Flames weekly prospect update: weather report

They’re all going away. The CHL? Done-zo. Europe? Zip. NCAA? One by one. All we have left is Heat and Thunder(s), and the nicest thing you can say about that is it was once a pretty good basketball rivalry.

Last week, fancy table, and loads of prospect stuff you to enjoy:


  • I’d say somethings about our lovely CHL lads, but there’s going to be some seriously in-depth stuff coming up in the next week or so about that.
  • Tim Harrison scored his first professional point! But it was a secondary assist on a powerplay goal, so it’s actually just noise, really. Sorry for the hype.
  • Mark Jankowski and Andrew Mangiapane had big weeks, scoring four and three points respectively.
  • Hunter Shinkaruk tried very hard, recording eight shots on goal, but only managed one assist. He’s due for a big bounceback.
  • Austin Carroll didn’t try as hard, only recording one shot over the past three games.
  • Since Ryan Lomberg was signed and is (kinda) a Flames prospect, I’ve added his data and his week-by-weeks.
  • Brett Pollock is still in recall limbo. Not in Adirondack, but hasn’t suited up for Stockton yet.


  • Also in recall limbo: Rasmus Andersson (you know why) and Keegan Kanzig, who was brought up to Stockton to replace the struggling Ryan Culkin. Culkin couldn’t get into any games, but Kanzig hasn’t been able to get a chance in either. I feel it’s just a move to get Culkin going.
  • Speaking of which, he already has two points in two games.
  • Stepan Falkovsky had zero points in a week for the first time in a very long time.
  • Adam Fox and Harvard won the ECAC tournament, and he personally won a ton of awards. Harvard faces Providence in the first round of the Frozen Four.
  • Boston University and Brandon Hickey will play North Dakota after losing to bitter rival Boston College in the Hockey East tournament. Things got heated, as Hickey was given five and a misconduct for hitting after the whistle when the game ended.
  • Brett Kulak is still hurt.


  • Safe to say that David Rittich is the preferred option for Stockton, as he’s started their last five games.
  • Tyler Parsons finishes the OHL season as the top goalie. I was initially surprised that they drafted him, but what a treat he is.
  • Nick Schneider only appeared for nine minutes this week and his SV% dropped three points. I don’t know either.

What you need to know about Ryan Lomberg

Many Flames fans are at the least slightly knowledgeable about Lomberg, thanks to his energetic performances in the Young Stars games. But not a lot have seem him outside of that, so I asked Stockton’s play-by-play man and friend of the blog Brandon Kisker to fill us in on what we missed.

Here’s what Lomberg contributes to the team, and what his role is with the club:

He’s kind of a hodge podge of roles.  He’s a talented two-way player who is realistically on the second PK unit with Brandon Bollig behind only Mark Jankowski and Morgan Klimchuk.  He’s also an energy player as he is always going.  I’ve watched him for two years and haven’t seen him take a shift off yet.  He can also score too as he’s tied for 8th on the team in scoring with 8 goals and 11 assists.  Plus, he’s fearless.  He’s the guy that has been the real “fighter” on our team.  I think at the AHL level, a guy like Bollig can pick and choose his spots and frankly, he doesn’t need to go with some rookie who wants to make a name for himself.  And with Austin Carroll not fighting as often as he did last year, Lomberg has stepped up to fill that role.  I think he relishes in taking on bigger opponents as the most memorable fight of his to me was when he went after 6’6” Jarred Tinordi in Tucson after he flattened Rasmus Andersson with a hit.  Lomberg has stepped to the plate for his teammates on a number of occasions.

I think what he’s best at though is playing that rat role that you absolutely hate to play against.  Think Theo Fleury in his hayday.  Think Brad Marchand now.  Opposing fans and players hate him, or love to hate him.  He loves it too.  He’s terrific at toeing that line and drawing penalties too.  So many players are described as an “energizer bunny” but this guy really is that.  He just keeps going and going no matter the situation or the scoresheet.  Flames fans will love him if they don’t already.

And secondly, what his strengths are and where he can improve:

Toughness and physicality are strengths of his but his speed and energy are his strongest.  Game one this year, we’re playing San Jose near the end of the game tied up.  Puck sent up out of our zone too far for Lomberg to catch it but he keeps going.  Puck goes into San Jose end and their defenseman Tim Heed (who’s been excellent this year) goes after it.  When the pass misses, Lomberg is a couple steps inside his zone and I’d say Heed has a good 10 foot lead for the puck.  Lomberg turns on the jets and caught up to him a couple steps into the San Jose zone basically, lifted his stick and shoved the puck in for his first AHL goal which was the game winner.  That’s what this guy does.  He wants it more than just about everyone.  I know Flames fans like Garnet Hathaway for similar reasons.  This guy has those reasons too.

As far as improvements, he may need to hone picking his spots better.  I know he got into some penalty trouble on New Year’s Eve in Ontario that put Ontario on a few late power plays they converted on as they came back to beat us in OT, but I feel that comes with more experience.  The thing I’d like to see him do is improve his shooting as he’s got nearly everything you want in a player but I feel that he can be a more complete player if he works a little on his shooting and accuracy so when he uses his speed to create breakaway chances, he can go to a couple of different moves to put the puck in the net.  However, overall I’d say that Lomberg is already in year number two one of the most important players on the team.  This is a tremendous signing as this guy is in that same mold of a Hathaway where they just want it so bad and they work at it and improve each year.

See ya next week!

  • everton fc

    Lomberg would be a nice replacement for Bouma on 4th line/LW, and would be a nice compliment wih a guy like Hathaway, or even Chiasson, though Chiasson may be proving he can play regular minutes on the 3rd line/RW.

    However, Klimchuk plays LW. As does Shinkaruk, though I know he can play RW. And I think Mangiapane is a LW. Is Lomberg really ahead of these guys? Perhaps he is more “NHL-ready”, based on his style of play. Personally, I think he is….