliott stole a point.

Johnny Gaudreau is broken

Johnny Gaudreau gets on a two-on-one. You see who he’s with. Oh, it’s Alex Chiasson. You make a joke about how of course he held onto the puck, only to run out of real estate anyway, because it was Chiasson and what was Chiasson going to do? I definitely made this joke.

But then I also thought, um, who would have to be on a two-on-one with Gaudreau in order for him to even consider passing it to begin with? Sean Monahan, maybe, and only because they’re best friends?

Gaudreau tried to be a one-man machine during overtime. It did not work. Gaudreau would enter the zone and try to score it his own dang self. It would not work. And even when it comes to individuality where he’s supposed to keep the puck – the shootout – he was still terrible, because every single time he goes in slow, overhandles it, and gives the goalie more than enough time to prepare for a gentle fivehole save. (Gaudreau needs to stop being used in shootouts; he does that literally every time and it literally never works.)

Gaudreau is flat out refusing to use his linemates. Or any of his teammates, for that matter. He’s probably frustrated – throw out the contract talk; this is someone who’s been elite offensively at pretty much every level he’s played, including the NHL, and he can’t get anything going for him this season – and his apparent solution to work his way out of it is to ignore everyone else and pretend like he can dance through everyone.

He literally skated into Matt Benning at one point. Just skated into him while carrying the puck through the offensive zone. What the hell is that going to accomplish?

Sam Bennett looked better last night; Gaudreau didn’t use him. Gaudreau isn’t using anybody. Gaudreau needs to use his teammates.

I don’t know what fixes this. It’s not like you can blame a broken finger on refusing to acknowledge anyone wearing the same jersey. Maybe some intense one-on-one sessions with him, breaking down video. Maybe swapping Chiasson for Kris Versteeg, or something. But he’s hurting himself at this point – and considering how he’s the offensive heartbeat of his team, and his team isn’t scoring lately, he’s hurting his team, too.

The Flames don’t play again until Tuesday. Just… somebody work on this with him. Because until this gets sorted out, we all suffer, and Gaudreau probably tries even harder to do it all on his own.

Fine let’s talk about that guy

mcdavid vs flames

(Via NaturalStatTrick.)

Hahaha I’m sorry I get it was an away game but what the hell is Garnet Hathaway doing being the forward that saw the most of Connor McDavid.

I mean, okay. Let’s be fair. Hathaway somehow held McDavid to zero shot attempts. Over five and a half minutes of ice time. Like, that Hathaway. Maybe McDavid is actually, like, really bad at hockey?

That said, just because it worked out this time does not mean I would expect it to work out ever again. Todd McLellan was very much linematching here; look at how he did his best to keep McDavid away from the 3M line. They got him shook, and for good reason.

But just like… what.

Okay. Sure.

Esso Minor Hockey Week wrapped up

Sometimes, watching the Flames can make you wonder why the hell you bother with this stupid sport. Maybe not last night’s game, but the ones earlier in the week? Like… what even was that?

But there really is something so pure and wholesome about Esso Minor Hockey Week. Here are a ton of kids of all ages across the entire city playing a marathon tournament. Harnaryan Singh opened the tournament; Joe McFarland closed it, and both were delighted to be a part of it. Gold medals galore to all be handed out on the last day. Celebrate every goal like it’s your last, fistbumps for your goalie, gloves and sticks go flying when you finally get that win before you have to pick them up to salute your parents for helping you get there to begin with.

Watching kids go at it against each other is a blast. Sure, there are sometimes tears and heartbreak to go along with it – the morning game at Winsport was a 7-1 win; some games end in shootouts when you were that close only to have gold snatched away from you in that one moment – but there’s always a sense of unbridled joy and intense camaraderie throughout the entire thing. Everyone stick taps for each other, and your coaches will always be there to pick you up if it hurt too much.

A chinook is coming in, so a cold week ended on a day with lovely weather (gross roads aside). It was a great way to end a great week. The @HockeyCalgary twitter feed has literally everything you need to remind you why this game is the best.

  • The GREAT WW

    Dominant game by the Flames.

    They scored on a lucky bounce, we hit 4 posts….

    There will be games like this, I just wish it wasn’t against the Oilers….


    • Jakethesnail

      What does that count if we hit 4 posts? Nothing! We played good but there is a reason we hit 4 posts. There is a lack of offense and finish by this team.

