152Elias Lindholm
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Rumour: Flames talking to Carolina about Elias Lindholm

The National Hockey League’s 31 clubs have gathered in Dallas, Texas for the 2018 NHL Draft. Since all the hockey operations staffs are in the same city at the same time, there’s bound to be trade rumours that pop up. Our friends at TSN revealed a doozy of a rumour involving the Calgary Flames and the Carolina Hurricanes, with the Flames reportedly considering a swap for Elias Lindholm.

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Lindholm, 23, will be a restricted free agent on July 1. He’s best known as the player that was drafted immediately before Calgary’s goal-scoring machine Sean Monahan in 2013. It probably won’t shock you to discover that the Flames – figuring they’d get either Lindholm or Monahan – scouted the heck out of Lindholm. He’s a two-way forward (who plays center and the wing) that’s more of a distributor than a shooter, but he could potentially complement Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau quite nicely. He’s been a perennial 40-45 point scorer, which probably means he gets a similar cap hit as Max Domi just did ($3.15 million) if he signs for a similar length of time.

In the TSN segment, Pierre Lebrun speculates that the Flames would send Dougie Hamilton to Carolina and potentially this could be part of a larger transaction. The big question here is what else would be coming back, because swapping out Hamilton without replacing him with somebody of similar stature – and there aren’t many of those – would be quite dumb.

(And I’m not wholly convinced that Hamilton would be moving, because of course the first player you’d ask the Flames to send you for anything is Hamilton.)

Swap out Hamilton, and Calgary’s three defensive pairings become some combination of:

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  • Mark Giordano & TJ Brodie
  • Juuso Valimaki & Travis Hamonic
  • Brett Kulak & Michael Stone
  • Rasmus Andersson

And all due respect to Brodie, but he’s struggled on the second pairing for the past two seasons. It really wouldn’t make sense to bump him up to the top pairing, no matter how impressive Valimaki has been as a junior player.

It’s an interesting proposition, though, as the right-handed Swedish forward sure would fit the Flames’ needs. We’ll have more on this – and all the wacky rumours that pop up this weekend – as draft weekend continues.

  • SouthernFlame

    You could mix and match the 4th line with Hath and Frolik or whoever earns it. Is Versteeg worth signing again?

  • MDG1600

    Wow, wish I had some of the FN quotes about Hamilton after last years playoff loss to Anaheim. Everyone wanted him run out of town. Now FN thinks he is the second coming of Paul Coffey. Clearly he is better than everyone thought he was 2 years ago but don’t hold your breath waiting for him to get nominated for a Norris trophy. I’d make the trade if it was Hamilton for Lindholm and the 2nd overall.

    • supra steve

      “I’d make the trade if it was Hamilton for Lindholm and the second overall.”

      Well….yeah! Who wouldn’t. Last year, reports said ARI refused moving OEL for the Auston Matthews pick. I expect they would have said yes if it was Matthews plus Nylander…which is more like the Hamilton for #2 overall plus Lindholm.
      No idea if there’s any meat on this bone, but it’s fun to consider.

      • SmellOfVictory

        I don’t think the return is really comparable. Matthews is a full step up on Svechnikov (maybe two), and Nylander is a full step up on Lindholm (maybe two). Svechnikov and Lindholm combined don’t have the value that Matthews does alone, much less with Nylander included.

        • supra steve

          Perhaps you knew exactly what Matthews was going to be at the NHL level but a lot of the rest of us did not at the time the trade was proposed. We all did know what OEL was though. So either way it would be a young first pairing star D man for a top draft pick and a young high skill NHLer with loads of potential. That was my intended comparison. As for Svechnikov, time will tell what he will become to the club that calls his name tomorrow.

  • The Beej

    Odd. Last thing CAR needs is D. That said they could move one of their D in another trade or this could have more parts and pieces.

    Hamilton for 2018 1st + Lindholm. This is supposed to be a big year for D in the draft.

  • rhyno 365

    If anything I can see Bennet and Ferland or Bennet and Hathaway for Lindholm and the rights to Derek Ryan. It was reported earlier that Carolina wants to be harder to play against so adding players with skill and some grit would make sense. Bennet plays with skill and some grit. He was one of the better players in our last playoff series 2 years ago, A change of scenery might be all he needs to get going. From what I have read Lindholm hasn’t held up either to the high expectations they thought he was going to do as he was drafted 5th overall. His point totals are pretty similar to Bennet nothing that blows you away. Monahan has way more points than Lindholm and he was drafted right after him. Hathaway plays with grit and so does Ferland. It has been reported that the flames/Peters loves Ryan so I could see them swing something and then sign them both. Also there is a the fact that Lindholm is a RW/Centre that shoots right. We dont have many right shooting forwards in the organization, Peters also knows Lindholm very well so I can definitely see a deal going down. It wont be Hamilton they would obviously say that cause its the biggest name on the flames that everyone wants to talk about when it comes to a trade. This is basically going to be a change of scenery trade on both sides with a few extras thrown in.

