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Post-Game: They scored a goal this time

The Calgary Flames played a game on Saturday afternoon. They visited the San Jose Sharks and played fairly decently, all things considered. The Sharks are a team that’s on their way to the Stanley Cup playoffs and finds ways to win. The Flames? Well, they’re… not.

The Flames scored a goal and had a bunch of scoring chances, but that’s all they could muster in a 5-1 loss to the Sharks. They have six games remaining this season.

The Rundown

The first half of the first period was fairly even. However, a defensive lapse in the Flames end allowed a nice pass from Chris Tierney to a wide open Brendan Dillon at the point and his wrister beat David Rittich to make it 1-0. (Rittich had a clear view of it, but couldn’t stop it). Just over a minute later the Sharks made it 2-0. Brent Burns’ pass to the slot was redirected off Jannik Hansen’s stick, off Mark Jankowski, and into the net – Jankowski couldn’t tie up Hansen. But the Flames responded, as Michael Stone scored off a slap shot through traffic to make it 2-1.

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The visitors had tons of pressure early in the second, but no goals. Evander Kane made it 3-1 off a nice pass from Tierney short-handed off a bad line change and Johnny Gaudreau neglecting to cover Kane. Shots were 10-7 Flames but chances were 13-9 Sharks. Shots were 17-13 Flames and chances 11-8 Flames.

The Flames didn’t have a ton of jump in the final period. Justin Braun made it 4-1 when the puck shot out of scrum along the way and sent him all alone where his wrister beat Rittich. Kane added another goal off a redirection in front of the net to make it 5-1. Shots were 10-8 Flames, chances were 7-7.

Why The Flames Lost

At this point the Flames just don’t have a ton of jump. They’re without four regulars due to injury. A few regulars are probably still playing through injuries. They were okay in just about every area, but the Sharks got better goaltending, were better defensively, and were better at burying their chances.

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The Flames lost because they weren’t as good as the Sharks.

Red Warrior

Hamilton led the team in shots. For a team that’s not scoring a bunch, that’s pretty big.

The Turning Point

Kane’s short-handed goal to make it 3-1 was a back-breaker. They were a bounce away from being tied up, but because of some shoddy back-checking they were down (and stayed down) for the rest of the game.

The Numbers

(Percentage stats are 5-on-5, data via Corsica.hockey)

Player Corsi
Ferland 66.7 16.7 1.210
Jankowski 64.0 16.7 0.655
Stewart 62.1 16.7 0.975
Gaudreau 60.5 100 0.400
Kulak 59.5 50.0 0.325
Hamonic 57.6 50.0 0.300
Bennett 55.9 100 0.190
Andersson 51.9 57.1 -0.075
Lazar 51.7 100 -0.015
Hamilton 51.2 58.8 0.225
Giordano 50.0 56.3 0.125
Frolik 50.0 33.3 0.150
Shore 48.4 60.0 0.070
Stone 48.3 66.7 0.900
Backlund 47.6 33.3 0.000
Hathaway 45.8 50.0 -0.035
Brouwer 44.4 33.3 0.005
Glass 37.0 50.0 -0.225
Rittich -0.950

This and That

Travis Hamonic fought Kane in the third period, ending with Hamonic utilizing some mixed martial arts with a double-leg takedown. It was fun, as far as fights go. Garnet Hathaway fought Dillon in the third and it wasn’t as fun.

Kent sums up the second period, and the Flames season since the Bye Week:

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The Drive to 96 (Points)

The Flames now have 80 points with 6 games remaining. There simply are not enough games left for them to get enough points (a projected 96) to qualify for a playoff spot. They’re mathematically eliminated with any combination of 2.5 Ducks wins or Flames losses.

Up Next

The Flames (35-31-10) head down to Southern California tonight. They visit the Los Angeles Kings on Monday night.

    • FL?MES

      And our new shut down centerman would be…

      Oh wait, I’m sure there’s another diamond in the rough waiting for us on the waiver wire.

      I just don’t see how you can get rid of him until you have a comparable (or in your case better) replacement. I couldn’t even tell you who I would choose to replace him, unless you want to dish off a first rounder ++.

      • Trevy

        Bennett…he’s not going to be a winger forever and is now picking up the defensive side of his game. Hey I was only spitballing in the theory that BT was looking to acquire a 1st. If that’s the case, who else would he have to give up?

    • YYCFlames

      I agree with your comments most of the time, but I am not sure about this one. I think he’s got skill and value for at least couple more years and besides, he can always move down the chart as our future centres move up, like Jankowski and perhaps, even Bennett.

