What the Jaromir Jagr signing means for the Flames

It means a living legend has signed in Calgary.

It also means that the Flames just got a whole lot better on the ice, with just a couple of days to go before the season opener.

Upgraded lineup

With hockey a mere two days away, let’s go with the present implications first.

The Flames now have a top nine that should look like:

Johnny Gaudreau Sean Monahan Micheal Ferland
Matthew Tkachuk Mikael Backlund Michael Frolik
Kris Versteeg Sam Bennett Jaromir Jagr

Take a minute to just let it soak in. Just look at it for a moment. Because that, right there, is three solid lines that can all attack, that can all contribute, that can all play at a high level.

The biggest questions there are Micheal Ferland and Sam Bennett: Ferland because he has yet to play in such a high-level role for an extended period of time, and Bennett because he hasn’t quite shown what’s been expected of him since he was drafted fourth overall in 2014. Bennett has been a fine enough player in his own right, but there’s a reason he re-signed with a two-year bridge deal worth $1.95 million per, as opposed to a longer term contract akin to what Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan signed.

One of the things that has stymied Bennett has been his linemates. We’ve seen what he can do when paired with talent, but that frequently was not the case last season. While Kris Versteeg performed, Troy Brouwer simply was not a fit for his line – and had the Flames not signed Jagr, it’s likely we would have seen him there.

The other option was Mark Jankowski, and let’s be honest: as excited as one may be about Jankowski’s potential, he’s not Jaromir frickin’ Jagr.

Signing Jagr has done more than given Bennett another talented veteran to play with: it’s bumped everyone else down the rest of the lineup, too.

If Brouwer was playing on the third line, then that means someone else would be playing on the fourth line – someone who has now been bumped out of the lineup by Jagr’s presence. By making their third line stronger, they’ve made their fourth line stronger as well.

Jagr removes all questions from the Flames’ forward group, instead leaving an impressive collection of talent, top to bottom.

The top nine

Ferland has looked great in his limited showings alongside Gaudreau and Monahan – he showed potential back in 2015-16, even if his shooting percentage was so low no tangible impact was discerned; he was great to close out the 2016-17 season; and he’s looked like he’s belonged in this preseason – but that’s just it, the showings have been limited. But in 2015-16, that line had a CF of 52.83%, and this past season it was 51.13%. In preseason, at 56.52% Ferland has been one of the Flames’ stronger corsi players. This line has real potential.

Another point in favour of keeping Ferland on the top line is consistency. In speaking with Gaudreau about Ferland a few days ago, he seemed frustrated that he hasn’t had a consistent right wing since Jiri Hudler. And Ferland – 20 years younger than Jagr – is a better fit for a potential long-term line. If things don’t work out, they can be switched up later; in the meantime, Ferland has done absolutely everything in his power and then some to prove it’s his spot to start.

We already know what the 3M line can do: their 57.39% CF made them one of the best lines in the entire NHL in 2016-17, especially when you factor in their 34.93% offensive zone starts.

That just leaves the third line: one that, using last season’s numbers, scored 37, 26, and 46 points. We already know that Bennett and Versteeg work well together: not only were they two of the Flames’ better players in the playoffs, but they made each other better in the regular season, as well.

CF% Together Bennett CF% alone Versteeg CF% alone
48.83 48.54 45.96

Which brings us to Jagr.

In 2016-17, Jagr was a 54.85% CF player, falling right in line with the 53.95% he’s sported since returning to the NHL.

Not just that, but he has overwhelmingly improved the players he’s played with. Here are the forwards Jagr played alongside last season in Florida, minimum 100 5v5 minutes, in descending order of ice time:

Player CF% Together Jagr CF% alone Player CF% alone
Aleksander Barkov 57.08 51.40 40.23
Jonathan Huberdeau 55.61 46.96 47.06
Jonathan Marchessault 57.52 52.92 48.65
Vincent Trocheck 56.00 54.83 54.00
Seth Griffith 58.63 53.93 45.35
Jared McCann 52.61 53.59 50.29
Jussi Jokinen 57.56 54.85 52.72

It’s fair to point out that in most cases, Jagr and his linemates had elevated offensive zone starts, but that’s what you do with scoring players. You put them in positions to score. Nobody is expecting Jagr to come in and be a Backlund-level shutdown forward: he’s here to bolster the Flames’ lineup and scoring, which is exactly what they need.

