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Flames re-sign Sam Bennett to two-year deal

The offseason grocery list is done, and we can now live stress free: the Flames have re-signed Sam Bennett, the final RFA of the 2017 offseason, to a two-year, $1.95M AAV contract.

Although the highest ever pick in Flames history, Bennett has yet to live up to the hype. His first NHL season was derailed by shoulder surgery, his second featured him playing on the wing, and his third was filled with struggles.

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There have been many times that Bennett has shown flashes of brilliance, but there are still many doubts. With this deal, the Flames give him a bit more time to prove himself and grow while keeping the dollar amount low. Though they take the risk of having to shell out major bucks in two years’ time when Bennett is arbitration eligible, this is a great deal for the time being.

The center is taking a very, very team-friendly deal. Headed into the season, the Flames will have $5.2M in cap room left with two forward spots and a defender spot still open. While those all could be solved by the cheap depth available in Stockton (many have already penciled them in), the Flames do retain the option of signing a UFA or two looking for a job. We have a name in mind already.

Post will be updated depending on new information.

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA !!!! Holy crap!!!! WHAT A DEAL…If mean, I don’t think any of us thought he’d come in under 2.


  • Newbietwo

    1. DO NOT sign any old fart players like Jagr!!!!

    2. This cap is perfect as it gives you an edge for bonusses for rookies like Chucky possibly Jankowski and Foo who are on entry level deals.. it allows possible bonuses to not eat into the following years cap

    3. There is no argument that holds water to say that Draisatl is better than Monahan, Scheifle, or Mackinnon yet he is getting paid like he is and that’s stupid.. Is he comparable yes thus he is overpaid by $1.5 million at least!!!

    Is he $2 million a year better than those guys I would completely disagree and that is what makes this argument so stupid..

    4. Finally take every player on every line and match them head to head against the flames now and progression long term and tell me who has the upside here? Only one is Mcdavid maybe Draisatl and that’s it! EG:

    Edmonton First Line
    Maroon McDavid Dal Cole

    Flames First Line
    Johnny “beats Maroon” Monahan loses to McDavid and Ferland equals Dal Cole

    Edmonton Second Line
    Lucic Draisatl

    Flames Second Line
    Chucky right now equals Lucic Backlund loses barely to Draisatl

    You can go Line by Line and player by player look at our D we beat every player but McDavid in terms of who so better and Drai is questionable so all those folks who want to tell me Edmonton is the next big thing I laugh at literally.. Give me a break the flames are a better team with a hell of a lot more upside and our prospect pool is significantly better at positions we need it to be vs Oilers..

    Half of the players going to Young Stars from Oilers are invites not drafted.. Oilers have no D prospects but Bear maybe.. They have no goalie prospects worth a damn if Talbot gets hurt this team is done!

    Mark my words Anaheim and Flames will battle First in division and the Oilers will be a squeeze in for the play offs this year..

    • Neddd

      If what you’re saying is true, then how exactly did Edm win all of their games so handily against Cal this past season? These paper exercises that you and many others that I’ve seen from the Calgary media and fan base are pointless. It’s easy to claim that player x is great (on paper) and therefore Calgary is vastly improved but the only determining measure is wins/losses. The season is close to starting so we’ll know soon enough.

      Also while I’m at it, what is this obsession with Edm? I’m a sub-plant from Edm now living in Cal and this is something that surprised me when I moved here. The media and fans seem to always be comparing the local sports teams (and other events) against Edm (and tries to bash Edm at every opportunity, whether the criticisms are founded or not). It’s like the city has a self esteem issue or is consumed by jealousy or envy, what gives? Having lived in both cities I think both are great places to live and in terms of our respective teams, both cities should be happy that they now have young and talented teams to look forward to.

      I’ll close off with one additional comment/observation, be careful of unbridled hope, the greater the hope usually means the greater the eventual disappointment. The Flames have made quite a few changes this off-season (and last season as well) but you can’t expect all of the changes to reach their full potential. Some will hit pay dirt I’m sure, but some won’t go according to plan as well.

      Good luck this season, I’ll be watching the BoA with great interest as I’m hoping it rekindles some of its past glory (as I’m sure many others are as well).

      • Sammy p

        It all stems from naming Edmonton as the Provincial capitol more than 100 years ago,time for Calgarians to get over what they have always to be a bad choice.

      • oilcanboyd

        Its the oil trolls that Flame bash at every opportunity on this site and that leads to counter bashing.

        As for comparing Calgary teams to Edmonton teams, same thing is done in Edmonton. GO STAMPS GO!

        Be careful of unbridled hope – exactly what oiler fans had been doing for 10 years, so I guess you speak from experience! It also seems that Oiler fans are the same….to them every player will have a better year this year and they will be cup contenders this year; doesn’t work that way – oil escaped with nearly a clan bill of health when it came to injuries. If one of the three stars goes down – oil are in serious trouble.

        • Neddd

          I can tell you from direct experience that the city bashing is not the same in both cities. Calgary seems to have a real chip on its shoulder when it comes to Edm. The level of comparisons and “bashing” is not to near the same level in Edm as it is in Cal.

