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Johnny Gaudreau wins Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

Johnny Hockey has added to his trophy case. At the annual National Hockey League awards event in Las Vegas, Calgary Flames winger Johnny Gaudreau was named this season’s recipient of the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy. Awarded to the player judged to combine a high level of play with gentlemanly conduct, the honour is decided by a vote of the membership of the Professional Hockey Writers Association.

Gaudreau, 23, had a pretty tumultuous first half of the season. He missed all of training camp due to his prolonged contract negotiation with the Flames, then didn’t really get out to a good start. He finally seemed to get his game going by mid-November, only to be miss 10 games due to breaking a finger due to repeated slashes in a game against Minnesota – and if we’re being honest, Gaudreau faced those hacks to the hands all season long. He then went on to finish the season strong, ending with 61 points in 72 games.

Despite playing a ton and taking a ton of abuse, Gaudreau never went loco and seemed to largely keep his cool. He only had four penalty minutes this season. Gaudreau was the runaway winner of the award this season and previously finished fourth (in 2015-16) and 17th (in 2014-15) during his first two years in the league.

Gaudreau joins former Flames Jiri Hudler (2014-15), Joey Mullen (1986-87, 1988-89) and Bob MacMillan (1978-79) in winning the Lady Byng.

What a nice boy.

  • RKD

    Congrats to Johnny hockey, well deserved! He’s a classy guy, despite getting hacked and whacked he could take a lot of penalties for retaliation but he’s really not that type of guy and that’s not his game.

  • Just.Visiting

    Great to see him win this. Even better if the NHL would do something to protect their skill players from being hacked and slashed all season and stop throwing the rule book out entirely for the playoffs and allowing Anaheim get rewarded for thuggish behaviour.

    • JoelOttosJock

      Or..hopefully someone is brought on that has that brian burke word..oh right..truculence and stands up for him. Im not sure i would be proud to be the leagues biggest pu**y..

  • smatic10

    People on twitter and elsewhere have been saying “He got fined for diving, he shouldn’t have won it”. Idiots. He’s been getting hacked to bits all season with the refs completely ignoring it. He’s not that type of player but he should dive more maybe he’ll actually get some calls. Honestly, game 1 of the regular season was all I needed to see. Johnny dangles around everyone getting hacked and hooked and pulled back with no call from the refs, the puck goes back the other way and they give McDavid a penalty shot.
    I’m not saying the Flames are always the victim but I feel compelled to bring up these points when brainless people think Johnny isn’t deserving of his award.

    • I am Batman

      This is not even a “real” award, come on.
      And bringing up McDavid and making him look like less…. he just won 3 of these things….
      You really think it’s a point of contention on whether he deserves the lady bing award or not?
      I do remember he was completely lost at the beginning of the year…. isn’t scoring goals, points and winning all that counts?

      • smatic10

        Not making McDavid look less. As a Flames fan, I fully acknowledge he’s the second best player in the world (soon to be first). I included the McDavid incident because it was a colossal screw up by the refs and is just another example of Johnny being victimized. Oh let’s not forget that his finger was shattered after he took numerous slashes to the hand in one game. You can check out the video on youtube. And in interviews afterwards he just said it’s part of the game. Sounds like someone who deserves the Lady Byng to me. But nooo, people who almost never watch him play have every right to determine his character *sarcasm*.
        And yes, the Lady Byng is objectively a real award. I know this because someone was awarded it a few hours ago.
        Scoring goals/points and winning games definitely matters most but these athletes are still human beings that deserve to be recognized in other areas. Are you going to tell me that Craig Anderson didn’t win a “real” award tonight?

  • Bob Cobb

    Quit calling him Johnny Hockey, he is not bigger then the game of hockey, he hasn’t accomplished a single thing in his career, there is only one person who is Mr.Hockey and that’s Gordie Howe.

    • piscera.infada

      there is only one person who is Mr.Hockey and that’s Gordie Howe.

      Hence why it’s “Johnny” Hockey, not “Mister” Hockey. Comprehension of the English language is tough… I know…

      • Bob Cobb

        No, its Johnny Hockey as in Johnny Football, that’s when it all started, with Johnny Manziel, that jackass thought he was bigger than the game of Football and no one has heard of him in a while.
        Also, “Mr.” is the abbreviated form of “Mister”. You’re right though, English is tough….perhaps you should look into a ESL course if you’re having trouble.

        • piscera.infada

          You’re the one who brought up the parallel to “Mr. Hockey”.

          Also, if you really want to talk about the semantics of “Johnny Football” or “Johnny Hockey”, neither of those individuals invented the moniker–both came from fans at their respective colleges. As such, I don’t buy your “they think they’re bigger than the sport” argument specifically because of the nickname–although I would argue Johnny Manziel proved through his actions that he did (a disposition Gaudreau does not appear to share).

          As for your ESL comment: sure bud, I’m the one who needs to work on my comprehension…

    • Alberta Ice

      Sad to lose Engelland. And losing Engelland doesn’t exactly bolster well for ‘teammates standing up’. Engelland was probably their toughest guy although Sam and Matthew were a bit more chippy at times too. Really liked Hathaway’s
      contribution in this regard too. Yep, the Oilers adding Maroon, Kassian, and Lucic had made them a much tougher team last year too. Can the Flames get tougher and really stand up for their money players? Stay tuned.

  • Alberta Ice

    Here’s trusting Johnny can keep that balance between surviving the goons and hand slashers to being the savant puck handler and goal scorer that he is. Great to see him get this award.

    • piscera.infada

      I don’t understand this argument. Judging from past winners, it’s not like the Byng is given to awful hockey players. Would I prefer a Hart, Conn Smythe, Richard, Lord Stanley, or Lindsay? Sure. But it’s not like he won a grade-school participation ribbon.