Let’s talk jerseys: Which ones we have, which ones we want, and oh hey there’s a sale

You know what’s a good way to get a bunch of hardcore Flames nerds excited? The revelation that jerseys are on sale.

This makes sense: after all, with the upcoming switch to Adidas next season, every jersey currently worn by NHL teams will become out of date. That doesn’t mean the new looks will be wildly different, but a mass switchover does mean there are going to be a lot of outdated items in stock that will have to go at some point.

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Anyway. In our own little FlamesNation channel, Mike Fail noticed jerseys were on sale, and that set off a number of us yelling about jerseys for nearly a solid hour. We got pretty into it, and so figured: hey, why not bring the jersey conversation to the blog?

So! Here we are. Are you a jersey nerd? Have you got a collection of ever-growing Flames jerseys, or just one or two reliable ones to wear in and out throughout the season? Any jerseys you own have any particularly special meaning to you, or come about in a unique way? We wanna hear your jersey stories, because it’s a Sunday in May and it’s something fun to do.

Ari: I’ve got nine Flames jerseys: regular home versions of Jarome Iginla, Miikka Kiprusoff, T.J. Brodie, Dougie Hamilton, and Sven Baertschi (the only jersey I’ve ever picked up, like, right away. I got him to sign it after an AHL game in Toronto, too), an away Robyn Regehr, two retros in Craig Conroy and Mikael Backlund, and a blank Ol’ Blasty (the fire snot horse) that a friend of mine pointed out to me was available for $37 on Etsy. I don’t know if I’ll be getting a new Adidas one when they come out, due to a couple of factors (I wanna know what they look like, plus I already have three current players so I think I’m doing okay).

As a bonus, I’ve also got an away Team Canada Iggy from the Vancouver Olympics, and a regular Team Finland Kipper. I’ve also got a Hitmen Heritage Classic jersey; that’s it for me on the hockey front.

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Mike: Somewhere, in a box at my parents’ I think my first jersey – a Colorado Avalanche Joe Sakic jersey – exists. I grew up super poor so getting anything hockey related quickly become a coveted possession. Now I’ve managed to accumulate a decent collection of mostly Flames jerseys including: two blank retros, a Mikael Backlund home, retro Backlund, a retro Michael Frolik, a retro Matthew Tkachuk, and an autographed Joni Ortio retro.

In terms of non-Flames jerseys I have: a Patrice Bergeron Bruins home jersey, a Phoenix Coyotes original kachina, an Arizona Coyotes Tobias Rieder jersey, the god awful Dallas Stars mooterus, a Stadium Series San Jose Sharks jersey, a Team Belarus 2010 jersey, a blank Calgary Hitmen jersey, and one of those amazing Nike Team Canada jerseys.

Christian T: For Flames jerseys, I currently have a Sean Monahan home jersey, Mikael Backlund third jersey, a blank ’80s home retro, and a blank ’90s home pedestal jersey (I hope to get it lettered at some point; quite possibly #8 Valeri Bure, but I’m open for suggestion). I’ll also count my 2005 blank home jersey among the collection, although I’m no longer a youth and it doesn’t fit me anymore. I’m probably going to get a Tkachuk retro at some point, possibly when I have money.

Other hockey jerseys include a Ron Francis Hartford Whalers jersey, Mario Lemieux, and an Atlanta Thrashers Value Village find with the numbers ripped off for some reason. Other jerseys are NBA jerseys, which might be a little too off topic even for this post.

Ryan: I haven’t bought a lot of Flames jerseys in recent years so I don’t have too many recent jerseys – I have a blank vintage, a blank CCM road jersey, a blank Heritage Classic, a Dion Phaneuf CCM home jersey and Reebok Edge homes with Eric Nystrom and David Moss on the back. I’ve also collected jerseys from many of Calgary’s AHL affiliates, notably a Turner Elson Adirondack Flames road, a Carter Bancks Abbotsford Heat home, a blank Quad City Flames home and a blank Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights road jersey. In terms of non-Flames jerseys, I have a Jarome Iginla Penguins jersey I got at a heavy discount.

That’s just what some of us have – and again, we might be a little enthusiastic, but hey, what better way to show support for your favourite team and/or player? (Who could have possibly foreseen a group of FlamesNation writers all having Backlund jerseys?) True, it can be expensive, but if you’re into jersey collecting…

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I love hearing what jerseys others have, so please share in the comments! Feel free to share ones you’re thinking of getting as well, or ones you’re hoping to get in the future – say you’re waiting for a prospect to make the team, or something along those lines – and let’s get into the jersey love on this fine Sunday.

  • Sanintarious

    Oh man, here we go:

    Iginla- Red
    Bourque- Red
    Bourque game worn – White
    Backlund game worn – retro
    Gaudreau – red
    Bennett – retro
    Hamilton – white

    Next on the list is a Monahan and Tkachuk.

  • McRib

    Retro Pro Fleury, Retro Iginla, Red Giordano, Red Iginla, 1998 Canada Yzerman, 2002 Signed Canada Lemieux (spilt Dome Nacho Cheese at the Olympic Exhibiton game I got it signed, can’t wash), 2006 Canada Sakic (although I would like to forget the 2006 Olympics).

    I used to have an Iginla Rookie Jersey (with 24 on it, which I purchased on sale because he changed numbers), but a former friend borrowed it when we were younger before he was a “star” and then it was stolen off the friend.

    I am in the camp who would prefer to go full time to the retros, if we don’t I would like to see a refreshing of the current Reebok Edge Template, tired of the piping and vertical stripes.

  • KenBone18

    I love the retro jersey (pictured above). It’s so distinctive and stands out from every other jersey int he league; it’s like your parent’s tacky house with flower wallpaper that hasn’t been re-modeled since 1970.

    I’m going to pick one up in Tkachuk’s name! Thanks for letting us know there’s a sale.

    • everton fc

      The team should go back to this jersey next season, and use the now obsolete 2004 Cup-run “sweater” as the third jersey.

      (I don’t see any Ferland jerseys in our city. Sad.)

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    Classic Red #14 Fleury, Classic white(no name/#) and the strange Black horse head jersey(no name/#) Oh and a couple t-shirts, ball caps & socks.. bottle opener etc…