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The Flames’ picks are set for the 2017 NHL Draft

The Nashville Predators beat the St. Louis Blues to advance to the Western Conference Final series. That result has a bit of importance for the Calgary Flames in terms of the order for the upcoming NHL Draft at the end of June. Nashville was the only team qualifying for the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs that

That result has a bit of importance for the Calgary Flames in terms of the order for the upcoming NHL Draft at the end of June, as Nashville was the only team qualifying for the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs that was behind the Flames in the overall standings.

By virtue of advancing to the final four of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Nashville will also draft in the final four… which bumps the Flames up a spot in the draft order. As a result, the Flames’ placement in the draft order has been locked in.

Picks they have

As of right now, the Flames have five selections in the 2017 NHL Draft:

  • 16th overall (1st round)
  • 109th overall (4th round)
  • 140th overall (5th round)
  • 171st overall (6th round)
  • 202nd overall (7th round)

Picks they traded

The Flames shipped out two of their picks in trades prior to the trade deadline:

  • 46th overall (2nd round), traded to Ottawa in the Curtis Lazar trade
  • 76th overall (3rd round), traded to Arizona in the Michael Stone trade

Available at 16th overall

A while ago, Christian T. whipped up this handy albeit early guide to the 2017 draft. The mid-first round is a guessing game, but here are some of the potential pieces of interest:

  • Nicholas Suzuki: a right-shooting centre who quietly put up one of the best OHL seasons all while being one of the youngest players in the draft this year. He’s arguably the gem of the first round outside of the top two picks, and if things break right, he could fall to the Flames.
  • Lias Andersson: son of former NHLer Niklas, Lias has stood out in the Swedish pro ranks for simply being there. He was an important member of the SHL champion HV71, scoring 19 points in 45 games.
  • Juuso Valimaki: this Finnish defenceman scored just over a point per game (61 in 60), leading all WHL draft-eligibles in those categories.
  • Kailer Yamamoto: falling just short of 100 points, this tiny dynamic winger will prove to be an exciting pick.
  • Nicolas Hague: one of the top-ranked defenders in the draft, Hague has size and a mean streak in addition to defensive sturdiness and intelligence.
  • Eeli Tolvanen: although projected to go a bit higher than where the Flames will draft, Tolvanen is a project player with all the tools to make a great NHLer and could slip to the good guys. He’ll be taking his talents to Boston College next year.
  • supra steve

    Should there not be 31 picks per round this June, not the traditional 30 picks? That would make the picks you listed that they’ve traded, “46th and 76th” after selecting 16th in the first round, seem incorrect.

    • Skylardog

      So I proposed this a day or 2 ago and got slammed badly. But lets explain it

      Gio to Las Vegas for a guarantee they take Brouwer. Cap savings is 11.25 million.
      Then resign Backlund early for about $5.5 I figure. Make sure he never gets to UFA.
      That frees up tons of cash to get Tavares in 2018 free agency. Could go $9 to $10 million over 7 to 8 seasons for him. Puts him at 36 when contract runs out.
      That’s about $14.5 mill for Backlund and Tavares, we found $11.5 already. Stajan, Bouma, Wideman and Engelland coming off the books in the next 14 months leaves another $13.49.

      Kulak will be the Flame chosen without a move. The LV deal secures our best D-Man prospect in Kulak who will make the roster next year, unless LV takes him.

      • BlueMoonNigel

        It doesn’t do anything to solve the goaltending issue and in addition to trying to find a #4 defenceman, we have lost a #1. Your thinking goes totally against the rationale of building from the net out.

        • Skylardog

          And the building from the net out has been working? We arguably had the best D-core 2 years ago. We added a top player in Hamilton, yet are we better today at that position or worse? We are worse.
          And did it work? No. We were not as good this year as we were two years ago. The defense is now a weakness. It has to be a solid full team approach.

          Are we a cup contender next year? No. So fully solving the goaltending problem next season is not critical. Sign Elliot or Johnson again (known commodities) and then find out what Rittich or Gillies can do. One will step up. I personally like Elliott as a 1A next year with Rittich, and as a 1B or number 2 with Rittich in 2018. If it is Gillies then so be it. If it is neither then we need to go hunting. But look at the goalies that will be free agents in 2018.

