Jarome Iginla not named to NHL 100 list (because it’s an awful list)

As part of its 2017 All-Star festivities (and the league’s 100th anniversary), the National Hockey League has unveiled their NHL 100 list – a listing of the 100 greatest players of the NHL’s first 100 years.

Several prominent NHL legends are on the list. Not on the list? Calgary Flames all-time leading scorer and long-time team captain Jarome Iginla.

Let’s get this out of the way first: choosing 100 NHL players and singling them out as the best is tough. The process was likely going to be criticized even if the list was perfect. Because of the craziness of the list-making process, there was some concern that he wouldn’t make it. He wasn’t on TSN’s Top 67 Since 1967 list.

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But c’mon, no Iginla on the list basically invalidates the list entirely.

He’s 34th in points in league history. He’s 16th in goals in league history, despite playing in the Dead Puck Era. The 15 guys ahead of him include 12 Hockey Hall of Famers along with Jaromir Jagr, Teemu Selanne and Dave Andreychuk – all future Hall of Famers.

Iginla has had 12 30+ goal seasons – 11 in a row, only interrupted by a lockout that shortened a season – and five seasons where he had 20 (but couldn’t hit 30). He’s not amazing now, but he was really good for a long time in an era that seemed to conspire against good players with a lack of obstruction rules and ever-growing goalie equipment. How many highlight sequences of Iginla during his prime involved him doing cool stuff with a defenseman draped all over him or with somebody water-skiing behind him?

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Finally, let’s remember – as people who had to watch this team growing up – that the Flames were pretty lousy for a good chunk of Iginla’s career. He played for a great chunk of his prime with a team whose scoring depth began and ended with him. Just imagine what he could have done with a half-decent supporting cast? He was a leading contender for several NHL awards between 2001-02 and 2008-09, and was a pretty damn good player before and after that peak period.

To quote Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski: “What he accomplished in his era is nothing short of extraordinary.”

Iginla’s not one of the top 100 NHLers in history? All due respect to the fine people that put it together, but any list of the best in NHL history that doesn’t include Iginla should be put right into the shredder.

  • This list is a travesty.

    Malkin is the 14th highest p/gp player of all time.

    Iginla is the 14th highest goal scorer of all time.

    Thornton is the 13th highest assist getter of all time.

    But at least Mike Modano, Mats Sundin, and Peter Forsberg got in. Oh, and Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Duncan Keith? Ridiculous.

  • TheoForever

    Now that coilers are out of the toilet, thanks to being rewarded with shinny turds for historical incompetence one cannot read the comment section without some slug from the dumpster up north bragging or talking nonsense. Well, there is always CP.

    • Neddd

      He captained three Stanley cup winning teams (plus plenty of international success). I’m guessing that playoff success and being a part of winning teams factored allot into the voting process.

      • Scary Gary

        Malkin has two cups and he isn’t on there, plus there were only four Russian born players. This list is a joke and the NHL should be embarrassed to put their branding behind it.

  • Willi P

    Okay Trolls (Train et al),

    We know your Oil are the best and the Flames are the worst, so you keep telling us. Your mighty Oil have 3 more wins than the Flames. Three. The Flames have 4 more losses than the Oil. Four.

    The article is about Iginla and the top 100 list. If you want to gush about your teams’ once a decade limited success, you have your own forum to do so. Enough hijacking every freakin’ comment section with your childish crap.

  • brodiegio4life

    the fact that kane toews and keith all got in over guys like malkin iggy and big joe is a total joke, i’m not surprised though considering the league is obsessed with the blackhawks as shown by their yearly outdoor game

  • GodsGotSandals

    Iginla in his prime was unstoppable he could deke you wheel you or if he didn’t feel like doing either of those go right over top of you. All while carrying a franchise on his back.

  • Eggs Bennett

    I think the big question to ask is: who would you rather have in their prime years? To me, I’d easily take Iggy over Kane (more impact on his team, better goal scorer, greater individual contribution relative to team support), Thornton over Toews (come on… the guy had 129 points in 05/06 when first traded to SJ… that’s like 2+ seasons worth of points for Toews; plus Joe has a Hart to boot), and Chara over Keith.

  • Just facts

    I’m an Oilers fan but there is no doubt that Iggy should be on the list. Not many have displayed the combination of skill and toughness that he did. The fact that he never won a cup doesn’t mean that he wasn’t better than several of those on the list who did.

    • Dreadguy

      Oh man, ^^^this all day!

      Let’s not get crazy and say the entire list is crap, but not having Iginla on it is definitely a huge surprise. His skill, stats, and character speak for themselves.

  • Willi P

    Petty little Bettman is still mad about Calgary’s mayor calling him out and the Wideman thing. Not sure what the excuse is for leaving big Joe off of this list is though.

  • I am Batman

    Not that I agree (I think Iggy must be on any list that features best in the league of all time) but could it be that Iggy is not in the list because he hasn’t won a Stanley Cup? I did not put attention to the list but I wonder how many players have not won a cup and are in said list. Was Stamkos on the list for example? Were any of the Sedin?

    If that was the criteria it is not that unfair anymore.

    Just a question…

    • freethe flames

      I just went through the list rather quickly mind you and there were several players I know did not win the cup, however there impact on their team of the league one could argue surpassed Jarome’s role in the league or with the Flames. Most of the guys that have played in my life time are great choices but because of the different era’s in is hard to compare them. Jarome will be a hall of fame inductee and may in time be considered above some of the top 100 but in the end what does it really matter.

