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Flames fire Glen Gulutzan, other coaches

The Flames dropped some pretty huge and mildly unexpected news this afternoon, firing head coach Glen Gulutzan, and assistants Dave Cameron and Paul Jerrard. The news comes following weeks of speculation regarding the coaching staff’s future and on the heels of a disappointing 2017-18 season.

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On this site, we have discussed at some length how the season went for the Flames and whether or not it made sense to move on from Gulutzan. Just this morning, Pat outlined how Gulutzan’s future weighed heavily on the off-season for the Flames. Earlier this month, Ryan detailed how the Flames managed difficult situations throughout the season and, in another story, why the staff might get fired.

Earlier this month, Flames GM Brad Treliving reflected on the 2017-18 season and, perhaps tellingly, did not give an unequivocal vote of confidence for the coaching staff.

During a dour and subdued press conference, Treliving mentioned that blame for the past season was not solely placed on the coaching staff. Essentially, Treliving said that though continuity was an important consideration, ultimately he decided that a move had to be made.

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It was confirmed during the conference that Gulutzan had signed a three-year contract and was indeed fired.

The press conference also confirmed that assistant coach Martin Gelinas, video coach Jamie Pringle, and goaltending coach Jordan Sigalet will all remain with the team.

Many names have begun to swirl around the Flames’ now-vacant spot, including Darryl Sutter and Bill Peters (who has until Friday to opt-out of his deal with the Carolina Hurricanes). Treliving did not indicate if another coach has been selected, though he has a “profile” of his next coach in mind.

Although, Treliving did note that he believed that having experience was “critical” for success in the league. Do with that information what you will.

With regards to the powerplay, Treliving noted that the onus falls mostly on the players and did not specifically mention any concerns with any of the coaching staff in particular, only that the team under-performed all season.

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Repeatedly, Treliving indicated that he believed this decision signalled the “beginning” of the offseason in earnest. So with that, let the offseason begin.

  • FL?MES

    Task #1 now complete. Next things on todo list are to hire experienced coaches and try to recoup a few picks in the upcoming draft.

    I don’t like seeing people let go but today was a good day.

    Go ? Go!!!

    • Jano

      have you looked at Darling’s and Ward’s numbers this year? Darling well under .900 save %. Ward not too much better. Smith and Rittich had better combined numbers

  • Oil consuming Flames

    Maybe Brodie won’t need to be traded now. The next coach may realize that TJ is a RD regardless of his left handedness. TJ the round peg, has never fit in the square hole of the LD position.

  • Captain Ron

    I’d be really interested in talking to AV.
    Man am I ever happy I don’t have to bear witness to any more bone headed decisions by GG over and over again that were incredibly frustrating to watch.
    All I know is I don’t care if the next head coach is a great guy, good person, family man of the year or whatever. I want a coach that gets the team to produce results on a consistent basis. One that gives us an opportunity as fans to watch the home team in the playoffs year after year. I know there is more to it than coaching but this team is good enough to make the playoffs and given our prospect pool should continue to get better.

  • Sven


    The hockey news Preseason preview :


    The six most talented teams in the NHL: (Descending order)

    The six least talented teams in the NHL: (Descending order):
    New Jersey
    Las Vegas


    Coach of the year – He who does the most with the least:
    Gerard Gallant

    Worst coach of the year- He who does the least with the most:
    Glen Gulutzan

  • Lazarus

    Well the nerds got their analytics wizard in Gulutzan. How’d that work out? Yeah corsi was great, team blew. Let’s get someone in that knows about HOCKEY this time…let’s get back to that.
    Good talk, see ya out there

    • The Penn

      I would love to see Hunter as our next coach . I know that he is unproven at the NHL level but has had a lot of success in the minors. As a player he played with his heart on his sleeve. That’s what this team needs

  • Vernon30

    My first choice would be Trotz, if the Caps fail again, and he takes the fall. Hunter is intriguing, but has no NHL experience. He could beat up any coach in the league. I’m not nostalgic for Sutter, but can’t deny he’s won and had success as strictly a head coach.

