A glance at who’s been scouting Flames games recently

Teams send their pro scouts to rinks for any number of reasons. Sometimes it’s to advance scout a future opponent. Sometimes it’s to get a sense of the upcoming free agent class. This season, it’s likely that teams are also trying to get a sense of what the other teams in the league are going to do in terms of protection for the upcoming expansion draft.

That said, particularly in the run-up to the National Hockey League’s trade deadline, teams scout games to find out what players may be available and how they might fit in with their groups.

For whatever it’s worth, here’s what we can suss out from the scouting list over the past 10 Flames home dates. (Disclaimer: Just because a team’s on the scouting list doesn’t mean they’re there [as travel plans often change] and on the same vein, teams may have sent somebody to the game but they weren’t on the list.)

Scouted Most Frequently

Here are the teams who were most frequently on the scouting list over the past 10 games:

  • 10 – Philadelphia
  • 7 – Edmonton, Minnesota
  • 5 – Florida, Las Vegas, Montreal, NY Rangers, Toronto
  • 4 – Dallas, Detroit, Vancouver
  • 3 – Toronto
  • 2 – Arizona, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, New Jersey
  • 1 – Carolina, Columbus, NY Islanders
  • 0 – Anaheim, Colorado, Los Angeles, Nashville, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Jose, Washington, Winnipeg

Sent Multiple Scouts

Sending the same scout to multiple teams may simply be a scheduling thing – they’re in the area anyway and they might learn something different – but sending multiple people allows for different perspectives and for what’s known as “cross-checking” (double-checking what your area scout saw with a second set of eyes).

Over the past 10 Flames games, 10 different teams sent multiple scouts (either all in one game or in different games): Buffalo, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Florida, Minnesota, Montreal, NY Rangers, Toronto and Vegas.

Sent Key People

Besides sending scouts often or sending multiple scouts, a team sending an important hockey operations figure may be trying to check something interesting out. Here are some people with fancy job titles that have been spotted at the ‘Dome recently:

  • Buffalo director of scouting Rob Murphy
  • Carolina assistant to general manager Darren Yorke
  • Dallas advisor to general manager Les Jackson
  • Edmonton VP of personnel Duane Sutter
  • Florida head pro scout Al Tuer
  • Vegas assistant general manager Kelly McCrimmon (and director of player personnel Vaughn Karpan)
  • Minnesota assistant general manager Brent Flahr
  • NY Rangers consultant Doug Risebrough
    • OKG

      If true, we may have to lose out on the Mark Jankowski era here in Calgary. I am conflicted as I believe Jankowski will be a better centre than Monahan in their primes, even if Monahan is the better goal scorer. I still think a Gaudreau-Jankowski-Monahan line would tear this league to shreds while being defensively dominant. But Simmonds would complete our cup aspirations.

          • Pizzaman

            I don’t know based on the limited evidence that anyone can even say Jankowski is an NHLer. I hope like hell he makes it but…All of us bloggers tend to overvalue Flames prospects. The reality is at his age he should be up with the big team by now. Although as I expressed at the beginning of the season I don’t trust GG to recognize talent (Grossma or deploying Ferland, etc) and may agree with the Great WW that prospects go to Huska to wilt and die.

          • freethe flames

            The only thing I can agree with you on this; is that we have “limited evidence” one way or another on Janko. I for one have not written him off but also have not anointed him the next great Flames center.

            I am hoping that BT can add one forward prior to the trade deadline but as I have said a number of times we can’t afford to use the 2nd rounder for a rental. Using the second and either a UFA or a prospect for the right guy would be acceptable. But I don’t really know who that would be. McCarron? Ritchie in Dallas? Bjugstad Florida? Strome NYI? Maybe someone in the AHL who just needs a chance?

          • OKG

            “should be”? Is it suddenly his fault the Flames have no shortage of strong NHL centres and are committed to making sure Jankowski develops as a a center himself? Who do you sit for Jankowski? Backlund? No. Monahan/Bennett. Stajan? If you’re interested having three centers age 22 or younger out there for 75% of every game.

            Developing centers is what good NHL teams do.

          • The Doctor

            I agree with you in the sense that Colborne was an early bloomer, Jankowski arguably a late bloomer. Colborne got drafted out of Tier 2 Junior because he was so dominant there, and there was some stat where he was only the second guy to be ever drafted in the first round out of the AJHL (I believe one of the Sutters was the other).

            Then Colborne never really again attained that sort of level of scoring productivity, not in college, not in pro.

            Jankowski, in contrast, had a very slow, gradual progression in college hockey. It wasn’t until late in his tenure there that he got really dominant. Now he’s our top producer in the AHL. I feel better and more confident about him than Colborne.

  • Greg

    Minny is probably scouting for first round match up preparation, but philly? 10x?

    They’ve said they aren’t buyers, so who would they be selling and who would they be scouting off the flames?

  • smatic10

    Bouma, Engelland, and maybe Brouwer. These are the only pieces that may be going anywhere though I highly doubt any of them get moved. Other than that, Elliott or Johnson are the next targets as we still need to figure out our goalie situation for next year.

    I think Treliving is too smart to trade someone like Bennett, who is still developing and has so much potential.

    So basically….I have no idea who they are scouting. Knowing where our scouts are would probably reveal much more about future deals.

