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Jon Gillies returned to Stockton Heat, Matthew Tkachuk to have discipline hearing

It would appear that Mike Smith is good to go.

Jon Gillies, who was up with the Flames on an emergency recall basis, has been returned to the Stockton Heat in the AHL. As nobody else has been called up, and the Flames require two goalies in order to play, this seems like an indication that Smith will be set to return for Saturday morning’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Smith missed one and two-thirds of a game with an undisclosed injury. He played the first period in Monday’s contest against the St. Louis Blues, only to suddenly be replaced by Eddie Lack for the final two frames.

Lack got the nod in the contest against Detroit – one in which the entire team failed spectacularly. Lack’s night ended early in the second period after he surrendered his fifth goal of the game, the result of a poor effort by pretty much everybody playing for Calgary.

Gillies came in to relieve Lack. He held down the fort well enough when the scoring bursts calmed down, surrendering only one goal late in the second period to seemingly put the game out of reach for good.

However, he gave up another two goals when the Red Wings somehow ended up with a five-minute major penalty to close out the game, something his stat line absolutely did not deserve. Gillies returns to the AHL with nine saves on 12 shots – a .750 SV% – after 34:53 of play.

Speaking of five-minute major penalties to close out the game, that was courtesy of Matthew Tkachuk’s “spear” which, uh, sure?

The line brawl began with a fight between Detroit’s Luke Witkowski – career 62 NHL games played, four assists, 97 PIM – and Brett Kulak. With the fight clearly over, Witkowski took the time to slam Kulak’s unprotected head on the ice again, for reasons, which the Flames bench took exception to. Tkachuk also received a game misconduct for “spearing”.

Witkowski has been suspended 10 games, as was expected, while Tkachuk could face further discipline for his role in escalating things into a melee, even though, unless Tkachuk had further words for him, it looks like Witkowski more lost his mind over David Booth’s giving him an ass slap and this is all just so unbelievably stupid.

A discipline hearing is very vague wording, and doesn’t necessarily mean Tkachuk will be punished. He could receive a suspension, or be fined, or have absolutely nothing happen to him at all.

I’m clearly biased, but I’m going to bet on a fine, seeing as how Tkachuk didn’t do anything particularly egregious, but it’s also possible Witkowski would have simply left down the tunnel had Tkachuk just left him alone.

  • Thunder1

    I said it in pike’s game review 10 minutes after it happened… 10 games for the witless wonder for coming back out on the ice and unfortunately,

    two or three games for Chucky!

    They like to make examples of guys who appear before player safety twice in a calendar year. That doesn’t bode well for the Flames with six more games on the road trip!

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      If they classify it as a spear, then he will get some kind of fine/suspension. If they are saying he escalated things, then he will get just a fine. Considering that the worst offenders (Mantha, Happtoseeyou, Ferland) were not mentioned for committing acts off the ice, it seems strange to single out Tkachuk. But, whatever. Somehow a tap on the leg is worth a hearing. Somehow punching a guy in the players bench is not.

  • HAL MacInnis

    I’d like to think that Smith got so pissed off watching his backups in action last night, that he just shook with rage until his body finally healed sometime this morning through shear will.

  • The Sultan

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Tkachuk got 1 or 2 games. Anything more would be overkill and the league trying to make an example out of him. Don’t agree with it, but I would be pleasantly surprised if he got off scot-free.

  • snotss

    the flames are a soft team…I was wondering when they would get our asses handed to them.no team toughness!!!!!…play glass and sit stajan its a no brainer..glass can do every little thing that stajan is not doing right now and he brings toughness that stajan wont or can’t

  • BringtheFire 2.0

    I don’t understand. Is Chucky’s stick actually a wand that allows him control over Witkowski’s mind? As soon as he touched Witkowski he had the ability to compell him back to the ice? Hell no. To say that it was Chucky’s fault he came back on the ice is ludicrous. That was a choice Witkowski made himself, and that stick tap was not enough justification for anything.

    10 games deserved, Chucky gets a pat on the back for sticking up for his friends ’till the bitter end.

    What a nice young man, dammit!

    Now bring on Philly.

  • calgaryfan

    Tkachuk should get some games off, as a Flames fan some of his antics are embarrassing, he needs to grow up. If he wants to pull stuff, he needs to drop his stick and stand up for himself or team mates.

  • Traydsies

    Tkachuk quoted from TSN:
    “…so I just went over there to give him a little poke and tell him just to get out of here.”
    He followed him from the penalty box across the ice. I’m sure he didn’t antagonize him on the way. He just wanted to be available to catch him if he slipped on the ice. Let’s be real here.
    Tkachuk’s reputation is earned and that’s why the league wants to talk about his “unsportsmanlike conduct” and not a poke. I personally don’t like this kind of behavior, but that’s what the best hockey pests do. He always seems to be in the center of this kind of thing and a short suspension is probably warranted but won’t change him. He’ll be back breaking, slew-footing, elbowing, and cross-checking in no time.

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      If that is your way of asking Tkachuk out… You better pull out that Bat charm. You know the same charm you bring to FN every waking hour. Don’t you have an Oilers game to whine about…. Move along.

    • Intercourse the Penguins

      You shouldtake trolling lessons from I am Bruce WANYE. BTW Oil could not suck hard enough for 12 years to get good. You had to fluke out to get McWho and still……… Burns? Also finishing last overall cancels out a Stanley Cup win. So what’s the score now? Troll?

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Wow…. How the definition of spearing has changed over the years. It used to be that spearing was usually linked to the removal of a player’s spleen, now it is a tap on the skates. Nobody, is denying that it was a dirty play but we will never know if Tkachuk would have escalated it if Witless didn’t rag doll our rookie defender who showed no interest in continuing to fight. Do you want to go to battle with someone who walks a fine line or someone who is not interested in engaging.

  • oddclod

    My last vestige, hockey has also turned into a triggered emo atmosphere. Drop the bomb let nature take it’s course. Civilization is officially gone mad. Keith Tkachuck must be rollicking. Texting his son, that’s right Matty, you live in the future. Being a man requires having zero charachter and personality. The honour of men is now doing and saying nothing, because the guage of acceptibility is constantly moving closer and closer to castration. You can either anull yourself as a normal passionate teammate or say f***’em. Don’t change a thing son. You’re there for who you are and you’re a gem. F***’em

    • dontcryWOLF

      That’s a great philosophy and all, but when you get kicked out of the league and miss out on millions of dollars, did you really win?

      Minus well stake your reputation and life’s work on stopping the tide, for all the good it would do.

  • Jumping Jack Flash

    Hockeyfights.com shows Witless is a fake tough guy. Loses more than he wins, 2 of his notable wins are against Kulak and his current teammate Anthony Mantha. Seems to instigate even fought a guy right after he just fought one of Witless’s teammates… That must go against the code. He also fought a guy after the guy celebrated a goal. The good news is our off season signing Tanner Glass got he better of him.

  • Stockton's Finest

    Great…..just when I thought I would have a weekend of Rittich in net, they move Gillies back. So I bet I see Rittich on Friday against the Condors and Gillies Saturday.