Looking at magic and tragic numbers

Now that the Calgary Flames have mostly solidified their playoff status – barring an epic collapse, they’re in – we’ve gotten a lot of variants of the same question. Can the Flames pass (a team)? Where will the Flames finish? In the interest of providing some context to the answers we’ll eventually give, and to…


The Calgary Flames vs. the Eastern Conference

With the Calgary Flames’ loss to the Washington Capitals, they have now played all 32 games they had scheduled against the Eastern Conference. They are officially done with the East, barring a Stanley Cup Final appearance, which would be both pretty cool and extremely unlikely. For the Flames – and any Western team, really –…


WWYD: keep Sam Bennett on the wing?

Glen Gulutzan moved Sam Bennett back to the wing with Mikael Backlund and Michael Frolik owing to the Matthew Tkachuk suspension. The team didn’t have a great game, but Bennett’s performance was better than what we’ve generally seen from him this season: A team-leading CF% of 66% in just over 13 minutes of ice time….


Prospect wrap-up: Matthew Phillips

It’s hard to summarize Matthew Phillips in any other way than how Byron Bader described him back when he wrote Phillips’ draft target profile: darkhorse. But first, some words about other, slightly related things. Height is a preference in the NHL. Unlike basketball or football, there’s no advantage to being tall. Those games operate in…


Capitals 4, Flames 2 post-game embers: Good job, good effort

The Flames are in a weird spot where moral victories both do and don’t count. They don’t count because they literally do not count. The Flames got 0 points out of their loss to the Washington Capitals. That does absolutely nothing for them. Like congrats, you hanged in there. You never let it get worse…