WWYDW: Who should play third line right wing?

Aside from a few pieces here and there, the Flames’ roster appears to be set. Sure, there are still a couple of extra players hanging around, but as training camp has progressed we’ve gotten an increasingly clear picture of just who the Flames will open their season with. The goalies look to be who we…


State of the roster races 2017: 5 cuts to go

The Calgary Flames trimmed down their roster yesterday, bringing their number of healthy bodies below 30 and kicking off the final stages of camp. Everybody on the active roster right now has a non-trivial chance of being an NHL player come puck drop on Oct. 4. Some of them have better chances than others, though….


Athletes didn’t drag politics into sport – it was already there

The Pittsburgh Penguins found themselves in an untenable position this week. The 2017 Stanley Cup champions had a choice to make. They could tour the White House and meet the President of the United States, as previous winners have done, thereby enraging his many vocal detractors. Alternatively, they could skip the event, provoking the same…