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Taking care of business: The Flames and the NHL Draft

When the Flames arrive in Dallas later this week for the 2018 NHL Draft, they’ll do so with a reputation to uphold. This will be general manager Brad Treliving’s fifth draft and his resume is chock full of wheeling and dealing on the draft floor. Treliving has made at least one trade in all four of his previous drafts and, as we’re about to profile, has done so with varying success. All indications suggest, as does history, he’ll be busy once again in Texas.

“You’ve got everybody there and there’s lots of conversations and everybody is trying to get as much done as they can there,” Treliving told us on Sportsnet 960 last week. “Draft week, draft weekend…that time during between draft and free agency is, to me, that’s now the real…busiest time in the calendar. You’ve got a better understanding of your financial structure, teams have expiring contracts…that’s where I think you see a lot of the bigger deals take place.”

With that said, here’s what we’ve seen from Treliving and the Flames over the last four years.


Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports.

Treliving’s first draft with Calgary will always be remembered for the team’s highest ever selection, at least since relocating from Atlanta. The Flames took Sam Bennett fourth overall, adding him to an exciting stable of young forwards that also included Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau.

While Bennett has yet to explode into the player many hoped, the 2014 Draft was still an exciting one for Flames fans with such a high pick. But that wasn’t Treliving’s only move that year: he drafted five other players and also made his first draft weekend trade.

It may bring up bad memories for some, but 2014 was the year Calgary sent a third round pick to the Chicago Blackhawks for Brandon Bollig. While third rounders are anything but sure things, it still seemed like a bit of a high price to pay for a player with a career high of 14 points. Bollig’s time with the Flames was ineffective at best, which is why this is a trade many like to forget.


Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

While 2014 wasn’t a banner year at the draft for Calgary, the following year was quite honestly the polar opposite. In fact, the team’s trip to Florida might have been one of the most fruitful weekends they’ve had in a long, long time for a few different reasons.

Most significantly, the Flames acquired Dougie Hamilton from the Boston Bruins in one of the best trades in franchise history. Giving up a first round pick and a pair of seconds, all in 2015, Calgary acquired a core player for a ridiculously modest price. Since arriving with the Flames, Hamilton has made this trade look even better for Treliving and company.

Calgary wasn’t done wheeling and done dealing that year, though. The team selected Rasmus Andersson at 53rd overall with a pick they acquired from Vancouver in the Sven Baertschi trade earlier in the year. Then, seven picks later, the Flames swapped a pair of third rounders for #60 overall and turned it into another Swedish defenceman: Oliver Kylington.

Factoring in their two high value second round picks (plus Andrew Mangiapane in the sixth round) and the acquisition of Hamilton, the 2015 Draft may have given us some of Treliving’s best work since taking the reins as GM.


Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Calgary entered the 2016 Draft in Buffalo with a very public and primary goal: acquire a number one goaltender. It surfaced during draft week that a deal with Tampa Bay for Ben Bishop had fallen through, so the Flames turned their attention to the St. Louis Blues and Brian Elliott.

Coming off a strong season with the Blues, Calgary gave up a second round pick to acquire Elliott in a deal that had mixed results. On the one hand, Elliott struggled mightily to begin his only season with the Flames and failed to get the job done in the playoffs. And yet, his two month run starting in February was crucial in helping Calgary clinch a playoff spot for the second time in three years.

In hindsight, I don’t think this was a bad trade for the Flames. Yes, Elliott had mixed results and was only with the team for one season, but I still feel like it was a worthwhile shot to take. Elliott’s numbers were strong in St. Louis and he was itching to get a chance as a number one goaltender. The reasoning was sound but, unfortunately, it didn’t work out as planned.


Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Last June was a busy month for Calgary as Treliving made a concerted effort to help his team to the next level. The Flames acquired Mike Smith from the Arizona Coyotes prior to last year’s draft and brought in Eddie Lack from the Carolina Hurricanes a few days after. Right in the middle of that goaltender sandwich was a trip to Chicago.

Many had suggested Calgary was in need of another top four defencemen last summer, and that’s exactly what the team went after. The Flames landed the highly sought after Travis Hamonic from the New York Islanders in exchange for first and second round picks in 2018 and a second round pick in 2019.

My jury is still out on this trade after just one year. Hamonic definitely struggled for a good chunk of the year on a second pairing with TJ Brodie, but I’m curious what we see in year two. Many believe it takes blueliners longer to settle into new surroundings, so we’ll see if that is indeed true in Hamonic’s case.


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  • buts

    This weekend I believe TJ and DH will be moved and possibly Fox for forwards and draft picks. BT said on the radio he has a number of scenarios and he also said that this is the time of year you form your team. This weekend will define BT’s career as a GM. I think there will be BIG changes……which this soft team needs.

