Flames return to Young Stars Classic in September

The fall hockey calendar has been in a pretty set pattern for the last several years for the Calgary Flames. The 2017-18 campaign looks to be no exception, with the Vancouver Canucks officially announcing earlier today that they’ll be hosting the Young Stars Classic tournament for the seventh time in the past eight seasons. This…


Calgary Flames 2017-18 season schedule released

First, it’ll be preseason. Then, 82 games. And, following that, we hope for more – but those 82 games will determine if a postseason is in the cards or not. In the meantime, the NHL has released its 2017-18 schedule. Here’s what the Flames’ season will look like.


2017 NHL Mock Draft

I enjoy a good mock draft. Trying to guess who goes where based on needs, best players available and other factors always adds an extra layer of fun on draft day. Generally, I’ve been pretty good with my educated guessing, generally nailing down the top end of the draft and guessing who goes in the…


Flames late round forward targets

Over the past week or so, we’ve been looking at some of the Flames’ options at pick #16. There’s quite a swath of talent available, and even during a year when the draft class is considered weak, the Flames have pretty good odds of grabbing a high quality players. But seeing as the Flames mostly…


Flames 2017 First Round Targets: The field

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve outlined a few key prospects in the 2017 National Hockey League draft that we feel would be some combination of (a) available to the Calgary Flames at 16th overall and (b) really good fits in the organization. That said, this year’s draft is a bit of a crap…