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FN on Air: Talking Treliving and Goaltending

Now that Brad Treliving is signed, the Calgary Flames organization has a few clear priorities this summer: get a goaltender, prepare for the expansion draft, and look for depth options on the wing and the blueline.

Allan Mitchell invited me to talk about all this and more on Lowedown with Lowetide today. Have a listen:

    • BlueMoonNigel

      NHL will not or cannot protect its players. Refs will not or cannot either. Players refuse to show proper respect for their opponents. Only one solution: return of the knuckle draggers. Do you really think Ovi and Matty would have tag-teamed Sidney if they had to answered to Battleship Kelly? I sure don’t.

      Do you think the likes of Suter and Stall, who saw Johnny as just a piece of wood to chop and hack at would have seen Johnny in a different light if Paul Baxter or Ronny Stern were Flames?

      The tragic passing of Sasha the Masha during these playoffs has made me wonder how differently the Ducks-Flames series would have been if Kessler, Getzlaf and Perry had to answer to Sasha. Sasha would have clean knocked Kessler into orbit. Perry would have wet himself night after night during the anthems just seeing Sasha standing opposite him. As for Getzlaf, Sasha would have ripped the stick out of old baldy’s hands and fed it to him.

  • Flint

    Please no to Bishop. As well, I can’t understand why Fleury’s name keeps coming up and no Halak. Every measure favors Halak. His career evsv% is better .923 vs .920. His raw sv% is better .917 vs .912 He’s younger 31 vs 32. His contract is better and less risk 1yr@4.75 vs 2yrs @5.75. He’s put up better numbers on worse teams. He’ll cost much less to aquire in trade because the Isle have a three-headed monster.

    Treliving, I know you’re not listening, but please hear me somehow: Halak and Hickey. At least solve your 1B, and get someone to replace Bartowski. Halak and Hickey… the Islanders have no room for either, they even had Hickey playing wing for a while cause the D was full. Halak…. Hickey…. Thanks Tre!

  • redwhiteblack

    Liked Kent’s take on the pipes. We could have a starter in 2-4 years so avoid a long term contract in net. Fleury for 2 would work well.

    Bring in one good depth option for: 1) The blueline. 2) The wing.
    Avoid other long term Brouwer like deals.

    Bring up Jankowski and Kulak if LV passes on him (crossed finger emoji). Hope one of Ras or Oliver can make the jump.

    • Stu Cazz

      I tend to agree. The Fleury option gives you a quality goalie and short term commitment. I doubt that Bishop will ever sign here unless Flames throw stupid money and term at him. Given his injury prone history and the development of Gillies and Parsons Im not sure we should go there….

  • everton fc

    No to Bishop. Halak would be okay if the Isles ate some cap. I get the idea of Halak, though. Elliott and Halak wouldn’t be bad, if you can afford it for a season, to see if/when one of the other goalies (Rittich/Gillies/Parsons) is ready. I also like Fleury if Brouwer can be moved the other way.

    I like the idea of Rittich as backup. But look where Ortio’s playing these days…