The 2018 Playoff Chase: a clearer picture

The Calgary Flames are probably not making the playoffs. But it’s becoming much clearer which eight clubs will be in the playoffs and roughly where they’ll finish.

Here’s our weekly look at the playoff picture.

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Where they stand

(Sorted by points percentage.)

Pct. ROW
Chances % Change
Predators 73 48 106 .726 43 CEN In Qualified
Golden Knights 74 47 100 .676 44 PAC 100% none
Jets 73 44 98 .671 42 CEN 100% +0.1%
Sharks 74 42 93 .628 38 PAC 99.3% +9.7%
Wild 73 41 90 .616 38 CEN 92.9% +8.2%
Avalanche 74 40 88 .595 39 CEN 76.4% -9.2%
Ducks 74 38 88 .595 34 PAC 76.9% +24.2%
Kings 75 41 89 .593 39 PAC 90.1% +4.3%
Blues 73 40 85 .582 37 CEN 51.2% +24.0%
Stars 74 38 84 .568 34 CEN 13.2% -41.8%
Flames 75 35 80 .533 33 PAC 0.0%
Oilers 74 33 71 .480 29 PAC Out Eliminated
Blackhawks 75 30 69 .460 29 CEN Out Eliminated
Coyotes 74 25 61 .412 23 PAC Out Eliminated
Canucks 74 26 61 .412 26 PAC Out Eliminated

(Chances courtesy Sports Club Stats.)

So here’s how things are looking:

  • Pacific Division spots to Vegas (1), San Jose (2) and Los Angeles (3)
  • Central Division spots to Nashville (1), Winnipeg (2) and Minnesota (3)
  • Wild-card spots to Anaheim (1) and Colorado (2)
  • St. Louis on the outside looking in.

The first round matches are trending towards Nashville/Colorado, Winnipeg/Minnesota, Vegas/Anaheim and San Jose/Los Angeles.

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The quick and dirty

If the Flames win all seven of their remaining games, they have a 6.1% chance of making the playoffs. That’s not happening. They will be golfing.

  • Derzie

    Comparing this to preseason, the Knights & Avs replaced the Flames & Oilers. Outcoached, out hustled. Duchene leaving was huge (in a good way) for MacKinnon & the Avs.

    • FL?MES

      Didn’t Jagr go home, play a game or two, and get injured again? Maybe he knew that his career was winding down and his body wasn’t able to keep up? From the outside he appeared to be enjoying himself and had established a good rapport with his teammates.

  • Alberta Ice

    “If the Flames win all seven of their remaining games, they have a 6.1% chance of making the playoffs. That’s not happening. They will be golfing.” If the Flames win all 7 of their remaining games, they would be worthy of making the playoffs. But, you don’t show, you don’t go. They haven’t showed. Why would we expect anything different? They gone.

  • Anonymoustrollpolice

    As much as I despise the Calgary Flames. Here is to hoping the flames and oilers get back to the playoffs next year and hopefully meet up. Oilers rule flames drool.

  • buts

    Off the subject…..is there any truth to the rumour of Ken king being terminally ill? If so that’s very sad….I’m not a fan but I hope it’s not true. Also I heard that former mayor candidate Bill Smith is/has put a group together to privately fund a new arena.

  • The Doctor

    I’ve certainly had my criticisms of Gulutzan but GG notwithstanding, I’m still blown away by the magnitude of the collapse over the last 15 games or so. Mid season or thereabouts, I thought these guys would still make it into the playoffs in spite of GG’s coaching shortcomings and the questionable personnel use. But it is amazing in team sports how a couple of problems can in some circumstances snowball into a disastrous situation like we have now. The extent of this team’s collective underachievement lately is astounding.