      We won’t have a guy with over 55 points at the end of the year and that just won’t cut it. But we have an 18 year old that will get 40 and we’re ecstatic about that . Wow have times changed!

    • hags437

      Dominant?! Lol God how I love Flame fans. You lost chump. Deal with it.
      Mod Edit: redacted as it’s unnecessary. Stay on topic.
      Here’s reality. You lost. Oilers have the best player on the planet. You’re so called best player is a runt who TRADEMARKED HIS NAME “JOHNNY HOCKEY”!! Seriously even you Cow towners have to admit how d baggery that move was. Hahahaha. Johnny Hockey! What a Prima Donna. The little pipsqueak who folds like a cheap tent. Word is out on him…he’s getting shut down cuz teams have figured him out. Maybe “Dougie” should trade mark his name too. Then followed by Seanny, Troy-ee, Marky, Matty. Flames could have a cute little thing going

      Mod edit: also removed the sexist remark. Unnecessary and fits very clearly within the rule of ‘don’t be a jerk’. Don’t be a jerk.

      • The GREAT WW

        “Best player on the planet” who can’t take a slapshot!?
        You people are always saying: “I wish he would shoot more” now you know why he doesn’t shoot more.
        Also; his wrister is nothing special either, below average for an NHL player.

        How many goals does he have this year? He sure skates fast though….

        After 10 years, 4 first overalls, a third overall, a fourth overall; you are finally competing for a playoff spot; congratulations!!!


      • McDavid's Comet

        Can’t wait to see how the lames deal with johnny hokey-pokey’s next contract in 2 yrs. it would be comical & awsome if they pay him 8-9 mill for his services. That would be a huge waste of cap space!

      • calgaryfan

        you appear to be the one crying, I wonder how bad you react when your oil lose! You should do some research and understand why his agent and lawyers wanted it done!

    • Stack

      WOW! 4 POSTS! REALLY! The flames must have been the better team if they hit 4 whole posts! Does the team who hits the most posts at the end of the season get a big shiny trophy? The flames should be clearing space on their trophy mantle if they do!

    • Armchair genius

      Mod edit: this post was just a personal attack. If you’re going to post, bring something to the conversation or at least pretend like you’re going to be talking hockey.

    • CMG30

      Not sure how you think this was a dominant game by the Flames. Sure, it was much closer than the previous 2 BOA’s this year but Edmonton still both outscored and outshot 24-27 Calgary in this one.

      How long till you start calling for the coach to be fired again?

  • Jakethesnail

    The game was fairly even except that Edmonton played keepaway from Calgary in the overtime and in the shootout we have absolutely no finish.
    When Gaudreau is not going we don’t have much else , but if you contain McDavid the Oilers have other guys that can finish.
    That’s the difference. Like you said we don’t have a guy with even 30 points.

    • Stan

      You realize you just contradicted your own point, right? If the Flames ONLY had Gaudreau, he would be over 30 points and the Flames wouldn’t be 19th in the league in GF. They are scoring by committee right now, while the stars (Mony, Johnny, Bennet and to a lesser extent the top 3 D) have not been playing to their offensive potential.

      Meanwhile in EDM, Maroon is on a ridiculous percentage fuelled run. Once he comes back to earth, it’ll be up to Mcdavid to carry the team again.

      Everyone here knows your an Oiler fan. Go back to ON, your not fooling anyone.

        • Stan

          Yup…. the Flames had a more than respectable record without him, but keep telling yourself that he is carrying the team lmao thanks for making my point for me again.

          If you even watched the games you’d know that the 3M line has been carrying the team. Once Johnny and Mony get their act together, watch out.

      • #97TRAIN

        That was Maroon’s 6th game with McDavid and he has 17 goals. This guy is coming into his own . He is what people want in a power forward. He is huge, can fight and wear you down on the cycle and he looks like he is gonna get 25-30 goals.
        Great move by Chiarelli!

        Don’t worry about the Oilers . Start looking in the rear view mirror at the teams that have 3 games in hand on the Flames!

        • Stu Cazz

          I have been reading your posts during the last year or so….on a serious note may I suggest you seek professional counseling as you seem to be a very frustrated individual. Perhaps you only need to be reminded of the mandate of this website which gives any sport fan the ability to freely express their opinions and views on hockey related matters. If you disagree simply click the trash button and/or provide some respectful feedback regarding your own views….