      • BlueMoonNigel

        I liked the Sutter and Hunter combo on first sight, but upon further review, not so much. What kind of club did Sutter win with in LA? A big, in your face, tough team. Flames do not have that kind of personnel on the roster. Can Sutter even coach a club that is built on speed and skill? Are you prepared to let him experiment? Second, because Sutter was a GM, it is natural to think that if Tre falters as the GM, the natural replacement will be Sutter, especially with King still here.

  • imthedude63

    Hallelujah…relieved that this was done. Lots of reasons why he had to go but that home record and the blowouts at home throughout the year is on the coaches. I am old school and would like to see more of a hard ass… somebody proven who knows how to push players buttons. That was obviously not the case with Hairman. We need to get this right…IF a great coach can make a bunch of throwaways a Stanley Cup Contender what could be accomplished with this group?

  • everton fc

    My fear is BT calls Tippett.

    I hope King calls Daryl.

    I also hope they reach out to Ruff. Tim Hunter. And Rocky Thompson. Actually, great story lines here would be the return of Daryl, or the return of Hunter… Or Thompson. Thompson is actually very well respected as a head coach.

  • Willi P

    Very unlike cerebral BT to make a move so quickly. Either he was influenced from above or he already has his man. I am guessing a little of both. Expecting an announcement soon.

  • RKD

    Way too stubborn, insistent on putting Brouwer on the pp, refusing to break up the struggling pairing of Hamonic and Brodie, team plagued by bad starts and mentally fragile.

    • Captain Ron

      GG was stubborn to the point of being stupid about it. Almost like his ego couldn’t handle it if he had to admit he was making the wrong player choices so he just kept on doing the same damn things over and over.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      The list could go on… 3/4 of the season had gone by before Hamilton was on the 1st PP unit, Tkachuk not utilized on the PP, his insistence with Brodie on the left side, his refusal to break up 3M to try to spur the bottom six into better production, we still don’t know if Lazar can play centre, not mixing up the system when the short passes were killing us trying to get out of our own zone, same PP formation – couldn’t adapt when other teams shut down Monny in the slot, did not try a big shot on the off wing. Have we missed anything?

  • First Name Unidentified

    Mosaic theory points to either Sutter or Peters. I am absolutely relieved that Cameron is gone, and excited that the whole bench is canned. As long as he’s a real NHL coach with some credible body of work I’m fine with whoever he is. Brad still needs to fix the RW, trade a couple of D, add a lot of scoring. I’d be talking to the Sabres right now.

  • Skylardog

    Experience as an NHL coach is a must here, as BT said. But make no mistake, they need a coach with a ton of experience, and success in getting and excelling in the playoffs. There are very few candidates out there that meet that criteria. I believe that narrows it down to 2 that are currently available, Sutter and AV.

    Damage has been done to some of our young prospects, it may be irreparable. This firing came 140 games too late. The last 2 seasons have been a setback.

    On that note, the coach must be someone that has a proven record of developing players. Tippett is out. His handling of Duclair and Domi is exactly what we do not need.

    The hire must understand roles on a team. That points to Sutter, a role player himself. But AV also understand roles. He knew how to use guys like Kesler and Bieksa, and when and how to play the Twins, and who to put with them. AV has learned what it takes to win in the playoffs, and how to get there. Sutter has rings. Either would be a good choice.

    Peters lack of success should disqualify him. Same with Willie. Neither have enough NHL experience.

    I don’t like recycling. My choice would be AV at the moment, barring the emergence of a new candidate.

    • FL?MES

      Sutter has quite a history here and it’s hard to judge looking from the outside what appetite the organization would have to bring him back. At this point I am the thinking that AV has to be the front runner – fresh start and no history with the club.

      BT cannot screw this up and if he has been given the ok to pony up and bring in a winner he has to go big.