Johnny Gaudreau headed to Worlds for Team USA; Adam Fox a possibility?

A Calgary Flames superstar is headed to Europe for the World Hockey Championship, and he may be accompanied by one of the club’s top prospects. According to a report by Craig Custance of The Athletic citing an NHL source, Johnny Gaudreau has decided to represent USA Hockey at the upcoming World Championship in Denmark. Custance floated the possibility of Adam Fox potentially playing in the tournament as well.

Gaudreau told media on Monday during Garbage Bag Day that he was weighing his options and was going to spend time with his father, who’s recovering from a cardiac episode, but seemingly he’s decided to don the red, white and blue once more. He’s previously represented Team USA at the 2011 Hlinka Memorial Tournament, the 2013 World Juniors (winning gold), the 2014 World Championship and the 2017 World Championship. He also donned the black and orange of Team North America at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Custance has an interesting player listed as a “Maybe” on his roster projection: Harvard University sophomore (and 2016 Flames third round pick) Adam Fox. Fox was just named a First Team All-American for the second straight season and has a stellar record of (a) representing USA Hockey at international events and (b) winning medals. He’s won medals at the Under-17 Hockey Challenge, the Under-18 Worlds and two World Juniors, so competing at the Worlds would continue a streak of sorts. He’s been one of the top defensemen in all of American college hockey and while he opted to return to school for his junior year, heading to the World Championship would be a big challenge for him and expand his game.

In other World Championship news, Mikael Backlund will be suiting up for Sweden but Michael Frolik declined an invite from the Czech Republic. The Worlds run May 8-20 in Copenhagen and Herning, Denmark.

  • The GREAT WW

    This playoff hockey I have been watching over the last 2 days looks nothing like the possession crap I have been watching the Flames play over the last 2 years….


    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      Winnipeg looks like the best of two worlds. Tough as nails. Slamming guys to the ice. Smashing players into the boards. Yet, somehow they still manage to skate like the wind and display a high level of skill. Vegas is doing the same, but is playing against a much “tougher” team.

      If the Flames had made the playoffs, the only team they would have had a chance against is the AVS.

    • FL?MES

      This article ☝️is about Gaudreau and Fox. Great to see JG acknowledged as one of the best players in the US and also exciting to see that Hockey USA projects Fox to be an elite defenseman.

    • Alberta Ice

      Great to see JG and AF going to the Worlds. Also, we need about 6 more Matthew Tkachuk’s and Garnet Hathaway’s to match the Jets physicality in the future. (And I might add, so do the Maple Leafs because Boston looks formidable too.) Go Jets.

    • Derzie

      Nothing about the Flames looks like the hockey in these playoffs. Speed, hitting, relentless forechecking, dynamic power plays. We are way further away than we thought. The league is evolving quickly and the Flames are devolving. Scary.

  • supra steve

    Hope Fox does make team USA, would provide a lot of info on how he might fit in the NHL…Hopefully with the Flames, but if it’s with another club this tournament could increase his trade value for the Flames.

      • supra steve

        He is like any other player, he’s an asset that COULD be used to obtain another asset. He is also an American kid, rumors say he may want to play closer to home. The Flames will determine if they can sign him, if not, then yes you have to trade his rights.

        • Stu Cazz

          I do get your point….Same was said with Johnny who is die hard American. For once we appear to have an elite talent and we are quick to trade our assets. Teams today are built from within…UFA signings are risky….stay the course and develop from within….

          • Rockmorton65

            I wouldn’t trade him just because, but if he either doesn’t want to sign (not saying he doesn’t want to, but if he chooses not to) or someone is willing to overpay, you at least consider it.

          • supra steve

            Did you read my comment?
            “The Flames will determine if they can sign him, if not, then yes you have to trade his rights.”
            I’m puzzled as to how that equates to “we are quick to trade our assets”?
            Best case, he signs and has a great career as a Flame. Worst case, he stiffs the Flames and becomes a UFA after 4 years in college. The Flames probably have a pretty good read on the kid and if they will be able to sign him, but the Flames D corps and prospect pool is viewed by many to be a position of strength. This was not an issue in the Gaudreau example, the Flames were hungry for skilled wingers. They may need to make a little room within the organization to encourage this player to sign.