  • RKD

    Advanced stat nerds everywhere, but the Flames have the better corsi numbers, how is this possible? They should be beating their opponents, too much nerd overload, in the words of Professor Frink Great Glavin!

  • RKD

    I quote the infamous Michel Therien: “I’m not impressed,” he said. “It’s a pathetic performance. Half the team doesn’t care. These guys would see if we take 50 percent of their salaries because they only play 50 percent of the time. That defensive squad, I really am starting to believe their goal is to be the worst in the league.

    “And they’re doing the best job to be the worst defensive squad in the league. They turn the puck over, they have no vision, they suck. They pretend to care, but I know they don’t care.”
    Sounds familiar.

    • rusty_shakleforde

      I agree they’ve lost heart (and have now for a while), but I just want to mention that if we structured our defensive mode of play better, and had it more suited to our defensive player strengths, we would have a much better defense (and team more generally.

  • Derzie

    Treliving hired the wrong coach. Many of us believed that from day one and that belief has been proven correct. What we are seeing now is the result. Every player is defeated and can ‘t wait for the season to end. If you are calling out our best players like Gio, Johnny, Dougie, you are beyond clueless. This is ‘garbage time’. Guys like Johnny should be shut down for the season. Now if Treliving is one of the clueless and trades one of our core to try and save face on the numerous botched moves he’s done, I’m officially done with the team. Not that he or anyone else cares, but I do. Gut the coaching staff, hire a proper coach, then assess and repair the team. In that order.

    • Vinnsanity12

      Yeah, clueless. Making 6 million a year so we’ll just say see ya’ next year. Don’t think so. Show some pride and earn the cash. The problem is that these guys have been treated like that their whole lives. Things get tough and they are told to not worry. Mommy doesn’t live here anymore. Earn your money and do your job!!!

      • FL?MES

        My money is on Vancouver getting the first pick. This would be pretty my as bad as Edmonton getting it. If I’m right I should be one of these wieners who come back and say “see, I told you all so.”

        • The GREAT WW

          No; that’s just luck…

          Predicting that McDavid doesn’t win the Calder……..predicting GG will be a terrible coach……predicting the 2014 draft would be disastrous……and unfortunately predicting that even though Poirier disclosed his substance abuse issues (and the FN posters were predicting he would now miraculously be our 1RW) his life long struggles were just beginning……

          That is “I told you so”……


  • Glensfunnyface

    I missed the game as I was at the movie theater with my wife watching A wrinkle in time. The movie sucked. Sounds like this game sucked to. Glen Googlie eyes Gulutzan and his band of millionaires can eat a steaming pile of monkey dung. Heartless garbage.

  • Ranchman

    This team is mailing it in. 5th straight loss. Despite the “homer’s” view, these losses are blow outs. No pride. Garbage fire. Curious if coach has lost the room. You wonder if, at year’s end, they have more points then the Oil. Embarrassing.

  • ThisBigMouthIsRight

    I thought GG said the Flames were a going to be a 100 point team this year… Maybe even he was expecting to be canned by December? But the Corsi says! ~> Fail.

  • Vinnsanity12

    Stewy, Ferly and Janks were the best line on the ice for the Flames. Leave them together and throw everyone else in a blender for next game. Sorry GG, but Brouwer and Backland on the 1st PP??? Jokes on you, coach Q could be available soon. Gaudreau was directly responsible for losing his man on two of the goals. Take a seat little man, you’ve obviously packed it in. Andersson is a player, some smart plays. At least Hammy stepped up…again…. Odds on the Flames going ofer the rest of the way?

  • Ben.

    Rasmus Andersson looked very promising. But if you want to use the final games to scope for next year why play Glass, Stewart…are they really part of the 2018/19 picture?

    • YYCFlames

      I still think you leave the young players in Stockton because they are at least in a playoff fight. There’s no point in having both teams not make the playoffs. There is value in having success in any level.

  • Stockton's Finest

    The Heat won in Manatoba tonight 3-1. Kylington, Pollock, and Foo (EN) with the goals. Texas loses. Heat gain the two points they needed in Canana. Now 2 more on Wednesday against the Monsters are required prior to heading to San Antonio next weekend.

  • TheWheeze

    Well, now that it’s pretty much all over, I’ll state the obvious – I wasn’t expecting a Cup or anything from the Flames this year, let’s be honest, but THIS……..gone out chumps. One thing to close it out, playoff or not, with your head held high. But to just Is it just the coaching staff? Or more? We will

  • TheWheeze

    Printed my comment before I was finished. As I was saying. Is it just the coaching staff? Normally teams, even though they are out, try to play spoiler. Finish with some pride. You’re season is almost done. In or out, make as much noise as you can. Not with a whimper

    • The Real Slim Brodie

      Half of the team is injured. It’s pretty hard to gauge where we are at with this current lineup. I don’t blame the flames for not emptying the cupboards in Stockton. It’s way more important for our young guys to see how far they can go if they can make the playoffs.