But wait, isn’t he old?

Well, yeah. He’s 45 years old: the third oldest player to ever play in the NHL, after Gordie Howe (who stopped at age 52) and Chris Chelios (48). Howe was from a different era, but in his 44-year-old season, Chelios scored 22 points. Jagr more than doubled that at the same age. He’s his own beast.

And age doesn’t take away from smarts or hands, both of which Jagr has in abundance. His game should be the exact same it was in Florida, and he had a pretty successful couple of seasons there, It’s also worth noting he’ll likely get less ice time here in Calgary. In 2016-17, Jagr averaged 17:00 of ice time; Versteeg, by comparison, averaged 14:44. The opportunity to keep Jagr’s legs fresh exists.

Jagr didn’t see an overwhelming benefit from racking up points on the powerplay, either. Of his 16 goals, eight were at even strength and eight were on the man advantage; of his 30 assists, 25 were at even strength and five were on the powerplay.

What we’re seeing here is a player who continues to drive play and put up points, all the while helping his teammates, and he’ll likely be in a third line role. Via Own The Puck:

The man, the myth, the legend

And then there’s this: Calgary will be the first Canadian team Jagr will ever play for. And if that isn’t an honour, I don’t know what is.

Jagr has played in the West before: 34 games for the Dallas Stars, back in the 2012-13 season, before he was traded to the Boston Bruins. He played under one coach Glen Gulutzan, which apparently was a deciding factor in coming to Calgary.

Jagr has played 1,711 games in the NHL, the fourth most ever. He needs to play another 57 games to pass Howe to be number one all time, which seems pretty likely.

He has scored 765 goals: third most in the NHL. He’d need to score 37 to move into second all-time past Howe, which seems less likely.

He has registered 1,149 assists, fifth most in the NHL. Another 21 will move him into fourth place, passing Ray Bourque. If he has a really good year and puts up 45, he could move into third all time, past Mark Messier. Fourth place seems a little more probable.

He has scored 1,914 points, second most in the NHL. He needs 944 to pass Wayne Gretzky and move into first place. DREAM BIG.

Because Jaromir Jagr is a Calgary Flame, and everything is possible in this life.

The Flames are officially contenders.

  • Mr. J

    flames outsmarted everyone again lol first they were the only ones to give up what they did for Hamonic. Now they were the only ones to go after jagr. Yes st louis did but what choice did they have, 5 of there top 9 players are out with injuries.

    Slow Jagr will not retrieve pucks but instead will hang out waiting for them lol cant wait

    • Hockeyfan6778

      Lol well when you look at Pittsburgh giving up a first for Reeves a first for hamonic is not bad. It actually has been the price for a top 4 D last bunch of years.

      With yagr you can’t really go wrong signing him for a mill. One he doesn’t work out and your out a mill. Two he still gets his 40 plus points he has been getting and he is a bargain.


      And you guys were petty excited at the possibility of getting him and off course now are bashing him. Just like foo signing. And versteeg.

      • Willi P

        Thanks for the link. ON was pumped about wanting Jagr. Now he is a dud like all the others that spurned the Grease Puddle in Shelbyville. Post 3 and the reply, awesome.

      • WillyWonka

        I like the oiler nation comments on the “bring in Jagr to play on the top line” piece noted above.
        One of the first few comments, indicative of the general consensus, Was,
        “October 4th, 2017, the puck drops and the Flames come up with the puck in their own zone. Dougie Hamilton passes the puck to Girodano who flubs it and with a fierce Maroon forecheck the puck goes to McDavid who through some slick stick work sends the puck to the right side to Jagr who snipes the first shot of the season bar down on Mike Smith. Opening shift, opening goal.

        Jagr skates to the corner and salutes Rogers Place as the fans go into mass hysteria.”
        I guess O.N. readers gave to resign themselves to the fact that the guy they desired for their top line RE will be playing third line in Calgary!!! Hahaha

    • Trevy

      I do love the sound of jealousy coming from an Oiler fan! Say what you want, but you know as well as all Oiler fans, that you guys would of loved this guy on your team…sad but true…oh, and lol

    • Carl the tooth

      From what I’ve seen from Hamonic so far is he is a great defenceman and looks to be a good trade . 1 or 2 mill for a guy who led an nhl team in scoring 2 years ago is worth it . Lol lovin it!!