        • ThisBigMouthIsRight

          Just like the Johnny rumors to play closer to home? … lol … Fox has already gone on the record as stating he is in No rush to get to the bigs and appreciates the Flames supporting his decisions about school and his patient advancement into the NHL. Having fellow young American stars like Gaudreau & Tkachuk here also helps.
          I’d be more worried for whoever picks up Brady Tkachuk this year, cus he just might want to come play with his brother when he is done school?

          • FL?MES

            If the draft was redone what would Fox’s draft position be? It looks like we hit a home run and if he turns into an elite defenseman he’s worth more to the organization than an unproven draft pick. I am sure that the organization has had candid conversations with Fox and if his intention is to stay there is no way you sell low by trading him now.

          • Stu Cazz

            ThisBigMouthisRight….I like your post. The way I see it you are close…this is how it will work out lol… The seed was planted when Freddie was claimed by the Coyotes….If the Coyotes are in a position to draft Baby Byng then Bettman steps up to the mike and announces this trade….Dougie Hamilton to the Coyotes for their 1st and 2nd round picks and Max Domi. That gives the Coyotes Dougie, the Flames Baby Byng, their missing 2nd rounder and a young forward with edge and skill. Further to this the Coyotes are looking to move Ekman-Larson because they will not be able to afford to sign him…in return they get back a ton of assets from some team and Dougie fills the gap as the young stud D……back to my cannabis.

        • Burnward

          You also have to assess value with him property. If he’s a legit stud, you must try to sign him.

          If his hype though exceeds his realistic top end, now could be the time to get max value.

          Him plus another part (Dube?) could maybe be enough to get the Tkachuk kids together. That would be incredible.

  • freethe flames

    A perfect chance for me to my report card on Johnny. Again I just give a pass or a fail grade and my reasons why. Johnny gets a pass no doubt in my mind; is he perfect, no but few in the NHL are. With 24 goals and 60 assists playing on a line with the injured Monahan and the inconsistent Ferland he is a star player. Last year he had 18 goals and 43 assists. The other thing is that this year he was +2 and last year he was -7.(I know +/- is an imperfect stat) This hows some progress in his defensive game. Some poor choices by the coaching staff helped keep his numbers down; improper use of other players on the PP, improper use of forwards when Monny got hurt may have cost him a handful of points. He does need to work on his finish on break aways and being more consistent in the Dzone but lots to like and he gets a clear passing grade. Good luck at the worlds.

  • freethe flames

    Backlund was mentioned in this article as well so I will do my report on him. I will admit right of the bat I like Back’s I think he is a good player but this year I have to give him a failing grade. (hurts me to say it) One of the reasons I give him a failing grade is because of high expectations and that much is expected of him. He is supposed to be our shut down center and is also expected to be our number 2 offensive center and I frequently think it is difficult to do both on a team that is lacking depth up front. With 14 goals and 31 assists are down this year from 22 goals and 31 assists last year but more troubling is he was -21 down significantly from his +9 a year ago. Personally he needs to slotted as the number 3 center with primary defensive roles and take the O that comes naturally to him, For this to happen Janko needs to take a step forward next year.

  • freethe flames

    The more I write my personal assessments of individual players the more frustrated I get with the player usage under GG and why it is clear to me why he should be fired.

  • Who is Alberta’s team?

    Hey the GreatWW. You still in love with Hall and Yakupov???? Hall pointless again tonight (as per usual during big games). Yakupov a healthy scratch again. Lol This may help you understand that these 2 players are not as good as you say…. don’t even get me started on Eberle. He is more afraid of his own shadow than Gaudreau or Mony is. Doug Weight in his year end speech said they need more out of Ebs as a leader on and off the ice!!! Ya we already knew that Dougie that’s why Chia chose him and not Nuge to get rid of.

    What ya got to say Walt? Pls tell me again how they are such amazing hockey players on and off the ice????