      • supra steve

        Now try explaining the deal from the Isles point of view. It makes no sense. Take on an ageing and declining winger who makes too much money for the next 3 seasons, and take on a top pairing 34 yr old (by start of next season) making $6.75 million for the next 5 seasons. All that while you have no clue if you will make the playoffs next season, or the following season, or the following season. Any team that would give a premium asset for a player like Gio has to be in the hunt to win a Cup, otherwise why pick up a Gio? And those teams will be giving up younger assets, not a mid 20s top line C, because they are looking to win a Cup.

        • Skylardog

          NYI get nothing. Tavares is a free agent at the end of next season, and he isn’t going to stay in Brooklyn. Read it again. Tavares will be the best available UFA in 10 years come next July.

          The only option is to trade Tavares next trade deadline to get something for him, but that does not guarantee he signs with the team he goes to.

          LV needs salary. They must meet the bare minimum spending. They need some veterans. The bigger the salary, the more room they have for prospects (RFAs at min contracts). Gio would make sense to LV. He is a great leader. He could lead a team of young guys.

          The problem is no trade contracts. Those players must be protected in the expansion draft. If what I am seeing is true, Brouwer also must be protected. We are losing a top prospect the way it is going. If Brouwer is protected too, then Lazar or Ferland or Kulak are gone.

          The very reason you all argue that no one wants Gio and his salary, is the very reason the Flames need to do anything possible to move him. If no one else should want him, then why do we? Think about what you are all saying. You are all contradicting yourselves.

          Gios term is right now the major stubbling block to a chance for a cup run in 3 – 4 years. He is slightly marketable right now. In 2 to 3 years he is unmovable.

          Calgary needs to find out where the young guys are at. Opening spots next season is key to getting answers as to who is NHL quality. Moving Gio opens up another spot next season for a player in our system to get NHL experience.

          • Rockmorton65

            So many things wrong here, I don’t even know where to start.

            1. Vegas will not have any problems reaching the floor. First, they only need to reach a percentage of it this year and be fully compliant next year. In two FA seasons, I think they’ll be ok.
            2. No trade contracts do not need to be protected. Only full no MOVE clauses do. The Flames don’t have any, so there’s no problem there.
            3. Gio is the captain, leader, defensive cornerstone and a pillar in the community. He is also mentoring Monahan to do the same. “Asset management&” doesn’t apply to Gio. Similar to how Detroit didn’t trade Yzerman in the 90’s, barring a breakdown of the relationship, I think Gio retires a Flame.
            4. You don’t need 4 defensive spots to know where the youth is at. If a prospect earns a position, the team will make space for them.

          • supra steve

            I “read it again”, still makes no sense to me from the Isles perspective. If they feel they have to move Tavares and they target D, they should be seeking a younger D-man from a club like Anaheim or Nashville, because those teams stand to lose good D-men in the expansion draft. That makes some sense if they feel they will lose Tavares next summer. But then the team that trades for him will want to sign him before a deal is completed, that also makes sense. Tavares for Gio and Brouwer is just a fan wishing for the moon.

          • Skylardog

            So if they don’t need protecting because we don’t have any no move clause contracts then it would work then – that’s what you are saying. Love the contradictions by people on this site.

      • cjc

        Even if the moves made sense here, the problem is that you also need to replace Stajan, Bouma, Wideman and Engelland on the roster anyway. Yes their money could theoretically go to signing Tavares, but you also need to fill those spots on the roster.

        We may lose Kulak, but let’s be realistic: he’s a 23 year old defenseman with 3 points in 30 NHL games and okay possession numbers with sheltered zone starts. While he may be measurably better than Wideman/Engelland/Stone, he is far from a proven commodity. Losing him would suck, but it’s not the end of the world, and not worth trading Giordano (who is still a damn good defenseman) to protect.

      • SmellOfVictory

        Your plan takes a team that has an issue with lack of defensive depth and completely destroys that defensive depth. Then you make the completely unwarranted assumption that the Flames have any chance of signing Tavares at all. Huge issues, not to mention the optics of trading the team’s captain a year into his new contract.

    • Rockmorton65

      The problem is the deal doesn’t do much for either team.

      With Monny, Backs and Bennett down the middle, plus Janko knocking on the door, Tavares would be stacking our strongest position while losing Gio would weaken an area we need to improve in. Spending 20 mil for our top 3 centres while our defence and goal situations could use some renovation? A kind of one step forward, but a huge step back for the Flames.

      And the Isles just give away their franchise, heart & soul player just to upgrade their top 4 D & take on a whack of dead cap? Don’t think they’d do it.