    • Atomic Clown

      Jesus you’re as bad regarding DH as WW is with Backlund. What do we replace Hamilton’s 50 points with? As soon as you trade him, you’re looking for another top pairing right shooting dman. Unless you want Subban and his $9 million cap hit, that’s not happening any time soon. Other than Orpik, Washington didn’t have a single enforcer type dman. Why are you so hung up making Dougie into a Tkachuk type player? I’d rather he produce points than spend minutes in the box for being an idiot

    • Alcanivorax

      The Flames are NOT moving BOTH Brodie and Hamilton. Two offensive defencemen? What do we replace both of them with? Andersson maybe for Brodie but none of our young prospect D are replacing Hamilton this year.

      IF (gigantic IF) they move Hamilton they should get both a top 6 forward, a prospect and at least 1 pick. And if that is not what they are offered then they DO NOT / SHOULD NOT move Hamilton.

      Your suggestion is just madness

  • Sobueno

    One thing I do like about Treliving is how active he is in trying to improve the team. Whether it’s a blockbuster (Hamilton), to smaller trades, he’s at least always weighing his options and is willing to take action. Of course it doesn’t always work out as planned, but A for effort at least.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Club was screaming for relief at the last TDL and Tre did nada, so how was that improving the team?

      How is the Flames on the outside looking in for the upcoming draft improving the team?

      Given the choice as a Flames’ fan, would you rather have Trotz or Peters as coach? I think Tre has already spoken his farewell speech when at the time he hired Peters, he said he didn’t consider anybody else for the job. Utterly amazing! How goofy does that hiring look today with Barry freaking Trotz available?

      Tre has been nothing but a mediocre GM who is on par with all the other bampots who have held the post since the great Cliff Fletcher was run out of town.

      • Cfan in Van

        Barry Trotz was not available. He is currently available, but nobody could have anticipated that he’d back out of an extension with the Capitals. Trotz is available because he won the cup and can command a HUGE payday. You’d rather Tre gamble on that specific scenario, as opposed to acting on the need for head coach?

        • BlueMoonNigel

          Of course they did. Even Grapes was talking in the first round of the playoffs that Trotz might not be back in Washington regardless of what the Caps did, and since when did Grapes ever scoop a story? Trotz has always been about job security, so when the Caps refused to negotiate a new contract with him pending what the club did in the playoffs, they supremely pissed him off and ensured the proud Trotz would not be back.

          Barry freaking Trotz or Billy Peters? If you have to ask, son, you haven’t been following the program.

          • oilcanboyd

            Trotz spent 15, FIFTEEN, years with Nashville without getting past the second round of the playoffs and it took him 4 years with Washington to take the team to the Stanley Cup with a generational player in OV. As I stated in another blog that winning coaches go on to losing and losing coaches can win. 19 years and his teams made it once to the Cup final, because OV wanted it that badly, not because Trots is a supe coach.

        • BlueMoonNigel

          Yeah, it’s funny because the blinders went back on as soon as Tre fired Gully and hired Peters. From that time forward it has been “In Tre We Trust” again.

        • Moneyball

          Agreed Trelving is a goof, but Trump is a superb deal maker that is showing up Justin Trudeau so badly he is left crying in his sour Milk. Hopefully when Trump is done being President he can transition to be the President of the Flames and the team can start to Win so much we will be sick of winning.

      • Still no edit button?

        Well real life is not the same as nhl 18 gm. Can’t just magically produce trades to better your team. There is another gm involved who wants to better there team.

        • T&A4Flames

          Adding a prospect to have someone take 2 years of Brouwer would be a dumb move. If you can’t find a deal that makes sense either straight up or sorhbus retaining salary, buy him out either this year or (better) next year. No point in giving up assets now to dump him.

      • Korcan

        Hindsight is a beautiful thing and, unfortunately, a luxury not offered to real GMs. Of course Trots would be great, but is any GM going to pass up on other good available candidates because he is hoping one specific man will become available? And if Trots had resigned, what then? Who would you have then gone after? Doug Weight?

    • Kevin R

      Wish he would have been on the ball & offered Stone(to play with his brother) & Shinkaruk for Hoffman & then flip Hoffman to Florida for those picks. I have a new respect for Wilson in San Jose right now. Now that’s thinking out of the box.

      • Mitchell

        Who would make for a better GM? Honestly as long as I’ve followed the NHL every GM has made some sort of stupid decision. It may have been a lopsided trade or a bad signing it horrid drafting. Also it’s incredibly rare that a Stanley cup winning coach doesn’t resign with their team.

      • Rockmorton65

        Kevin – How do you know Tre didn’t make that offer? Or even a better one? Sounds like there were a lot of picks in play. Maybe the pieces he offered weren’t the ones being sought.

        And I’m guessing the only ones who knew about the SJ/Fla thing we’re the two GM’s. Kinda like when Tre “yoinked” Hamilton out of Boston. When you’ve got a sweet deal lined up, you keep your mouth shut.