    • oilcanboyd

      Translation: You are jealous! The oilers also need a right winger because they need to play Drysaddle at that position with McD instead of creating eully as strong first and second lines. Pullyou bombed again in training camp and was sent away. Quasimoto will soon follow – difference from preseason to regular season.

  • Skylardog

    Just wanted to point out that EVERYONE on here has been saying that Bennett needs a winger that can skate and play a high speed game.

    Explain to me how Jagr fits the bill here?

    • Rexx

      Bennett has the speed and aggressiveness, Jagr has the hands, body and IQ to make plays with a young talent like Bennett. You’re right, he’s not speedy – but Bennett is the flash and I feel Jagr will do a great job complimenting that and opening up the ice for Bennett.

    • dontcryWOLF

      Bennett needs people to help him build confidence and consistency. Jagr is nothing if not consistent. ..bennett could do far worse. And I think everyone will be glad to not have to see what Brouwer was, or was not , going to do there. (Still an option if jagr rips off his human suit and goes back to the alien planet he’s from where age isn’t a thing)

    • oilcanboyd

      Bennett will have somebody to get the puck too in the opposition zone….Jags finds a way to get into scoring position no matter how speedy his linemates!

      • oilcanboyd

        ..and on the power plays, once the puck is in the opponents end the play usually remains there for a while so Jags an dipsy doodle his way around the zone…

  • madjam

    Why only one year ? Will he produce to age 51 like Gordie Howe did , even if it was basically done in the WHA Let’s see : Howe at 45 with Houston Aeroes – in70 games – 31G, 69A =100 points plus 34 playoff points . At 46 and 75 games – 34G ,65A=99 points plus 20 playoff points , At 47 : in 78 games 32G,70 =102 points and 31 playoff points . At 48 in 62 games , 24G, 44A = 68 points plus 11 playoff points . At 49 and 50 with N.E.Whalers , in 49th year in 76 games , 34G, 62A =96 points plus 15 playoff points . At 50 in 58 games 19 G, 24 A =43 points plus 4 playoff points . Significant drop off at 51 with Hartford : In 80 games -15G,26A = 41 points plus 2 playoff points . That is quite an accomplishment even at WHA level . Maybe a longer contract might have been warranted if Howe any indication of productivity beyond 45 ?

      • madjam

        They had for T.Selanne (retired @44) and JJagr . Chara likely to break into that category next year showing little of being washed up as yet . A few others at 39 still playing . Most call it a career at 40 like Niewendyk , Lidstom , Chelios and about 50 others .

    • oilcanboyd

      A team that signs a player over 35 to a multi-year contract is on the hook for his full cap hit even if he retires prior to the duration of the contract.

  • idbr

    I’d really like to see Bennett with Tkachuk. I also think Versteeg would fit in well with Backlund and Frolik. Of the players left I’d like to see something like:
    Gaudreau Monahan Ferland
    Versteeg Backlund Frolik
    Tkachuk Bennett Jagr
    Stajan Jankowski One of (Hamilton/Lazar/Brouwer)

  • Nicely done.
    Economically I hope this will help the Flames close their season seat sales as it has languished. Jag’s is as marketable as any player in the league and as you expertly note in the analysis, he still has some game!
    Im happy for the Flames as Ken Kings stench was starting to become a self sustaining blight. This is a worthy distraction and something that all fans can embrace, optimism!!
    Perhaps Ken King can cancel the bottle drive narrative and focus on something less puketastic, like selling #68 jerseys.

    • Scary Gary

      Definitely languishing, “Thanks to the incredible support of our loyal fans, we are currently sold out of Season Tickets and Game Packs.” – from the flames website.

    • I am Batman

      Haha…. can’t get over the fact that NOBODY but the Lames offered Jagr a little contract…. let’s see how he catches up to the Oilers (very fast) team on Wednesday….. bet he can’t keep up….

      • Sven


        ‘better to stay silent and be thought a fool – then to post and then remove all doubt’ – non?

        “Jaromir Jagr reportedly won’t be joining the St. Louis Blues, but could be heading to Calgary.

        St. Louis general manager Doug Armstrong told TSN’s Pierre LeBrun that the Blues made an offer to the unrestricted free agent over the weekend, but was told Jagr is going in a different direction.