        • MontanaMan

          Speaking of great moves by Chiarelli, I’m sure you’re looking forward to 6 1/2 more years with Lucic! Forget the tap in goals or second assists he gets – the guy is slow and a Neanderthal. That contract will go down as one of the worst in league history. Not to mention the great move to bring in Reinhart (career AHLer / ECHLer) and giving up Barzal in the deal. For every one good Chiarelli move, there’s five bad ones.

          • urbzy

            Typical Oiler fan junk. Point to a 3 game sample as proof of……I don’t even know what, and just forget about the many years of Flames dominance over the oil that came before. Are you one of those guys who chants “5 Stanley cups!” whenever the oil are in the dome? Like what the org did in 1990 makes their dysfunction acceptable today? The current season record only shows that the battle of Alberta is interesting again. Flames are fighting it right now and the oil are making hay at the moment but only a total homer would think the oil are actually as superior as the standings indicate. Once the flames get their feet under them, the 2 squads will be pretty evenly matched.

          • HockeyRulz

            No, my comment was against the Flames fans trashing the oilers like they are such a bad team. I never mention anything more.

            (Edit)And if you read a little lower I mention how I think the wins are gonna come for the Flames. So…

          • _MonsterPerformer_

            This is an amazing Flames fan post….

            “Oh yeah, let’s compare the history of the Oilers and Flames, but Oilers fans aren’t allowed to talk about anything that happened before 1990…just the history when Calgary was slightly better than Edmonton.”

            Congratulations, the Flames have been LESS insignificant than the Oilers for the past 10 years…but it’s ALL history.

            Good luck fending off the Kings and Preds (I mean this). The NHL Playoffs are better with Canadian teams involved.

          • Derzie

            It is a nice ‘hockey fan’ post, not a ‘Flames fan’ post. Hockey fans tend not to hate the enemy. Good for them. Flames fans hate the Oilers. Irrationally so.

          • Jumping Jack Flash

            Dude….the Oilers are 4 points ahead of the Flames with close to a half a season left…do you honestly think you won’t have fend off teams like the Sharks. One injury to a significant piece on any team can change the whole dynamic. The Fames on hanging in the race on just one cylinder…that will change. As for the BOA the Oilers dominated the first 2 games and the Flames were unlucky not to win in regulation and lucky not to lose in OT.

          • #97TRAIN

            You mean Barzal that is still in the CHL? Where is Barzal going to play in Edmonton? Not ahead of Connor or Draisaitl that’s for sure! Quite frankly Chiarelli screwed up that Reinhart deal, but by the looks of this season Edmonton’s defense doesn’t need him anyway.

            Oh and thank god he pulled the trigger for Talbot! MVP

          • Stack

            Remember when flames fans were so confident that Bennett was better than Draisitl. I’m going to make the assumption that you were one of those people last year to say “McDavid hasn’t even proven himself yet” and yet your so sure Tkachuck is better than Puljujarvi…..

          • #97TRAIN

            Puljujarvi is in a new country , different ice surface,new language and culture and is the youngest in the NHL. He is gonna be just fine. I barely noticed Tkachuk last night.

          • Newbietwo

            I agree with you mate!

            This train guys comment is absolutely ridiculous.. draisatle is a good player yes but let’s get some facts out of the way!!

            Drai has not yet at all succeeded at centre which is the role he was drafted for lol.

            Oh another fact.. what’s his point production like without playing on lines with Hall or with McNuggets.

            Is he a good player yes but Bennet was a season off due to injury and is learning to actually play his position of centre in the NHL.. Long term I give this to Bennett any day as a play driver over the german.

            That being said I will add this to your ridiculous statement.. you were able to pick in the draft before us and thus even if your argument held water he should be the better player!!! and he’s not

          • #97TRAIN

            Ok so let’s give Bennett the benefit of the doubt about losing most of the one season. Shouldn’t he be ramping it up like Draisaitl did last year??
            If he is benefiting from McDavid then why isnt Bennett playing on the wing or centre with Gaudreau?
            Last comment from me until next Saturday. Draisaitl is in the top of the league and he can play centre or the wing and he has proven to be better than Bennett up to this point in their career.
            Draisaitl got most of his points playing centre on the third line.

