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WWYD Wednesday: Choose a prospect to trade

We all know the Flames’ major needs heading into the summer: starting goalie, top six winger, top four defender. We also know there is going to be a very active trade market between now and the first round of the entry draft.

What we don’t know is what the Flames can offer in return for any of the key assets mentioned. Part of the challenge is the org’s lack of second and third round picks this summer. Top 90 picks are typical currency in swaps of this nature, meaning Calgary is going to have to offer up other assets to get a deal or two done.

The big one, of course, is the organization’s first round pick, which the team will understandably be reluctant to part with. Aside from 16th overall, the Flames may be forced to dip into their stable of prospects.

So what kids do the Flames have to dangle on the trade market? And who would you be willing to move in order to plug holes on the parent roster?

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Let’s first establish that a lot of prospects have next to no value on the trade market, meaning any trades featuring Austin Carroll or Keegan Kanzig probably aren’t worth considering.

Let’s jump to the names that might elicit some interest.

Tier 1:

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  • Mark Jankowski (C)
  • Oliver Kylington (D)
  • Rasmus Andersson (D)
  • Adam Fox (D)
  • Jon Gillies (G)
  • Tyler Parsons (G)
  • Dillon Dube (C)

Tier 2:

  • Andrew Mangiapane (LW)
  • Morgan Klimchuk (LW)
  • Brett Kulak (D)
  • Brandon Hickey (D)
  • Matt Phillips (C)
  • Hunter Shinkaruk (LW)
  • Curtis Lazar (C/RW)

Tier one guys are likely to get the most interest and are closer to “centerpiece” trade assets. Tier two guys would be closer to “sweeteners” you could throw into a trade package to seal the deal.

Obviously, this is all rather speculative and subjective, but since we can only guess at the trade market, it’s somewhere to start.

To some degree, the position the Flames are trading for will dictate who is considered expendable above. For example, if the Flames are looking at a young, starter quality goaltender, then it makes it less painful to part with Gillies. If they are able to get a top four defender, then maybe losing Andersson wouldn’t be as harmful, etc.

So if there is a legit starter, winger and/or defender available… who would you be willing to part with to make it happen?

  • everton fc

    Agreed. We have a lot of prospects that we need to give a chance and decide on. I’ll throw Hathaway and Lomberg in this group of “prospects”, even though Hathaway’s no kid. All these guys either need significant time w/the big club to determine value, or need to be moved, no matter how those moves happen. We do need to field a team in the “A” next season.

  • OKG

    If we had to, I would trade Gillies. He’s been surpassed by Parsons in my eyes and only one-year-older Rittich outplayed him last year (look at the SV%, not even close, and Rittich actually won two playoff games).

    I don’t see a need to trade a prospect though. Franson, Stone, Del Zotto, Russell are all some 4/5 guys that can hold the fort down until Kylington/Andersson/Hickey are ready. Brouwer, for as much as we hate him, along with Versteeg solved the RHS hole on power play unit 1. Lazar and Ferland could both play with Gaudreau/Monahan. And goaltending, just sign Mason, proven starter.

  • BendingCorners

    If we have to make a trade, then any of the T2 list or Dillon Dube from the T1 list for a skater, or Gillies or Rittich for a starting goalie under the age of 32.
    But there is a case to be made for not trading, even though BT seems to be better at trading than at picking free agents. That is simply the four of our top 9 forwards are young and will be better next year; only Kris is likely to see a drop in his play, because of his age. Making space for one or two Stockton players will improve the bottom of the lineup. On defense, we really only need to sign a decent (not necessarily great) 4D, maybe Franson or Stone, if the price is right. With three prospects in net, we only need a decent not great starter for the next year or two, so either Elliott or Johnson should suffice. MAF can handle a bigger workload but would cost a bit in trade so might not be worth it. As BT said in May, this team is really close to being able to go deep in the playoffs, so offloading young assets for anything other than an $11MM superstar is not likely to help a lot.

  • freethe flames

    This team barely made the playoffs and needs to significantly upgrade its bottom half of it’s defense core, needs to jettison a $10m forth line and needs to upgrade it’s goaltending. Believing otherwise is head in the sand thinking. Some of this can be done internally; I think both Andersson and Kulak would be an upgrade on D but that means we still need a number 4. Stone is better suited to be a number 5 and if he can be signed for the right amount term. Janko appears to ready for the jump but needs to handled correctly (I firmly believe the best place for his development is on the LW with Backs and Frolik). Lazar/Shinkaruk/Klimchuk/Poirier/Magiapane/Hathaway/ etc have to push the $10m line to the press box and even at that we are still a skilled forward away from rounding out the top 3 lines. Then there is the goalies; both Elliott had their good moments but they both also played horrible. In my mind both Gilles and Rittich could provide adequate back up next year but I’m not in love with either Johnson or Elliott. Using assets at this time to acquire the players we need is essential but BT can not overpay. If he could add 1 legit goalie, a solid 4/5 defender from FA and legit top 9 forward then things move forward.

