The Flames wanted a lot more than just an arena

In the latest development in a story that just won’t stop developing, the Globe and Mail’s Carrie Tait and Al Maki released deals they’ve obtained of the first offer from the Calgary Flames to the City of Calgary regarding the potential future home of the hockey club. Originally proposed to the City back in February,…


Greetings from Stockton!!!

Welcome to Stockton and your 2017 – 2018 Stockton Heat. Today we start the quest for the Calder Cup. We got a taste of it last year, bowing out in Game 5 against San Jose (the 2nd ranked team in the league last year) Gone are Linden Vey, Matt Frattin, Mike Angelidis, and Mikkel Aagaard,…


Matt Stajan still has value for the Flames

In all facets of life, there can be a tendency to wear out one’s welcome. Professional sports is certainly no exception; in fact, it’s one of the easier avenues to feel this. After all, if a player is signed for too long, well… You’re commenting on their performance. And you want that to go away….


The Flames haven’t forgotten about Mark Jankowski

Jaromir Jagr is a Calgary Flame. The 45-year-old National Hockey League legend was officially signed earlier this week with much fanfare and ballyhoo. While the Flames were finalizing things with Jagr, 2012 first round selection Mark Jankowski surprisingly did not make the team. Jankowski was probably the most consistent forward in training camp – and…


The Flames probably did receive revenue sharing last season

Last week, Calgary Flames president Ken King spoke about the business of hockey at an event hosted by the Chamber of Commerce – taking great pains to avoid speaking much about the arena project, which is dead. One interesting piece of information was divulged by King at the luncheon: he claims the Flames received revenue…


The Roundup

Oilers and Leafs start strong; The Flames land Jagr; Exploring the best Flames team in 10 years; Old problems remain for Jets; A few youngsters make the Canucks; Loads of pre season predictions, fatherhood and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by the DailyFaceOff.