  • FL?MES

    I’m indifferent on Hamilton but if there are issues behind the scene that are toxic to team chemistry then he has to go, especially when his selling price is high.

    If Peters can improve the team defensively (which shouldn’t be hard because we sucked last season) and we add a 40 to 50 player to the team then we will come out ahead. Throw in a blue chip prospect plus a low first or second round pick and it might be worthwhile.

    • Hockeysense9393

      I can’t remember ever hearing that Dougie is a toxic player on this team. Can you elaborate on this? Dougie’s skills and vision are ingrained in him as a good young player. Defence in general is a trainable skill and he’s young enough to learn what to do in his own end. I may be spit balling…but just picture a scenario where Hamilton is on TB under Cooper’s system with those types of players, and Hedman in the Flames system under GG with less depth or high end talent like the Flames? Sometimes you are a product of your environment?? Age and skill dictates that Dougie is doing just fine. Do we want to give that up to go backwards??

      • Jagrrrrr, baby. Yeah.

        I’ve only ever seen the “Toxic Dougie” narrative in the comments here.
        If Dougie gets a full year of PP1 time, he’ll lead the league in D scoring, G and A both. That’s almost irreplaceable.

    • The GREAT WW

      Oh, and I forgot; they could have had Byng too!?
      And now they are complaining they don’t have any wingers!!!!
      Eberle for strome?!

      Unbelievable Chia “the equalizer” still has a job!


    • Fat Tony

      This would actually be best case scenario if Hamilton is going the other way. If we can get Lindholm and Svechnikov that would be epic. This is one particular case where I’m saying it’s okay to trade DH but it will take more than that to get that pick and that player from Carolina. I believe we would have to throw in a Dillon Dube or a prospect of that caliber and maybe swap a late round pick, our forth rounder for their 5th or 6th.

    • SgtRoadBlock

      that not a lot for the Dear you think they would ask for Lindholm the 2nd and Haydn Fleury, and the ott part would gut the d core real bad unless we signing a ufa D man and we going rookies 5,6 and 7 slot i’m fine with

    • Kevin R

      I would still be down with Hamilton for the #4 & Stone. But Lindholm & the #2 is just as sweet. Im shocked Detroit arent in this. Mantha & the #5 for Dougie. Lol

    • Sobueno

      I was just wondering what options would be available if we got the #2 and decided to trade down a few spots. If this whole scenario played out we’d have just gutted our top 4, but you’ve got to open up space and opportunity for the plethora of high end D prospects we have coming up. Peters would be a good man to help them come along too. I wouldn’t be too upset if this happened to be honest, and that’s with me being in the Dougie fan club.

  • Mickey O

    This trading Hamilton chatter seems a bit nutty to me. But there could be another factor in play: Adam Fox. If Fox has told the Flames point blank that he won’t sign with the Flames then the variables change.

    As it sits now there isn’t really a path to the NHL for him right now behind Hamilton, Hamonic, Andersson (Stone). So you either trade one of those guys or Fox. Hamilton will rightfully get you a massive haul because he’s a known quantity that every team should want.

      • FLT

        Where are these reports? I remember some negative press out of Boston just after he was traded, but that’s not uncommon. I don’t recall seeing anything about him being a locker room cancer in Calgary

        • Baalzamon

          Boston media always scalds the guy on the way out. They could trade Pastrnak tomorrow and there would suddenly be “reports” that he’s an entitled prick who has a butler in the locker room to tie his skates for him.

          “So yeah, um, Patrice Bergeron is a cancerous locker room presence who, uh, doesn’t know how to win and stuff. And he eats puppies.”

          • Mickey O

            It wasn’t HNIC, let’s just say it was closer to home. Someone basically called Hamilton a moron, it had nothing to do with anything in the dressing room.

            But when someone sees Dougie on his banana-phone or photo bombing everyone, maybe that’s the impression an observer would take from those antics. I don’t think the players mind one little bit.

    • Hockeysense9393

      That’s right…minimum of one more year in college. So let’s say he even signs after next year, that would mean yet a minimum of 1-2 years of AHL professional developement. College is good, but he would still need to learn how to manage a much bigger schedule against much better talent. Then the point that defencemen do take a little longer in general to develop? That says he could still be 2, 3, maybe 4 years from cracking the Flames lineup? I’m pretty sure that the Flames will have room for his transition when the time comes. Everybody talks like Fox is gonna jump into the NHL this year, which is not even close to what’s going on with his future.

      • Mickey O

        Not sure anyone is saying that Fox is jumping into the NHL this year. But he’s 2 years away – one more year of school and then off to the show. It is doubtful that he spends any time in the minors. The Flames want to wait until next year to sign him so they don’t need to protect him in the expansion draft.

