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The Flames need forwards: who could get called up?

On Sunday morning, the Flames had 14 forwards to pick from. In the just over 24 hours since, that list has dropped down to 12. Micheal Ferland is out with a mumps scare and Matthew Tkachuk has been suspended for two games. The team is about to embark on a three game road trip and need an extra body, so someone’s coming up on an emergency basis. Let’s quickly run through the list of names.

Garnet Hathaway

League GP G A P
NHL 26 1 3 4
AHL 20 6 9 15

Hathaway made his name this year during a November spell where the Flames came down with the injury bug, and is the most likely candidate to be called up this time. Being the only call up to stick around for a significant period this year, the sparkplug is a known quantity. In the final dog days of the playoffs, I would imagine the Flames would go with the familiar face. Besides, the rest of the AHLers can get time during the black aces period after the playoff picture is clearer.

Mark Jankowski

League GP G A P
NHL 1 0 0 0
AHL 54 24 22 46

The next best option out of Stockton would be their leading scorer. Although he isn’t a winger, he offers the Flames a bit of flexibility if they want to move Bennett out to Backlund’s wing. If Janko is called up, it could also function as an audition for next year, as the team has really only seen him in one game where he mostly drew in because Monahan was playing extremely poorly.

Morgan Klimchuk

55 14 20 34

The Flames haven’t really seen Klimchuk at the NHL level, so this could also be a good option. He has a stronger two-way game than the other on the list, which can provide him an edge when Brad Treliving is making the call. Also, as with Jankowski above, calling up Klimchuk gives the Flames the added bonus of keeping the M numbers high.

Andrew Mangiapane

55 14 20 34

Look at that, another M! Mangiapane is the hot hand in Stockton right now, picking up points left and right in recent weeks after a dismal scoring drought nullified his numbers in January and February. He is a bit of a dark horse selection, but the team might want to go for someone on a hot streak. He can also play both wings, which is an asset right now.

Hunter Shinkaruk

League GP G A P
NHL 7 1 0 1
AHL 41 8 16 24

Shinkaruk was overshadowed by Hathaway during that November injury crisis, and will likely be a talent the Flames want to get a closer look at. It’s a bit of a bold choice, but he was very successful with Monahan and Gaudreau last season. With Ferland out (they play a very similar game), he could slot right it.

Ryan Lomberg

57 8 11 19

Well, they signed him for a reason.

(Jokes, his NHL contract doesn’t begin until next year)

  • OKG

    Ouch. Our farm team must be horrible if author is suggesting this player:

    “It’s been four years, and the answer is no. ”
    ” If they don’t sign him by August 15th, they will be awarded a 2017 second round pick (#51 overall). If Jankowski isn’t worth that pick, they should just let him walk. He is not worth that pick.”
    “If Mark Jankowski couldn’t outperform Joe Colborne in college, his fate is written.”
    “He’s not very good”

    should be called up.

    • ThisBigMouthIsRight

      Wow that writer really has a hate on for MJ… To each his own… but Mark is First in rookie goal scoring in the AHL right now (10th in the league), his Rookie #s 54gp~ 24g, 22a, 46p @ +14 Not bad for a rookie. by the way 27 is the most goals Anyone has in the AHL right now. Cherry picking stats to suit either a positive or negative agenda is all fine and dandy, but C’mon the kid is 22 and an AHL rookie, not everyone will or can be a Monahan, Tkachuk or Gaudreau… Flames are very lucky to have so many talented young guys, So what if Jankowski takes the long road ~ as long as he makes the trip and gets better each year. Obviously “ctibs” Has his own Negative opinion on Jankowski That’s His Issue, I’m just glad he isn’t involved in actual important decisions involving the Flames. Haters going to Hate!

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Janko will make a lot of people eat crow….for many years. Even the biggest supporters did not expect him to have such a solid season. He made the All-star team, is theleading goal scorer for rookies, is top 3 in rookie scoring and essentially has led the team in most categories. Fun fact, he scored the only goal in the last game in a playoff push, got in a fight, and was awarded second star.

    If the Flames don’ t call him up it would be because Stockton can il-afford to lose him in a do or die playoff race…. But he should get the first call.

    • OKG

      Not true. I expected him to have a better season than he’s having, and the only reason he hasn’t lived up to my expectations is that Stockton struggles to score as a team.

    • ThisBigMouthIsRight

      Totally agree with you JJF, So many people jump on him for being the 21st pick in 2012, but the same folks seem to have the patients for Poirier(22 pick) and Klimchuk(28 pick) and guess what, they are all 22 years old. they probably hate the Lazar(17 pick) and Shinkaruk(24 pick) trades also. That is 5 first round picks waiting in the wings! Give them time! Look how long it took Backlund. There time will come. (although I’m starting to doubt Poirier, but you never know?)

    • OKG

      Honestly, some PP time alone would go a long way for his confidence. Not sure why our coach thought it was a good idea to take a 20 year old kid who thrives on confidence and take away all easy scoring opportunities.