      • Skylardog

        Again – read above. There is no trade with NYI. They are not involved. They are losing Tavares in 2018, and there is nothing they can do about it.
        As for centres, Bennett is not working out there as well as hoped. But how is this for a set of lines in 2018.
        Tkachuk Tavares Bennett
        Gaudreau Monahan Lazar (check out his Goals/60 stats with us, although Ltd games)
        Shinkaruk/Klimchuk or Other Backlund Frolik
        Cheap UFA or RFA Janko Ferland

        One of the problems in the Anaheim series (we were -41 as a team even strength) is that Backlund’s line checked Getzlafs line to about a draw. Monahan’s line was no match for Kesler’s line. So we relied on line 3 and 4 to make the difference. They were outgunned badly. We must have another line that can make a difference.
        D-man wise we need to see what the kids can do. Kulak is good enough. Anderson, Kylington, who knows. But we must find out next season what we have.

        • Rockmorton65

          Bennett is only 20 and lost an entire pro season to surgery. Plus with how Monny & Backs are doing, Sam only needs to develop into an elite 2/3 C to be a win. His play in the playoffs suggest he can get there. I wouldn’t write him off until he’s, say, 23. Or three more seasons from now.

          The Monahan/Gaudreau line dominated the Ducks, possession wise in the series, it just didn’t show on the scoreboard.

          I’m guessing with all the coaches, trainers & scouts the Flames/Heat employ, they have a pretty good idea “what the kids can do”.

          • Skylardog

            Monahan/Gaudreau/Ferland – combined for -12, no goals or assists even strength. Yes dominated SAT, but Kesler could care less about shots for. His sole purpose is to shut down scoring by the opposing teams best line. He gets an A+ in the series.

          • BlueMoonNigel

            An elite 3rd line centre? Reminds me of the old Woolco store where even the lowliest sales associate was given the handle “department specialist.”

            When I think about the guys who were drafted after Bennett, I cringe at the thought of the highest draft pick in Flames history being a third liner–elite or ordinary. I expect way more from a #4 pick.

        • trox

          Let’s spell this out. No trade clauses require a player’s consent to a trade (either to any trade whatsoever or to any trade to a certain set of teams). A no-movement clause require a player’s consent to any trade, waiver or other “move” that would result in him not playing in the NHL for the team he signed with. Players with no movement clause must be protected in the expansion draft. Players with no trade clauses do not require protection becaus le LV claiming them is not a “trade”. Brouwer has a no trade clause and does not need to be protected. Clear?

  • Skylardog

    Last post I promise. Read it carefully.

    NYI is a bad franchise. Tavares WILL NOT resign there under any situation. He is a UFA in 2018. He can pick who he goes to in 2018. Money will be a big factor. Even if he is traded somewhere at the deadline next year, he has almost no incentive to sign with a team he goes to.

    Flames deal with Las Vegas, there are NO DEALS WITH NYI.

    Flames create enough cap space that they can easily bid for Tavares in 2018. We have a solid core that when Tavares is added, the Flames become a serious option for him to look at. We will need some help on defense, but still have some cap room to look at solid UFAs if the young guys don’t work out.

    We are a cup contender in 2018/2019 with Tavares and a few prospects falling into the right places.

    Losing Kulak to LV, Gio aging and a huge cap hit, and never finding that needed top 6 forward means we are not a contender through 2021.

    The trashing was flowing, but almost every comment contradicted what you were all saying. And most of you think we I am proposing a trade with NYI.

    • supra steve

      Where would anyone get the Idea that you were advocating trading Gio and Brouwer for Tavares?,,,,,”would you trade away Gio and Brouwer to get Tavares, etc.” Stupid everyone else contradicting themselves!

    • BlueMoonNigel

      One very small but vital point you are missing. If Tavares is, as you call him, “the best UFA in the next 10 years,” why on earth would he chose to play in a remote outpost on the Canadian prairies? McDavid had no choice, but Tavares has earned the choice where he decides to play. Whatever bread the Flames could offer him could be matched by other clubs. Six months of winter ain’t great, especially if you have a clause in your contract that forbids you from boarding or skiing during hockey season. Yeah, he could make a few extra bucks flogging Murray Chrysler, but he can do that elsewhere.

      If you check it out, the 3 clubs that appear on most NHL players no-trade list are Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. There is just no glam factor to any of those places.

      Just don’t see Tavaras signing with the Flames for any price.

    • cjc

      You’re worried about paying older players more than they are worth, but Calgary ends up paying $9 million+ for Tavares through what will possibly be several years of decline after his age 30 season. Huge risk at that cap hit. His counting numbers have declined for 2 straight years already.

