Sean Monahan scores goal #100

With his second period tally tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Sean Monahan has scored career goal #100, becoming the youngest Flame to do so at 22 years and 134 days.

That took a while. After being on the verge of this milestone since beating the Wild 5-1 on Feb. 1, Monahan has had nothing but bad luck. Against New Jersey, he had a handful of really good chances that somehow didn’t go in the net. Big Sean nearly had the overtime winner and #100 against the Penguins, but the goal was waived off after Matt Murray lost his mask. He had four shots in pretty close quarters against the Flyers, and five against the Canucks. It’s been a frustrating few games.

Safe to say that tonight has been a relief for the young centre.

The sixth overall selection from the 2013 NHL draft, Monahan has broken far away from the pack in terms of goals. He currently leads Nathan MacKinnon, the closest scorer to Monahan, by 29 goals. For additional perspective Darnell Nurse, the pick after Monahan, has 15 career points.

Monahan becomes the 27th Flame to score 100 goals exclusively with the team, 17th if you don’t include Atlanta. He is also the first player drafted by the Flames to score 100 goals with the team since German Titov (drafted 1993). Since his debut in 2013-14, Monahan has been the 19th most productive goalscorer league-wide.

He finds himself in elite company:


All in all, he’s pretty good. Here’s to 100 more.

The milestones

Goal #1: Oct. 4, 2013 against the Columbus Blue Jackets

Goal #50: March 19, 2015 against the Philadelphia Flyers

Goal #100: Feb. 23, 2017 against the Tampa Bay Lightning

  • Brodano12

    Best part for me is that he’s actually become a two way centre this year. No longer just a one dimensional goal scorer. Almost 54% on faceoffs and 51% corsi and scoring chances for, playing against top competition night in and night out (albeit in very sheltered zone starts). Every cup winning team needs a strong two way top line centre and Monahan has been improving his defensive game every single season he’s been in the league. Monahan is still developing, but he’s already a 30 goal, 60 point two way centre.

    • cjc

      After a rough start, Monny has been really good. He did this last year, iirc. Wasn’t helped by being injured preseason, but if he can hit the ice moving next year, watch out.

    • freethe flames

      You can be successful if you have 3 #2’s and right now we have 2; he and Backlund. If Sam can take another step (which can only happen when we upgrade over Versteeg and Brouwer)

      Bruins up 1-0.

    • Avalain

      Unless Sam Bennett becomes the 1C we were all hoping he would be, Monahan is probably going to be it. Teams don’t just trade top centers and the chances of drafting one in the next few years is really low with how the Flames are trending (upwards away from 1st overall territory).

      We’re going to find our 1C by having Monahan grow into the role.