    • Puckhead

      Our forward depth is not as tragic as people make it out to be. If Janko is on the second line then Tkachuk and Ferland can battle for positions on the 1st and 3rd lines. This shoud make for 3 solid lines plus the 4th line (whatever that line turns out to be)

    • everton fc

      I have this funny feeling Kulak will end up our #4. Or Andersson. And soon. Maybe even next season.

      We’re not trying to win the Cup next year. But a 4/5/6 group of Kulak/Andersson/Stone, w/Wotherspoon as the #7… I could live with this until we can jettison some more salary. As for goalies, sign one of the names mentioned here ad naseum, and go with either Rittich (my preference) or Gillies (not ready), as the backup. With a solid defencive corps in front of a tandem of, say, Fleury & Rittich… We’ll be fine for one or two years until Parsons & Gillies are ready. Who knows – Rittich may end up our #1 someday. Look at Kipper. Weirder things have happened!

      Andy by the way, I think anyone thinking Dube is good trade fodder is sorely mistaken. And I have this weird feeling Raanta will rot here. Keep it as internal as we can. Build from w/in. Bump Bouma for Lomberg on the LW/4th line. Stuff like that. How worse could it make us?

    • Kevin R

      Spector doesn’t know what he’s talking about & should stick to being an Oilers analyst rather than making goofy statements on other teams. Why would Brouwer be put out & potentially cause issues in the dressing room if he sticks with Calgary. If anything it should be a wake up call to pick up your play & earn that 4.5 mill per. This is coming from where players on the Oilers like Eberle & Nugent are part of being traded by fans & media constantly.

        • freethe flames

          No, his NTC clause does not preclude him being exposed. This has been talked about since the expansion rules were set out. If BT exposes Ferland ahead of Brouwer I will be disappointed.

  • Garry T

    I’m not into giving away good prospects. In fact Columbus Blue Jackets did that giving Kerby Rychell to the Leafs for Harrington a D man and a conditional 5th rounder. He has great size, was the 19 pick in the 2013 draft.
    If I am Treiliving I am calling Toronto about this guy. 21 years old 200 plus pounds, 6 ft. 2 and is a hell of a player who could help us if he is prepared to move to right wing. If Treiliving has nothing the Leafs want, I would be watching the waiver wire and picking a guy up who could help us for zip.

  • Garry T

    Puck head …. You are right on regarding Jankowski and the need to do something with the fourth line. I think Klimchuk, Poirier and Mangipane would be an exciting line. We need to dump some guys for picks this year.

    Chicago has cap issues and they have a couple of good young D that Tre should Enquire about. Jack Johnson could be had as well for not a lot. And we have Kulak and Wotherspoon who need to be given a chance.

  • Vegas would be insane to take Brouwer’s contract. Treliving knows that.

    Spector seems to forget that the exposure lists never go public. Brouwer will either be taken by LV or just be another remaining Flame. There’s no scenario in which he gets exposed to the expansion, isn’t chosen, and then is bitter over his club’s loyalty.

  • MarbledBlueCheese

    Gillies for Raanta or Grubauer.

    The rest of these guys–keep em. It’s time for this team to become a team that can develop players consistently throughout the lineup. Keep em and give them the opportunity–put them in the lineup over guys who are worse but make more $ and have vague things like “trust” of the coach.

    • freethe flames

      Gilles or Rittich and one of our 4th rounders for Raanta or Grubauer might get it done. Both NYR and the Caps have another goalie they can expose. Which ever one you don’t trade is given a chance to be the back up here or the clear AHL starter. I generally agree with the idea of giving the young guys a chance I am not sure any of them are poised to be a difference maker as a top 9 forward or a top 4 defender. If the chance to add one of these type of players occurs BT needs to seriously consider it. But so far the pre-expansion draft buzz has been disappointing.

  • L13

    Like most others, I’d consider trading Gillies. Of the skaters in the first group I’d be most willing to part ways with Kylington because I think he has a higher bust potential than the others, and I would under no circumstances trade Fox.

    • L13

      To make a small correction, I think Kylington has a higher bust potential than our other ~tier one~ prospects, but I’m not sure Dubé belongs in that group yet.