          In terms of “unbridled” hope, again I disagree with your view. If you listen to the Edm media, they’re actually quite critical of the team and always have been. In Cal its a different feel, I kind of get the impression that the media is fearful that if it doesn’t constantly report the team in a positive light, that fans may lose interest. This may speak to the large percentage of the population that actually come from elsewhere and their loyalty as a fan may not be as strong as compared to someone who grew-up in the city.

          Also, in respect to the Edm fan base believing every player will be better, have you actually read or listened to media reports on the team? Edm is famous for being hard on its players and if you look at the team today, no one is above this scrutinization with the exception of perhaps McDavid. I could provide a list but it would be quite exhaustive so I’ll just mention a few more recent players, Eberle, Dubnyk, Pouliot, Petry, RNH, Hall.

          Its true there is allot of excitement in Edm today including cup hopes (which in my opinion are exaggerated). But keep in mind that allot of this is coming from outside media so its not that the city is manufacturing it completely on its own. Right or wrong, I assume this is largely tied to the McDavid factor.

          • Neddd


            You said, “The players you listed are all your “great stars” who never fulfilled their promise. The old core that was supposed to be an “offensive juggernaut” always finished near the bottom in NHL team scoring. No wonder the fans were pissed off at them.”

            So you agree with me that the Edm fan base is hard on its players which was one of my points, I’m not sure where you’re going with this. Also, included in the few examples I offered were Pouliot and Petry, hardly considered “star” or “core” players. Btw you can add Justin Schultz to this list of recent players.

            I also still follow Edm media and without a doubt there are far far fewer references made to Calgary versus the other way around. For example, Fan 960 dedicates half of its hockey discussion to Edm, on equal par with the Flames….. they wouldn’t do this if their listening audience wasn’t obsessed with Edm, they’re simply catering to their listeners.

          • Newbietwo

            In consulting with counsel I will say this.. are you high?!

            I will not go on about the city or its people but in no way should it ever continue to be the Capital of our province.. I digress

            Now I can’t tell you how many times damn oiler fans come on here especially during the season and throw crap at a wall to see what sticks.. beginning of last season was a very perfect example of exactly that!

            As fans you threw all your hail Marie’s into last year and now you are trending towards the same problems your leadership continues to eximply from Katz down we read the articles, stories and rumours of his behaviour specifically.. then you so called hire the god almighty of executive team to signs Lucic to what? You hang your coats on Russell as a top 4 D for what? You over pay Drai by atleast 1.5 million for what?

            Stop coming on here and leave us alone to dissect our own team and focus on your own problems which are many..

            You haven’t had one or five hell ten changes you have had countless opportunities with your draft order to have built the most truly elite team but you washed it all literally! You have Mcdavid and Talbot that’s it!

            Best of all now we will meet Edmonton in the play offs numerous times and they will lose most of them as we did years ago.. We are the better team! We are the more balanced team! We have better D more versatile forwards and a much better prospects cubboard.. Enjoy it because when you open your eyes finally and instead of dreaming reality comes to you the realization that Calgary has led the way for many years as a city, as a community, and in our sports teams including the Stamps.. Edmonton “you are just a bigger version of Red Deer”

          • oilcanboyd

            I read and listen to Edmonton media everyday – I live in Edmonton, but I also lived in Calgary. It is way worse here. The arrogance of broadcasters like Lowetide saying that the Flames are building a team to beat Edmonton – Well, NO..the Flames are building a team to win a Cup! They need to win the Pacific Division first; they may never see Edmonton in the playoffs.
            The players you listed are all your “great stars” who never fulfilled their promise. The old core that was supposed to be an “offensive juggernaut” always finished near the bottom in NHL team scoring. No wonder the fans were pissed off at them. Dubnyk got roasted by McT who said he wasn’t a first string goalie – well, he wasn’t in Edmonton after that shot!
            Hockey is a team game and oiler fans and media believe that with McD and Drai they are on a straight line to the cup. Well, assuming they get stellar goaltending from Tallbut, they have a chance…more than a few times he saved their bacon last season and in the playoffs.

          • McRib

            “This may speak to the large percentage of the population that actually come from elsewhere and their loyalty as a fan may not be as strong as compared to someone who grew-up in the city.”

            So all of Edmonton is just homegrown people eh? $1,320,000 people all born and raised in Edmonton, strange that Edmonton was the fastest growing city in Canada the last decade and not Calgary. You must be having A LOT of kids up there to keep it all homegrown at that city expansion rate. PS, I know Flames fans who say the exact same thing about Edmonton, it’s the same from both sides, just with rose coloured glasses depending on who you cheer for. The Oilers have a lot of great Hockey fans and a few lousy ones and so does Calgary.

            Vancouver on the other hand has a few great hockey fans and a lot of lousy ones.

