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Brad Treliving signs new contract with Flames


The first key signing of the offseason has been wrapped up, as the team has extended general manager Brad Treliving.

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Teams rarely release contract details of executives and non-player personnel, but at least we know it is a multi-year extension. The Flames’ GM was reportedly a big target of interest for the Buffalo Sabres, but has chosen to remain with the club that gave him his first big-name opportunity.

Under Treliving’s guidance, the team has reached the NHL postseason twice in three years. He’s added key pieces like Dougie Hamilton and Michael Frolik, and helped lock up others like Mikael Backlund, T.J. Brodie, Mark Giordano, Sean Monahan, and Johnny Gaudreau. His draft acumen has been widely praised too, picking current NHLers Sam Bennett and Matthew Tkachuk, and adding promising pieces in Dillon Dube, Tyler Parsons, Adam Fox, Matthew Phillips, Oliver Kylington, etcetera (because there’s quite a few names).

He’s got quite the shopping list this offseason. The Flames need to sign a few RFAs and replace half of their defence and potentially two of their goalies. He’s made his slip-ups, but there’s not many other executives I would trust in for such a big task.

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As of right now, there’s no word on whether or not other executives, such as assistant GM Craig Conroy, have been extended.

  • Stu Cazz

    Other than Byron and the 2014 draft Treliving gets an A+ from me. He works well with Burke and he has respect within the league and his peers.The GG hiring was a positive and brings even more stability for the next few years. He will now be judged on this offseason specifically 1) Goaltending 2) 2nd pairing D 3) Skilled RW. Future looks bright….

    • everton fc

      Brouwer was a bad signing. Perhaps BT’s worst move (Engelland earned every loonie of his inflated salary). But BT deserved to be re-signed. Two playoff appearances in three years is far better than many of the prior GM regimes.

      • Rudy27

        No argument on Brouwer being a big disappointment. But from a GM perspective, Tree was getting a big veteran winger that averaged over 40 points per season for the last several years. Maybe he paid a bit much at the time, but that’s common with UFA’s and you are expecting the player to perform close to his average. If we are stuck with him again this year, hopefully he can get his game back to where it was over the past few years.

  • JoelOttosJock

    I was hoping him and burke went to buffalo and conroy was given a chance..oh well..hopefully he has learnt from his donkey signings ie brouwer..donkey resignins ie gio.

  • RKD

    Finally the Flames have signed BT, great decision. He’s done a lot of good things and I expect he will be working hard to improve areas of our team, new goaltender, top 4 d-man and another top 6 forward. The Flames are trending in the right direction with a solid core now it just needs to translate into playoff success.

      • DKramer

        Hamilton trade, Brodie extension, Frolik signing, The complete overhaul of prospects in our minor team system, Both the Monahan and Gaudreau extensions? And going into the season both of the Elliott and Johnson moves looked really good. Elliott not playing like he career suggests he would isn’t on Treliving. He’s made mistakes, but wow you don’t pay any attention to the Flames if you think all he’s done well is draft.

        • everton fc

          The Elliott signing wasn’t a bad one. And I think Elliott is an adequate goalie for us in a tandem situation. The Johnson signing was also a good one, but Johnson seems to need more action to retain consistency. When he sits for a while, he gets a bit “stale” coming back between the pipes, at times…

        • JoelOttosJock

          No..i just believe his mistakes are bigger..buying out masin raymond..the gio resigning..the goaltending fiasco..brouwer..i will agree Hamilton was a great move..as was the frolik digning and btodie resign. You can polish a turd all you want..its still a turd..and he messed around too long and had johnny not in camp..cmon..get this kid someone to play with. Get rid of burke. He is the epitomy of donkey..look at his track record..anahiem..vancouver..toronto..all had to have rebiilds because of that neanderthal.

        • #97TRAIN

          People are whining about Lucic’s year. Everyone thought he was going to come and get 35 goals with McDavid but his 50 points are pretty much in line with his yearly averages. As it looks right now pretty good for the Oilers in the second round with a 2-1 lead and still have 2 home games and have beaten Anaheim twice at home.

          • MontanaMan

            The Lucic deal will go down as one of the worst deals in NHL history. Don’t forget this is year one. Come back and discuss in year three, four, five and six.

  • freethe flames

    Now that BT is signed let’s not worry about his past because we can argue that he has done both good and bad deals; the real question is what does he do going forward. He no longer can blame Feaster for bad contracts the only bad one’s left are his or Burkes. He has much of his core signed long term at relatively sound deals but now needs to get the rest of his young core signed and acquire a starting goaltender that can grow with this team.

  • everton fc

    What BT does this summer will be his fingerprint on the organization. If he can find stable goaltending on the cheap, find a way to prmote at least 2 prospects for defence (Kulak, Andersson or Wotherspoon?) or promote one prospect defender, re-sign Stone on the cheap, and sign another defender of quality, but w/an affordable cap hit…

    If he can parlay prospects and/or picks on draft day to land us a quick, hopefully “Ferland-like” RW….

    If he can re-sign Versteeg to a decent contract, so he can play out his career here (if done cheap, I’m okay w/this…)

    We shall see how it goes. No baggage now, except the baggage BT created for himself (Bouma, and in particular, Brouwer). Anymore signings like Brouwer and this team will not progress to the level I think it can progress. The Pens are winning against the Caps w/speed. The Caps defence can’t match the speed of the Pens forwards. This is the direction to go – more speed on the front-end, and the back-end. We are moving in that direction, but on the backend, being able to match the speed of the opponents forwards – in fact, to better it – is the difference these days, in many games, particularly the playoffs. Which is why Andersson needs to stay in shape – Kylington’s speed may make him the more valuable prospect, long-term – IF he can learn to play defence a little better, which I think he will.