          • Newbietwo

            How much do you actually know about playing hockey?

            Bennet isn’t being placed in an offensive position this year.. it has been made clear they are focussing his development this year on two way and centre play! Now where is draisaitle playing? That is right on the top line with McNuggets and not at centre because all he is a finisher and fall behind as playmaker.. I do give him credit for his increase in two way play however.

            But again I will go back to my original argument about your ridiculous statement which is that you got to select a player before us in the draft!! So if you didn’t take the better player you would be idiots

          • Armchair genius

            We will see who turns out in the long run. It would be interesting to compare Dria and Bennetts stats over their careers so far. Also, the Oil don’t need Jesse in the line up and can develope him proper, with no bad habits because there is no one better to insert into the line up because of lack of depth.

          • SSB1963

            Sorry we don’t need any undersized weasels. No matter how irritating they are to play against. Seems to me you were laughing at us for taking Drai over Bennett as well.

          • Oilerchild77

            Actually, it’s more like for every bad move, there’s been 4 or 5 great moves by Chiarelli. Hate on him all you want. The truth is he’s a brilliant hockey man and is a fantastic team builder. He’s the reason the Oilers are competitive again.

          • kittensandcookies

            Uh, no, the reason the Oilers are competitive again is because they won the draft lottery and got McDavid.

            I don’t think Chiarelli’s done anything that’s advanced the team. On the other hand he hasn’t made it worse.

          • Oilerchild77

            1) Andrej Sekera-key signing
            2) Picks for Talbot-great trade
            3) Hall for Larsson-great trade
            4) Kris Russell signing-fantastic move
            5) Eric Gryba signing, small but good move for depth on D
            6) 4th round pick for Maroon and having the Ducks pay 25% of his salary-brilliant move

            Yeah you’re right, he’s done nothing really.

          • The Sultan

            Seriously, maybe the trade worked out for everybody, but Hall for Larsson was not by any means even a GOOD trade, nevermind “great”… it was borderline BAD. Your fanboyism is showing.

            Can’t believe all the Oilers trolls on FN. Must be nice to have something to cheer about for the first time in 11 years. It’s okay kids, if you suck long and hard enough and do it so bad for so long you set records for ineptitude… eventually you’ll be rewarded with four first overall picks.

            I’m glad the Oilers are doing well. I want to see Canadian teams in the playoffs, and win the Cup. I want to see an Albertan team do it, because I live here and am from here. You’d think after being an embarrassment to professional sports for over a decade their fans would have learned some humility and maybe even a little respect. I have such a hard time deciding who I hate more, Oilers fans or Canucks fans.

            Can’t wait to see the Oilers stumble and fall like they do every year. It’ll make the just desserts all the sweeter.

          • Stack

            Oh don’t act like FN trolls haven’t been getting their kicks in while the Oilers have been down in the dumps the last 10 years. Now that Oilers have a good team and we can kick back you turn into a bunch of cry babies!

            Yes the Oilers have been through an extremely long and painful rebuild. Fans had to sit back while our dopey billionaire owner played buddy buddy old boys club with our team. KLowe and Mac T ran the team into the ground and set in on fire, smothered the fire with manure and then set it on fire again. The sad part was they were honestly doing the best job they could. If you are passionate about your hockey team just think about going through that process….not much we (as fans) can do about it. So yea the organization does not deserve to be rewarded but the fans sure do.

            Now the Oilers are a competitive team again and were happy, but yet flames fans continue to troll us Oiler fans, you dissect our beloved Oilers and crap on every part of the organization …….even when the Oilers beat the flames. and you think were just gonna take your crap and call it jello? Don’t think so!

            It’s on like donkey kong!

          • Kevin R

            Hahaha! Ok good for you guys, your team is playing better than the Flames are this year. So go ahead & pound your chest, try to not knock the wind out of yourselves from all that pent up need to pound. Good for you guys. Winning game after game the past many many years was getting old, but we enjoyed it anyway. But it’s like the law of marginal utility where after the 5th straight chocolate Sundae, it doesn’t taste quite as good. Beating you Oilers was starting to get like that, not that I would eat anything else off the menu. So really, some losing is good & when we beat you when the games mean a lot more, the victory will be that much more satisfying again.