    • RyanCoke

      The problem with your argument is that you are trying to get rid of 2 players with big salary this year for absolutely nothing. That in itself is a long shot and not even worth arguing about. Then your going a whole year without one of your best defenceman and only kulak to replace him. All this in hopes of shedding enough salary to sign Tavares over 1 year away. I would say that it is unlikely that Tavares even hits free agency. He may resign or be traded before free agency. There is too much ifs in your argument. If it all doesn’t go to plan then you just got rid of gio for nothing. You have all this salary space and will inevitably spend it on lesser players than both gio and tavares

  • madjam

    Would be great if you could get Tavares to sign on with Flames , but what would be the cost to team ? If I am Tavares I might be looking at Oilers and playing with Connor and the emerging Draisaitl . Oilers could easily give up Hopkins , Eberle and first round choice this year just to trade for him now and not have to wait for his UFA year . Another Canadian destination Tavares might consider is an emerging Leafs team . Just dollars unlikely to sway Tavares to top bidder if he is more interested in a shot for Stanley Cup in next year or two . If Oilers get to final 4 , there are several UFA’s that would want a chance to join that club , unlike Versteeg that made the wrong decision by going to the Flames this year .

    • BlueMoonNigel

      The Oilers and Leafs will soon find themselves in cap hell when the likes of McDavid and Matthews get their first real contracts. If I’m Vegas, we are at cap floor this year and then offer a pirate contract to McDavid next year–$15M/ yr. Oilers have to match. Following year we do the same thing with Matthews. Who knows, maybe we win that one.

      The point is that the Oilers and the Leafs are going to have to dole out some massive contracts in the next couple of years just to keep their young talent. I doubt there is going to be an extra $10 million plus lying around just for Tavares. Plus does he want to sign with a club where he will clearly be the #2 centre? The man does have some professional pride in spite of playing for the Islanders his entire career.

      • Tombstone

        people like you are so stupid thinking star players are going to cripple their teams chances of winning the Stanley Cup by taking huge contracts. Look at Toews, Kane and Kopitar they all won Stanley Cups. Tavares is staying in Long Island. He is a loyal.

        • SmellOfVictory

          I’d like to take this moment to point out that Toews, Kane, and Kopitar have won exactly zero Stanley Cups since their new giant contracts kicked in. Toews and Kane have been kicked out of the first round the past two years, and in the first year of his giant contract, Kopitar’s Kings didn’t even make the playoffs.

          • Tombstone

            Exactly they already won a Stanley cup for their teams and they were resigned before they were approaching UFA.
            Big difference with Auston Matthews and McDavid. They haven’t won any Stanley Cups and are approaching RFA

      • MillHoodsHockey4Life

        you seriously think the Oilers or Leafs will allow contract negotiations to go long enough to get caught in a position where a team can try an offer sheet?

        And in what world is Tavares the #2C behind Monahan?

  • Moneyball

    I would offer Johnny Hockey and Brower (or someone else) for Tavares. J.H wants to be on the east cost with his mom and then you would have a legit #1 and #2 centers.

  • Southboy

    JH and Brouwer for Tavares wouldnt even closely get that deal done, we would have to add a top prospect and a 1st rounder at the least. Otherwise the trade looks like this. Tavares, generational talent and franchise player, for JH, really great talent, but yet fully proven, and please take the worst contract in hockey, Brouwer. But i would trade a pile to have Monohan and Tavares up the middle for years:):)

    • everton fc

      Gaudreau is the first player the Isles would want in any deal for Tavares. Which is fair. Other players would be added (Andersson? Brodie??) Tavares is an elite player. He’ll bring back a nice return, if Snow and the Isles intelligently parlay him. I see him signing w/the Isles, though.

  • everton fc

    I bet BT and company move a player or two to get another pick (or two) prior to the 109th. Who that/those players may be, I haven’t analyzed in my head. Not sure we have anyone we could move outside the “core” who could get that type of return.

    We simply need to be patient one more year. We lose Wideman’s contract, Smid’s… I think we can move Bouma for a pick (albeit 4th/5th round, at best, but we need the roster space)… We need to focus on our defence and goaltending – and moving Bouma and Brouwer. I haven’t seen Hague play, but if Suzuki’s not around, he’s a very interesting pick. But we have to stay the course, see what guys like Hathaway, Jankowski, Shinkaruk, Klimchuk, Kulak, Lazar and yes, even Wotherspoon, may be able to bring to the roster in this final “bridge” year, in terms of having some real cap room.