The 10 best single game performances of 2016-17 (so far)

(Sergei Belski / USA Today Sports)

Last night, Calgary Flames defenseman T.J. Brodie put up four assists in Calgary’s 4-3 overtime victory over the New Jersey Devils. For those keeping track, that means he assisted on every single goal the Flames scored – an impressive feat, particularly for a guy playing on the second pairing and dragging Dennis Wideman around.

In an effort to put Brodie’s impressive performance in context, let’s dive into the best individual in-game performances by Flames players through 54 games.


  • 3.900 – Chad Johnson, Nov. 30 vs. Toronto – 39 saves in a shutout
  • 3.575 – T.J. Brodie, Feb. 3 vs. New Jersey – 4 assists
  • 3.400 – Chad Johnson, Nov. 23 vs. Columbus – 34 saves in a shutout
  • 3.325 – Dougie Hamilton, Dec. 10 vs. Winnipeg – 2 goals and 1 assist
  • 3.170 – Johnny Gaudreau, Dec. 27 vs. Colorado – 2 goals and 1 assist
  • 3.080 – Mikael Backlund, Dec. 10 vs. Winnipeg – 1 goal and 2 assists
  • 2.925 – Dougie Hamilton, Nov. 20 vs. Detroit – 3 assists
  • 2.750 – Johnny Gaudreau, Nov. 10 vs. Dallas – 2 goals
  • 2.750 – Chad Johnson, Nov. 25 vs. Boston – 35 saves and 1 goal against
  • 2.700 – Chad Johnson, Nov. 15 vs. Minnesota – 27 saves in a shutout

The Flames have three players making more than $6 million this season: Mark Giordano, Sean Monahan and Gaudreau. It’s a bit shocking to see them make so few appearances in this list. Instead, the listing is dominated by Calgary’s backup goalie (and his three big shutouts) and multi-point games from the checking line center and the team’s number two and three blueliners.

It’s been an odd season in that respect. That said, game scores take into account possession stats (among other factors) so a player who has a hot offensive game can get drowned out by having bad underlyings. So let’s take a look at just offensive performances.


The Flames have had 74 multi-point performances so far this season. The distribution of these games is as follows:


  • 10 – Gaudreau
  • 7 – Hamilton, Backlund, Monahan
  • 6 – Tkachuk, Frolik
  • 5 – Brodie, Bennett
  • 4 – Giordano, Versteeg
  • 3 – Chiasson, Brouwer
  • 2 – Wideman, Engelland
  • 1 – Stajan, Kulak, Hathaway


    • 4 – Backlund
    • 3 – Hamilton
    • 1 – Brodie, Gaudreau, Stajan, Tkachuk, Giordano, Bennett, Chiasson

    Gaudreau and Monahan have had a ton of games where they got a pair of points, but just haven’t flipped the switch to being dominant at all. Giordano has had a handful of games with pairs of points but also hasn’t really dominated. Honestly, Backlund and Hamilton are the only Flames who have been able to flip that switch over.

    On the other hand, has anybody seen much of Calgary’s third highest-paid forward? Brouwer has just a trio of multi-point games, as many as Alex Chiasson has put up (and Chiasson managed a three-pointer in that mix).


    Brodie’s performance last night was probably the best by a Flames skater this season and is up there in terms of impressive games with several of Johnson’s big games from November. Relatively scarce on the list of the best Flames single-game game scores this season and the list of dominant multi-point games? The Flames’ highest paid players.

      • freethe flames

        Some very good performances; we need more of them and we need them from our stars.

        Was listening to the radio today and heard Elliotte Friedman talking about Lazar struggling in Ottawa and got me to wondering if this trade deadline might not be the time to address our needs not by buying older rentals but looking at younger guys who might be better than some of our players. There are teams out there with depth at forward who might want to move a struggling young guy rather than risk them to the expansion draft. Some names I have heard in different places include Lazar, Turco, and Strome. Hayes in Boston has also had his struggles this year. Again you don’t overpay for anyone but what are peoples thoughts are any of these guys and upgrade on Bouma, Chiasson, or Hathaway(read he is now back practicing).

