Flames place Eddie Lack on waivers

The Calgary Flames had troubles in net last year. Heck, they’ve had troubles in net dating back to the departure of Miikka Kiprusoff years ago. This season, they solved a problem by acquiring Mike Smith – who’s been a superb starter.

New backup Eddie Lack has been decided less good. Seemingly in response to Lack’s shakiness in goal, the Flames has placed him on the waiver wire.

Lack, 29, came to the Flames in a weirdly complex trade with Carolina over the summer: the Hurricanes got ECHLer Keegan Kanzig and a 2019 sixth round pick while the Flames netted Lack (with half his salary retained by Carolina), Ryan Murphy and a 2019 seventh round pick. (And then they bought out Murphy.)

He came to town looking for rejuvenation after some struggles in Carolina. Initially hoped to become a bonafide starter on the east coast after some promising years in Vancouver as Cory Schneider’s understudy, he never quite panned out. In four appearances with the Flames this season – two in relief and two as a starter – Lack’s been iffy with a .813 save percentage. Granted, the team in front of him has looked a bit shaky compared to how poised they look in front of Mike Smith.

Lack currently carries a cap hit of $1.375 million, of which $1.075 million can be buried in the AHL – meaning if he’s sent down, he still carries an NHL cap hit of $350,000. His placement on waivers presumably means that Jon Gillies is headed back up. David Rittich has had better AHL numbers than his counterpart, but the Flames have called up Gillies first at every opportunity to do so.

  • Derzie

    I see you Brad. In the past few weeks, GG’s main flaws have been chipped at. My theory is Tre took an active role in guiding the coach. GG has been playing veterans and buddies over the better, younger options. Bart, Stajan, Brouwer, Lack. 3 of the 4 are now on the sidelines, Brouwer is off the PP and getting less minutes. Lo & behold we are feeling pretty good about the team (and hero Mike Smith). No way GG does these moves without being coerced. Thanks Brad. Keep it up.

  • Schmenkley

    I see waivers first then a trade; once Lack clears waivers he can be traded to a team that can use either keep him up or send him down without having to clear again for 30 days.

    • Robhouli

      If Lack clears waivers, nobody wants him for free. How are you going to trade him, again who would want him. I’m sorry, Lack is a nice guy but this is the NHL and we need a reliable back up goalie, if anyone had faith in him he would have started more than 2 games.

      • FlamesFanOtherCity

        Read the post again. Claiming a player means he has to stay in the NHL at whatever salary he earns. He can’t be waived by the new team without first offering the player back to the Flames. A team wth no room for the player immediately would benefit from a trade once he clears. Doesn’t even have to be any real value, like future considerations.

  • freethe flames

    Whoever they bring up needs to be given a chance. Also whoever they keep down needs to be the Heat starter until they falter or Lack regains his form.

  • oddclod

    As much as Gillies looks to be an immediate upgrade on Lack, let’s hope Parsons forced Tre’s hand on this & get’s rewarded with AHL minutes effective immediately.

  • Sterls

    I understood why we got Lack in the first place, insurance against Smith getting injured. It would be a scary thing to trust the net for a prolonged period of time to two rookies. The difference now is that it is scarier to trust Lack in that scenario. Unfortunately that means the best thing that can happen is for Lack to be claimed on Waivers. The only spot that made sense for him was as the backup on the Flames. If he is not there, he is just taking up a spot for the goalies in the system. If he clears waivers, I hope he is sent down to the ECHL (if that is possible) and Parsons comes up to the AHL. It sucks for Lack, but he is not needed if he can’t hold down the backup job.

    • Skylardog

      To be correct, there are 3 left. Bart, hopefully eating popcorn for the rest of the year, GG himself, more work to be done to complete his departure in the near future, and Jagr.

      If we could get rid of two out of three that wouldn’t be bad. Jagr’s a better forward coach anyways.

  • Stajanforadirtyboot

    After analyzing the photo of Lack I have noticed something does not smell right with this situation…then I spotted the problem….THERE ARE TWO PUCKS IN THE PHOTO…..HOWS A MAN SUPPOST TO STOP 2 PUCKS AT THE SAME TIME!!
    Lack was set up to fail.

  • dontcryWOLF

    Lack being put on waivers doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere…

    My guess is they want the option to cycle him in and out of Stockton so he can get some game action, while also being freely able to bring up the guys currently in Stockton.

    F. Hamilton cleared waivers too…did he go anywhere?

  • everton fc

    Rittich had better #s, and was better at puck control last season, than Gillies. Rittich’s GAA was significantly lower than Gillies’ last year, and this year is the same. He’s 25 years old. If Huska’s comments about how the guys down there feel about him are true (and they are) it sounds to me like Rittich is a competitive battler, like Smith. They seem more similar to me, in terms of calmness under pressure, never out of position… Athletic…

    Rittich, over Gillies, for this fan. Start him in Dallas. Here’s hoping.

  • I Hate The oilers

    Long time religious reader here but my first post. I’m going to establish my opinion on a lot of things

    Bring The Fire 2.0 – I don’t like you. This is probably because I read every article on ON as well and it’s like you try to suck up to everyone on both sites. You’re either a Flames fan or an Oilers fan. You can’t be both.