        • Kevin R

          Versus what Ottawa got back I think Stone & Shinkaruk would have been a huge upgrade from what they got. But I agree, somehow Wilson & Talon tagged team this thing & I dont recall much of a trading history between the two guys. Flames have been rumoured to be in on Hoffman for awhile, I just find it a bit baffling. I find it hard to believe Ottawa took the San Jose package over the Florida package. But I know what you’re saying. Maybe Tre was being too analytical & thought Hoffman would have been hard to flip. I think Tre should start getting on Talon’s social list & maybe golf with him.

  • L.Kolkind

    I would rather keep Brodie and see if he can do something with Andersson and maybe bring back up his value before we trade him. Having Kylington and Valimaki in the AHL shouldn’t hurt their development too much or having one of them as the 7th.

    Yes trade Stone and maybe find a buyer for Brouwer along with maybe a prospect to sweeten the deal. Personally, I’m hoping Calgary makes a decent run at Kovalchuk or maybe trades Ferland and a prospect for one.

    Other than that Calgary just needs to find room for Mangiapane, and maybe Foo. Mangiapane, in my opinion, is too good for the AHL and if one of him Gaudreau or Tkachuk could shift to RW that would really help out the team.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Stone gets you a 3rd or 4th rounder. You don’t get rid of Brouwer unless you include some very sweet sugar or take back an equally bad contract.

      Make a run for Kovalchuk and trade Ferland? R U Nutz? If I had predicted before last season that Ferly would score 20, Flame fans would be over the moon over the big man.

      I think a lot of Flame fans have made Ferly the scapegoat because Tre has failed to ice two lines that are a scoring threat. While Ferland might not have the talent and consistency to roll with Johnny and Monny, why couldn’t he be a part of scoring line that delivers the second punch? I am not convinced that he can’t be. I think Tre will have a long list of suitors if he makes Ferland available, but why on earth would he do that? I would deal Bennett well ahead of Ferland.

      In a Billy Peters’ system Mangipane will play fourth line minutes until he learn the defensive side of the game and win the coach’s trust. As much as Peters has garnered praise for his handling of young defencemen, he has been terrible at working with young forwards, particularly Skinner and Rask.

      • L.Kolkind

        Not trade him because I dislike him, trade him because he has Value and Calgary has lots of options at LW Gaudreau and Tkachuk are the spots Ferland should be in, but both are better than him and I don’t think he looks comfortable on the RW. I like Ferland, and he is probably a good top 6 LW but we have 2 of the top LWs already.

        We need a good RW, you need to spend something good in order to get something good and I think there could be a trade that makes sense with Ferland going the other way. Mangiapane can probably make the jump and I don’t want to trade Bennett especially when his value is so low. So suggesting a Ferland trade is the option that makes the most sense, as we can afford to trade an LW it is the easiest position to replace. He is on a good contract and provides toughness as well as some offense. There is only so many spots available and a top 6 RW is clearly a need. Versteeg and Foo can be on the 3rd/4th with Hathaway as 13th man.

      • L.Kolkind

        Also, Mangiapane would likely be the 4th best LW, so yeah maybe having the least amount of minutes is fine. Having him make the jump and learn the defensive side isn’t the worst thing, but I think rolling 4 lines with JG getting offensive starts also makes sense.

        The point of bringing up Mangiapane is to upgrade the lineup and however, Peters uses the players is up to him. Peters seems to be an ok coach, not Trotz level but waiting for Trotz could’ve backfired. We still have no idea on how Peters plans to use anybody on Calgary. Either way, Mangiapane is a smart player and will adapt to help the team win, he isn’t bad defensively as he has really quick hands and can stick lift and steal the puck form opponents very well. Holding him back because you don’t like the coach makes no sense, Treliving likes him and that’s what matters hopefully he does play prospects and young players more than GG.

        • calgaryfan

          Flames lack forward depth and you want to trade a forward for another forward? Ferland gives the Flames depth when they get another center or first line winger.

          • Rudy27

            When Ferland is playing like Ferland, he also usually sends an opposition player to the dressing room for the rest of the game after one of his classic clean hits! Not to mention he has speed, a great shot and plays a very responsible two way game.

      • Justeen Trudope

        Ferland is a decent player, he had a decent year disappeared in the 2nd half. If you can get an upgrade on RW it’s a no brainer. Ferland has a lot of good things going for him but every team develops prospects and turns them into assets it’s the salary cap world

  • Baalzamon

    It always amuses me when people complain about the Flames being soft. Every fanbase complains that their team is too soft. Every single one.

    To hear a Kings fan talk, you’d think the Flames were the Broadstreet Bullies. Ask a Ducks fan about Giordano; you’ll think you had asked about Bryan Marchment.