      • I am Batman

        It does not matter. It is just nice when the players you like are recognized. I’m an Oiler fan and even I like Iggy a lot and was a bit irked when I didn’t see him on the list so I was looking for a reasonable explanation….

        It doesn’t really matter as you say…. when even fans of a rival team recognize the guy that already speaks volumes of what that guy means as an athlete.

  • Randaman

    I have a question, who are the so called experts that helped comprise this list?

    Eastern idiots for the most part, I assume? I guarantee Bob McKenzie would’ve had Iggy on the list. All those other blowhards can all pound sand.

    • Greg

      I’m guessing it was the NHL’s marketing department. Iggy doesn’t sell too many jerseys these days. The all star selections were also seemingly made based on marketability… still love Johnny hockey but he didn’t exactly earn that trip this year for example.

      Making “top X” lists are fun, but I hadn’t actually looked at that list yet and now I know I don’t need to because it’s clearly just meant to be marketing hype and not a legit debate.

  • FISTO Siltanen

    Find it interesting that so much of this list is dominated by players from the 80s and 90s. Like 35+ of the all-timers come from those two decades.

    And the fact that the list features THREE current players from the Chicago Blackhawks? Come on! If they wanted to they could have squeezed out two Hawks and included Anze Kopitar (2 Cups, dominant at times just not currently) and someone else from this era – maybe Iginla??

  • Pretty clear that this list is built more for marketing (hence the inclusion of current marketable stars who aren’t really deserving yet [but could be later]) than for true merit. Not really a big deal though, this will be forgotten before the playoffs begin.

    • RedMan

      Ya, what kind of league allows a team like the oilers to be so bad for so long, and instead of relegating them, gifts them with half a dozen first-over-all’s? Or allows a team like the oilers to be so mediocre, but be in the mix from loser points? Crazy league.

      • #97TRAIN

        How long will you be bitter? Mediocre team this year ? I think not. Just walked into two of the toughest places to play against two of the best and biggest teams in the west in San Jose and Anaheim and put both teams in their place.

        Oilers are for real so get used to it.

        You should be bitter though. It was you who predicted a 9-2 Flames win a week ago right?

      • ginganinja

        My word, the loser points argument still? Flames fans are so butt hurt over that still? Look at their record, how many more wins will it take for you to stop whining about that?
        The Flames lack of loser points tells me one thing and that is that they should try to start being competitive enough to at least get the game into overtime.

      • FISTO Siltanen

        What kind of league allows teams to be broke for so long (Coyotes, Panthers, Lightning, Hurricanes, Blue Jackets, Ducks, Stars) but still feeds them cash AND allows them to qualify in a lottery to draft the best talent?

      • jupiter

        What kind of league fires a arbitrator for arbitrating? Apparently he’s only allowed to arbitrate if his decision is in line with Bettman the dictator.

        What other league allows such disregard to professionalism and etiquette with there officials.

  • Thatz Nuckin Futz

    Don’t get me wrong. I love hockey but I’d rather watch Dateline episodes than the NHL All Star game and its related activities. Its reached its limits of relevancy years ago in my mind.

    As for Iggy, that’s a head scratcher. We Flames fans know what his value to the league and his team were. I guess being a western kid and playing in the west for most of your career doesn’t attract too much eastern media accolades.

    Favourite memory – 04′ SC Finals. Iggy & Viiny C drop the mitts and duke it out. I’m sure the New York corporates were cringing that their showcase production featured two captains pounding each other. It did my heart good. When was the last time, or since, that 2 captains did this in the finals?? I tip my hat to Vinny for standing tall against a pretty decent scrapper that Iggy was.

    Flame On Brothers.

    • Diesel

      If you made a list of ten things to do from which I could choose to spend a couple hours, there’s a pretty good chance watching Dateline would rank right up there. Damn fine programming tbh

  • Azim

    Belated comment here, but a couple of thoughts.

    As a lifelong Flames fan, my biased opinion is that Iginla should be on this list, or at least on the bubble. However, over 100 years there have been some amazing incredible players, so him not making this very elite list is somewhat understandable, especially when judging against players who played before the 1980s that I had not the privilege to witness.

    HOWEVER, I can comment on some of the more contemporary players I have watched that did make the list, and there is an issue. The Blackhawks trio is somewhat of an issue, especially Kane and Keith. If Patrick Kane’s career ended today, with his nine-plus seasons and 266 goals, does it really rank as one of the 100 best careers in NHL history? Unless a player’s career was otherworldly (ie. Bossy or Orr), I don’t think they can make this list with less than ten seasons played.

    My bigger grip? No one has brought up Brendan Shannahan. Very fine player, would have loved him on my team. But he was never considered at any time – correct me if I’m wrong – as one of the best 3-5 players in the game. Iginla was. Thornton was. Malkin was or is. Was Shannahan even ever clearly the best player on his team? Sundin may been the best player on his team for a stretch, but if we’re penalizing Iginla for a lack of cups, then what’s Sundin’s story? He never even led his team to the finals. A definite Toronto angle here.

    End rant.

  • Greatsave

    All I can do whenever these Top X lists come out, whatever the sport, is basically shrug and move along, because discussing it would legitimize it. I mean, Nieuwendyk but not Gilmour? Kane but not Recchi? Sundin and Modano but not Hawerchuk or Thornton? Stevens and Pronger but not Larry Murphy or Housley?

    Big shrug from me.