      • Raffydog

        Whatever dude, it goes both ways, you just see it through your own bias. Oilers fans have a reputation of being the most arrogant and cocky fan base in the league. You so much as mention their futility over the last ten years, and they’ll tell you to stop bringing up the past, it’s all about what’s happening right now, then in the same breath they’ll remind you how many cups they won 35 years ago. I worked in Edmonton for a couple years and the media and fans always had a big circle jerk over every player they ever drafted or traded for. All teams have fans that gloat, and fans that constantly bash other teams, we do it, you do it, they do it. So get off your high horse and join the rest of us in reality

        • Neddd


          This comment was directed at Newbietwo however it also applies to your comments.

          “Like I said, the city of Calgary seems to have a chip on its shoulder, an inferiority complex if you will. Your comments here only further support this observation.”

    • Neddd


      You may be right about the population bases not being different between the two cities in terms of migration, I just used that as one plausible explanation for why the local media isn’t more critical about the Flames.

      Btw, when I say that Calgary seems to have a chip on its shoulder, this doesn’t only apply to Edm, I see it with other Canadian cities as well including Vancouver 🙂

      • Newbietwo

        Now you want to bring Vancouver into the equation? It’s a shame such a beautiful city and region of the world screwed by its liberal perspective.. but again alas the result of their problems will come.. the addiction issues, drug issues, social issues.. the fact almost none of its own citizens can’t afford a home in their own damn city without living on ramen noodles for life is a crying shame..

        • Neddd


          Like I said, the city of Calgary seems to have a chip on its shoulder, an inferiority complex if you will. Your comments here only further support this observation.

          In terms of whether the Flames are more balanced or deeper than the Oilers, this will be decided once the season starts. Again, the only way this is determined is through wins and losses. Just because you hope something will happen, no matter how strongly, does not make it so.

          • Neddd


            This comment was already directed to Newbietwo and Raffydog however its applicable to you as well.

            “Like I said, the city of Calgary seems to have a chip on its shoulder, an inferiority complex if you will. Your comments here only further support this observation.”

            Why the insecurity BringtheFire2.0? I’m sure that you have some redeeming qualities, for example I bet that you know the birthdays for all the Flames players, am I right???

          • OTOF2

            I was not born in Alberta but have lived (as an adult) in both Calgary and Edmonton for more than ten years. In my opinion the cities do not even compare for more reasons than I have time to explain. I’ll just say that it is easy to understand why the murder rate in Edmonton is consistantly considerably higher than in Calgary.

      • 5FDP

        Neddd, do you actually believe your own dribble or just trying to troll? I’m not from Alberta but have lived in both Edmonton and Calgary for many years and my experience has been completely opposite of yours. I would think many people on this site have lived in both cities and have their own opinions of each city. I would suggest that you coming onto this site to make the comments that you have says more about your own inferiority complex than anything. Just saying.

        • Neddd


          You said, “Neddd, do you actually believe your own dribble or just trying to troll?”

          I think you mean “drivel”, not “dribble”.

          Sorry but those of us with inferiority complexes find strength by pointing out flaws in others. Just saying.

          • 5FDP

            No, I mean dribble – you open your mouth and slobber falls out. But even if it was a typo it’s not as bad as being a loser troll. You should realize that your “observations” in Calgary are probably skewed because people can tell that you are a loser and treat you as such.

    • I am Batman

      What happened last year then? Almost the same line up and: Last time I looked the Oilers sweeped the Shames. And…. Smith is better than Talbot?

      You are hilarious

      • oilcanboyd

        New coach, new system. By the way McLellan’s first year as coach of the oil: 31-43-8-70! He had to purge the lazy ass attitude of the oiler core; Gulutzan had to instill a more possession type game than they olayed under former coach Hartley. There wefe other factors but this was the most significant. Game 1 with the same coaching staff.

    • FlamesFan27

      On paper, Calgary has a deeper and more balanced team than the Oilers. But, McDavid is a LOT better than anyone else. The big question for Calgary is goaltending; that was their undoing against the Oilers head to head last year, as well as in the playoffs against Anaheim, where with even average goaltending they would have been up 3-1 in the series instead of swept.

  • OYYC

    The Flames are at 20/23 contracts.
    Add in Jankowski at 925K, Kulak at 650K, swapping out Bartkowski for Wotherspoon is essentially a wash, and another player in the 650K – 925K range.
    Add in bonuses that Tkachuk (and others, depending on who makes the roster) figures to earn, and you’ve blasted through half of that 5.2M already.
    Let’s not get giddy about the money the team has left over.

  • Newbietwo

    The hipocrisy wow.. two days ago many in here were spreading it thin on the poor kid and today he’s Hercules..

    This is his year and I predict 40 points plus if utilized as a third line player and if in top 6 it will be higher..

    I expected around $2.5 million so a little shocked

    • The Fall

      $3M salary and $2M bonus is a lot of realality for a team that has an open spot tailor made for 12mins a night right winger against third line competition who not only scores but still ‘drives play’.

          • BendingCorners

            It does count but if it puts the Flames over the cap (up to 7.5% over after which the team would need to shrink its payroll) then it can be applied to the next year’s cap. There is no way to use performance bonuses to circumvent the hard cap.I like Jaromir but I think he might be too slow to fit in and likely would limit the team’s cap flexibility at the TDL. I don’t think BT will sign him.