    • oilcanboyd

      Oiler fans complained they were too soft with Eberle, Hopkins,Hall so Chia got Kassian, Lucic, and Maroon to add toughness…now Maroon is gone, Lucic is asking for a trade…toughness meant diddly squeak to the oilers last season as they fell like a lead balloon…

  • Vernon30

    Does anyone thing one of Rittich or Gilles is moved, as part of a package? Could let Parsons get full minutes in the A? I’d still like a proven backup for now, or a 1B. Names out there like Bernier, Pickard, either of the Philly guys not named Elliot.

  • Zazula

    No matter what any one thinks Treliving’s tenure has been a failure. This team has basically had the same results for the time he has been here as they had before. If anything the team is worse. No cohesion, no goaltending, no guts and no glory. Spending to the cap for an underachieving roster and emptying the prospect cupboard for the lady losers is not even mediocre management.
    That being said – nothing to lose, everything to gain.
    Trade Brodie, Stone and Lazar for ROR and a pick. Then give what kids are left a chance to make mistakes and learn.
    For what it’s worth:
    Johnny – Mony – Byng
    Ferland – Backlund – ROR
    Mange – Janko – Foo
    Dube – Shore – Lomberg

    Gio – Dougie
    Valimaki – Fat Ras
    Kulak – Hamonic

    Smith & Gillies or Rittich.

    • Styxx

      No Frohlich?
      I agree with trading Brodie for a top 6 although trading RD Stone would be better to make room for Anderson but his value would not bring a top 6 RW.
      If you were able to get OReilly then he would automatically become your 2C and push Backs to 3C which is where a defense-focused checking line is best placed (if we actually had enough quality forwards). So it would look like:
      Gaudreau – Monahan – Tkachuk
      Mangiapane – OReilly – Ferland
      Bennett – Backlund – Frohlich
      Dube – Jankowski – Brouwer (or Hathaway/Foo/Klimchuk)

  • ManchesterUnited

    Really bothers me how people are underestimating DH’s trade return. The man is a 6 foot 5 right shot defence man who can move, not to mention he put up 50 points last season and he’s only 25!!!! That’s every GMs dream. Stop saying if he gets traded it has to be for some top 6 forward, 1st round pick and a prospect. Factor in the fact that an Adam Larsson got the Devils a stud like Taylor Hall, if I was BT and a GM offered me a top 6 forward, pick, and prospect I would hang up. With the contract Dougie is on, if any GM wants him the conversation starts with a forward who is in the tier of the Matthews and Seguins of the league. Stop saying DH is going to get traded for players like top 6 forwards Nylander.

        • BlueMoonNigel

          What is interesting me is that Parayko’s pay packet is slightly less than what Dougie takes home. Do fans here really think Dougie is that much better than Colton?

          Loved Parayko from the time I saw him anchoring the young guns in the world cup. As I recall, Dougie either wasn’t invited or passed on the opportunity. Wonder why.

          • Baalzamon

            Do fans here really think Dougie is that much better than Colton?

            Yes. Because he is. I’d even go as far as to say that the gap between their level of ability is wider than the disparity of their salaries (their cap hits are only 250k apart).

            Hamilton > Parayko. And that’s not blind homerism, that’s a documented fact. Hamilton is more impactful in every way on the ice.


          • BlueMoonNigel

            Where does the comparison show the grit factor and hockey IQ factor?

            Thought you had learned your lesson about the value of stats when Gully’s off-the-chart team possession numbers shamed those of the Hartley-coached Flames.

          • BlueMoonNigel

            Also how much does playing with Gio contribute to Dougie’s game? I won’t say Gio carries Hamilton but interesting how Brodie’s game has collapsed since he lost the always-reliable Gio as his partner.

          • Baalzamon

            Yes Hamilton does play with Giordano. And Parayko plays with Vince Dunn (who himself is hardly chopped liver) on the Blues’ second pair.

            Talk to me when your boy takes Pietrangelo’s spot playing against the other teams’ best.

        • Rudy27

          You realize you are talking about the top goal scoring defense man in hockey…right! Defense! After goalies, that’s the hardest position to get a stud. He could definitely fetch a top tier forward.

        • Atomic Clown

          Laine and Eichel provide you with 70ish points playing on the first line, and neither is touted as a two way player, so it’s mainly offensive acumen. Hamilton is a lock for 45 points, can hit 60+ playing top PP minutes, is 25, and locked at $5ish million in the next four years. Yes he gets you Laine/Eichel with his ridiculous $10 million cap hit

          • BringtheFire 2.0

            But Laine and Eichel are younger and have NO ceiling (like Wheezy). You say they’re 70ish point players, I say they’re 100 point players to be, franchise cornerstones that can turn an entire organization around. Dougie is great, but he’s not as important, nor as marketable.