        Also another thought would a trade of Spoon for Gelinas be an upgrade in the AHL and for depth in this organization?

        • The GREAT WW

          Lazar is definitely a player I would take a chance on. They probably want Bennett in return. That’s not happening. Maybe they will want a D? Brodie? Kulak?

          The Oilers have some trading pieces and he played really well for the Oil kings, they are probably offering Eberle but Ottawa probably wants RNH and hold back some salary.

          To the Canucks for Jake Virtanen? BC boy.

          Just spitballing….


          • McRib

            Curtis Lazar only had 0.85 PPG his draft year playing in a great situation with first line minutes. Outside of NHL Scouts falling in love with his “character” and playing in the spotlight on a good team at the time in Edmonton he never should have been a first rounder, as a comparison that year Oliver Bjorkstrand had 0.97 PPG and barely went in the third round (89th Overall).

            Like all first round busts Curtis Lazar will carry an overrated price tag for years to come and trading for such now would be stupid (the mention of Brodie as a return is asinine). Lazar in his prime will be a frustratingly inconsistent 30-35 point producer (much like a Joe Colborne) who will also have played for 2-3 NHL Teams before he comes even close to that potential (if ever), now is not the time to trade for Lazar. If Ottawa would take another prospect like Emile Porieir who appears to be fizzling out, then I would be all for that, but Lazar is demanding a much high price tag (something he is not worth).

      • Pizanno

        Thank you Chi Town
        Thank you Pittsburgh

        Thank you Detroit
        Thank you Duchene

        Thank you Minny
        You’ve all helped us

        Unlike those morons who play over there in Philly

      • jakethesnail

        And the Flames be…

        Taking care of business, every day //

        Taking care of business, every way //

        They’ve been taking care of business and it’s all fine!

        …BTO! revisited

      • dontcryWOLF88

        On what it would take to pry Duchene out of Colorado:

        “McKenzie says the asking price for the 26-year-old is three to four pieces. For three pieces, the Avs want a young established NHL player, a first round pick and a prospect, according to McKenzie. If the young player is not established, Colorado is asking for an additional piece. McKenzie says there has been no firm offers on the table as of yet.
        Duchene has netted 15 goals and 14 assists over 43 games with the Avs this season, his eighth with the team. After this season Duchene has two years left on his deal with an average annual value of $6 million. ” TSN

        Anything in he Flames cupboard that anyone thinks would be worth it for Duchene?

        I dont even know what i think about this, but ive heard Bennetts name brought up in this conversation online in a few places.

          • freethe flames

            What part of a proven NHLer, high draft pick and a prospect for Duchene do people not understand. Plus the cap space issues.

            Duchene if moved before the deadline will not be coming to Calgary; nor do I expect BT to make a big splash move. Duchene likely ends up in Anahiem for Fowler and some pieces. Anahiem has depth at D, has a need for an upgrade at center, some good prospects and is in window to win now.

            Flames fans should expect very little in regards to trade movement. BT has done nothing all season to change this lineup; he is a patient man. Expect to see him try and trade some expiring contracts; his MO.

            I mentioned a couple of guys who are struggling with their own teams who might be a fit here. Would Bouma and either a prospect(Spoon/Poirier type) or a 3rd round draft pick be enough to get either Strome or Hayes(BB). Strome interests me because he is a RHS and can play center. Something this team could use. Cap hits and contract lengths are close enough. With Strome in the line up would look something like this: Monny and Backs lines unchanged. Bennett/Strome/Versteeg and Ferland/Stajan/Chiasson(Hathaway).

      • freethe flames

        Game day versus the Rangers a team that is likely to be in the playoffs and has cap space to be buyers at the trade deadline. In so many ways this would be the ideal place to sell Wideman as an insurance policy for a playoff team. Wideman would likely waive he NTC to be out east on a team that could go deep into the playoffs. One can only dream.