            So beat your chest all you want, my Lord, it is long overdue & have must of felt like an eternity for you Oil fans. Your success this year & for your guys sake next year, that’s Ok. The better MacDavid does & hopefully drags Drysaddle on his line too, the more these guys are going to eat your cap at the end of next year. I intend to watch & really enjoy the media hype on those contract negotiations. I never was one to go over to Oil nation to pile on during those many many losses. With the Oilers having all the lottery luck but really nothing else, I would have thought you guys would be a little reluctant to start beaking off. The sport fickled finger of fate has a funny way of reminding you of where you came from.

          • #97TRAIN

            Thankfully there is the all star break and after that 1 week off for Edmonton and very few back to back games.
            I’d much rather have Talbot then 2 goalies that can’t be counted on because lack of consistency.

          • Kevin R

            Who knows, I just don’t like how this Flame team is playing. Missing that we can do some damage if we make the playoffs. I think Oilers have a better chance of making it than the Flames. McDavid is doing for you guys what Johnny did for us in 2014. Unfortunately it doesn’t work out that way year after year. You can thank Mr Betthead for that parity perpetuality.

          • Armchair genius

            Well, all the analysts and powers that be within the NHL seem to think if New Jersey had a do over they wouldn’t make that trade. So, you tell me, does your opinion hold more water than the people that live and breath hockey everyday??? SMH!

          • Oilerchild77

            What’s disrespectful about what I said? I think the Hall trade was what the Oilers needed. If that’s too disrespectful for you than too damb bad! I have an opinion, deal with it! I also happen to think that my opinion is pretty damned solid too because I’ve been watching hockey a long time and I know how important a good dman is.

            Mod edit: if you’ve been watching hockey a long time, then I’m sure you’re old enough to understand that a personal attack falls under the banner of being a jerk. Don’t be a jerk.

        • Stan

          This is Maroons 7th season in the league. He has never scored more than 34 points in a season and is shooting at a completely unsustainable 17.6% right now. He’ll come crashing back down to earth.

          • Newbietwo

            Flames fan here and I wish maroon well! I’d take him over Brouwer any day and the Flames should have made that move frankly.. that being said maroon is playing with a speed demon as a centre who’s is a good setup man so he is over producing!

          • Newbietwo

            Flames fan here and I wish maroon well! I’d take him over Brouwer any day and the Flames should have made that move frankly.. that being said maroon is playing with a speed demon as a centre who’s is a good setup man so he is over producing!

        • FlamesFanOtherCity

          You do understand the term percentage, right? The point is that he is living off a high percentage on his shooting, not who he plays with. He’s playing with the same unsustainable % as Bouma was in 2014/15.

          The Oilers need to beat teams in the Pacific. Not just 3 point games or VAN and CGY. You should get ready for the inevitable return to normal of the guys currently scoring and the goalie. Talbot has only play a high of 56 games. Run him until empty or get another goalie.

          February and March will be tough month for the Oil. Can’t depend on playing team that have played the night before every night.

          • FlamesFanOtherCity

            [redacted]. The only time you show up on FN is when the Oilers are on a streak of some sort. Don’t try to make Maroon into something he isn’t.
            His greatest success is on McDavid’s line. His career SH% is 11%, propped up by 20% last season with McDavid and this season’s 17%.

            He is what he is – a guy that benefits from great passes and not being the player on the ice the teams concentrate on. He’s not Nash or Staal or some other power/scoring forward.

            The Oilers are a one line one goalie team, so as soon as you understand that, you will be happier that McDavid and players x and y are on the ice and Talbot is starting.

          • Stack

            Some of his goals have been from McDavid, but a lot have been from him creating space for himself and cleaning up garbage in front of the net. He is most definitely not Nash or Staal but he has stepped up when we needed him to.

            Weather you like to admit it or not the Oilers are a pretty well rounded team they have got timely goals from Letestu, Klefbom even Gryba scored the game winner against LA. now not every player is setting records this year but to attribute the Oilers success to 4 players is absolutely ludicrous.

          • Newbietwo

            That being said you have play makers and you have finishers.. not that I am labelling him a finisher but if a guy can deliver playing with McNuggets good for him..

          • FlamesFanOtherCity

            Do you not even follow your own team? How many games did he play with McDavid last year?