      • JoelOttosJock

        Nice to see Kulak in that #3 dman spot though..have not seen him give a break out pass directly to the opposition like the guy he is replacing. Our D looks better..now just to get rid of Stone and the back end could be successful

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Problems run much deeper than the coaching staff. The club doesn’t have the talent to be high end. As I have said numerous times, clubs need two legitimate scoring lines to run with the big boys and be a serious cup threat. Flames are one scoring line club. Only hope to improve that from within is possibly further nursing of Bennett, Janko, Ferland and prospects.

      Defence just hasn’t worked this season. Even if Ras is swapped in at the expense of Stone or Brodie, it will remain a soft defence that is going to give up a ton of Grade A chances night after night.

      It wouldn’t be an offseason with the Flames if the perplexing problem of goaltending didn’t rear its ugly head. Enough has happened since Smitty’s injury and return to suggest that the club is once more in a pickle between the pipes. Some might say net minding is the least of the Flames’ concerns right now, but it isn’t a problem that is going to be fixed with a new coach and it can and will bite the club in the behind sooner rather than later when the new season begins.

      I still question the leadership among the players on this team. Yea, Gio is the captain and undisputed leader of the club, but what did Tre tell us when he signed Brouwer and traded for Smith and Hamonic? He extolled the leadership values of each of these veterans. That was a bit curious. Did Tre think that player leadership needed to be improved under Gio so he specifically sought to acquire men who were known leaders?

      Lots wrong with this club. That’s apparent. How to fix it and who are the best people to do it? Those are stumpers.

      • JoelOttosJock

        You are right. I believe the issues started when coaches and gms in Calgary started believing the TSN and SportsNet propaganda from the last olympic year with NHL players that Giordano or Brodie could or should make that team Canada team. If you look at either or the whole team objectively, that was not the case. The Flames have too many players playing in spots that are not sustainable and media and fans put unrealistic expectations on. Is Backlund a #2 center on a contending team? NO. He is a perfect third line, shut down guy. Is Sean Monahan a first line center on a contending team? No, Monahan is not a center in my opinion, he lacks hockey iq, grit, and does not have a 200 foot game, he is a sniper who should slide over to the wing. Is Ferland a top 6 guy in the NHL? NO! Sure he can fill in and is capable of scoring, but he is better served on the third or fourth line, bring some grit and quit trying to play a skill game. Should Stajan, Glass, or Hathaway be on a contending team or in reality an NHL team? no! The game has passed the first two by, and Hathaway is good at blocking punches with his face. Move on! The D is just as questionable. Should Brodie be a #3/1 defenceman? Not a chance. He is still making rookie mistakes, passing the puck DIRECTLY to the opposition on break out passes once a period, also softer than Gaudreau in front of the net. Is Stone an NHL defenceman? Not in my books..other than the cannon which has done him no good since being a flame, ge has zero puck skills, chips snakes, no first pass and his foot speed..bahahaha..i havent mentioned tge likes of Brouwer, to easy a target but if he was placed properly he would be ok..just over paid. Coaching is atrocious and so is the management for allowing this team to spiral out of control and not make anyone accountable.

  • Frank the Nose ?

    Red Warrior should be Frolik ,if you actually watched the game lol . Flames lost because they can’t score . You can shoot 50 shots directly into the centre of a goalie and guess what it will hit him and not the back of the net . Rittich is not NHL material . Too many nice guys ,soft players . Monahan ,Nacklund,Jankowski all soft centres . A 12 year old could push them around .wimps . Defence too soft . Flames should do a commercial on soft bathroom tissue .

    • Frank the Nose ?

      Lol yeah everyone said he’s a prick well we need some with al these “nice guys ” lolo these “leaders” lolol what leaders ?…the 20 year od Tkachuk was the only leader I seen all year .

    • ThisBigMouthIsRight

      Kane wouldn’t have made a difference here, Unless he can coach or run a PP including Player Usage… He would most likely would have split in the off season. So it would have been a waste for the Flames to even try not to mention his off ice crap. There will be better options available in the off season that didn’t cost us another conditional first-round pick, a conditional fourth-round pick and a prospect. That’s a lot on a rental that would leave.

  • James Harrison

    The Heat won in Manatoba tonight 3-1. Kylington, Pollock, and Foo (EN) with the goals. Texas loses. Heat gain the two points they needed in Canana. Now 2 more on Wednesday against the Monsters are required prior to heading to San Antonio next weekend.