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The Oilers and Flames face off for the second Saturday night in a row and we’ve asked writers from both OilersNation and FlamesNation to give us their take on tonight’s matchup. As always, we’ve also put together a few quick stats to get you ready for the last (regular season) BOA of the year.

Please note that this article was posted at both OilersNation and FlamesNation.


Saturday, January 21st, 2017 – Saddledome (Calgary) – 8pm (MST) on HNIC

Edmonton Oilers Calgary Flames
25-15-8 (3rd in the Pacific)  24-21-3 (4th in the Pacific)
6-3-1 in their last 10 5-4-1 in their last 10
Power Play (PP%): 20.9% (13th) Power Play (PP%): 21.0% (12th)
Penalty Kill (PK%): 81.7% (16th) Penalty Kill (PK%): 81.5% (17th)
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After connecting last week in a spirited affair, the Battle of Alberta is back for the final time this season. So far this season, Edmonton has taken all three meetings against the Flames despite last week’s game being much closer. With the Pacific Division being as close as it is, tonight’s potential four-point swing could be significant in terms of landing a playoff spot. 

Points Leaders:

Connor McDavid (EDM) – 15G, 40A = 55 points

Leon Draisaitl (EDM) – 17G, 24A = 41 points

Mikael Backlund (CAL) – 14G, 19A = 33 points

Sean Monahan (CAL) – 14G, 15A = 29 points

Johnny Gaudreau (CAL) – 10G, 19A = 29 points

Milan Lucic (EDM) – 11G, 17A = 28 points



Cam Talbot 43 43 24 12 0 7 1,289 104 2.41 1,185 .919 3 2,589
Lauren Brossoit


Chad Johnson 28 28 16 11 0 1 802 64 2.31 738 .920 3 1,662
Brian Elliott 21 20 8 10 0 2 542 58 2.85 484 .893 0 1,223


Why is your team going to win or why will your enemy lose?

Baggedmilk (OilersNation):

The Oilers have already won the first three games and they will bring out the brooms tonight. What else do you need to know? 

Ari Yanover (FlamesNation):

Because they’re due, damnit. Besides, they’ve been following up bad games with good games and vice versa, so… yeah, they’re due.

Who’s hot? Who’s not?


Unfortunately for the Flames, one of the hottest Oilers right now is Connor McDavid. He guy is going supernova and I can’t see anything changing tonight. On the other side of the coin, Milan Lucic needs to get going because the big man hasn’t scored in what seems like ages was a menace last night and I want to see more of that.

Ari Yanover:

Sean Monahan has goals in his four latest games, so he’s probably someone to watch out for – in addition to the all-around greatness that is the 3M line. On the other side of things, Johnny Gaudreau is due for a breakout, though he’s definitely trying to get there, Sam Bennett is coming off of being a healthy scratch, and Chad Johnson has really been fighting it as of late.

Why should people watch this game?


It’s Hockey Night in Canada and you’re likely Canadian. What else are you doing? Not to mention, Connor McDavid is playing and watching him is likely better than anything you’re going to get up to anyway.

Ari Yanover:

Honestly Hayley Wickenheiser stole the show last time so I’m not sure how anyone can top that.

Say something nice about your opponent.


I like the Flames more than the Leafs so I guess there’s that. 

Ari Yanover:

Commonwealth Stadium is neat.

Any last words?


Thank you to Calgary for laying down and playing dead against the Oilers in the first three games of the series. We needed the points. 

Ari Yanover:

Congrats on one of your first overall picks finally working out for you guys.


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  • I am Batman

    How empty is the saddledome going to be after the second period with the Oilers on top of the Flames 4-1 already?

    Maybe not so empty…. I’m thinking Oiler fans will be there to witness the season sweep and to class up the joint.

  • Looch#27

    Thank you hockey gods for making the BOA must see tv again!!!! Also while I’m at it thank you for WW being a flames fan because reading his drivel everyday would make me crazy!!! My game day prediction is Lucic runs rough shod all over you guys and at some point levels that twit versteeg and tkachuk the flames having no answer for Oilers toughness and speed lose 3-2 with McDavid scoring the winner. Woohoo BOA is back!!!!

  • #97TRAIN

    Pretty sure tonight will be full of piss and Vinegar. Too bad Calgary doesn’t have the size to match up.
    Ok ok I know you’ll come back and say ” watch out for Ferland he is a wrecking machine! Did you see what he did against Vancouver two years ago??”

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        Better than Mario….you silly delusional man. McD is your best player and one of the better players in the league this year….nothing more. When you start comparing him to Lemieux and Gretzky you lose all credibility on this forums


        • #97TRAIN

          If you take into consideration goals scored in the league during their playing time McDavid is right there and neither one could skate like him either! Delusional is that Flame fans last year were saying Gaudreau was just as good as Conner.

          • Jumping Jack Flash

            Pretty small sample size…. But whatever helps your argument. And we all know that being a fast skater in the league leads to success….just ask Russ Courtnall. I forgot that Johnny had peaked after his second year in the league….don’t let his little blip fool you…..he will be terrorizing the Oilers for many years to come.

  • Derian Hatcher

    For the first time in many hockey seasons, my WHOLE Saturday is planned around the BOA! I will not bore you with the daytime details and preparations, but come 8pm, I AM NOT TO BE DISTURBED.