            Plus, think about it:

            “Hey Kevin! Dougie for Laine?” You think the man is gonna say yes?

      • buts

        AC Dougie Hamilton is a soft, low IQ, not a winner. Did you watch DH do nothing when Lucic was punching Smith? You can take his offense which is all he has……I’d rather have a solid all round D that’s a winner. I’ve seen D half his size with more heart and give a crap. Trade him while his value is high.

        • Atomic Clown

          Fair enough, he doesn’t have the same bite as we see out of Tkachuk or Giordano. But that just means he’s not captain material. You can’t negatebhis offensive prowess simply because he doesn’t toe the line. And besides, that can be coached, technical skills can’t. And I disagree on the hockey IQ part. You don’t score one timers by simply being lucky, you have to know where to position yourself and where the play is headed. He just needs to work on using his size to stay ahead of the play and not take boneheaded penalties.

          • buts

            Captains or potential captains don’t walk away on media availability on locker clean out day at the end of the season. Maybe he didn’t like his exit interview. He has good offence there’s no doubt. He could be a Norris candidate but he disappears in important games and at important moments of games.

          • Baalzamon

            And yet he tied for the team lead in game-tying goals, and scored four game winners (tied for second with Giordano and Gaudreau). Sure seems like he’s there at important moments in games to me.

    • SgtRoadBlock

      it seems about 34% of the people on this site r fine with this Roster we have now and only need to upgrade by ufa lol, This team is in Trouble Big Trouble in little China type… time for a core cut on the Roster or ride the bubble team with Peter Pan

      • Rudy27

        Hmm. Let see now. Winnipeg missed the playoffs last year and only made small tweaks resulting in a conference final appearance. Oh right, and then there’s the Stanley Cup Champions, who did less in the way of changes last season that they had after all those early exits over the past four years. Getting who we have playing like a team (like Vegas), along with some key tweaks could do the trick.

    • Alcanivorax

      Hey Newton Heath given your comment re (top 6, pick, and prospect) I assume you trashed my earlier comment.

      To be clear I don’t think he should be traded. But if he is we better be getting a hell of a lot in return. When I said top 6 I should have been specific re an elite RW and then some…notwithstanding that some people think he is soft.

      all that said…GGMU!!

      • ManchesterUnited

        Not at all intended that way, I honestly have not seen your comment. I was just speaking to the narrative that has been very prominent of late in the media.

        On a side note, good to know theres still people out there who know the roots of the beautiful club that is Manchester United #GGMU

      • piscera.infada

        You’re making the point though. You trade Dougie Hamilton if the deal is there. It likely isn’t, so you don’t trade him. But under no circumstances do you trade Hamilton for less than ideal value. The hole that creates in the roster–regardless of what his detractors will say–is far too big to give him away for less. And if the return in a mere “top-6 winger”, plus, plus… it’s too little.

        • Justeen Trudope

          Tho I hope Dougie would bring a return like that but you are dreaming. Even saying any team would trade a player like Liane or Eichle is completely crazy.

  • Burnward

    If I’m BT, leave nothing on the table. Go wild. Trust your gut. Make the moves. No regrets. Burn it down before you leave if you have to to try to win.

    No one remembers the meek. Even if you fail, at least you tried.

    • HAL MacInnis

      If burning it down before he leaves means a top 6 forward for Hamilton, then I’ll buy the matches. Let’s not go full retard though; let’s try for Rain Man levels here.

  • JoelOttosJock

    This is a bit of a reach, but bare with me FN. If (yes, a very big word on this site) were Brad Treliving, I would do the following. I would move a package of Fox, Brodie, and Ferland to Columbus for Pannaren. I would then move Frolik and Stone to Toronto for a 2nd and Tyler Bozaks rights.

    Gaudreau Monahan Pannaren
    Tkchuck Bennett Bozak
    Mango Backlund Lazar/Dube/?
    Hathaway Shore Brouwer
    Gio Hamilton
    Andersson Hamonic
    Kulak Valimaki/wotherspoon/?
    The ?’s could be won or lost in camp.

    • FLT

      If I were a fan of the BJs (heh heh), I’d want more than that for Panaren. Fox is a good prospect, but that seems like a quantity-for-quality type of proposal.

      And I think Frolik is worth more to the Flames than a 2nd. Stone himself could probably net a low-round pick, which I’d be quite happy with. Bozak’s rights aren’t worth a puck.

      • Kevin R

        Although, I would be apprehensive about Panarin seeing he will be a UFA next July. With that Hoffman trade I think there is a chance Ottawa can hang on to Karlsson, at least until the TDL anyway because the return will probably be pretty significant then as well. That leaves the Wash Carlsson left on the market & suddenly DH or Brodie has more serious buyers.

    • Stu Gotz

      What if Panarin does not sign with the Flames after 1 year? No mention by you of having a contract finalized with Panarin before the trade is completed? Now you have nothing for Fox, Brodie & Ferland. You’re FIRED!