    Oilers rule, flames suck. Oiler domination will continue next year… not just over the flames but over the pacific division as well … you all know it’s a coming 🙂
    1 win away from the conference finals a year ago. Can’t wait until next year!

      • Who is Alberta’s team?

        They ruined Taylor to have the best season of his career this year? Doesn’t make sense. You can’t change a pre Madonna. Did you see Hall tonight? The game plan for
        Tampa was hammer Taylor every chance they got and boy did they ever. He was getting hammered a lot tonight and no one did a thing about it including Taylor himself. Taylor is theee biggest chicken bleep in the league. Remember the time he cheap shotted Kassian with an elbow to the face and kassian chased him down and beat the snot out of him. All Taylor could do was turtle. 1 fight in his career says it all. Have some pride man and stick up for yourself. He’s a big strong guy but is a pre Madonna. Reminds me of Monahan but not quite as boring.

        • Hockey for life

          Typical nonesense showing absolutely no knowledge of hockey. I’m glad your ship jealous of our team, as yours has been such a horrible team for a decade and still is, that you keep hanging out here during the hour your mom gives you internet privileges.

          • Who is Alberta’s team?

            A decade? How about being horrible since entering the league 30 plus years ago ??? lol We have 5 cups to your…… 1. Also in the last decade are you aware we have just as many playoff wins as you guys ??? Think about that for a second and let it sink in lol

            Not to mention we have the best rink in the nhl. The best player in the nhl since Gretzky 🙂 Yes I am so jealous of the Calgary flames lol the flames future cup hopes are in the hands of a 4’9 hobbit and the softest player in the west (mony). Oilers have hope. Flames do not.

            I as an oiler fan look forward to the draft this off season and more so, next season. What do flames fans have to look forward too? Gulus new haircut this offseason? Cause ain’t no draft for you guys. We all know, no big name free agents go to Calgary. Can I get a what what?

          • ThisBigMouthIsRight

            Heat Lose 2-1… TUC beat SD 6-3.. So All the Heat had to do was win and IN.. But Nope.
            Heat choke on the last game and will miss the playoffs.
            New Coaches Everywhere PLS~!
            I’m sure the Barracuda have improved over the year… or at least in the last month… But~! The heat have lost 3 in a row to SJ and let them walk right up on them, Pass them and Take a playoff spot from them…
            After the past 2 drubbings SJ handed out to the Heat, you would think they may have wanted to change there play for this game? (Maybe they did, Its impossible to watch the games via streaming internet) Just a frustrating end to a frustrating Hockey year all round.
            I’m sure SF will give us a good run down on the loss.

    • Who is Alberta’s team?

      Would have to be both Brodie and Hamonic. Leafs are not giving up a pure goal scorer for the leagues worst plus/minus d man in the last 3 seasons.

    • Hotwing

      Trade Hamilton and Frolik for… Nylander and Leaf’s first… Then package our new first, Adam Foxx and Backland (get him to waive his NC for a second #1 or a straight trade… for a top 4 draft pick (take Brady Tkchuck)

      JG, Mon, Nylander
      Matt Tkchuck, Brady Tkchuck, Foo
      Sam, Mark Jan, Ferland
      Hath, Shore, Lazar

      Mark G, R Anderson
      TJ Brodie, T Hamonic (new head coach to get both of these guys inline)
      Stone, Kulac

  • PlayitagainSam

    Everyone here is blaming Gulutzan but the fact is he was hired based on th hockey philosophy mirrored by Treleving.
    Gulutzan has to go but so does ”Chia “ Treleving..

    • freethe flames

      BT does not make in game coaching decisions; GG lack of ability as a game coach is enough of a reason for him to be fired. BT has his own issues; absolutely and he needs to decide what he wants the image of this team to be and I’m not sure he knows.

      • BiggDogg

        But at the same time, BT can control the players. BT can choose not to sign Tanner Glass, BT can buyout Brouwer, BT can choose not to sign Bart etc etc. Gully has terrible player usage of course, but BT can force his hand by not giving him these terrible options