    Anticipation of Oilers / Flames…

    “it’s a great day for hockey” – Badger Bob

  • Looch#27

    You must’ve written this before last nights game vs Nashville because Lucic was in beast mode last night bro!!! Literally punched our way to a point!!! Love that guy!!!

    • Randaman

      Say what you want but Toronto is playing an exciting brand of hockey. Vancouver won again last night and are closing the gap on the Flames. Maybe they hired GG for a reason? Eakins served a purpose after all.

      Edit: Update, Vancouver only one point behind Calgary with a game in hand. Now that’s funny

      Go Oilers

  • oilman3

    funny how the first thing you see in the comments is bold predictions of how the oilers will lose. remind me again, what were all of your brilliant minds predicting last time? i seem to remember something about the oilers having to look up in the standings at the flames after the flames would take care of business against the lowly devils (fail) and then put a beatdown on the oilers (double fail). must be hard to be so cocky with such a mediocre team.

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        Wow…look how far your team has come to consider a possible regular season sweep of the Mighty Flames as your Stanley Cup. When is the parade?

        • McDavid's Comet

          Mighty fLames? You wrote yesterday:

          “It pains me to say this, but Edmonton and Toronto play an entertaining brand of hockey…..while Calgary not so much. Edmonton has shown an ability to stay in a game and secure the loser point which will be very valuable. On the other hand, the cardiac kid mentality which was prevalent for a couple of years, is nowhere to be found. Quite simply, Edmonton has shown that they are never out of a game and Calgary has not been able to overcome late leads.”

          How come the change in attitude?

          • Jumping Jack Flash

            Wow….thanks for actually reading my posts. There is no change in attitude Mighty Flames is sarcasm, it simply means when a team like the Flames is not playing well then you need to Shoot a little higher for a benchmark.

            I said this before as well, Flames were outclassed in the first 2 games but unlucky not to win. Last weeks game in regulation. But that supports my claim that Edmonton can stay in games. The Flames are clicking on one cylinder, that is likely not going to last.

            The truth is a spirited win tonight will go a long way in building the team’s confidence up while another loss will seed the doubt.

          • McDavid's Comet

            My bad, didn’t quite catch the sarcasm, clearly you can admit when the team you cheer for is having its ups and downs without prejudice. Cheers and good luck tonight.

        • I am Batman

          How does that matter?

          All I’m saying is that if the Shames were to make the playoffs and they face the Oilers, the Oilers sweep the phlegms in 4 games.

          Just as they are about to be swept tonight. With our backup goalie and everything.

  • treblecharger

    Pretty sure the Falmes are gonna come out hard tonight, if Oil play like last couple games it will not be pretty.
    Personally, I hope for a line brawl donnybrook bloodbath type scenario. If I was Todd I would start Looch, Hendricks and Kass up front and Larsson and Gryba on the back ( wish Nurse was available). Remember, you €#*&%+> losers the C stands for CHOKE! Someone bring a Baggie for Johnny Midget to carry his teeth home in, it’s clobberin’ time!

  • Looch#27

    What exactly has Calgary done that’s worth bragging about in the last 10 years? Beating up on a poorly run oiler franchise?!?! Wow you guys are awesome!!! One playoff appearance and you got lucky and beat Van big whoop for you I guess you forgot that there’s more then one round because I believe you was swept next. WW a celebrity?!?! That just about made me spew out my coffee flames fans are extremely delusional to say the least. Go Oilers!!!

    • BobB

      We haven’t been the Oilers. That’s worth bragging about.

      You’re trying to prop up a few more wins this year, yet belittle the dozens and dozens more wins Calgary has had in the last decade, 4 playoff appearances (06-09,15) a first round win in 2015….and unlike an Oiler fan would be, we’re not happy with that. Our current roster unlike yours doesn’t reek of being built by ineptitude.

      Dude. Just because the oil have won what.. 8 or 9 games more this year than those that would have normally been losses during your decade of usual epic suck, you want a medal?

      Add up Oilers wins in the last decade or 820 games and try and find a worse sporting record in any sport. It’s truly pathetic.

      Don’t get ahead of yourselves, you’ve turned the corner by like 8 wins. Watch out NHL!

  • Ogie Oglethorp

    If the Flames win tonight, playoff chances go up 6%. If the Flames lose, playoff chances down 8%

    If the Oilers win tonight, playoff chances up 1%. If the Oilers lose tonight, playoff chances down 1%.

    Translation… This game matters way more to the Flames, on so many levels. Gotta win it. Show some pride boys, win this one at home.

    Either way, I know Tkachuk will continue to show the Coiler fans how badly they botched that PuljuAHLvi pick.

    • oilman3

      botched pick? must be nice to already know that tkachuk will be the superior player. short-term he had the advantage of already living and playing in north america, but once puljujarvi adjusts i’m pretty sure he’ll be fine. how about talking about something with a little bigger sample size? how’s your little sammy bennett pick looking these days?

    • FISTO Siltanen

      Sorta like how Dylan Larkin is showing you guys how badly you botched the Bennett pick?

      As I recall Monahan had a decent 1st and 2nd year. Now he looks like your Shawn Horcoff. Don’t do anything stupid and sign him long term with lots of cash attached.