  • everton fc

    Stone played 82 games last season. He’s got a great shot. He’s been durable for several seasons. I think he’s worth a 2nd, to some team.

    Not saying I’m a huge fan, nor do I see him as the millstone many here seem to think he is. He and Kulak weren’t bad. The 2nd might be in the latter half of that round, but look at the types of players who have netted firsts (Hamonic/Lazar, unfortunately!)

    I think the only bargaining chips we may play are Stone, and Brodie. We have some young defencemen a team might be interested in, but they’d only garner a return of significane, as part of a package we simply don’t have to offer. I do like the idea of Mangiapane-Backlund-Frolik. Tkachuk either plays 1st line RW, or Ferland does, with a 2nd line of Bennett-Jankowksi-Tkachuk.

    Tkachuk-Backlund-Ferland might also work. But I don’t see a lot of crazy moves this summer, after the two gaffs last summer (Hamonic and Lazar, respectively). And trading Hamilton is just not smart, right now.

  • Honkydonk

    These are bad trades and there is no way of saying otherwise

    – Elliott for a second round pick
    – Bollig a third round pick

    These are trades for assets you let walk out the door for nothing and are short term gap stops and nothing else. It’s like paying your mortgage with your line of credit.

    The key in a cap league and especially when rebuilding is to fill your cupboards with more assets than you might ever need. Add the buyouts and the free agency over pays like Brouwer and I am not impressed.

    The name of the game is keep your picks for five years. Every single on of them. Draft draft and draft.

    Secondly I’d get more picks by first signing free agents at the start of the rebuild almost like you are Vegas and coming into the league. Those free agents have a chance to play more minutes which makes it a better sell on short say 3 year deals. And yes somewhat over paid.

    Secondly you basically fill your preseason with 8 to 10 ATO. “Tryout invites” You aim for these players to be on the younger side and sign them two way deals if you and and one ways when you cannot.

    Now you have a team that hits cap floor. You suck badly for two seasons thus you are getting top 3 draft picks.

    If you do a rebuild right the results could last ten years plus!!!

    Now let’s look at where we went wrong.

    1. We never actually started a damn rebuild in the first place
    2. Our rebuild started 2013 after a terrible season. We had players like Mason Raymond play top six minutes and Matt Stajan play second line centre. Good start as that earned us Sean Monahan. Problem is we had assets that other teams wanted we never traded that could have fetched us Nathan McKinnon basically. We could have traded Wideman for a first round pick back then as teams wanted him badly. We could have also traded Hudler both of these players gone could have made us worse.
    3. The following year yet again we failed to trade our good players and we ended up with the fourth pick and took Bennett but we could have just as easily ended up with Ekblad. We could have traded Backlund for a first and a second. So by this point in that draft we could have had 3 first rounders, 3 second rounders and 2 third rounders.
    That could have easily gotten us an a spot to draft Mantha, Tuch, Larkin or Kappanen or 3 of them.
    4. Now it’s 2015 draft. Repeating the process I highlighted at the start we end up with either the first or second round pick. That’s McDavid or Eichel.

    I am not even going to do beyond 2015 as the results and difference are clear.

    We could have started last season with

    Johhny/McDavid or Eichel/Chucky
    Mantha/Monahan/ Kappanen

    This doesn’t even take away the Dougie or Hamonic trade.

    When you evaluate the true smarts of your GM and their strategy you want to employ game theory and you will be shocked how vastly different and better the outcomes could have been.

    I like the picks we made for most part at the drafts with the picks we had. But that is besides the point because the rebuild strategy was flawed to begin with. That is why teams like Toronto who started their rebuild two years after us rocketed their rebuild because they did it right.

    Just imagine in the years we picks 4, 6 and 6 we ended with the first overall or second.

    That’s on Tre and ownership. What is clear is when you choose rebuild you need to be all in not half assed

  • Garry T

    I have pulled our roster off the Flames website today. It does not include Hogstom or Ehisl. As of today, no one has been released so we still have Pribyl and Stajan at center. We still have Glass, Hrivk and Lomberg at LW, We still have Hathaway, Stewart, Versteeg and Lazar or RW . We still have Bartkowski on D and the D now includes Hogstrom, Kylington, Anderson plus all of the other usual suspects at forward in goal or on D.

    Montreal, Boston, Florida, San Jose, LA have been active for weeks. New York is busy. They are making moves and moving out players and bringing in men they think that can help their team. Arizona has been especially busy. I do not get it. We had a crap season, a group of players that just gave up and we are still sitting on a bunch of people who do not and I stress, do not belong in the NHL. Why the Christ is he still sitting on all of these people and why has he not been executing the so called plan for the last six weeks. I hope not, but I see disaster and excuses looming. It’s like Nero watching his city burn all around him and he is saying I will do something! This is starting to look like a large Cluster F…………….K. If he has deals in place, why has he not executed on them! Toronto is doing business, Edmonton are doing business. Is this an Ego thing?

