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Report: Flames and Sam Bennett are not close on a deal

There’s a bit of news regarding the Calgary Flames’ negotiations with restricted free agent forward Sam Bennett… and it’s not great. According to a report from TSN’s Darren Dreger, the two sides are not close on a deal right now.

Bennett is in a unique position in two ways. First, he’s coming out of his entry level deal with two full seasons in the National Hockey League and zero time spent in the minors. Second, he’s only got two years of NHL experience and if you look at some of his comparable players in terms of experience, age and production the comparisons are close but they’re not perfect.

And the comparisons, money-wise, aren’t amazing for Bennett from a negotiation standpoint.

The Bennett side probably began the summer hoping for a number close to three million, but deals like Faksa and Brown (over three years) and Andrighetto and Duclair (over shorter terms) have probably dragged the “market” down over the past couple months.

Main camp opens in roughly 10 days, so there’s still time to get a deal done without Bennett missing time. But the clock, as the saying goes, is ticking.

    • Sanintarious

      None…literally nothing. Other than being a 4th overall pick, and having the option to sign an offer-sheet… Tre has proven he has no problem waiting a player out…but hopefully this doesn’t drag in to training camp. Bennett needs a strong training camp and start to the season.

    • FLT

      Bennett has a lot of developing left to do, and the Flames don’t want someone with so much potential playing for someone else in Europe or (more likely) hanging out at home. The Flames need to increase their scoring and skill levels up front, and like it or not his development is critical to their progress toward legit contenders. I’m not saying he has MORE leverage, but it’s not like he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Bennett is willing to scrap and stand up for his mates, something neither Brouwer nor Bouma did last year.

      Bennett has shown in two playoff seasons that he is capable of owning the dirty, greasy, filthy areas of the ice. Not too many forwards on the Flames willing or able to do that.

      As the highest draft pick in the history of the Flames, the org, his teammates, the media and fans still believe his potential is through the roof. The kid still has a mystique about him that has to be worth something at the bargaining table.

      Finally, Movember will be here soon enough. Name a Flame whose moustache was better than Bennett’s last year? Bennett’s pornstache rivaled any of those sported by adult film stars of the 1970s and 80s. I am pretty sure Sam’s stache not only inspired other dudes to take the pledge and grow their own but also to get their prostrates checked. It might very well be the case that Sam has unknowingly saved the life of some dude.

      I hardly think Stajan, Janko or Lazar are capable replacements for Sam should he hold out or bolt to Europe. Stajan is strictly 4th line and the other two have never held a regular job in the NHL. Unless Janko is truly ready to be an NHLer, there is no push from below to replace Sam unless there is a rough diamond ain’t nobody talkin’ about.

      Sam also has the Olympic team to play for and as virtually all players his age will tell you, scoring the golden goal in the Olympics is a much grander dream than scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal. Why not go for it in 2018 because when the NHL goes to the games in 2022, Sam might not be one of Canada’s finest.

  • Newbietwo

    While I agree that Bennett should have been utilized better last year and primarily by at least playing on the power play instead of ridiculous Brouwer.. I ask you now Bennett do not let me lose faith in your commitment to this team and your teammates.. and Tre give the kid 2.85 mill and call it a damn day.. we don’t want nor need Jagr or anyone like that thank you

  • Rockmorton65

    Benny, dude, you’re playing with fire. Monahan, Backlund, Stajan, Janko, Lazar pushing for centre jobs. I’m worried that when the music stops, you might be the one without a chair.

    • Raffydog

      Screw Bennett, he can beat it for all I care now, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out you little pipsqueak. Maybe spend the year trying to master doing a pull-up, before you start demanding superstar money. #Loser

      • Rockmorton65

        Easy there, sparky. Nobody knows the details. Who says he’s “demanding” anything? Could be money, term or he could have concerns about his usage. Don’t just assume he’s being greedy.

        And the “pull-up” shot? Lame. It was three years ago & he had a bum shoulder. Get over it.

      • supra steve

        You say you’re not an fan. Might I suggest that you go ahead and give it a try. You’ve already got a good start, what with your hate of all things Flames.

      • Newbietwo

        What the hell are you so emotional about?

        First of all if Bennett played as the 2nd line LW and not Chucky last year he’d have a 40 point plus season.. instead we was stuck on 3rd line shut down centre role with stupid Brouwer and damn penalty kill yet he was great during play offs.. it doesn’t help that we have Stajan making over $3 million nor Brouwer over $4 million..

        Bennetts agent probably pointed out that fact..

