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Arizona claims Freddie Hamilton off waivers, Flames recall Marek Hrivik

Ladies and gentlemen, the Calgary Flames are down to one Hamilton brother in their organization. Forward Freddie Hamilton, elder brother to Flames blueliner Dougie Hamilton, has reportedly been claimed off the waiver wire by the worst team in the National Hockey League, the Arizona Coyotes.

In a corresponding move, the Flames have recalled forward Marek Hrivik from the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat.

Hamilton, 26, was originally acquired by the Flames in a trade with the Colorado Avalanche for a conditional seventh round pick. The condition never converted because Hamilton didn’t get enough NHL time, so essentially they got him for free. The Avalanche were up against the contract limit and didn’t really know what to do with him, so playing on his brother’s team was a natural fit.

He spent much of 2015-16 with Stockton and only ended up playing 38 NHL games and amassing five points during roughly two full seasons on the Flames’ big league roster. He was a frequent healthy scratch, but was praised by the coaching staff for always being ready to play when called upon. Hamilton’s a fairly versatile player and his low, low cap hit ($613,000 AAV) is definitely useful for a budget team like the Coyotes, but he’s more or less a fringe body at this juncture.

Hrivik, 26, was signed as a free agent this summer after spending his North American career in the New York Rangers organization, primarily with their AHL affiliate in Hartford. A useful depth body – strong in the AHL and decent in the NHL in limited use – Hrivik has 29 points in 28 games with Stockton. Listed as a left wing, he can play all three forward positions and gives the Flames’ bottom six group a bit of versatility and energy.

With Hamilton’s claim, the Flames are down to 46 active NHL contracts.

  • Jobu

    By promoting the Heats big gunners, we will actually be giving some quality minutes to guys to prove themselves in the A. I speak mostly of Poirier, Klimchuk, Foo and Shinkaruk. It will certainly help identify if any of these guys are worth resigning (sans Foo with 1 year left).

  • Stockton's Finest

    Heat just announced that they recalled Darren Nowich from Kansas City. In 19 games he has 14 points (5-9-14). He is also a center. They sent Mason McDonald back to KC.

    • HAL MacInnis

      I never had a problem with Freddie. I hope he gets some real ice time with Arizona. This is the best situation for him to be in because, at the end of the day, these guys are here to play hockey.

      • Skylardog

        They have gone from a total reluctance in giving prospects a shot at the beginning of the season, to bringing them in on a weekly basis. We started the year with Kulak (in the popcorn seast I might add, added Janko 15 or so games in, then Rittich only a month or so ago. Now we have Hathaway, Mangi, Hrivik in the last 4 weeks or so, and they are not just bringing in guys for injury issues, but clearing out guys to make room.

        Many of these guys, like Mangi, never even got a decent shot in training camp. For a team that totally resisted prospects, they have added 2 this week and haven’t even decided how to use Mangi yet. Something changed, you can feel it in the air.

        Anyone else get a feeling Jagr is a scratch again tonight?

        • The Beej


          They are not desperate. The prospects all have development plans in place. Things are going exactly according to plan. Kulak was eased in according to plan. Same with Janko.

          Would we like a few more wins. Of course. Regarding prospects there are long term plans in place.

          Just because you as a fan are panicking and do understand that basing all decision making on small sample sizez and short term results does not mean Flames mgmt are doing the same.


          Tkachuk. Mangiapane. Rittich. Kulak. Janko. Hathaway. Hrivik.

          Its just taking longer than you would like.

    • TJ85

      New member of FlamesNation here – popping my cherry with this post.

      One idea I batted around with some buddies last week was trading D. Hamilton for a legit top RW. We have guys who are NHL ready (Anderson, perhaps Kylington or Fox next year), and that could mean sliding Brodie back up with Gio where he thrived previously. I think Kulak could be ready for top 4 minutes as well. We desperately need a RH sniper, especially on the PP. The obvious candidate for trade would be the Leafs, who have a surplus of young talented shooters (Marner, Nylander) and a big hole in their top 4 D. I wonder if there’s a blockbuster to be made here…

        • McRib

          “Kulak is 0-7-7 in nearly 60GP. I just don’t see him as a 4D”

          Michael Stone who you regularly support on here has 9 Points in 58GP as a Flame and gets far more PP time then Kulak does. One thing is certain Rasmus Andersson would have more than 0.15 PPG if he was on the big club, Stone is also terrible defensively according to analytics for what it’s worth, but I digress.

