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Treliving and Gulutzan share their year-end thoughts

The annual ritual of Garbage Bag Day down at the Scotiabank Saddledome ended with another annual ritual. General manager Brad Treliving and head coach Glen Gulutzan held court with the media in a roughly half-hour long press conference. All of the audio is available elsewhere, but we wanted to break out a few interesting quotes and notes that were brought up during their gab-fest.

“In time, the pain will go away. In time you can really, with a clear lens, look at the regular season. I think there’s a lot to be proud of with this team, in the regular season. I said it at the end of the regular season, I think the guy to my left is the main reason our team got into the playoffs. I think the job Glen and the coaching staff did was excellent. I think there was real growth with this team, on a number of different levels.” – Treliving, sharing general thoughts on the season and how it ended.

“I look back to two years ago. I thought we were overwhelmed. I don’t think we were overwhelmed at all [this time]. At certain critical times, we didn’t get things done to a certain extent. Maybe a bounce here or a bounce there. I firmly believe you make your own luck sometimes. We’ll spend some time analyzing it a little bit more. That’s a really good team over there, but I don’t think we took a back seat.” – Treliving, on how he felt about the Flames’ playoff performance against the Ducks.

Treliving downplayed his own contractual situation: “That’ll get dealt with when it gets dealt with. That’s not for today.”

Asked whether Gaudreau was good enough for his team during the playoffs. Gulutzan noted that his line out-chanced their opposition handily in their line match-up with the Ducks. “It just never went for them.”

“He had an impact on the series. He’s been one of those guys, we talked a lot about a guy that’ll be able to play in mid-April and beyond. You hear it all the time: there’s no space, there’s no room. He battled, he competed, he had tons of pushback, could play in those hard areas, could play the game that usually is played.” – Treliving, on Sam Bennett’s performance in the playoffs. He also singled out Sean Monahan for praise.

“We’re not sitting here talking about a first round playoff series if they don’t perform like they do, both of them, at different parts of the season. Let’s not forget that.” – Treliving, on Chad Johnson and Brian Elliott. He took the long way around in saying the team will evaluate their options in the off-season.

Gulutzan praised several players for being strong voices in the room during the year, particularly when he was trying to get players to execute the new system: Troy Brouwer, Matt Stajan, Deryk Engelland, Brian Elliott and Mark Giordano were specifically named. He noted he’s most proud of the growth with the group this year. “I can honest say that I’ve never witnessed a team at any level that I’ve coached at over the past 16 years grow as much as this team has this year.”

Treliving mentioned several players for the Stockton Heat as impressing and possibly pushing for jobs in 2017-18. Specifically named were Mark Jankowski, Rasmus Andersson, Oliver Kylington, Andrew Mangiapane, Ryan Lomberg, Garnet Hathaway and Hunter Shinkaruk. “It’s going to be interesting at training camp next year. There are going to be people that are really pushing for jobs.”

Treliving praised Versteeg’s contributions to the Flames this past season. He noted they’d have no problem bringing Versteeg back, though he also joked about “little things” like cap hit and term being all that was standing in their way. “Kris had a great year for us and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

  • The GREAT WW

    Marner in the Babcock dog house?
    A trade for Bennett seems inevitable…
    Both 4th overall picks, both could use a change of scenery….
    Marner with a bit better hands, Bennett more physical….


          • Pyroflatulence

            Unlike you, I DO NOT and NEVER WILL go to another teams site and troll it like you do. Connor is a good player and person and YOU lack class and disrespect him by using his name in your profile to troll this site the way you do. Get a life, go to your own teams website, and do whatever it is you do there.

          • Spartachris

            We are doing just fine up here firefart…..thanks. We have one of the best teams in the league, and Forbes and the hockey writers say the 5th best fan base.
            You can have your unimpressive history and under sized and skilled team, leave the job of bringing the cup back to Alberta to the Oilers.

          • Pyroflatulence

            Johnny’s back. You need help. This is not a joke and you know you need it. If you call Alberta Mental Health at 1-877-303-2642 they will listen and help people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I will not respond to any posts from you. Do yourself and loved ones a favour and call them.

  • Newbietwo

    Watching those exit interviews you really get a sense they are going to make training this off season count.. of all of them I was very curious about both Bouma and Stajan more so Bouma.. they were pissed getting scratched and their roles this year.. but reality is we need those spots for others.. even eating salary in a trade I don’t see the flames having them around next year.. not with the Lazars and Freddie’s and Jankowski..

