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With one game to go in the regular season, milestones are still within reach for several Flames

The Flames have played 81 games this season. That leaves just one to go: and just one for a number of Flames players to reach some milestones this season.

None of these are guarantees; after all, because Game 82 is essentially meaningless, some of these players may not even dress. We saw the Flames sit a number of guys before their 2015 playoffs began; on the other hand, the Flames haven’t left it to the last minute to clinch this time around, so there may not be as much reason for anybody to sit. Besides, with the team not exactly playing at its best since clinching, it may be more important for everyone to get their reps in.

While they’re doing that, here’s what’s within reach – with some milestones much more likely to be reached than others.

This season


  • Sean Monahan needs three to hit 30.
  • Johnny Gaudreau needs two to hit 20.
  • Michael Frolik needs three to hit 20.
  • Alex Chiasson needs two to hit a new career high of 14.

Mikael Backlund, Micheal Ferland, and Dougie Hamilton have already hit new career highs this season.


  • Mark Giordano needs three to hit 30.
  • Kris Versteeg needs three to hit 30.
  • Matt Stajan needs three to hit 20 (something he hasn’t done since his first full season with the Flames).
  • Michael Frolik needs one to hit a new career high of 28.
  • Deryk Engelland needs two to hit a new career high of 14.

Mikael Backlund and Dougie Hamilton have already hit new career highs this season.


  • Sean Monahan needs two to hit 60.
  • Dougie Hamilton needs one to hit 50.
  • Matthew Tkachuk needs three to hit 50.
  • Mark Giordano needs one to hit 40.
  • Kris Versteeg needs three to hit 40.
  • Michael Frolik needs two to hit a new career high of 46.
  • Deryk Engelland needs two to hit a new career high of 18.

Mikael Backlund, Micheal Ferland, and Dougie Hamilton have already hit new career highs this season.


  • Mark Giordano needs one to hit 100 goals.
  • Dennis Wideman needs one to hit 100 goals.
  • Brodano12

    6-2 win for us. Goals by Johnny x2, Monahan x3, Gio x1, with assists Hamilton x1, Frolik x2, Tkachuk x3, Engelland x2, Gio x1 and Gaudreau x3. Almost every gets their marks and we head into the offseason feeling hella good.

      • class1div1

        We’re being head down a path here.Just go with the flow.Pretty soon you’ll think this web designer is brilliant.Dont ever question these guys.They have stats behind them.

      • Ari Yanover

        Hey guys,

        Just wanted to pass along when I see comments on the site/comment layout I am passing them along. I’ve been told the ability to edit will come back, but automatically seeding comments from oldest to newest is going to be a while longer as there are other, behind-the-scenes stuff taking priority.

        Of course nothing happens as quickly as we’d like but I agree with you guys and I just want you to know your voices are being heard, you aren’t shouting into the void when you complain, it’s just it takes longer for the people who can, like, actually fix stuff to do something about it.

        • class1div1

          Thanks Ari.. I was beginning to think the Nation was trying to conform and adapt a standard that was as lame as the leagues website,and possibly sell it to them.

        • Rocket66

          I wish people could read. This site says flames nation not oilers I do enjoy reading flames fans comments and right ups. Having to read oiler fan comments makes me wonder if there should be an age requirement on this site. Maybe that would stop the childish unwelcome visitors

          • Not a First Tier Fan

            Isn’t it kindof sad that reading comments from someone who supports something different from you threatens you so much that you want those people banned from writing anything where you might read it?

            You should think about that. Just cause I root for another team doesn’t mean that I can’t be interested in or have an opinion on what’s going on with my teams closest competitor…

        • Burning Ring of Fire

          Ari, thank you for responding. It’s been frustrating because I don’t think anyone has to this point. If people realize that comments are being shared and changes may be in the works it means a lot for FN posters to know this.

  • Jakethesnail

    Oilers top three in goals have combined for 85 goals and the rest of team has accounted for 150 which works out to the top line notching 36% of the goals.

    Calgary’s top line have accounted for 27% of their goals. (60 goals for Gaudreau,Monahan,and Ferland) .The rest of the players scored 161.

    So Calgary’s remainder of the team scores 73% of the goals as opposed to 64% for the Oilers.

    Proof that the Oilers are hardly a one man or one line team.

    Edmonton’s top guys are just more elite than Calgary’s are.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    Coilers have only 4- 20+ actually, but Pathetically Only 4 other Coilers to pass the 10 goal mark… Flames Have 2- 20+ & 10 with 10+ goals… That is called a balanced team as opposed to Only a One Line Team… Hope that helps you Taylor! Yippy-yay for the Lottery!

  • cjc

    That was the weakest troll ever. If anyone can speak from experience about sucking, it’s Edmonton. I mean the city, not the hockey club. It’s not McDavid’s fault their fans are insufferable.

  • RedMan

    Hey guys, you should show a little Mercy on the oiler fans attempting to troll. Yes, they’re trolling attemps are weak, but You just have to realize that most of these guys have never had this opportunity in their lifetime because they’ve been in last place for so long.
    Go ahead oiler fans, troll away. Do it while you still have the chance!

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    Way to cherry-pick stats. Taking your example further, Oilers have 17 players who have scored between 1 and 10 goals. Shames only have 6. Oilers also have the better record in Goals For, Goals Against and Goal Differential.

    Is that enough Balanced Team for you? Or should we go through more stats categories?

    All that said – Flames still have a positive Diff. And despite the horrible start they had to the season they aren’t far behind the Oilers in the stats.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    I didn’t Cherry pick(Do you know what that even means?) pointing out your Coilers have so many with fewer than ten goals is hardly something to get excited about!!! Maybe you should troll up little Coiler fan “Himynameistaylor” who started by the idiot troll in the first place … But thanks for playing… BTW Flames have 9 not 6 But I Guess everything is upside-down for may Coilers fans right now! Pls try to get some Oxygen to your over inflated heads before you wet your pants from the excitement of making the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. 🙂 Cheers!

  • Sober rock guy

    Why would you want a fourth round pick that has scored at least 60 points every season, when you could have a first overall that hasn’t scored 60 points once.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    Actually that was text-book cherry picking. You took specifically only the stats that might help make your argument rather than using the whole picture. Oilers have more players with 8 goals, which is only two less than your arbitrary cut-off of ten. But you ignored that and just went with ten+…

    I might have gone dyslexic-like with the numbers. My bad. Math – meh…

    Wasn’t trying to troll – even said something nice about the Flames at the end of my comment. But I see it was lost on ya. Just like reality. But good on ya for representing the stupidly ignorant.