      • Cfan in Van

        That won’t happen at all. Even with good prospect depth, they’re not going to bank on Anderson/Kylingtion/Fox/Kulak dealing well with top 4 minutes. They also won’t put Brodie back with Gio as long as GG is the coach and with Brodie’s play this year, they’d still probably be hesitant to put him in the 1st pairing.
        That type of trade is at LEAST 1.5 seasons away, in my opinion.

        • TJ85

          Perhaps you’re right, may not be in the cards right away. But there will be time soon when they will likely have a surplus of NHL ready D (Valimaki might be only a couple years away as well). I just think if they have the ability to deal from a position of strength and not give up picks/prospect capital, its a good move

        • McRib

          “That won’t happen at all. Even with good prospect depth, they’re not going to bank on Anderson/Kylingtion/Fox/Kulak dealing well with top 4 minutes”

          As long as Hamonic and Stone are getting Top. 4 minutes, we will be outside of the playoffs looking in. I don’t get it Vegas is top of the West with a team full of young players and we are all making an argument to keep Andersson off the NHL roster. It’s a young persons game now.

          Stone and Hamonic have a combined 8 Points this season, which just isn’t acceptable in today’s game where you need offense from the back end. Both are also liabilities at best defensively (they were both Bottom. 5 defenseman in the NHL last year from an analytics standpoint. If they can’t at least generate offense what good are they?).

    • Rockmorton65

      I don’t know if you can call it desperation. They’re not getting the results they expected, so they’re tinkering. Frolik’s hurt, so not a bad time to experiment before making a move. No sense trading assets for scoring if it can be found in house. Maybe there’s a trade coming, who knows?

    • BendingCorners

      They had a plan contingent on the rate of prospect development. The prospects have developed and injuries have created openings. Seems completely rational to me, not rushed or desperate at all.

    • Broken

      Not desperation. More like common sense. F Hamilton just one of three other guys not getting the job done (Brouwer, Lazar and Stajan). The team may actually be able to piece together a fourth line that’s functional. Between Brouwer, Lazar, Stajan and Freddie they’d combined for two goals and some horrid possession stats.

  • deantheraven

    Sad to see Freddie leave, but you all know I’m a bit sentimental at times. Hope Marek (’cause I can’t pronounce his last name, so I won’t write it until I can) can play solid minutes and earn a spot for next year. Maybe Tre is finally up to making all those hard decisions we’ve been yelling for. Next will be to sit Brouwer. Marek between Stajan (for now) and Jagr could be a strong 4th line.

  • Stu Cazz

    Something is brewing regarding Doug Hamilton. BT has built depth on defence and dealing Hamilton or Brodie is an option he has given himself. I’m intrigued by the possibilities with the Leafs or Coyotes knowing they would give up a ton to get Hamilton. An elite forward(s) and high draft picks are the Flames needs…

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Arizona is not going to sell the farm for Dougie. They are in no hurry to compete. They have already shown they can survive without fan support and Bettman has assured them that their franchise is solid and will be backed up again by corporate welfare. NHL can get way more dough from expansion franchises than relocating teams, so Arizona ain’t goin’ nowhere. So there is no reason for them to feel pressure to build a winner. Finally, guys love playing there. Look at how many stay in Arizona after they retire. It is one of the sweetest gigs in the league. Why try and mess with it by trying to make the team competitive?

      • everton fc

        Yep. We could move him for a package. Maybe move Gillies w/him. Something along those lines. And pick up Duclair, Fischer, Merkley… a first…. Sure up our right side, going forward.


        • Roger the Shrubber

          I don’t know why this was trashed so many times. Obviously you’re not gonna get all of those players for Dougie and Gillies, but you’d get two of them and the pick.

