Jarome Iginla not named to NHL 100 list (because it’s an awful list)

As part of its 2017 All-Star festivities (and the league’s 100th anniversary), the National Hockey League has unveiled their NHL 100 list – a listing of the 100 greatest players of the NHL’s first 100 years.

Several prominent NHL legends are on the list. Not on the list? Calgary Flames all-time leading scorer and long-time team captain Jarome Iginla.

Let’s get this out of the way first: choosing 100 NHL players and singling them out as the best is tough. The process was likely going to be criticized even if the list was perfect. Because of the craziness of the list-making process, there was some concern that he wouldn’t make it. He wasn’t on TSN’s Top 67 Since 1967 list.

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But c’mon, no Iginla on the list basically invalidates the list entirely.

He’s 34th in points in league history. He’s 16th in goals in league history, despite playing in the Dead Puck Era. The 15 guys ahead of him include 12 Hockey Hall of Famers along with Jaromir Jagr, Teemu Selanne and Dave Andreychuk – all future Hall of Famers.

Iginla has had 12 30+ goal seasons – 11 in a row, only interrupted by a lockout that shortened a season – and five seasons where he had 20 (but couldn’t hit 30). He’s not amazing now, but he was really good for a long time in an era that seemed to conspire against good players with a lack of obstruction rules and ever-growing goalie equipment. How many highlight sequences of Iginla during his prime involved him doing cool stuff with a defenseman draped all over him or with somebody water-skiing behind him?

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Finally, let’s remember – as people who had to watch this team growing up – that the Flames were pretty lousy for a good chunk of Iginla’s career. He played for a great chunk of his prime with a team whose scoring depth began and ended with him. Just imagine what he could have done with a half-decent supporting cast? He was a leading contender for several NHL awards between 2001-02 and 2008-09, and was a pretty damn good player before and after that peak period.

To quote Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski: “What he accomplished in his era is nothing short of extraordinary.”

Iginla’s not one of the top 100 NHLers in history? All due respect to the fine people that put it together, but any list of the best in NHL history that doesn’t include Iginla should be put right into the shredder.

  • TheoForever

    Now that coilers are out of the toilet, thanks to being rewarded with shinny turds for historical incompetence one cannot read the comment section without some slug from the dumpster up north bragging or talking nonsense. Well, there is always CP.

  • I am Batman

    Not that I agree (I think Iggy must be on any list that features best in the league of all time) but could it be that Iggy is not in the list because he hasn’t won a Stanley Cup? I did not put attention to the list but I wonder how many players have not won a cup and are in said list. Was Stamkos on the list for example? Were any of the Sedin?

    If that was the criteria it is not that unfair anymore.

    Just a question…

    • freethe flames

      I just went through the list rather quickly mind you and there were several players I know did not win the cup, however there impact on their team of the league one could argue surpassed Jarome’s role in the league or with the Flames. Most of the guys that have played in my life time are great choices but because of the different era’s in is hard to compare them. Jarome will be a hall of fame inductee and may in time be considered above some of the top 100 but in the end what does it really matter.

      • I am Batman

        It does not matter. It is just nice when the players you like are recognized. I’m an Oiler fan and even I like Iggy a lot and was a bit irked when I didn’t see him on the list so I was looking for a reasonable explanation….

        It doesn’t really matter as you say…. when even fans of a rival team recognize the guy that already speaks volumes of what that guy means as an athlete.

  • JoelOttosJock

    You people questioning Toews really are daft. He is in my opinion the Messier of his generation..better all round hockey player than sid ..(the Gretzky of the same gen) this list is silly..comparing people in the 70s to m the last 20 years is ridiculous..but use your heads. To say Iggy was better than Toews is Ludacris and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • RickT

      Let it rush through your veins, cause I’ma be the one
      to step up and put a hundred thousand dollars on the game

      I’m not sure if you’re trolling, but of course Iginla had enough impact. Consider that he carried the entire franchise back to relevancy kicking and screaming during the dead puck era where upon he was one of the most prolific goal scorers in the league with basically no one to get him the puck.

    • WSO

      There isn’t a sniff of a chance he is, or will be better than Crosby. How you can even make that statement is amazing. The peers of both players still state Crosby is the best player in the world. Youre saying you know more about current pro hockey than Crosby and toews’ peers do? Idiotic comment

  • Azim

    Belated comment here, but a couple of thoughts.

    As a lifelong Flames fan, my biased opinion is that Iginla should be on this list, or at least on the bubble. However, over 100 years there have been some amazing incredible players, so him not making this very elite list is somewhat understandable, especially when judging against players who played before the 1980s that I had not the privilege to witness.

    HOWEVER, I can comment on some of the more contemporary players I have watched that did make the list, and there is an issue. The Blackhawks trio is somewhat of an issue, especially Kane and Keith. If Patrick Kane’s career ended today, with his nine-plus seasons and 266 goals, does it really rank as one of the 100 best careers in NHL history? Unless a player’s career was otherworldly (ie. Bossy or Orr), I don’t think they can make this list with less than ten seasons played.

    My bigger grip? No one has brought up Brendan Shannahan. Very fine player, would have loved him on my team. But he was never considered at any time – correct me if I’m wrong – as one of the best 3-5 players in the game. Iginla was. Thornton was. Malkin was or is. Was Shannahan even ever clearly the best player on his team? Sundin may been the best player on his team for a stretch, but if we’re penalizing Iginla for a lack of cups, then what’s Sundin’s story? He never even led his team to the finals. A definite Toronto angle here.

    End rant.

  • Greatsave

    All I can do whenever these Top X lists come out, whatever the sport, is basically shrug and move along, because discussing it would legitimize it. I mean, Nieuwendyk but not Gilmour? Kane but not Recchi? Sundin and Modano but not Hawerchuk or Thornton? Stevens and Pronger but not Larry Murphy or Housley?

    Big shrug from me.