            As for this year, you do understand that 5v5 and PP have different looks, right?

  • The GREAT WW

    McDavid was invisible last night; the only time I noticed him was when he slashed Versteeg in the face (no call) and when he ran interference behind the play on Backlund (no call).


  • BlueMoonNigel

    Could it be that Johnny just doesn’t want to play for the Flames? Yes, we have all heard the PR crap how much he loves Calgary, but if he said anything differently, then what?

    Maybe the big offseason deal should see JG plus one of Hamilton or Brodie sent to Brooklyn for Taveras and Hamonic. Of course, a massive deal like that could also include spare parts and draft picks. That deal would make the Subban deal last summer look like a pauper’s banquet. The accountants and pure hockey guys would wet themselves fiercely over such a blockbuster.

  • freethe flames

    18 games until the trade deadline; will the Flames be in a playoff position then? With 4 games against probable playoff teams, 10 games against bubble teams, and 4 games against likely non playoff teams they have their work cut out for them. They need to be 50% against the playoff teams, 60% against the bubble teams and sweep the non playoff teams. For this to happen we need to continue to have strong goaltending; Elliott was good last night as was Johnson the other night. Many of the forwards need to show up including; Johnny, Bennett, Versteeg(he has been invisible of late) and Brouwer. If the others continue to play the way they have we should remain in the thick of it. Seems that maybe Monny has gotten the monkey of his back.

  • KenBone18

    I wouldn’t say our team “dominated” – they did a good job clogging up the neutral zone, containing McDavid, and holding off the Oilers but then they had no finish. The Oilers had finish.

    Also, I wouldn’t say we out played the Oilers when, in OT, shots were 6-0. Elliot stood on his head, stole us a point for sure.

    Yeah we hit some posts, but at the same time Elliot robbed the oilers on a few beauty tips and a nice dispy doodle from Maroon.

    WTF was Johnny Hockey doing in the SO? WTF was GG doing putting him out there?

    • HockeyRulz

      I think it was a pretty even match. Had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

      OT was pretty dominate by the Oilers, but if you read any of my other posts you know I’m not a huge fan of 3v3 or the shootout.

      It was a great game.

  • Elgando

    Truth is that both teams had chances last night but edm had the better ones. OT was a joke for Calgary…elliot bailed em out.

    Solid win for edm, Calgary played hard but didn’t finish…and Wtf was gaudreau trying to do in the SO?

    See you next weekend!!

  • Randaman

    There is one problem that the Flames have and nobody wants to talk about it. The voice speaking into the GM’s ear is that of Brian (Blowhard) Burke. The man ruins organizations everywhere he goes. Not to mention his greased back hair and the fact his red face makes it look like he is having a heart attack. Send him back to USA hockey where he belongs

    • wot96

      I disagree with you on many subjects, including your choice of team.

      On this point, I agree with you. Burke has two main claims to fame: swinging the deal that got both Sedin twins to Vancouver and winning a cup in Anaheim. The latter was primarily built off the good work of the prior GM and Pronger not wanting to play in Edmonton. As for the Sedins, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • Derzie

      Not sure what your point is about Burke. Yes he’s a blowhard but his type of guys are Kassian & Maroon, not Johnny & Monny. You’re missing the point of why the Flames are not doing well. It’s Brad’s hiring of a coach that has no pedigree.

  • Lucky 13

    I thought this was a Flames Nation blog, maybe I’m wrong.

    I understand the Oilers fans being happy with their team, they are a good team, no question. Rejoice, but be classy please. There’s a lot of hockey to be played between now and April.
    McDavid is elite in my world, I don’t know how you dispute that. I’ve watched him and the only way to shut him down is to play man on man and shadow him. Even then he’s a handful to manage. And he still manages to produce.

    Personally, due to last years lack of Canadian representation (playoffs) I’d like to see our Canadian teams doing well. It’s sad watching the playoffs with Bettman enjoying his American version of our game.
    If nothing else I’d like to see a Canadian team hoist the Cup, just so I can witness Bettman wigging out… maybe he’ll develop a eye twitch ( like Chief Inspector Dreyfus.. pink panther) as he reluctantly congratulates a Canadian team on the win.

    That’s my wish for 2017

    • Randaman

      It’s fine when WW, Arminanus, Redman and others come onto Oilers Nation and spew their drivvle but we’re supposed to be classy on Flames Nation?


