Garnet Hathaway sent down; Jaromir Jagr skating on third line

Now that Jaromir Jagr is officially a Calgary Flame, the organization has taken to a bit of housekeeping to fit him on the roster.

Garnet Hathaway, who was waived alongside Luke Gazdic on Monday, has been sent to the Stockton Heat. He cleared waivers on Tuesday but was not immediately sent down, as the Flames wanted him to play in the season opener – presumably to give them a physical edge in what they anticipated to be a tough game, for however well that worked out. A player who has cleared waivers can be sent down within 30 days of clearing.

With Jagr officially signed – his contract came into effect today – the Flames had to demote a player in order to get their roster back down to 23. Hathaway was the only one available for immediate assignment.

This doesn’t answer the question of how Mark Jankowski will be back in the NHL – the Flames would have to cut another forward in order to do that – so we’ll continue to wait on that front.

In the meantime, now that Jagr is part of the team, he’s skating on the third line alongside Kris Versteeg and Sam Bennett. This was the obvious fit for him: he was ready to accept a third line role, and Versteeg and Bennett are two very motivated, talented players in their own rights. Talk of signing Jagr heated up over the summer largely in part because the third line was incomplete and he was the best available option. On paper, it’s easy to see where the chemistry should come from; hopefully we’ll see it in action soon.

How soon, though? That much hasn’t been decided yet. Jagr missed all of training camp – and we remember how poorly that can go from the previous season’s start – and considers himself day-to-day as he works to get up to speed.

The sooner he’s able to play, though, likely the better.

    • ZKman

      C’mon Doc, lay off of Stajan – he’s been a good solder for us and deserves to finish his contract with us….perhaps not playing everyday… Brower, on the other hand? Have at him.

      • The Doctor

        Stajan has been a faithful soldier, but he is slow and lacks elite skill. We can no longer afford to keep and ice people like him if we want to compete and beat teams like the Oilers. This is a pro hockey team, not some charity for aging athletes or some school team where everyone gets to play so their self esteem is boosted. Janko has elite level skills.

        • BlueMoonNigel

          You do not know the advantages Stajan brings to the team off the ice–team chemistry and all that.

          The AHL and NHL preseason hardly constitute elite levels, so you’re overstepping the mark by calling Janko’s skills elite level.

        • OKG

          People have just turned on him for not being Mark Jankowski. Which is asinine. Mark Jankowski is a better pure talent than our fake #1C Sean Monahan – of course Matt Stajan is not Mark Jankowski.

        • Stajanforadirtyboot

          I would be a faithful soldier to if a team paid me 26.5 million. Sorry he is not even a fringe player at the NHL level. I would even go as far as to say he would not crack 25 points in the AHL. Time for the press box for Stajan and time for Janko to rise

        • The Doctor

          Look who the Oilers had on their FOURTH line last night: Letestu and Kassian. Both of those guys can score, they have good hands. We had Stajan, Glass and Hathaway. Reasonable people can disagree, but IMO for various reasons, the NHL has become a skill league. You can’t afford to have lead-handed pluggers on your fourth line anymore and compete against high-skill teams like the Oilers. It’s like competing with one hand tied behind your back.

          • everton fc

            You are right. To me, guys like Glass and Stajan are your extras. Jankowski and Lazar should be on the 4th line. Waive Freddie, put Brouwer on the RW/4th line, unless they can trade him, then have Stajan-Jankowski-Lazar, and see what happens. But you have to have a veteran on that 4th line.

          • BlueMoonNigel

            As an NHLer, Kassian has been little more than a discipline problem and a face puncher. Don’t overstate his scoring ability at the NHL level. As for Letestu, he is a plugger who had a very good playoffs last spring. Coincidentally, Glass is a plugger who had a very good playoffs last spring.

          • BlueMoonNigel

            No, the good Doc isn’t right and neither are you, FC.

            You’re inserting Lazar in the lineup because e did what in the preseason to warrant it? Sounds like wing and a prayer coaching to me.

            Waive Freddie and PO Dougie. Great! How many times do you need to be told that Dougie is a highly intelligent, but deeply sensitive young man who is still governed by his moods?

    • deantheraven

      I was sleepless for two nights with all those Brouwer rumours going around, giddy with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I just hope he’s gone-somewhere, anywhere- before Christmas. Please, Santa?!

  • Alberta Ice

    Flames best hope to stop McDavid: Trade Brouwer to the Oilers and hope they put him with McDavid. Drats, I don’t think the Oilers would fall for that. On a more serious note, just the thought of having Jagr join the Bennett and Versteeg line really looks like a positive step for making the Flames team better. This team will get better and much more dangerous in time, especially if Mike Smith continues to play like he did last night. May the young guys get their game on and that soon.

  • The Doctor

    The Breitbart comments section has a place waiting for you. Lots of aggrieved white people there, claiming to be oppressed. And I say that as a decidedly white guy.

  • Guest

    It seems that GG keeps Stajan and Brouwer around for the PK. He doesn’t like youth penalty killing.

    Crap reason but Stajan and Brouwer were fine on the PK. Though disaster elsewhere. Oh Paul Byron I miss you.

  • Guest

    Lol wut? Is this bad sarcasm?

    Assuming no, for sure the RWM stereotype is tossed around too flippantly, especially by anyone under 30 and city bred and born. But sheesh man settle down. Ari is reasoned and thoughtful. Depending on the definition I might be a RWM and have never found her writing offensive. Certainly it’s biased one way, but almost everything is. The content behind is excellent. She will be writing for bigger places than this soon enough. Enjoy the interaction.

