Photo Credit: Bob DeChiari / USA Today Sports

Flames reassign Garnet Hathaway

With Micheal Ferland’s mumps scare over and Matthew Tkachuk coming back from suspension, the Flames made a minor move this morning and returned Garnet Hathaway to the Stockton Heat.

The move, while expected, was a waste of time for all involved.

The issue is that the Flames spent a regular recall on Hathaway. Since they had 12 active forwards, they couldn’t use an emergency recall until one of the 12 went down. Hathaway came up as the thirteenth forward, so he was a regular recall. The Flames only have two of those left, having already burnt one on Rasmus Andersson (speaking of, when is he going to get a shot in the lineup?). Knock on wood, but if there’s any sort of roster crisis from here on out, the Flames will have limited options.

And why even use a regular recall if they’re not going to play him? I understand bringing him up for insurance purposes, but if you’re going to drag the guy across time zones on a whim, you might as well give him ice time. Especially if the other two options are Curtis Lazar and Freddie Hamilton, all various shades of grey.

The silver lining to this is that Matthew Tkachuk will be back in the lineup tomorrow, and will be back to raising hell. The first line will have 50% more M-power and will return to hurricane-level destructive force.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    Hathaway had to return to Stockton before the heats 5 game Texas road swing this coming week… These next five games will either make or break any playoff hopes they have. Its Really too bad Lazar couldn’t be sent down, It would be the best scenario for everyone…

  • Joeymullen'sghost

    I appreciate the frustrated tone in your article Christian. Flames manangement sometimes reminds me of a teenager – sometimes they impress you with their potential sometimes they make you shake your head in disappointment. There was never a reason to burn a regular recall in Hathaway – and meanwhile Anderson is sitting instead of playing by in Stockton (where we could have recalled him later)

  • Avalain

    Well, they brought him up as insurance, and using a regular recall means that he’s likely the first forward called up if needed. Any sort of roster crisis will result in emergency recalls, so we don’t have to worry about that. The only possible trouble is if they decide to call up 4 D with their regular call ups which I think would be a ridiculous situation. So, no, there really isn’t a problem with calling him up.