      I’m onside with you in terms of Canadian content in the play-offs though

      • Lucky 13

        Lol fair enough! Personally I don’t get the trash talking. It doesn’t serve much of a purpose other than pissing each other off. If you’re into that then by all means “fill your boots” Same goes for our Nation. Isn’t speaking with the enemy enough to satisfy the impulses?

        I don’t read posts on Oiler Nation, not sure why the love of visiting here? Other than bragging rights…

        But if it makes you happy, I guess I shouldn’t judge.

        • Randaman

          Actually I visit here because I lived in Calgary for 17 years and attended many games there. I have met Gary Roberts, Lanny, Joel Otto and a couple more players at functions.

          I hold no ill will towards the Flames or there fans (with a few idiotic exceptions). It’s all in good fun for the most part. I read here quite often without commenting because to tell you the truth I don’t follow the team as closely as I used to.

          I will say that I think the Brower signing was a mistake, Elliot is waaaaaaay overrated and Johnny is not suited for this conference, especially in the play-offs against the Kings, Ducks, Sharks and even the Oilers.


    • McDavid's Comet

      You are correct, this is fLames nation, you are not on the wrong site. If you think we are not being classy then you might want to read posts on the Oilers nation from the likes of arminanus, hockeyfan, fire scorpion and Walter Whiner, you will see that oiler fans are choosing our words with quite a bit of restraint. If this bothers you; you could just choose not to comment or not read the comments at all. We have put up their abuse for ten years. A little pay-back is not unreasonable; after-all the nation network was created for people to talk and talk-trash about hockey and hockey related topics…….. within reason of course.

      Mod edit:See post below. Especially about the ‘within reason’.

  • Newbietwo

    I just don’t think johnnyyy is where the future of this team is.. I am sorry but he offers limited upside albeit in that limit space it is massive.. unfortunately it completely throws the team off balance..

    1. He can’t dump and chase because he gets out muscled every single time

    2. He can’t defend physically or with his stick because he’s reach is too short

    3. He doesn’t posses a massive slap shot either

    4. He is terrible at breakaways and at shootouts

    5. He can’t play physically at all

    Does he have great upside you bet but it has only been proven to work with me moneyhan. Even on the powerplay he isn’t producing.. he if can maintain a 55 plus point a year production with favourable minutes and powerplay then yes ok maybe but we made a mistake with this kid and extended his contract far too long and for way too much for what he offers. I will be fine with a big trade.. I say duchenne and mackinon for Johnny and monny plus a second rounder

  • Agent Orange

    Lmao. It’s so entertaining reading all the Oiler posters beating their chests and gnashing their teeth. I guess it has built up inside them for the last 10+ years and now that their savior has arrived they can finally let it all out. Stay classy guys!

  • RickT

    Oilers fans. I understand that you’re happy about the win. And you should be. Talbot’s played out of his mind (scoring chances were 20-8), but outshot the Flames 27-24.

    That being said. Our site is moderated. We are sorry you find WW, redhot and arm. to be trolls on your site. We do not have control over that. However, we do have control over the content on this site.

    If your post breaks one of the rules of our site, it will be moderated. Do not be a jerk, and stay on topic.

  • Newbietwo

    Flames fan here again.. we lost but in a shootout! At your home stadium.. there now go away oilers fans there is no point bickering.. I hope we meet you in the play offs though and hurt you like we did the Canucks

    • HockeyRulz

      Yup, no bickering needed indeed. Facts are facts. I’m with you that the BOA has more meaning, both teams fighting for playoff spot.

      I just find it funny when poeple try to downplay or up-play facts. Or knock down another team with kid like comments.

      Like who is the better team. Look at the standings because that is what the standings are for, but the season isn’t done so there still is time to see who is the better team in the end.

      Personally I don’t think the oilers are dominating the flames (look at the last game, very close). But right now the Oilers are doing just a little bit better (again look at the standings).

  • Lucky 13

    I find it sad when we need to take pot shots at Gaudreau. Or indicate that trading him is best for our organization.
    I’m surprised at Ari for saying that Gaudreau was trying to skate around the whole team and do it by himself? A few instances yes, but not the entire game.

