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Will the Flames face any supplemental discipline from Anaheim game?

Last night, the Calgary Flames lost 3-1 to the Anaheim Ducks. They played okay, but it was not a particularly good hockey game. The third period was dominated by physicality triggered by a hit by Flames captain Mark Giordano on Anaheim defender Cam Fowler that probably ended Fowler’s season.

Orange County Register writer Eric Stephens had these observations of that incident.

After the replay, Stephens revised his opinion somewhat.

While Giordano doesn’t have a reputation as being a dirty player, he does seem to lead with his knee on that hit… which does seem rather late and does result in an injury. Could the recklessness of the hit, the lateness and the injury result in Giordano getting a call from the NHL’s Department of Player Safety? While Giordano doesn’t have a disciplinary history, that combination of factors usually results in something.

Whether it does or not, the Fowler injury set off a powder keg. We had fights. Lots of fights. Matt Bartkowski was actually assessed an instigator penalty late in the third period for a skirmish he got into with Korbinian Holzer after Holzer attempted a wild check on Matthew Tkachuk.

Under Rule 46.22, a player getting an instigator in the last five minutes of a game is also given an automatic one game suspension pending a review of the incident by the league. The suspension is overturned if “…upon review of the incident, the Director of Hockey Operations, at his discretion, deems the incident is not related to the score, previous incidents in the game or prior games, retaliatory in nature, “message sending”, etc.

The review of the incident is automatic, so we should hear back later today one way or the other regarding Bartkowski’s availability for tomorrow’s game in Los Angeles.

    • P0pcan

      Will they no
      Should they yes
      Even if the knee on knee was a clean hockey play I haven’t looked at it enough to have a opinion with England being the 3rd man in is a obvious suspension imo that kind of stuff hasn’t been ok since the 80s

      • supra steve

        Kessler has his gloves off and is throwing punches, Frolik has his gloves on and is just trying to hold on to Kessler. That was not a fight, it was a mugging, that Engelland interrupted.

        • P0pcan

          Rule 46.16 (Third Man In)states: A game misconduct penalty, at the discretion of the Referee, shall be imposed on any player who is the first to intervene (third man in) in an altercation already in progress…

          The reason behind this rule is simple, when a fight occur or when a strong altercation between two players happen, when a third man gets involved, generally speaking, the flood gate opens and more players get involved trying to re-establish the man power for their teammates! So instead of having a controlled chaos (a fight or a strong altercation between two players) the referees have now multiple simultaneous fights or an altercation involving most of the players on the ice at that time.
          Pretty cut and dry

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    Its the Flames… of course they will… Will (POS)Kessler or Any of the Ducks receive any? Of course not, its a big Bettman Market! Will the Reffs get a talking too for their Biased (BS) “Officiating” of course not! Welcome to the (USA-$$$)NHL.
    Yeah I’m Cranky after that game!

  • Newbietwo

    If we end up facing the ducks we should revert to a dump and chase for the first few periods so that Ferland can train roll bieksa again.. and from game two onwards switch it up and throw it in there now and then

  • Newbietwo

    Someone has to train roll Perry and teach him a lesson.. the guy is one dirty player.. but who? What shocked me yesterday is all that and Brouwer with his new contract and the guy was nowhere to be seen.. if he isn’t gritty what the hell is he?

    • everton fc

      Tkachuk. Engelland. Or Ferland.

      In a series w/the Ducks, a guy like Hathaway would be nice to have around. He should be the extra forward, over Freddie, for the playoffs.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Kessler is a gem. He tries to chase down Monny and shows his toughness against Frolik. He might as well sucker Johnny for the Kessler hat trick (generally occurs when a player conducts 3 cowardice acts). Now I remember why I was so happy when Max Domi KOd him with an upper cut.