        He’s a top five pick and a solid player who was never put in the right situation to be offensive minded however I do not say that was bad for his development..

        That’s what makes the NHL and these high salaries so damn stupid because it’s so damn circumstantial it’s not even funny..

        Example.. if Bennett was placed on first unit powerplay no doubt he would have hit 40 points last year

  • class1div1

    Interesting that the majority of the above deals were signed for 2 years or 1 in the case of Duclair.You would think Bennetts camp would be happy with a 1 or 2 year deal but maybe it is the money.That or Tre wants a 3 year deal,which i can see being an obstacle.

  • Off the wall

    Chia hands out money like its growing on trees. Tre hands out money, like it’s an investment.

    I hope they get this worked out.
    I want to see Bennett in Flames silks..

    • Derian Hatcher

      I get it that you dislike the Oilers…but they have their two best skaters locked up for 8 and 9 years. Whether that costs them in the future is unknown and up for debate. For the BOA, I hope Bennet signs.

    • Mr. J

      @Off the wall

      Derek Wills interviewed jack
      Michaels on am 960 the other day. The main point i took away from that interview. Keep in mind it was your Calgary guy who said this!!!!

      “Jack, over the summer Peter Chiarelli locked up 2 of the oilers best…. Let me re phrase that.. 2 of thee best centre men in the NHL. Yes it was lots of money. But don’t you think in 2-3 years those deals will be absolute bargains? Cause i sure do.”

      So ya see even a good hockey mind like Derek Wills in understands that 8.5 mill in 2-3 years will be a steal for a guy who had 93 points in reg season and playoffs. So don’t blame the oilers gm for Bennett (who was drafted 1 spot behind drai) not signing. Bennett has been a bust to this point and that is not Chiarellis doing.

  • Raffydog

    Seriously, if Bennett is a good as he seems to think he is, then sign a one year deal and prove it. If he is so confident in his abilities, then he should have no problem putting up 70-80 points this year, then he can cash in. What’s closer to the truth is, he knows he sucks, so this is his only chance at a big payday, cause nobody will want to pay this loser for the crap he puts on the ice now

  • Ludis Fanaticus

    Bennett and his camp must know that having a sub-par season is not going to help them in the ‘show-me’ sweepstakes. I hope that will provide them with motivation to get a deal done.
    I should think the issue is term. If its money, then a threat to go to Europe is dubious as they aren’t paying like they once did.
    It makes so much sense for the Flames to want 3 years. Looking at the timing of other expiring contracts, that would provide them with maximum flexibility when Bennett comes knocking for the big payday (or so we all hope, as fans of the Club).
    For me, a slight overpay is on order and maybe even the guarantee of some power play time.

    • Atomic Clown

      We get that you don’t like him. Get whatever’s is up your anus out of it. Commenting the same thing three different times indicates either a grudge, or childish behavior

      • Raffydog

        I’m sorry, Bennett was actually my favorite Flame the last few years, but nothing sours me on a player more then holding out for more money. I know it’s the world we live in where athletes make more money than doctors, or Fireman, or any other profession where people actually make a difference in the world, and its disgusting, but whatever money is being offered him is more money than 99% of the worlds population will ever see in their lives. So quit your crying Bennett, and consider yourself lucky you get paid insane amounts of money to play a game

          • McRib

            Dreger is likely doing this for Sam’s agent as well to try and fast track the process. It gets the media talking, which puts some pressure on Treliving, not a bad thing. Johnnys agent did this last year and he signed shortly thereafter.

        • Skylardog

          For all we know Bennett may want a 1 year deal at $2.0 with a guarantee to play with certain linemates this season. May not be about money this year, but being given the full opportunity to play with guys that can support him, not bring him down. Tre may not want that scenario, as next year, he may be looking for $8.0 for 8 years if he kicks ass this season.

        • HOCKEY83

          Bennett was your favorite player the last few years??It’s only been 2…few implies more than that. By the way My sister-in law is a doctor in Texas and she makes 6 mil per year along with other assorted benefits included. I joke that she’s making NHL money. Why do you care so much what sports figures make? Bennett deserves to get the money he deserves as a professional sports figure as all the rest do.

        • Intercourse the Penguins

          Doctors and firemen are a dime a dozen.Extremely good hockey players are rare and every NHL player is just that. Gold is rare. Diamonds are rare.If I had diamonds embedded in the soles of my shoes I’d have really good traction on ice. I am glad we have people who can afford tickets to the games so I can watch on TV. Players get paid to risk their health and even their life. Yes, salaries are a matter of debate but we are in salary cap league and that means a smallish city like Calgary can ice a competitive team and management is as important as those who skate.