        But after year 3 of school, Fox is in the situation of finishing up a Harvard degree and then signing wherever he wants. If he doesn’t see any path to the NHL then that could be an option on his end.

        If Treliving really, really covets Brady Tkachuk then this may be his best (or only) chance to put the Byng Boys together on the same team. He probably only achieves that by trading Hamilton. Sort of like when Burke ended up with both Sedins.

        • Hockeysense9393

          That’s quite high optimism for a college defenceman, especially with a team that kind of likes to develop defenceman properly. Especially with a lot of depth in the position? There would be no reason to hurry up this really. I hope he’s that good straight out of college, but I can’t really see this as the for sure route? Why? Also, I believe that college players can play for 4 years before going UFA in August of their 4th year? So if he only wanted to play in Harvard for 3 years, then he would need to sign with the Flames or transition to the CHL…which I can’t really see. I don’t know Fox’s mindset personally, but would think he would be ok with playing at least one year in the AHL for development reasons as apposed to forcing a teams hand to play him or let him go for nothing. I would love to be wrong and have him be able to step right in after only 3 years of college, but is that the norm? Not really. I would think most players come in knowing and understanding the whole developemental process. If not, I hope that the Flames pick up on this sooner then later.

          • Hockeysense9393

            Sorry redact going to CHL…obviously he will be too old. Teams own the rights of players till 30 days after they finish school on the 4th year (if drafted). I was wondering about leaving school early though and playing in Europe. Are they aloud to do that?

  • BlueMoonNigel

    To Calgary:

    Elias Lindholm
    Noel Hanafin
    2nd overall pick
    Scotty Darling
    Jake Bean

    To Carolina:

    Dougie Hamilton
    Sam Bennett
    Troy Brouwer
    Adam Fox

    Talent for talent, bum for bum and future for future. Mr. Moon’s big trade has it all. That’s the kind of trade that made Fletcher legend and Riser the worst GM in Flames’ folklore. Flame fans would be over the moon with Mr. Moon’s marvellous and magnificent move.

  • Hockeysense9393

    I think Dougie in the trade talk conversation all the time, is just basically media generated mumbo jumbo…because that’s all they really have? Flames have basically 5 players on the roster that would be considered a “high” class trade potential. Johnny, Monny, and Tkachuk would not go over well at all, so why even consider. Gio would be the most logical type move (age and salary), but being captain and a favourite of fans means that media doesn’t really want to go there. That leaves Dougie as the most talked about “high end” trade partner that the Flames have. That’s all they really have…so that’s all they really talk about. That’s the only logic I can see behind this constant DH trade rumours. Am I wrong??

    • Hockeysense9393

      It seems like almost every team has that 1 player whipping boy that the media has no choice, but to bring up constantly…because sometimes that’s all they have to generate a story of this type. Especially when it doesn’t ever really make sense on a team factor as a whole.

    • Kevin R

      You know, when you get this many analysts discussing these rumours, you know his name is being discussed with other GM’s as these guys do have legit sources. Trade rumours dont bother me in the slightest & absolutely this the time to sell high on Dougie if you feel it will improve your team. Right or wrong, a GM has to explore the market. D Sutter did very little to max out the return on Phaneuf. Had he done his job the return could have been huge & maybe this team would have won some playoff rounds back when we had Iggy in his prime & Kipper being Kipper. Im all for Tre doing this, but it darn well better be a great return if he does pull the trigger.

      • JoelOttosJock

        Not sure why more people are not on board for Hanifann. Plays a more complete 200 foot game than Hamilton, is a superior skater and also has a lot of potential. Let’s not forget he is still a kid. Hamilton seems to be a nuisance for coaches and in the room. Ship him out before he starts Phaneufing Monnys gf. Lindholm and Hannifan for Hamilton? Done and done!

        • Hockeysense9393

          Again…I would like some concrete evidence about Hamilton being a problem in the dressing room. Find me some quotes from other players and such, and maybe I’ll start believing it. The fact that Boston ostracizes just about everybody they trade away to justify, is not a truly accurate account on who they are giving up is it? Let’s ask Kessel and Seguin this same thing maybe? Just because a certain younger player doesn’t really fit into a veteran filled roster…does that ultimately make them a dressing room cancer? Quite a few players have come and gone on the Flames, because they didn’t fit into the “vets eat first” mentality. No one really heard how Iggy was one of those types of vets…until he left. Sometimes it’s hard for some of these younger guys to be excepted, because essentially they are after your job. Being on an up and coming “younger” roster now….does DH still have that rep? Other then being sad that his brother moved on…and can’t really see that.

  • Bawcos

    Forget a Dougie trade. Should not happen as the “win now” have it right. But the is a Dman who has some grit that apparently CAR coverts – Stone (Who the Flames have to move). Why not Stone and Bennett for Lindholm? Just thinking out loud, but this does make sense, doesn’t it?