    • freethe flames

      Do people remember our former Prime Minister Paul Martin; he was nick named Mr Dithers b/c he frequently would overthink everything. BT reminds me of PM.

    • Beer League Coach

      Those players are still officially on the roster until their contracts expire, which is June 30. July 1 is the free agent date. Rosters of all teams will update at that time. Patience, my amigo. It is obvious that a lot of these names will disappear in the next 2 weeks and be replaced by others.

  • Honkydonk

    Be prepared as these are the players the flames are after in free agency.

    Van Riemsdyk, Jimmy Hayes, Colbourne, Leo Komorov, David Perron, Chad Johnson, Bernier, Blake Comeau, Kenny Agostino, Drew Stafford

  • Alberta Ice

    If there was ever a year to not have a draft pick in the first three rounds, this is probably the year. After the first half dozen are selected, the pickins’ are all pretty slim. Curious where Brady Tkachuk will end up. Hearing the Canadiens with a 3rd pick will probably land Matthew’s brother. Hopefully the picks of the past (like Janokowski, Andersson, and Mangiapane to name a few) will fill the needed gaps soon.

  • freethe flames

    For some BT is a bum but if he makes a deal they like they will claim he should be GM of the year. I recall that many we excited by the DH trade, many excited by TH trade just last year. I don’t know what trade will make the haters fall in love with BT again and I don’t know what trade will make people angry again but on the whole he has doe both good and bad. He needs to find a couple of guys who make this team better.

  • FL?MES

    In a nutshell:

    1) last years team was not good enough, GG or not

    2) lateral moves (trades) make no sense and are a waste of time – who cares what some other teams are doing

    3) some players need a fresh start with BP

    4) Tre has to make at least one big move to bump some forwards down the lineup and spread out the scoring

    • Styxx

      Nick Bjugstad RW…20+ goals 45-50 pts, 25 yrs, 6’6″ 220, only have 5 defencemen signed, rest are journeyman. Stone wouldn’t do it, but Brodie likely would. However Bjugstad is good enough for 2RW, not 1RW. No other options as there is no way FLA would give up Trochek 79pts, Dadanov 65pts, and Hoffman 56pts.

      • freethe flames

        If it was Brodie they would likely have to sweeten the pot if it was Stone we would need to sweeten the pot. The Panthers are close to the current cap(although in all likely hood the cap is going up) and if memory serves me correct they prefer to be a budget team. I just think when something goes down like today that it might create other opportunities.

  • Franko J

    The only business the Flames should be focusing on is how to build a better roster that can compete against the competition in the Pacific division and Western conference.

    I don’t know their overall record against teams in their own division, but it seemed like the team just was not good enough on a game to game basis. The only way this team even has a sniff at the playoffs next year is to target finishing in the top three in the Pacific.
    Rebuilding a competitive team starts by making some major and minor adjustments to the current roster.

    As much as the team has some really good core pieces, the rest of the lineup leaves as the saying goes “much to be desired”. Hopefully BT and the scouting staff have a strong game plan in place come this weekend at the draft in Dallas.

  • ALowry

    Man…I still don’t understand the “Trade Hamilton” narrative. We are in “win-now” mode, trading Hamilton only moves us backwards. He is going to continue to improve for a few years to come while all the young players continue to improve as well. Why would you take that way to trade for an exciting prospect, or a second line player.
    I like the point someone made a ways back about if you could get an Eichel or someone like that for Hamilton, then you do it. But what team would give you your franchise cornerstore? None. The fact that we got Dougie Hamilton for what we did is a miracle. Draft picks are never guarantees. Sam Bennett was supposed to challenge Monahan for 1C, but instead, has yet to reach his full potential. Will he get there, I’ve started to doubt it, but who knows. I get the feeling that because it is draft season, and we’ve already been in the offseason for a few months without any major moves, so I feel like some people here are getting a little antsy. But do you really want to see Tre make a trade just to shake things up, when it could easily turn out to be a blunder. I trust Tre. He says the right things about patience. He made a coaching hire that I’m confident in.

    Also, the trade Backlund rumours annoy me almost equally as much. Why trade one of the parts of the best shutdown lines in the league?

    I personally don’t want us to acquire a first round pick at all this draft. Yes, the draft is very fun to watch when our team picks, but I bet the asking price for the lower half of the first round picks is a Backlund/Frolik, and for the lottery picks, it’s probably someone like Hamilton. Neither of those are worth it.
    I can’t wait for this offseason to end so Hamilton and Backlund can prove to everyone AGAIN how valuable they are and put these stupid trade rumours to rest.