    WW – Love you

    Willy Wonka – Like you and your ON posts as well. Not a troll and not a tool like BTF2.0

    The Fall – I feel like you’re an alcoholic and I’m okay with that

    Carl the Tooth – You start great on ON and then reply to your own comments too much (But I love when you get Oil fans worked up)

    Hockey 83 – Always logical like your posts

    Atomic Clown – Not an idiot

    Off the Wall – Generally like you

    My take on a few things;

    Pumped Lack is on waivers, hoping he clears and gets traded. If not I’m OK with him going to Stockton to back up Gillies and Rittich gets the call.

    Bennett – I wish he had more points. Last year I thought he was one of the more snake bitten players in the league, this year I don’t know what it is. Bottom line is he needs to finish his chances to play here. He’s getting great looks with Jagr and Jankowski but still with a dismal 4 pts. I think he’ll breakout in the last ¾ of the year with a 30-40pt campaign.

    Brodie – Concerned. Lots of gaffs this year. Still great offensively but something is up. With our depth at D I would be OK with a Brodie trade if the return was comparable for what we did for Hamonic+. (I love Brodie, but look at the end of last year and the start of this year something is up, still might be able to sell high and we have Fat-Rass that can step in).

    Bart sucks

    Versteeg – The only 4th line player in the NHL on the top PP unit. At least Brouwer isn’t also on it anymore

    Brouwer – a great 4th liner with a 1st line salary. I’m fine with his usage lately but his contract makes me get mad on a daily basis. At least he’s off the top PP and no more experimenting with him on any line except the 4th. One of BTs worst moves.

    Frolik – Not impressed this year he’s been pretty invisible. I know the 3M line is “untouchable” but with how good MT and MB are, Frolik’s spot might be money for a struggling Bennett or farm call up. SELL HIGH on Frolik. He is not a difference maker and might be worth something.

    Jagr – I’m still just ecstatic he’s a Flame

    Hamonic – Expected more to be honest, we’ll see how the year plays out

    Johnny/Monny/Gio/Dougie/Stone/Ferland/Backs/Byng/Kulak – Everyone has the same opinion of them no sense in commenting.

    Anyways I recently decided to go from a long time reader that never commented to actually getting involved with the discussion. GFG!

    • Atomic Clown

      I love your take on me: “not an idiot” :D. Im actually putting that on my Tinder profile.

      I agree with all your player assessments except for Frolik: he may not be putting up points with the same consistency as last year, but i honestly cannot think of players that read and know each other as well as Frolik and Backlund. They remind me of the poorer version of the Sedin’s; the OT goal in Philly was a testament to that. A simple play by Frolik to stutter at the line and then beeline it far post, and Backlund just walks in and saucers it to him. And not a lot of people would have finished that either. I honestly wouldn’t even mind Frolik getting an extension after his contract is over.

      • I Hate The oilers

        You aren’t wrong, and short term keeping Frolik is a good idea. I’m thinking, 29 year old player, in a very young NHL, in today’s game to stay under the cap and stay competitive you need a lot of ELCs on your team. Looking at the roster at who is potentially replaceable Frolik comes to mind. Whoever steps in will have two solid linemates. I feel he contributes the least to the 3M. It’s not a great short term move but it takes 4.3M off the books until 2020 and opens up a spot for Dube/Mang/Phil. Plus he’d fetch us a few draft picks or replace a hole in the current lineup. Just a thought.

    • Off the wall

      I Hate The Oilers, welcome aboard!

      WW will be thrilled.

      I have to say, that was very gutsy, but nonetheless a refreshing introduction.

      You’re honesty made me laugh.
      We look forward to more of your posts.

        • Off the wall

          Yeesh, that was bad. I am an amateur, I’ve never presumed different.

          Seeing as you’re ‘not an idiot’, you recognized that.

          You set the bar too high for me, I can’t live up to YOUR expectations. Feel better now?

    • The Real Slim Brodie

      Your spot on with alot of your assessments, I won’t say which ones but good job. Have I really not commented in so long that I didn’t even make the list? Welcome to fn anyways. I think our flames still have another gear in them. I also think they can find a complete game. I remember hot streaks for both goaltenders last year. The main difference is smith can get it done on his own. last year the flames were able to cover for elliot and Johnson, this year they haven’t had too.

      • I Hate The oilers

        Agree and I like your posts as well. I was just writing that last night off memory and a few regular posters that I like (including you) just didn’t come to mind at the time.

    • The GREAT WW

      Welcome aboard “I hate the Oilers”….I hate them too….

      I agree on your player assessments as well as your poster assessments, especially Bringthefire2.0…..
      (The Fall is actually a good kid, but I don’t think he’ll be offended by your assessment).

      I look forward to you shredding the Oiler trolls along side the rest of us, even though we haven’t seen them in a few weeks; Weird right….?


      • The Real Slim Brodie

        I may be wrong but judging from the data I’ve been able to collect over the years I a coileration between the amount of games we win and the amount of games they lose. Based on my estimation we will not see another coilers fan until the 1st overall pick..or draft lottery if you will. I’ve been collecting this data for more than a decade.

  • Orrwasbest

    Simple now the Flames can send Lack to the ahl and see if he has any form there. Also allows the Flames to see if Gillies or Rittich can play in the nhl. If either one plays great in a game or two up here they might win the back up job. If they don’t and Lack has form in the AHL then they can bring him back up and try him again. No real risk as who cares if we lose him on waivers, we have already lost the assets given up in the trade and would be better off dumping his salary if claimed.

  • RKD

    Sorry Uncle Eddie it’s too bad he didn’t get more playing time but he was shaky and the team didn’t play well in front of him but it is time for Rittich and Gillies to show their moxie at the NHL level.