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Jarome Iginla fought Deryk Engelland and it was kind of awesome

The Calgary Flames haven’t had a ton of fights this season, but after all the shenanigans involving Matthew Tkachuk and Drew Doughty in their last game with the Los Angeles Kings we all expected some silliness to percolate into tonight’s game. After some mean-mugging and words exchanged between the teams during warm-up, we were all certain there would be some fisticuffs.

There were a pair of fights in the first period and a pair of non-fights that drew penalties:

  • At 0:25, Tkachuk dropped his gloves and Jake Muzzin did not so Tkachuk got a minor.
  • At 3:05, Tkachuk fought Brayden McNabb.
  • At 4:36, Andy Andreoff dropped his gloves and Lance Bouma did not so Andreoff got a minor and a misconduct.
  • Finally, at 9:42, Jarome Iginla and Deryk Engelland – the elder statesmen on their respective clubs – threw down.

It might not have exactly been Iginla squaring off with Vincent Lecavalier in terms of stakes or importance, but Iginla – playing in perhaps his final game in the Saddledome – can still scrap.

  • Randaman

    At least Iggy stepped up. As an Oiler fan, I hate Tkachuk but isn’t it up to Doughty to stand behind his dirty player comment and challenge him instead of Clifford?

    • FuNky ANGER

      Was thinking the same thing. Good on Tkachuk for stepping up and willing to do what it took to back up his comments. But Doughty for sure should have been the one to fight Tkachuk if he took issue with his play and comments and not have some lackey step in for him. Poor showing on Doughty’s part.

  • Fan the Flames

    As an oiler fan you had better get used to Chuckie cause he is the

    As an Oiler fan you are going to see a lot of Chuckie in the battle of Alberta for a long time and he will drive you nuts .

  • oddclod

    Kristen Odland dig deeper for some relevant material. Nothing about Iggy’s performance tonight screamed I’m 40 and tired. The guy has been lights out for the Kings since being traded and takes on a certified heavy weight and draws blood.

  • oddclod

    Agreed Doughty should have stepped up for those comments, but he’s your Norris so his mates will always prefer stepping up for him. What a game by Iginla. Sad he couldn’t have landed with a contender but he made his bed. I wouldn’t have said this prior to the deadline but he woulda looked great on the right side of Monohan with his 6 goals. Not that id even consider bringing him back due to this being Geo’s team and we’ve moved on. Great game. Great read.

  • Derzie

    Is this Flames blog or an Iggy blog? Iggy was our hero for years but last night he was the enemy and took away an opportunity for us. The fight wasn’t ‘great’ for a Flames fan. It made you mad. LA gooned us away from our game and we lost and Iggy led the charge. He doesn’t get a free pass. He was motivated to jam it to the Flames. And he did. To worship or thank him for it is pretty weak.

    • SmellOfVictory

      You’re entitled to your opinion. Iginla was the Flames for over a decade, so some of us don’t mind if he takes a fairly meaningless game from the Flames (spoiler alert: they’re almost guaranteed to get into the playoffs even if they haven’t mathematically clinched yet).