      • The GREAT WW

        “Brouwer is a power play specialist” (let the rest of the team bust their balls 5-5 and short handed while Brouwer gets the Powerplay time…).

        “Brouwer is a playoff performer” (let the rest of the team bust their balls for 82 regular season games while Brouwer saves it up for the playoffs….).

        I have seen these type of glory boys before, not my first rodeo…..


        • Rockmorton65

          We’ve had this conversation many times. It would be bad karma to trade a player less than a season after signing him to a long term deal. Unless another team is frothing at the mouth to get him and offering the moon, it would be a total douche move by BT to trade him now.

          • The GREAT WW

            Karma? For realzies?!!!?

            Brouwer? Is that who you are talking about?

            Can’t trade him even if we wanted to; NTC….

            We can expose the overpaid piece of crap in the expansion draft though!!!!


          • Rockmorton65

            Wow. Overpaid piece of crap? Kinda harsh isn’t it? I’m no fan, but he’s on pace for about 15 goals/30 points. We signed him knowing he was a 20/40 guy. Not that far off. Disappointing, sure, overpaid, yep, but not a complete failure. Lots of disappointments on the team this year. Brouwer’ not even the biggest.

          • dontcryWOLF88

            Im up for seeing what he does with the rest of the season before making that call.

            Interesting option to have this year though. $4.5 is not the value of a 3rd line guy. Brouwer even admitted he was a plug after last game. He complimented Backlund and then mentioned he was down there with the 3rd lline “plugging awayy” He said it as a joke, though he stopped laughing quickly. My guess is he realized he just called himself a plug.

            Like I say though, nobody has to make this decision right now. He had a good game there and maybe he will come around.

          • Greg

            For all the negativity about Brouwer, I will admit that he, Bennet, and Versteeg is a pretty decent trio for the third line. It’s not HBK quality, but it’s decent and the average cap hit among them is OK. If only we’re weren’t paying $15M for our 4th line and 6th/7th D, we could also afford a decent top line RW and 4thD.

            Brouwer contract maybe low value already (and definitely will be a problem in a couple years), but it’s not nearly our biggest problem yet.

  • MontanaMan

    Will be interesting to see who the Flames would consider moving. Tre is a bit of a gambler and a guy that goes off script so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did something aggressive. We’ve seen his moves with Hamilton and he was very aggressive at the draft trying to move up so watch for him to be active. The Flames making a good push for the playoffs actually complicates things as he can’t go into full sell mode, nor can he be a big buyer. The safe moves are Wideman, Stajan, one of the goalies, Engelland or Brouwer. Some darkhorses are Backlund (best year ever – sell high), Brodie, Gio, Elliott, or one of the big boys up front. It’s highly unlikely that he trades any of the core but Tre is a different cat and I wouldn’t be surprised at anything.

  • dontcryWOLF88

    Im rooting for the guy, but I see Janko going more the route of Poirier (i know hes a winger) than Monahan.

    Hey, just curious, how many of you guys actually watch the Heat play? I ask because I dont. I look at the stat lines and standings and scouting reports etc. This, however, doesnt really give me a great sense of any of the players in-game character. I dont comment much on the AHL squad for this reason. I have family in Stockton and was there last year, I should really go to a few games to change this!

    Was just looking today though, their team goals against is not bad at all(tied for 4th in the league). Team goals for, however, not so great (tied for 5th worst). So, they have one of the best d-cores, and one of the worst o-cores. Now, like I said, i dont watch the games, so what do I know. But, thats encouraging to me personally because the prospects on the Heat I am most gunning for are Kylington and Andersson. Seems like they are the real deal, as I was hoping.

  • Pond Hockey

    Scouts are probably just trying to justify their existence at this point. Three more days and the trade deadline is over. Not getting the feeling that there will be much movement.

  • Newbietwo

    You are all talking these akeptic trades of value.. I would caution you that we have an entry draft this year and teams are scouting all over as to prepare for that draft with the least effective damage they can.. almost half of all teams are at risk of losing a quality player for nothing or do you not recall this?

    • Pond Hockey

      Yes, we are well aware.

      The expansion draft is like a bout of constipation where no matter how hard you push you just can’t get rid of the brown stuff.

      Hopefully this means no more shitty trades with the Leafs this year.

    • Pond Hockey

      Yes, we are well aware.

      The expansion draft is like a bout of constipation where it makes it tough to pass on the brown stuff.

      Hopefully this means no more crappy trades with the Leafs this year.

    • Pizzaman

      Giroux is five more years at $8.275 million and he has been trending down the last four years in ppg and total point. He is 29. But a first won’t be enough. One of our top 3 would be also asked for. Like the Great WW says Simmons would be the smart play.

  • DeadRedRedemption

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Johnny Hockey is on his way back east.

    I’ve got reasons but most of them are just my spider senses tingling.

    We will see.

  • freethe flames

    4 days until the trade deadline and some big decisions to be made around the league. When do teams realize that they are sellers? Beyond the obvious 3 (Av’s,Ari, Wings) the following teams should now realize they should be sellers: Lightining, Sabres, Flyers, Devils, Stars, Nucks and dare I say it the Jets. The Islanders after last nights blowout should also be sellers. With this many teams now being sellers will prices drop? Is there a bargain to be found?

    Big day today as the Flames need to take care of their own business. Beat the Canes come home and get ready for the Kings.