  • The GREAT WW

    I would be surprised if the Bennett camp let’s Sam miss any time time in camp this year.

    With Lazar and Jankowski both pushing for the 3C spot, he could not have picked a worse time to get into this pissing match with BT….


  • Flamethrower

    SB is not doing himself any favors with his team mates or the fan base in Calgary.
    His stats directly reflect his play. Real good hockey players over come adversity and boat anchors.
    Time to step up. Lots of other prospects willing to step in your place.

  • Kevin R

    I hope some common sense prevails from both sides. I look at Brouwer & Stajan contracts, & not sure why Tre would be grinding Bennett if all he wants is a deal closer to 3.0 mill per for 2 or 3 years. Personally, the kid will be worth at least that this upcoming year. I would be all for a 6 year deal at close to 4.0mill. Why not, it would be a steal in 2 years. If you don’t think he’s worth that in today’s NHL, then I suggest package him up trade him & try to get Pastranak or another high end RW. Bennett needs to give Drouin a call & ask him if sitting out worked well for him. Because I cant help but think his opportunity on the Flames maybe only as high as 3rd line C based on Flames needing to pay Backlund 2nd line money coming soon. Which isn’t going to get him the payday he is going to want on his 3rd contract. Personally, maybe the compromise is a 1 year deal at 2.75 mill. Then, we know what is going to happen with Backlund & we will have some very good intel on Janko & Lazar that will give us a better idea where Bennett is going to fit in our lineup. I love the game of this kid & want the 6 year deal I previously mentioned. I know many will say he hasn’t earned it yet, but I think he will & these long term contracts are a risk for every GM, get as much upside as you can for as many prime years as you can.

  • Rexx

    I’m not surprised, but I’m not happy abut this either.
    This is the worst year for a guy who has the “coach’s blessing” this year to succeed, as it seems like GG is in Sam’s corner for a big season. This deal needs to get done before camp – it’s crucial for Sam’s development.
    We won’t see Bennett overseas, but if his agent is trying to negotiate based off of laurels / potential (hope not), Tre will not budge. Let’s let Sam prove it this contract and cash in after he puts up 60+, then we can all sit back, cheer and Bennett will have a little chuckle reminiscing about the “26 point season I had to play with Troy Brouwer….”

    Humble pie time.

    • Danomitee

      Hope you’re right. Johnny and Mony had some leverage last year, Bennett wants another chance to prove his worth. I don’t think he’d be looking big money, I think he’s looking short term for higher pay out in the future.. If that’s the case then it’s not greed; that’s like committing to a company for 4 years with no chance of a raise even when your workload and efficiency increase.

    • Newbietwo

      No one wants Duchenne.. he’s an under achiever case and point hell I I think he had less points than Bennett is much older and played more minutes including powerplay.. get off your x box!

      • Southboy

        I agree he is a bit of an underachiever, but he is an upgrade on Bennett. I want Bennet to stay, but if he sits out the year, would you rather have Duchene and a run at a cup, or Bennett? Considering the moves Tre has made to ‘load’ up over the last 18months. Also it would be crazy to think that as a good GM Tre hasnt atleast made that call to Sakic to see what it takes.

    • HOCKEY83

      The only way Duchene would be coming to Calgary is if they gave up Gaudreau and Hamilton plus a pick or prospect. have any of you not heard what Sakic has turned down and will not budge on. Bennett and Fox plus 2 mil in salary paid by Colorado…That’s no where close to what Sakic is looking for. That’s why they still have him.

  • The Fall

    BS move by the agent: running to the press first day back after summer. Sam’s agent is inexperienced: there is a need on the agency side to make this contract a selling feature to their other prospective athletes.

    Bennett may be caught in the middle here. There is no way he is going ‘overseas’. The agent just blinked.

  • buts

    Sometimes 4th or higher overall picks don’t pan out….see Edmonton for proof. Sam tho I love his grit and potential is not I believe a centerman. He just hasn’t shown playmaking abilities and centerman vision. His assist totals are low compared to goals. I have no problem with him on the wing and I believe he will be an excellent player one day….he’s not there yet. Sign, prove yourself and Sam will be making big coin soon.

    • shaner

      And sometimes they turn out to be the best player of a generation, and lead the league in scoring just barely out of there teens…….yup I will gladly talk about crap in yakupov and RNH (mileage may vary…but definitely not the best player in that draft)…..but Hall was and is a solid pick any team would love.

      But who cares we got mcdavid and your jealous. 😉