  • Zesty14

    Ari is entitled to her thoughts and right of speech. As a white boy playing hockey from the moment I can stand I do believe that there is a racist element to hockey but not in the way described as the Martin Luther king. Speech brought to us by Ari. The USA and racism is different then that of Canada. Yes there still is in all nationalities for both countries but the past dictates the current peasant. I felt bad because I’m white played hockey and have loved hockey my entire life. Reguarless of nationality or skin color I look at hockey players all the same. To choose to sit out of an American national anthem because of American policies you don’t agree with is warrented to sit out of American and Canadian anthems because of American racism shouldn’t be condoned. Stand up for your beliefs country but please never drag other nations with their own racist problems to you own for front. I have slapshot yelled at a fan disrespecting the national anthem. And would do it again.

  • C Watson

    So easy to solve, so hard to admit you made the mistakes. Waive Brouwer, Stajan and Lazar – nobody will claim either of these guys. Enter Janko, Garnet and Lomberg – perfect 4th line.

      • freethe flames

        That line has the potential for being a Backs junior line. The key would be is if Poirier could find his old annoying self w/o sacrificing his skill set. I also think Magpie could replace Klimcuk but a lot of that is because of his chemistry with Janko. But the truth is I would rather watch almost any of those combo’s than watch “the burden” labour up and down the ice.

  • The Sultan

    Just a heads up to anyone that missed it — Ari has left her email address and has encouraged us to contact her if we feel there are any users who are taking it too far. In my opinion, two people who fit that bill are “I am Batman” and “Chris Prongers Rake”. If everyone would just take the time to send a quick email toperiariyx@gmail.com and request that those two (and anyone else you might think) be permanently banned from this site it would make sorting through the comments section a lot easier. I’ve already taken the liberty of sending an email, but if enough of us do it we can eliminate the redundant trolling/flaming quicker. Thank you.

  • Stockton's Finest

    So on the night before the Heat opener, an open letter to the team that calls Stockton home.

    To Mark Jankowski: we all know you belong in Calgary. But sometimes you need to continue to prove it. So you have to expect that you will be here for the month of October. You need to be the best player on the ice each and every shift. You need to force the Big club’s hand to find a place for you.

    To Emile Poirier, figure you to be here the entire year, with the off-ice issues you had last year. But be the ying to Jankowski’s yang. The two of you should carry this team during October. Your time will come later this season.

    To Rasmas Andersson: with the play last night from the bottom 6, you too should get a one-way ticket at some point this year. But buckle down and be the shutdown, quarterback defenceman we need.

    To Spencer Foo: study Mark Jankowski’s game from last year. You will be here all year. Take that mentality into the season, work on your game, and push for a top 9 position next year.

    To John Gillies: use the extra week you spent in Calgary and cease the crease. Convince me that you are a better goalie that Riddich. You should have a .920 or better save percentage after November.

    To Mangiapane and Klimchuk: please realize you are a year away. Play your way into the off-season discussion. You too should help this team to the Calder Cup playoffs.

    To Garnet Hathaway: you got one game already. Stay sharp. You will come up, but not the 1st one.

    To Kylington and Healey: you too will also be in Stockton all year. So enbrace it. Work on your games and perfect them. You will be needed in the next year or two, so use this time wisely.

    To Wotherspoon: the #6 was yours for the taking. For whatever reason, you were sent down. Take what you learned and make it work. You have a bomb from the point. Take it. Use it. If you don’t, I would assume the organization will allow you to seek employment elsewhere.

    To Coach Huska: do not be afraid to change up lines during a game. Allow your stars to shine. Don’t hamper their growth.

    Lastly, to Ryan Lomberg, stay as feisty as you were last year. You were voted Fan Favorite for a reason. Protect our team. And wear that A with pride. You earned it.

    Go Heat Go! ?????

    • freethe flames

      Allow your stars to shine. For me that means put Janko/Magpie/Poirier(don’t be afraid of getting into people grills and don’t be afraid of making mistakes) together and make them play in every situation and then have them be dominate defensively, drive possession, and score. Play on PK and the PP.

      Play Klimchuk/Pollock/Hathaway; basically the same marching orders as the Janko line.

      Then a line of Lomberg/Cramm/Carroll; hit everything every shift.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Speaking of Lomberg, how more lesser skilled players haven’t modelled themselves after Flyer legend Hound Dog Kelley? I’ve been watching a old of Flyer games from the 70s recently and he was the Tasmanian devil. His play was extremely high tempo, ferocious fore checker, hit anybody in a different colour jersey on every shift and used his offensive skill to create scoring chances. I am not sure Lomberg is as skilled a stick handler as Hound Dog was, but he checks the other 3 boxes perfectly. Club should send him to Hound Dog’s Good Dog School.

  • madjam

    If you consider Oilers are the measuring stick for Pacific and Western representative like a lot of pundents do , then the loss is not all that big to panic about as yet . Basically 2-0 with an empty net goal . More work needed obviously to close that gap .

    • Puckhead

      As you well know, rankings are meaningless – you make a pointless comment with no substance. It’s a long season and anything can happen.

      Kudos on cheering your own comment though – hope it felt good.

    • Skylardog

      Unfortunately, the score was flattering. 45 shots against and a goalie posting a 955 to keep it close does not bode well. They were way worse, or Edmonton was way better, than last year, except for Smith that is.

    • Flaming1

      I would think so. The older you are the harder it is to stay in shape. Just ask 320 lb Kieth Tkachuk. Jagr will get in game shape. It just may take a little longer.

      • freethe flames

        Altitude, jet lag and age all contribute to this. I also suspect yesterdays practice might have been a bit intense considering how few of them played hard the night before. Does anyone know who made up the 4th line in yesterdays practice.