    Benning made a good play on him, took the body, didn’t stare at the Johnny dangle attempt. I know he’s not productive right now, but can you really blame him? One day his centre is Bennett, flanked by Chiasson.
    The next it’s Monahan, flanked by … Chiasson.

    You see the theme here?
    I really do like Chiasson, but you’re not going to lite the lamp much with him as your winger. If I’m Johnny, I’d probably be doing the same. Trying too hard and either hanging on to the puck way too long (for support)or attempting to do it all. Neither works.

    It’s time for Gully to allow an offensive winger to join Johnny, help create offence and diffuse all the attention he gets each shift. For goodness sakes, keep him with a regular centre man.

    He will be just fine if we use him and his gifts properly!

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    I have been as hard as anyone on Gaudreau over the last month because he had raised our expectations over the last couple of years. He should be a point a game player and not go 5-6 games without a point. Part of the problem is bad luck, bad decision making and bad linemates.

    I disagree that he is broken, I do feel that players need to always look to re-invent themselves and look introspectively at their game. Case in point is the button hook move, when he gets in the offensive zone and of course his penchant to go 5 hole. You could have put a rec goalie in for the shootout and told him to stand there and don’t open his legs and they would have saved the PS.

    Johnny’s predictability can work in his favour, he has a great shot if he has time to get it off. He will catch goalies flat footed if he surprises them with a shot instead of a deke. I am disappointed in GGs lack of vision as it pertains to his top 6 players. He has no answers to assist players when they struggle. When does the Chaisson experiment end. If Johnny is reluctant to use his linemates that should say something.

    It is safe to sat that, the Flames go as Johnny goes so move mountain and men to make it happen. Put him with Backland for the Backland bump or put him with Tkachuk so that he stays involved and can get the distribution he needs. Play him for the full 2 min on the PP, double shift him…..or keep things the same and hope he comes out of his funk and see how that works.

    • Newbietwo

      This is a business and a sport about winning not by invididual but by team! To say move mountains for one guy is ridiculous.. minds are changed when his obvious flaws are shown.. yes obvious because they are vivid and can be see. And it’s not even his fault because he was born small. I will say this again trade Johnny and monny for mackinnon and duchenne! Both of them have their issues.

      Johnny gets first powerplay unit minutes and he still can’t deliver! He is spinning in circles and confusing himself in his play and his passing has dropped now also

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        Yes this is team sport. However, we are dealing with our franchise player that is likely going through his toughest patch at any significant level. I am suggesting that we do what we can to get him out of his funk….for him and the sake of the team.

        You are making the assertion to trade our 2 young guns based on the way they have mis-handled their big contracts. I am a fan of MacKinnon and Duchense but not at the cost of Johnny and Monny. They will figure it out but not without help. Like it or not Johnny is our only game breaker so put him in a position to win games.

  • Derzie

    Chiasson is hot garbage. GG loves him. Do the math. Johnny is fed up with the crap linemates and a coach who doesn’t value what he has to offer. He didn’t forget how to play hockey, he’s playing in a crap system that puts a premium on defense and traps.

  • Thatz Nuckin Futz

    Eventually the Coilers had to improve. The laws of averages will always slowly catch up to monumental ineptitude. Or as some people might say ” even a blind chicken will find a kernel of corn”.


  • John Wayne's Hat

    One of the only things I miss from Bob is the OT deployment of 2 d-men and one forward. We have four d who are good offensively and we hardly had any good options from the forwards. Yes, we have more forward options now but the other thing is it seemed other teams were not sure what to do with two d-men out there. I liked that confusion it created and would like to see it again periodically. Not always, just periodically.

  • JimmyV1965

    I’m an Oiler fan and I’m truly enbarassed by some of the crap I’m reading from other Oiler fans. I really think it takes a special kind of loser to come on FN and say stupid shit. I come here to see what Flames fans are thinking. I don’t want to read shit from other Oiler fans.

  • McPucker

    I haven’t been following ON for a few months. Came on here today to get a Flame perspective of this game. Funny to me that some of concerns you have with the Flames are the same I have with the Oilers. I’m sure Calgary outchanced the Oilers.

    That being said, it’s too bad ON and FN members engage with the trolls. I popped in for a Flames perspective and just about all of this is immature posts over nothing.

    It would be nice if the moderator’s on both sites would try to get rid of the obvious trolls.