    I strongly believe we will sign both Versteeg and Chiason.. no doubt actually..

    I also think when the Flames look at it that Elliot and Johnson are coming back.. unless they get bigger offers in all these cases but one gets the sense these guys really do I mean all of them come back..

    I don’t see both Stone and Engelland coming back.. they can both penalty kill but majority of the time we have relied on Engelland to do so and we are 5th best in kills past seasons..

    So when it comes down to it I think we will see us add one top 4 defender and a top 6 forward

    Versteeg will sign if he will take a two year deal between 2.5 and 3 million

    Chiason will sign if we offer him 2 million on a one or two year because he is young he will take it

    Engs will sign only if it’s a 2 year deal because he wants to play so term will hinge on if he signs with us but it will be in 2 mill range

    Stone will sign only if it’s 3 years plus and at 3 million plus so good chance we don’t see him again I’m afraid to say because other teams are going to want him and engs I’m sure of it

    Elliot will sign for 3 million and it will again hinge on term because he is 32 and this might be the exact reason we don’t have him back

    Johnson will sign for 2 million and I don’t think there will be a lot of major term options for him elsewhere so we have leverage.. 21 teams are set with goalies remember

    Bouma will be traded and we will eat $500k and get a 5th rounder on draft day

    Stajan will go to Vegas because it’s a smart move for Vegas to take him

    Brouwer will be on this team next year because we are stuck with his cap hit and no one will take that on period.. unless we go to Vegas and say take him and we give you next years 2nd rounder also or something.. there’s a very small chance that can happen only because Vegas needs to reach the salary cap minimum

    Ferland will get 2 years at $2 million or 4 years at $2.5 million

    Bennet will get 2.75 million two years

    That will leave us roughly -13 million for top found defender and top 6 winger.. the Brouwer thing really does screw things up but we can make it work..

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    After watching the Heat’s first playoff game a 4-0 loss (1 -EN)_ to SJ’s Goalie -Troy Grosenick (in his 4th professional season) who Channelled his inner Dominik Hasek and stopped 3 Unbelievable chances in the third alone off of Hunter Shinkaruk and then Mark Jankowski (I missed the third guy who probably should have buried it).
    I came away with a few talking points (I know only one game, but).
    Defence~ Brett Kulak will be playing in the NHL Next year either with the Flames or Vegas, the kid is that good! Way better than Our current bottom 2 and maybe even better than Stone.
    Oliver Kylington – is getting there! Not yet, but he is really starting to put it together.
    Rasmus Andersson – Has to find another skating gear (and stay playing there) or he will not be able to keep the pace in the NHL.
    Tyler Wotherspoon – Solid, Steady and Consistent, Nothing jumps out overly offensively good or bad defensively.
    Adam Ollas Mattsson – might just be the best kept secret in the Flames organization, The kid didn’t get any playing time in the playoff game but I watched a couple heat games with him playing and to say totally surprised is an understatement. (Keep your ears open in the future)
    Jon Gillies – had another “Meh” game, His consistency is starting to be a bit worrisome? Gillies may really need at least a couple more solid years in the AHL to get to where he needs to be.

    • ThisBigMouthIsRight

      Forwards~ 5 guys stood out for me this game. Mark Jankowski, Garnet Hathaway, Hunter Shinkaruk, Ryan Lomberg and Morgan Klimchuk. All for different reasons and all for Good reasons.
      Coaching~ Watching the Barracuda was like watching a Jr. NHL team… Unfortunately (to me) watching the Heat was kinda like watching the Kelowna Rockets “all star team” They just didn’t seem to have that ready for the NHL feel to them? Maybe the Heat really do need someone with NHL coaching experience and teach/apply a system closer to an NHL Level of play.

      Anyways – I know its hard to find and watch Heat games on the net so I’m going to give the name of the sight where I found it possible to watch the AHL & CHL games… Its-> onhockey.tv (disclaimer – I have nothing to do with this web page, so go there at your own risk. All I know is I can find & watch a lot of games there.)

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      I am a big fan of Rasmus. Personally, I see him as the most likely D prospect to crack the Flames line up. I did not notice his speed to be a limiting factor when he played his one game in the NHL.

      I have not seen any Heat games but I have followed the team on line this year and listened to coaches comments. Huska says Rasmus has been his best defender this year as indicated by his top pairing usage and best plus/minus.

      The report summary of last night’s game indicated the best heat players were Janko, Hath, Lomberg, Shink, Ras, and Gillies. What are your thoughts?