    • everton fc

      Interesting thoughts around the Leafs and and Coyotes. And Sens. And Habs. Pacioretty and Shaw would look good in Flames jerseys. It’d certainly be the ultimate “shake-up” move, and would free up cap space for guys like Ferland, down the road (Didn’t mention Backlund. Wants WW to have a good day! ;))

      • supra steve

        D Hamilton $5.75 mil/yr X 3 more years

        ” Pacioretty and Shaw would look good in Flames jerseys. It’d certainly be the ultimate “shake-up” move, and would free up cap space for guys like Ferland, down the road”

        Pacioretty $4.5 mil/yr X 1 more season, then is UFA
        Shaw $3.9 mil/yr X 4 more seasons.
        D Hamilton replacement (assuming Andersson), $750,000/yr X 2 more years

        I don’t see any freed up cap space.

      • BlueMoonNigel

        If Flame fans are irked with Dougie’s somewhat lackadaisical demeanour, they won’t think much of Patches’. Flames don’t need Shaw and his proclivity for taking dumb penalties plus his horrible contract.

    • everton fc

      Sad/good? thing is we are stacked, on LW. Could he play RW?? Would he better than Hathaway, on our 3rd line?? Will he be able to replace someone like Frolik???

  • Alberta Ice

    Keep the farm team producing. Hrivik might have a bit more hunger to succeed, so I like what the Flames are doing.
    And I don’t think it’s panic. Bringing up your investments to find out what they can do has been long overdue for this team. And I have not been disappointed by Kulak, Janokowski, Mangiapane, or Rittich. They have given me hope big time for the future. On the other hand, what have trades done for us lately? And having Gillies, Parsons, Dube, Phillips, and Fox deep in the pipeline really make me hopeful for the future.

    • Not at his cap hit no way. Not even at a decreased one. Not a chance. He was signed TWICE to 3 million dollar cap hits by two GMs, Do the Stajans have some heavy dirt on Edwards or something? Asinine. I don’t care how great of personality he’s got, He’s not the best option and his salary and lack of any meaningful impact on a nightly basis is screwing the team over. Asinine. You know what, just move already, the total acceptance of mediocrity by this team and ownership is insulting sick of seeing the name of my hometown associate with the brand. Asinine.

  • freethe flames

    Arizona now has to waive someone. They could send someone down who does not need to clear waivers. It will be interesting to see if the Flames recall someone; especially with the flu running through this team.

      • Tell me why a 9th overall first rounder only three years into his career with signs of high potential refuses to sign with a Cup contender and sign with a still rebuilding team that also happened to acquire his older brother that Boston passed on? Are you seriously going to tell me it hasn’t been an issue?

        • Cfan in Van

          There are very little optics on what offers Dougie may or may not have turned down, other than he rejected the Oilers (Chiarelli). Given all the factors involved in the choice he mad, you chose to think it was nepotism.
          The Flames traded for Freddie four months after signing Dougie, so there would have been no guarantees attached to the DH signing… But don’t let that get in the way of your narrative.

    • supra steve

      Time for Doug (Dougie’s dad) to give Dougie a call and advise that he get over Freddie’s departure, if he wants to continue cashing those pay cheques. The two were on the same NHL team for parts of 3 seasons, not a lot of brothers ever get that kind of opportunity.

      He’s still a kid, he should be able to get over it. If not, he has great value in the trade market.

    • Cfan in Van

      Also from the article:
      “The team’s refusal to sign Freddie was among the MANY issues that irked Dougie enough to make him want to leave the Bruins organization at all costs.”

    • BlueMoonNigel

      If this club is going to make a major deal in the next 12 months, it is highly probable that they move a defenceman, and said defenceman would likely be Hamilton or Brodie.

      Is Hamilton really first pairing in Calgary or is it a Gully tweak? Gio and Brodie worked great together. Hamilton was a dog last year until Gully put him with Gio. Gio has a way of making any partner look good. We agree that Gio complements Hamilton but does Hamilton complement Gio?

      Finally, what is the likelihood that Hamilton re-signs with the Flames once his current contract expires in 3 years?

      Shop Brodie and Hamilton and see where your best deal is.