WWYD Wednesday: Trade Deadline Open Thread


Well, it’s trade deadline day. The Flames are in a two-horse race for the final playoff spot in the West with the Los Angeles Kings. They have already made a handful of minor moves to firm up the backend. What’s left?

Does Brad Treliving stand pat? Does he add another forward? Should he look to improve the goaltending? 

What’s your preference? What’s your prediction?

Share your ideal Flames trade deadline day moves in the comments. Or if that’s too pie-in-the-sky for you, share your Flames deadline day predictions. 

  • The GREAT WW

    Sweet justice in the NFL this year where Goodell had to hand the Super Bowl to Brady.

    Sweet justice in the NHL this year when Bettman Hands the Cup to Wideman of the Calgary Flames….


  • ChinookArchYYC

    Stand pat Mr. Trelliving and sell off Wideman (if possible). The Kings will continue to falter, and the goal is to make the playoffs. Lets be realistic, a cup win would be nothing less than a miracle and Flames need to keep and gather more assets.

    • Eggs Bennett

      Can someone explain to me why any team would be interested in giving up an asset for Jokipakka just after they don’t claim him for free? Yet I keep hearing this idea surface. Logic doesn’t make sense to me…

      • Bean-counting cowboy

        My understanding is they don’t have to put them on their active NHL roster… useful at trade deadline for team teams worried about the 23 man roster limit. If they trade a 6th or 7th for him now, they can put him on their farm team… cheap depth with NHL experience for the stretch drive should a team encounter injury. Which can also be said for Calgary which is why I’d be ok if he just clears and goes to Stockton.

    • deantheraven

      Put down that pipe. Kylington ain’t goin’ nowhere, except maybe to the 3rd pairing next season. A first is a first, even in a down year. But if that’s what it takes, I’d pass the pick and the other two for Gabriel. Just not Kylington AND.

      • Greg

        Colorado wants a D and kylington is the only d prospect we have that might get them interested. They probably wouldn’t talk to us without Brodie on the table, but if they’d listen to a kylington package, we’d be crazy not to consider it.

        There’s have to be some salary swaps to make it work, so probably either Bouna and they retain a little of landeskog’s salary ($1M) or Brouwer. Probably Bouma because why would Brouwer accept that trade?

        Given what they’ve asked for, kylington and a first wouldn’t be enough so I think you’d have to offer another good piece. I’d include Shinkurak because he’s going to be unprotected anyway. Plus… with him and Bouma gone, then Vegas is left having to choose between Stajan and Brouwer, which removes another cap issue, and means you can afford landeskog long term.

        At 24, he’s barely older than our current “new core” (1 year above Gaudreau?).

        You’d never move those futures for a rental, but to add that quality to your core? For sure!

        • deantheraven

          I understood Brouwer’s NMC is active next season, not this. Can’t see the Av’s wanting either of Bouma or Brouwer,anyway.I like the idea of subbing Shinkaruk and even adding Poirier with a first.Our 2 young D prospects (Kyl & Ras) are as valuable as any unknowns we have in the org.
          I’d be doing due diligence on what kind of Leader Landeskog is, and projecting his fit in the locker room first. If no roster players move in return it can be a different kind of ‘new beginning’ for him and the team.

  • Prototype369

    I was in favor of trading away our 1st a couple of days ago because it’s a weak draft. But after seeing Poirier slump, Shinkaruk plateau, and Klimchuk and Jankowski still needing work, I think we need to draft a forward, and then trade away some of our old 1st rounders that haven’t met expectations. Other than Jankowski, I wouldn’t mind trading the other 3 away. Monahan more than makes up for 2013. Get some 2nd rounders for next year.

      • Prototype369

        Yeah, I’m not too worried about the Heat winning, but when an elite scorer in the QMJHL is unable to develop his skills in the AHL, your coach has got to go. I feel like Poirier might play better with the flames as a top 9 than with the Heat, but I think he’s beyond that point in the organization now.and yes, fire Huska. I never want to hear his name again

    • Greg

      TSN is saying LA is interested. That’d make me bard more because of course you’d want to route for him getting another crack at the playoffs, but no way I’m cheering for them against the flames.

  • Danomitee

    I think Landeskog is unbelievably overrated, sure he has that sand paper game with the ability to chip in points but Tkachuk is already twice the player he is today. The price they’re asking for him, no thanks!

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    Iggy has been scoring lately. Can you imagine the drive it would give him stepping into a flames uniform one last time in the playoffs? I wouldn’t do this at the expense of either of our top 2 line’s they are great the way they are but having him here to slot in if there is an injury would be great defiantly only play him 3rd or 4th lines to begin with.

  • RKD

    I would like a top 6 forward but in all honesty if it costs something stupid then it isn’t worth it. Dumping salary and bad contracts would be nice. Unfortunately, this morning Burke says he expects Dennis Wideman to be a Flame tomorrow. I want to see how far this current group can go.

  • cgyokgn

    I wish Iggy could have gone to a real contender but there’s comfort with Sutter. It will be very weird to play against him in those last three games. It’s quite possible LA sneaks into the playoffs at the expense of the Blues but if they don’t this might be it for him. Kind of sad.