    The people to trade our Brodie (for the right return, dealing from a position of strength, and clearing room for Andersson, Valimaki, Kylington), Ferland (not pushing for it, but he’s inconsistent and if he can sweeten the pot so that we get the best asset in the trade, I’m for it), and Stone (Because he just needs to go, more than anyone on this list). Based on what we saw from OTT today, there has to be a GM dumb enough to take him for a 3rd.

    This was way more scatterbrained than I wanted it to be, but there are my thoughts and feelings.

    • freethe flames

      I don’t understand people who don’t understand “that anyone can be traded if the deal is right”, DH is a very good hockey player but he is by himself not the difference between being a bubble team(non playoff team 2 of his 3 years) and a Stanley cup contender. If the Flames can significantly upgrade the team by moving him they should. Should they trade him for pennies on the dollar; no. What did he cost us; a first and 2 seconds I believe. If we can get back a top 3 RHF, and a first round pick and a second round pick or even a solid NHL player then it is worth looking at.

      • BlueMoonNigel

        Well said. Personally, if the opportunity arose, I’d swap Hamiton for Parayko as I like the latter’s style of play more than Hamilton. On the other hand, if the Preds offered the Flames PK for Hamilton and would take Brouwer’s contract as is, I would reject the deal as Dougie has a bigger upside to his game than PK does at this stage of their careers.

        Any player should be available if the right deal comes along. For a GM to declare any player untouchable, he should be run out of town on a greased rail.

      • piscera.infada

        I don’t understand people who don’t understand “that anyone can be traded if the deal is right”

        But you’ve also–time and again–been met with the contention that there likely isn’t a “right” deal there. To respond to a few posters above, they’re right, no one is going to give you Eichel or Laine. Which is exactly why you don’t trade him. Panarin? Sure. But if you trade Hamilton for Panarin, and he leaves as a UFA after a year (which, let’s be honest, he’s likely not going to re-sign before he’s a UFA), or he only wants a contract that cripples your organization, are you actually any further ahead? No. You’re (likely considerably) worse off.

        I will say again, Dougie Hamilton is their best hope for a return on D. That doesn’t mean they should trade him. We don’t make the argument that they should trade Gaudreau because he’s their highest value player. Likewise, Edmonton doesn’t make the argument that they should trade McDavid because he’s their highest value player.

        You’re right, “any player can be traded for the right deal”, but there’s a very significant reason that some players don’t get traded–because that “right deal” simply doesn’t exist.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    The move the sharks made was genius. Essentially a three way swap without the senators even knowing. They offloaded cap, most likely to sign Tavares and they stocked up on picks. I hope Tre has some trick in his pockets.

    • SgtRoadBlock

      the Roster we have now should make 40mins game look great….Peter Pan good luck hope we win ?? cause i’m pretty sure we not wining a cup this year or any other Canada team so maybe cut the core and build like Jets/ Leafs did..
      in 2 years we going to see a show on do we resign and over pay for 8 years or trade away for kibble and bits…

    • BlueMoonNigel

      This managerial deftness was pulled off by a GM who is not exactly known for his swiftness. These recent moves by Wilson have made division rival Tre look like he is bush league. Wilson has already done what we said Tre needed to this offseason.

      As for Taveras, he ain’t goin’ nowhere. That ownership finally melted Snow and brought in Lou is solid proof that the club is serious about turning it around. The icing on the cake will be Trotz hired as coach and Mark Hunter hired as GM.

      • piscera.infada

        You’re opining a lack of “swiftness”, but at the same time arguing Treliving should have sat on his hands for two months waiting for Trotz to make a decision. How about some logical consistency?

        • BlueMoonNigel

          I was referring to “swiftness” in the context of mental prowess, not quickness of action.

          Doug Wilson has never been close to being the smartest guy in the room when the GMs meet, yet since acquiring Kane, the man has shown a side of himself that we have seldom seen. Perhaps the worm has turned.

          By my count, three coaching vacancies have been filled since Peters was signed by Cal. (Two really as one was the post Peters had vacated.) The two spots were given to men who will be coaching in the NHL for the first time. Can’t speak about the Rangers’ situation but the Blues had been high on Monty for some time, so there was no way Peters was going to be snapped up by the Blues when he became a free agent. This has me wondering why was Tre so quick off the mark to sign Peters knowing full well that Trotz, unless an 11th hour deal was reached, would be a free agent when the Caps’ season ended. It is possible that Trotz had no interest in the Cal job, but that is fodder for another discussion. Why did Tre singularly lock on Peters and hire him so quickly? The closest parallel to Tre behaving this way was when he got into a bidding war with himself and signed FA Troy Brouwer to 4 years at $4.5 M a pop. It was a first day FA signing. I’d love to know what other GMs Tre was bidding against that necessitated Tre to make the massive overpayment.

          What other clubs was Tre up against to sign the mediocre Peters?