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Flames recall Gillies on emergency basis, no hearing for Giordano

After suffering a lower-body injury last night against the Anaheim Ducks, Chad Johnson has returned to Calgary for further evaluation.

In lieu of the injury, the Flames recalled Jon Gillies from the Stockton heat on emergency basis.

In his second full season with the Heat, Gillies has posted a 2.95 GAA and a .909 SV%.

Gillies was a 2012 third round draft pick of the Flames and has yet to play a game in the NHL. That could change, however, with his recall as Sportsnet’s John Shannon suggested he could get the start Thursday against the LA Kings.

During last night’s game, Mark Giordano took out Anaheim Duck defender Cam Fowler in a knee-on-knee hit.

“He came through the middle with a lot of speed and I was honestly coming across trying to make a hit on him and I got to watch the game, but I think our legs collided. I don’t know how bad, I just hope he’s OK,” Giordano said after the game, a 3-1 Ducks win. “You don’t like to see guys get hurt. There was no intent to hurt him there. I was just trying to come across in a 2-1 game to try to stop him from getting to our net, trying to make a hit and the result was, I don’t know if our legs collided or not, I think they did and I hope it’s nothing too serious.” – Puck Daddy

Some had thought that it was deserving of a suspension, or at least a hearing, but according to an NHL spokesman said that there will be no disciplinary hearing for the hit.


  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    Good Luck Gillies…. Hope a lot of young guys get they call… Rest/protect as many top 6 forwards and top 3 D as can be! About Gio~ Shocking~! I’m actually surprised the NHL Didn’t go after as many Flames as possible! What about (POS)kessler for spearing Frolik in the nads from behind and then stick-working Frolik over? Oh Nothing eh? little man-child kessler is the biggest cowardly POS In the NHL. If Ever a Need for Karma to exact itself in the name of all that is right, it would be on this dung-heap #17! I’m also very disappointed No one went after (Another Big POS) Josh Manson for jumping Gio, @#$%~! He is the Captain of the team and No one should get a free pass for jumping him. My disdain for the Quacks is only equal to the same for nucks & coilers.

    • P0pcan

      Get use to it the calls are largely bias for American team don’t worrie in 2 short weeks your season will be over Calgary will be playing golf with the rest of the poop teams so atleast you won’t have to deal with it for much longer

        • dontcryWOLF88

          Have to agree. This comment is a prime example of blatant trolling and clearly has no intention of contributing to the conversation, other than to try to piss people off.

          Not my money though, if readership goes down it doesnt effect me in any way. Just my opinion, but I imagine for every troll you ban you could save several viewers from checking out to avoid them.