        Armstrong says he, Martin Brodeur and Mike Yeo spoke with Jagr on the phone over the weekend then made him an offer. ”

        — Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) October 2, 2017

        unlike North Red Deer

        people actually like playing in Calgary

        • Sven

          @chris pronger-

          your name is an interesting choice:

          of historic interest:

          “Kevin Lowe said yesterday what Calgarians have known for years: No one wants to move to Edmonton.

          In the midst of an organizational slide that all began when Chris Pronger’s wife demanded he be traded out of Edmonton, the Oilers find themselves unable to attract anyone to what was once a hockey hotbed.”

          Eric Francis , 2007

          and more currently:

          “ESPN conducted its annual poll (insider link) of which NHL cities are the most unpopular among NHL players. This year the Winnipeg Jets took the top slot, with the Edmonton Oilers placing second ”

          ESPN / April 2017

          and so Mr Jagr will skate for a year along side another who spurned an offer from Edmonton for a chance to lace up his skates in YYC , Kris Versteeg, while waiting for Edmonton native Spencer Foo to get a year of professional hockey under his belt – and then skate with the Flames after opting to sign with Calgary instead of his home town side…

          and thus

          the sun rises in the east and sets in the west , the trees shed their leaves in the fall , Liberals raise taxes – and Edmonton remains a horrible place to play hockey

        • Hockeyfan6778

          Let’s all just ignore Batman And pronger. They are just trolls here trying to highjack legitimate hockey conversations. Replies just feed them. Don’t get them wet either.

      • Sven


        do people actually attend school in Edmonton?

        ‘better to stay silent and be thought a fool – then to post and then remove all doubt’ – non?

        “Jaromir Jagr reportedly won’t be joining the St. Louis Blues, but could be heading to Calgary.

        St. Louis general manager Doug Armstrong told TSN’s Pierre LeBrun that the Blues made an offer to the unrestricted free agent over the weekend, but was told Jagr is going in a different direction.

        Armstrong says he, Martin Brodeur and Mike Yeo spoke with Jagr on the phone over the weekend then made him an offer. ”

        — Pierre LeBrun (@PierreVLeBrun) October 2, 2017

        unlike North Red Deer

        people actually like playing in Calgary

      • Intercourse the Penguins

        I think it is being down wind of TWO oil refineries, situated in a valley and surrounded by mosquito infested muskeg that makes Smogmonton such an unwanted destination for any health conscious person.

    • Atomic Clown

      The fourth line looks to be any combination of 4 players: Jankowski, Stajan, Brouwer, Lazar. Of the lot, Brouwer looks to play the most games, probably 70+. Stajan is also looking at 60+. Jankowski and Lazar will play a rotational game. That gives us two centers on that line at all times. Hopefully Brouwer can play a truculent game, and put up 30 points. Thats not wroth the $4.5 million hes getting paid, but better than nothing

    • Chris Prongers Rake

      I’m not trolling, It’s my opinion the Flames wont be as good everyone in Calgary thinks they will be and singing an aged, and over the hill Hall of Famer, isn’t going to help. I think the Flames will have to decide if they have a shot at the playoffs or if they need to trade Jagr instead of losing him at the trade deadline, and if you don’t like my opinion than tough!

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        Wow great insight… thanks for letting us know that you aren’t trolling… We had our doubt. I still can’t figure out the difference between a troll and someone who lacks hockey knowledge but you could be our first hybrid…..congrats. Based on your eloquent and poignant argument, “if you don’t like my opinion than (then) tough” you have a great future in public speaking or public defending.

  • Johny Dresco

    Jarda Jagr will be doing great, he is in a good shape. Wanted to play for his team he owns on Saturday in the second czech league, but there was a request from St. Louis not to play, or maybe it was from the Flames already? 🙂 Anyway happy that he signed in Calgary

    • Carl the tooth

      Yeah I hear the Czech is like the Bahamas this time of year lol I’m sure Jagr is quite aware of the weather here , he has played more games here than a few flames players lol

  • Sven

    Gaudreau Monahan Ferland
    Tkachuk Backlund Frolik
    Versteeg Bennett Jagr
    Stajan Jankowski Brouwer

    There’s a whole lot to like there-

    and how awesome that he was drafted back in 1990 14 spots ahead of Keith Tkachuk?