      • ThisBigMouthIsRight

        I’ll admit I was watching both the Heat & Sens Bruins game at the same time and taking care of Domestic Duties w/kids… So I’m sure I missed quite a bit of the highs and lows of each player. To me Rass didn’t pop out at me at all(not saying he didn’t at times?) but I did notice he constantly seemed to be slower to get back to the puck in the D-zone? it might just have been coincidence? or that it seemed that when I was watching. Hopefully next game I’ll be able to better focus on all of it and see a different player than what the small window I had a chance to see last night… I saw 3 of the Goals against… I hope that isn’t Gillies best… I’ve seen him play way better, That is why I just gave his performance a “Meh” soft ones sometimes go in. especially when the ghost of Friggen Dominik Hasek has possessed the goalie at the other end. Hope the Heat can turn it up and make a real series of it and make a long playoff run. Cheers!

  • BlueMoonNigel

    Conroy as the Flames new GM? I could get used to the sound of that. The Mouth that Roared is a lot more entertaining in interviews than Tre will ever be, so he is a lot easier on the ears. With the exception of Lanny and Badger, was there ever a Flame who was more optimistic and upbeat than Conny? Conny may well have talent as a GM. Ex-players as GMs is a crapshoot. Yzerman is great and Sakic blows. The Little Goalie may be the best GM in the game today, but HOF goalie Rogie Vachon was a horrible GM. Is Conroy ready to be an NHL or does he need more schooling? I can’t answer that. I do know that the Flames would be very wise to keep Conroy in the fold. The kid is gold. Heck, throw in the broadcast booth with Wills when Lubo needs a night off. Conny won’t miss a beat.

    • Cfan in Van

      That’s ridiculous. A bunch of experience and a decent track record, for a complete crap shoot who is “more entertaining than Tre will ever be…” A good interview does not equal a good GM.

  • T&A4Flames

    @ Spartachris
    “leave the job of bringing the cup back to Alberta to the Oilers.”. Well, everyone’s been waiting 11 years. Should we wait another decade or just go out and get it done ourselves.
    Oiler arrogance back in force.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Oiler fans need to get over the idea that Edmonton is a much bigger and heavier team than Calgary.

    Calgary- 74 inches/201 lbs

    Edmonton – 73.6 inches/202 lbs

    2016-17 NHL teams by height, weight and age
    The usual annual stats compilation. These are based on opening night 23-man rosters and do not include players on injured reserve.

    Ht HRk Wt WRk Age ARk
    ANA 73.6 10 202.2 14 27.7 12
    ARI 73.4 13 201.2 16 26.6 23
    BOS 73.0 23 197.9 25 27.8 10
    BUF 73.4 17 207.1 2 26.2 26
    CGY 74.0 3 200.9 18 27.2 20
    CAR 73.6 10 199.4 20 25.9 27
    CHI 72.7 28 195.3 29 28.1 7
    COL 73.7 6 209.7 1 28.2 4
    CBJ 73.3 18 206.3 5 25.5 30
    DAL 74.0 3 206.7 4 28.3 3
    DET 73.4 13 201.1 17 28.2 6
    EDM 73.6 8 202.0 15 25.8 28
    FLA 72.7 26 198.6 24 27.9 9
    LAK 74.0 2 207.0 3 28.2 5
    MIN 73.4 15 200.9 19 27.4 17
    MTL 72.5 29 199.0 23 27.5 16
    NSH 72.7 26 202.4 12 27.2 19
    NJD 72.7 25 197.8 26 26.9 22
    NYI 72.8 24 202.3 13 27.3 18
    NYR 73.6 8 204.0 9 26.9 21
    OTT 73.0 21 199.2 21 28.0 8
    PHI 72.4 30 196.4 28 27.7 11
    PIT 73.0 20 197.4 27 28.4 2
    SJS 73.1 19 203.1 11 28.9 1
    STL 73.5 12 206.1 6 27.6 15
    TB 73.4 16 199.2 22 26.5 24
    TOR 73.0 22 203.3 10 25.7 29
    VAN 73.7 6 194.9 30 27.6 14
    WSH 73.9 5 204.7 8 27.7 13
    WPG 74.4 1 205.6 7 26.4 25
    Average 73.3 201.7 27.3
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  • Southboy

    Hey T&A4Flames, calling them Oiler fans arrogant for bringing the cup back to Alberta, but waiting 11 years is far more arrogant when it is them that brought the last one to alberta, hard for us to call them out when we are worse off. Just trying to save some face for us.